Konnichiwa! I am going to be doing the 100-Theme-Challenge, all based around Naruto. The character, not just the show. My take on him might be a little- darker? Maybe. But, I hope you enjoy it anyway!

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1. Beginnings

A low breathe echoed throughout the room. Naruto clenched his fists tightly until his palms began to sting. Slowly, painstakingly, he opened his azure eyes and gazed at the calender in front of him. A sloppy red circle surrounded the day's date and splotches of ink dotted around it from when he'd broken the pen while writing it.

But, slightly legible, the words FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL were written. A pale imitation of the blonde's foxy grin flickered across his features. On the real first day – the one from last year – he had been so eager, jumping around the room like crazy. He'd been first to class, his mind was filled with childish fantasies of being the number one rookie an finally making a friend. Fitting in.

Of course, he thought sullenly, then Takashi-sensei had walked in, a bright grin on his tanned face before his eyes met his, and the smile turned into the look. The one he was oh so familiar with. The dark, narrowed eyes and the disgusted sneer, as if he was less then them. As if he wasn't human. As if they wished he didn't exist.

And all those dreams broke apart.

The whole year had been filled with scathing remarks on his intelligence, tests he could barely read, let alone do, and being humiliatd to the point where he wanted nothing more than to curl up in a ball like the 6-year-old he was and cry. He'd ended the year at the bottom of the class, the bully's prime target, lonely and friendless.

It wasn't fair.

Naruto sighed, plastering a large, beaming grin on his face, no matter how much it hurt. It was his new first day, maybe it would be better this year.

He eyed the red splotches on the calender.

Yeah, right.

So depressing... ne? The updates for this will be random, but I hope you enjoy them anyway!

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