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The room was filled with tension. Many men in suits all sat at the round table. Only the ticking of a clock could be heard. Finally a certain man, his silver suit distinguishable from the rest sat down.

"So...this is concerning Kira?" He said

Director Kato sighed

"I afraid so, from what I know and from what our sources have gathered, the Sperial Provision for Kira has him detained"

The tension in the air grew higher

"You do realize what the public will think of us" said a businessman.

"I think publicity is the least of our worries" said Kato motioning his hand towards the projector, showing bombed out cars and buildings.

"We've been suffering attacks from Kira supporters"

"Wouldn't it be better to just not let the public know about this" said the businessman

"Oh please like that will work" muttered someone

The businessman got up pointing an accusing finger towards the person who made the remark

"I don't see you making any ideas!"

"Oh pipe down, your just trying to save your dam company!" Shouted another

"We'll no shit! Don't you people realize, were all fucked! There are people, rich people, die hard Kira supporters who will easily find this information."

"You worry too much!"

"Who's to say the freck'n secretary outside won't break this to the public!" Shouted the businessman now sweating

Everyone started yelling and bickering, all trying to save themselves from the future backlash that would no doubt be violent. Kato was interrupted from his train of thought between that businessman and Mr. Yamaguchi, head of the Japanese Nuclear Industry and also the biggest influential politician within the government.

"Idiot you think your influence will do anything? Over half the Self-Defense force is for Kira, WERE GONNA BE HANGED BY-"

"Listen you idiot, in every public scandal I've been in, it's best to lie your head low, and-"

"And what? Blame it on the 'government' like you've been doing for the past decade!" said the businessman sarcastically


Every turned to see the silver suit man, the Prime Minister of Japan.

"We're all going to be dead regardless how we handle this. Too many Kira fanatics, especially the ones with money. If we try to bury this, it will resurface, need I remind you the many Kira supporters within our government. They may not be true supporters, but I see them lobbying for our deaths to save their own asses!"

"Then perhaps we should get Kira back, and arrest those who detained him" said Kato

Everyone remained silent

"Where would we begin" asked Mr. Yamaguchi

"Yea we don't even know who Kira or L are" said the businessman

"We don't, but our American friends do, they did enact the SPK, they know their identities, they have pictures" said the Prime Minister

"What makes you think they'll give it to us?" Asked the business man

"We play their media. Think about it. Not too long ago the president stepped down in the face of Kira. Then all of a sudden Kira dies, connect the dots, the United States president did it, he is guilty, let the public backlash be on him. He got angry, tracked down Kira, and killed him. And for him and his own 'friends' to avoid the loss of power and money, they will hand over the information"

"That's blackmail! This will hurt our relations!" Yelled the businessman

"Do you prefer a rope around your neck?" Asked Kato

"We don't have any leads? Do not forget L is a genius, a minor slip up were screwed. Besides we will only have the identities of the SPK, not Kira"

Kato then reached into his coat pocket, pulling out a picture of a certain blonde

"Is that Misa Amane?" Asked Mr. Yamaguchi

"Yes it is. Six years ago, after investigating, I found she was arrested for potentially being the Second Kira. Based on those who arrested her, they said they wore protective gear to cover their faces. Not sure why exactly, I didn't even know there was a second Kira. I do know she disappeared for a while before reappearing, along with this man"

"Light Yagami, son of former Chief Soichiro Yagami" said Mr. Yamaguchi

"Exactly, I believe these two at least hold something to Kira" said Kato

"Whatever happened to him" asked the Businessman

"We'll the official report says he was killed by the mafia along with the previous director. However autopsy revealed it was a heart attack with the director, Mr Yagami died of his wounds"

"Where was his son last seen" asked the Prime Minister

"He was currently working with the Task Force last we heard but since we cut ties to it years ago, we no longer have any information on it, the Americans do however" stated Kato

"We have to play this lightly. I'm sure the Americans will see it our way but we must not be harsh, no instead we must work together" said Mr. Yamaguchi

"Then it's settled" said the Prime Minister and with that the men left the room one by one


Aizawa was currently guarding the ER. Light had been immediate rushed in due to his wounds and loss of blood. Aizawa said that he had been shot by someone on drugs. But as the Doctor kept asking simple little questions, he swore he was going to mentally break down. True they had caught Kira but the victory was replaced with dread. He looked up to the TV, the media showing statistic's of how low crime rate has been, and how Kira was building a perfect society. Still he knew after a while, the crime rate would skyrocket up when criminals realized they were once again "free."

He looked over to Matsuda who had an even worse look on him. Almost as if a hammer came striking him down. He looked beat. He knew he had been a Kira supporter, but also believed in justice. However founding out Light was Kira, combined with the fact that he didn't care for his father, or his team for that matter seriously made his lose it. However now he had regained his sense and Aizawa could tell he was questioning whether or not he did that right thing.

"Was it right" Matsuda finally uttered

Aizawa sighed heavily not wanting this

"It was either us or him, nothing more" he said sternly

Only the ringing of calls and the steps of many nurse's could be heard, they continued to wait for the surgery to be done.

Never got why many don't do an aftermath directly after the last chapter or episode. Maybe buired within the archieve's? Well they'll be more Light, Misa, and Near in the next.