Wild House Cats
(Tigerclaw X Ravenpaw)

Ravenpaw: thank for the mouse, Tigery~
Tigerclaw-no prob (^^;)
Ravenpaw: it's OK*sniff the air* whats that smell? *went and follows the smell*
Tigerclaw-*sniffs the air*idk*follows Ravenpaw*
Ravenpaw: TIGERCLAW!*was caught in a cat cage* TIGERCLAW! HELP ME!
Tigerclaw-OMG*attacks the cage and fails to break the lock goes again and breaks the cage door*
Ravenpaw: TIGERCLAW! *hugs him*
Tigerclaw-*hugs back*
?(Castro): *grabs Tigerclaw and Ravenpaw by the scruffs* my, my what do we got here? It looks like feral cats, don't worry u 2, we will find u 2 new homes
Ravenpaw: WHAT THE! TWOLEGS! OMG! Tigerclaw what r we going 2 do?
?(Nancy): I want the Black and white one!Please Castro
Castro: ok *gives Ravenpaw 2 Nancy* what r u going 2 name him? Or her, do u want me to check, honey?
Ravenpaw: TIGERCLAW! *panics*
Nancy:*checks* this kitty is male...I'll name him...umm...Cosmo
Ravenpaw: WTF! COSMO! *was piss off*
Tigerclaw-Don't worry Ravenpaw i will!*scratches Castro
Castro: ow! *drops Tigerclaw*
Tigerclaw-*starts to run to Ravenpaw*
Nancy-good Cosmo
Ravenpaw: *hiss at Nancy*
Castro: *grabs Tigerclaw* man, ur kinda of tough...and mean, so ill name u, Mighty
Tigerclaw-WTF!Mighty what kinda of Fucked up name is that
Nancy-*shuts up Ravenpaw by giving him a treat*
Ravenpaw: *hush up and happily eat the treat*
Nancy-good kitty
Castro: Nancy, why don't we take our pets home? it's getting late and its past ur bedtime
Nancy-Okay (-_-#)

Then Nancy and Castro took their new cats; Mighty and Cosmo home. Will TIgerclaw and Ravenpaw will be free and returned to the forest without their clan relies their gone?

Still Turned to the Next Chapter of Wild House Cats.