Aurthors Note: Its been an idea for awhilSosa I decided to write a fanfic on the Aftermath of the series if Light lived and how everyowoulyste would take the situation. Enjoy!

Light was running, breathing heavily, while blood was pouring from him. This was not what he envisioned. He was looking forward to seeing Near and everyone die, but he failed to see the reality. He even tired to play his last card, the little piece of Death Note within his watch and still he lost.

"Dam Matsuda" he uttered.

He was really pissed, out of all the people to pull a gun, it was Matsuda.

As he ran he swore he saw something in the corner of his eye but brushed off and kept running. He didn't know where to go, everything was starting to unravel around him. He was in full panic mode, he looked back briefly to see the others attempting to catch him.

Meanwhile Ryuk was sitting on top of a pole, watching over Light. He Death Note and pencil out. He was currently debating whether to write his name or not. He knew Light wouldn't make it far, and would be captured. He started to write his first name, Light, before pausing and twirling his pencil.

He knew after this he would have to go back to the Realm, but it was dead. What was he going to do? Sleep for a few decades, or gamble? He closed his Death Note.

"Maybe I'll see this through" he laughed wondering how this would play out.

He flew down to Light, who's running pace was starting to stagger.

"So Light, you have a plan?"

" to write...their names" he uttered, nearly about to collapse from just saying those words.

"Like I said before, I don't pick sides"

"You...BITCH!" He screamed attempting to strike the Shinigami only to fail Miserably, his hand going straight through him and fell to the ground.

"Ryuk...please!" He started begging.

Ryuk merely looked at Light, laughing. Five minutes ago he was composed, sure of victory. Now he was a mere shadow of himself. His charisma replaced with total disarray. Blood nearly covered the whole front of his suit. It wasn't long till the others caught up with him. A mixture of determination, anger, and pity across their faces.

A minute passed before Aizawa approached him.

"Light Yagmai...your under arrest" taking out a pair of cuffs attempting to put them on Light.

"NO!" He screamed whipping the cuffs from Aizawa's hands before tripping himself and hitting the ground with a hard thud. It grew quiet before Light blacked out.