Hey! I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. This is probably only going to be a few chapters, but I really wanted to do a Young Justice Christmas story. It will be centered on Batman and Robin, with Alfred, but the Team will appear later on.

It is set in the five year gap, a year after the sixteen hours, before Jason becomes Robin, before Dick becomes Nightwing, and before the Team gets new members and loses old ones. In my mind, Robin and Batman would have an argument a few months after this fanfic, and thus Nightwing is born. But anyways . . . that is for a different fanfiction.

Disclaimer: Robin and Wally have been taunting me with the fact that I do not own Young Justice. I got Artemis. They stopped.

Robin watched in annoyance as Batman continued to type something into the computer. It was Christmas Eve, and the last thing he wanted to be doing was fighting crime. He would have thought that his mentor would let him get regular hours of sleep during Christmas.

Apparently not.

"Batman, I'm pretty sure that villains are less villainous on Christmas." He said testily, watching to see if the Bat would respond. No movement. Robin sighed. "Can I at least go and take a break from being Robin tonight? It's Christmas Eve! No petty thief is going to be out and about, and it's rare that even a super villain would attack on Christmas."

"It doesn't matter. I received word from Commissioner Gordon that the Joker escaped from Arkham Asylum. Being the Joker, he will probably attack. He's done it before." Batman said suddenly.

Robin's eyes narrowed behind his domino mask. "Batman! Can't we just stay home for once! Have Alfred make Christmas dinner, have hot chocolate and cookies and watch old Christmas movies with Jason? Can we be a normal family ever?"

Batman stood suddenly. "Robin, it's time to start our nightly patrol. We'll come home a little early if nothing turns up, and spend tomorrow morning off. Come right now, or never be my apprentice again." Batman swept by him heading towards the Zeta beams.

Robin growled and followed him. Even coming home early and having the morning off was better than he had expected. He just wished that he could expect more. He and Jason had decorated both the Manor, and the Batcave, without Batman's permission, and he hadn't gotten in trouble for it. But still there was no word from Batman on whether or not they could take Christmas off.

Right now, Robin seriously doubted it. Hopefully the night would be calm, nothing would go wrong, and he could call Wally and the team to meet at Mount Justice in the morning.

Bruce may be a little disappointed, but Dick needed some way to get back at him for making Robin work during Christmas Eve.

The Dynamic Duo ran across the rooftops of Gotham, all but invisible. Unless you were really, really looking for them, you would never be able to find them.

Normally Robin loved being Robin. Fighting crime, making sure that Gotham was a lot safer than usual.

But during Christmas he wanted to be a normal person. He wanted to be Dick Grayson enjoying a normal Christmas day with Bruce Wayne, Jason Todd, and their Butler Alfred.

But would Batman ever consider that? No, of course not.

They had the same discussion every year about whether or not they could just stay home. The first year Dick had lived with Bruce they did. Because Dick hadn't really known Bruce was Batman yet.

He had suspected. Not known.

Ever since he had become Robin, it was harder and harder for Bruce to be Bruce, and they were more likely to bond over Robin's fighting skills against the Riddler than Richard Grayson being able to beat the best people in the world at math.

Bruce of course said he was proud, but when Dick was receiving the award, he was pretty sure that Bruce didn't even know what it was for.

And during Christmas time, Batman came out full force. They might take a break for Dick's birthday, but after that it was all out.

Robin stayed in an angry silence the entire time they patrolled. He was almost positive that their would be no problems. He had searched all the video feeds and everything on his wrist computer before, and nothing was going on.

So why couldn't Batman just give them both a couple of days off?

It wasn't as thought major villains ever attacked on Christmas, or minor ones. In fact, Christmas was one of the few days in the year where Gotham was a really nice place to be.

And Batman and Robin never seemed to actually get to enjoy it.

In fact, they never seemed to enjoy Gotham ever because they were either too busy as Batman and Robin, or too busy and Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson.

"Bruce, it's twelve and there's been no sign of any criminal activity." Robin said shortly.

He could practically feel his adopted Father's annoyance. "Never use our secret identities when we are in costume. Never." Batman hissed.

For a moment Robin felt a little guilty. He knew that it was important that neither of them had their identity revealed, but it was an accident.

"Sorry." He said quietly. And he meant it too.

Batman sighed. "It's fine. And you are right. There has been no problem. I guess we can head back for the night."

Robin could have jumped for joy. He was really and truly ready to sleep for a few hours and then wake up with his Bat insomnia at the same time as Bruce and eat Alfred's delicious food.

Robin headed back with a lot more energy than he had heading out.

Batman was next to him the entire time, and Robin wondered if sometime Bruce wanted to just have Christmas too.

He doubted it, but it was definitely possible.

At least this way he might be able to spend some times planning a prank on Wally with Jason. They wanted it to be something really crazy.

No ice on the floor. That was definitely out. And no tripwires or something simple like that. Besides, a different member of the Team might trip on them and ruin the entire effect.

No, Dick wanted some sort of trap that only Wally could possibly set off.

Robin was so preoccupied that he almost didn't notice the net that was falling towards him covered in Christmas decorations and tied with a bright red bow.

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