Happy New Year! This chapter is what I see to be a possible ending to the story. Take it as SasuNaruSasu or just brotherly :3

3. Endings

It was warm. Warm and wet. Those were the first things he noticed, before it really kicked in, what he had done. Slowly, slowly his eyes widened, before he whispered, "Sasuke?"

"Dobe." The Uchiha croaked, looking at him with unfocused eyes.

Panicked, Naruto tore his hand out of Sasuke's chest. This isn't happening! His mind screamed in denial. No, no, no!

Because Sasuke was his equal, there was no way his Rasengan could have gotten inside his guard. There- there was-

"I-It'll be fine! You'll be fine!" He whispered fiercly, holding the boy in his arms, trying to ignore the warm copper liquid spilling out of his best friend's chest. The blonde turned to the side. "SAKURA!" He roared, knowing it was helpless – his pink-haired team mate was too far away, fighting off Kabuto.

"Do- Dobe. Naruto." A weak voice whispered. Naruto looked down, tears streaming down his whiskered cheeks. Sasuke looked almost peaceful in that moment, his face pale. Like an angel.

"Y...yeah? Teme." He replied choking back a sob.

"I never hated you." The statement was garbled around the blood spilling out of the teenager's mouth, but it was clear. And it felt like Naruto had a kunai being twisted in his chest.

"Don't close your eyes. Dammit Teme! Sasuke!" He cried as Sasuke's eyes began to flutter.

"G'bye." Sasuke whispered before he felt bonelessly against Naruto.

"Sasuke! Wake up! SASUKE!" The Jinchuriki shook him slightly before shaking him and shaking him and finally collaspsing over his fallen friend's body (corpse) and sobbing.

He'd never deserved a happy ending anyway.

The last line is more or less a look into Naruto and his opinion of himself~

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