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Robin sat on the couch next to Batman, watching the end of the movie.

After the incident with Tim's camera, Alfred ran and got a nice calm Christmas movie for everyone to watch while Black Canary forced Green Arrow to decorate the Christmas tree.

M'gann was half asleep, curled up on the end of the couch with her head on Conner's lap.

Artemis and Wally were talking quietly. Zatanna and Rocket were playing cards while watching the movie. Tim was asleep again, and Alfred was helping Jason get the die out of his hair.

Flash was getting the food, along with Aquaman. Batman was talking to Superman. Icon was standing next to the couch and watching the movie.

Perfectly normal Christmas morning.

Sort of.

Robin was almost getting bored, which was bad. He was pretty sure that at some point they would need to start opening presents or something.

Robin, of course, had a gift for every single person on the Team, and the Justice League, as well as some other Heroes he knew.

And the normal people. He actually had an entirely different present for Artemis, Wally, Tim, Jason, and anyone else who knew him as Dick Grayson.

Because of course they couldn't exactly be one and the same, or else people would start to suspect.

Alfred walked to the center of the room, turning off the TV as the end credits appeared. "We are going to open the gifts now," he said calmly. "If you would all gather in this main room, we could get started."

In about three seconds Flash was sitting next to Wally, bouncing at super speed.

Wally and Artemis leaned away from the speedster with looks of alarm on their faces. The mentors slowly congregated into the room.

Batman spoke. "This is the way it's going to work. Agent A. is going to pass each present around. We will take turns opening. We will start with the youngest."

Robin was glad that for once he wasn't youngest.

Alfred walked around the tree and picked up a present with Little Robin 2 on it. Robin snorted. He wondered how on earth Batman and Alfred could possible be that prepared.

Tim opened the present sleepily, but the instant he saw the high tech laptop, his eyes lit up. He opened it, and Robin could see his fingers flying as he began to set it up.

Next was Jason. He looked bored as he opened his present.

When he opened it, there was a small box, and a letter. Jason ripped open the letter and read it quickly. His eyes widened, and he looked at Batman, a smile on his face.

Robin knew that Batman had been getting ready to train Jason to be the next Robin.

But it still hurt to think that his mentor might replace him at some point.

Jason put the box in his utility belt.

And now it was Robin's turn. He took the proffered box from Alfred and opened it slowly. He knew exactly what to expect. There was a note first.

Robin. We will speak of your position as my partner when we get to the Batcave.


Robin sighed, and then took out the small weapon. It was something he and Batman had been working on for a few months.

"I works then?" He asked, looking up at Batman. The Dark Knight nodded.

"I tried it out a few days ago while you were on a mission with the Team. It works." Robin cackled.

He put his weapon in his utility belt, and ignored the questioning look that KF was sending towards him.

Zatanna received some weird magic thing.

Rocket got an increased power inertia belt from Icon.

Artemis got a new bow, and special arrows from Green Arrow, Black Canary, and her Mom.

Wally got new sneakers, and about a million pounds of beef jerky, and other snacks that he could store in his snack cupboard.

Kaldur got new water beaters, and some comfortable looking waterproof clothes.

Superboy got about eleven black T-shirts, and some combat boots. Superman also gave him something else, but Robin couldn't see what it was.

M'gann got the entire series of "Hello Megan!" From Garfield and Marie Logan, as well as several cards from friends from school.

Roy got a compass, a gps, a water bottle, a backpack, a bow, arrows, and all sorts of camping stuff he might need.

Most of it was from Robin and Wally, because they knew he was going to take off.

Black Canary got some books on therapy.

Robin was a little annoyed by that. Now she had more ways to bug them.

Aquaman got something that Robin didn't see. He showed it to Kaldur, and the younger Atlantean straightened, a smile on his normally calm face.

Green Arrow got a Flash shirt, a Superman shirt, and a Batman shirt, all courtesy of Roy, who was mad at him.

Batman had a journal, a flower (from Robin, old joke) a million different pens, and a coupon to get the Batmobile cleaned for free at an auto-body shop in Metropolis.

Superman got a new cape, earplugs, and a couple of novels that Robin insisted were a necessary read.

Flash got food, coupons, flowers for Iris, and handcuffs from Batman.

Icon received some tech from Wayne industries from an anonymous person (Batman.)

Alfred received a letter from each of the members of the Bat family, as well as from his family in England, and elsewhere.

J'onn received a letter from M'gann, and several tapes to send to his family on Mars.

And then they feasted. Turkey, chicken, potatoes, carrots, gravy, buns, anything anyone might possibly eat on Christmas.

Robin was glad to be spending Christmas with his family and friends.

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