A/N: Well as promised whether you like him or not, Near is in this chapter. Hope you like, enjoy!

Being cuffed was not on Light's mind. He should have known Aizawa, even in his depressed state, would take precautions; maybe it was the drugs clouding his mind? Still he was being hustled out, getting a few looks from the nurses and doctors around, only for Aizawa and Matsuda to explain they were the police and they walked on. As Light was trying to make a plan at how he would be able to regain the death note, he couldn't ignore the increasing beating pain in his chest. In fact he was finding himself panting.

Come on, keep walking, he urged himself. He didn't want Aizawa to reconsider. Still it baffled him at how Aizawa immediately cling to him for help. He knew the relationship between Near and him was find to say the least. But as he thought over the situation it suddenly occurred to him. Marriage issues he thought. Was it the fact that his failing marriage driving him to do this? No, he concluded. He then realized. His wife was just shot, possible dead, and his daughter is the last piece of his family he has. Therefore it's purely emotion driving him. He wouldn't contact Near because he wanted results fast….yes…the human mind is interesting.

"So Light, how are you gonna get out of this one" asked Ryuk eager for something to happen.

"I'll think of something" he muttered

In truth, the number one thing on his mind was sleep. A few minutes ago he felt full of energy, re-inspired by this second chance. But now he was thinking at how this would play out. No doubt Aziawa would ensure he only wrote one name.

"You know, I don't even know the person's name at who I'm going to kill" he said trying to start a conversation.

"I don't have many enemies Light, and someone is looking for me, no doubt you'll figure this out" he said sadly

Near could have done just that! He mentally exclaimed. Why are you allowing me to do this? Is this a trap? No the horror on his face in genuine, still something just doesn't feel right. Near has contacts and could organize everything much faster, and yet…..he's using me. What's going on Aziawa?

Little did Light know, Aziawa did contact Near early on, only to get no answer

Earlier that day

We see Mr. Oonishi and Anthony Rester walking and talking.

"Yes I know, were currently investigating a potential attack. Based on our sources, someone plans to detonate a bomb here. We're trying to avoid these attacks as much as possible. I was hoping releasing Kira may solve this" said Mr. Oonishi, a gray hair man which was slowly thinning

"Listen, I can understand the situation, but releasing Kira is not an option." Said Rester

The other man sighed, sensing he was getting nowhere.

"You know elections will start soon"

"I'm aware"

"Then your also aware the declining approval ratings the Prime Minister is facing. His opponent Mr. Chiba is vigorously putting up an attack campaign that is gaining much support. You do realize what that means"

"Chiba is an idiot, a fat stupid one who doesn't even support Kira"

Mr. Oonishi jolted for a second surprised he didn't see Near sitting nearby the bench.

"I don't think that matters" he retorted. "Were more concerned about winning this election along a few other things, and if we can prove to the public we support Kira, it will give us the boost we need."

"Does the public not believe your biased news anymore" said Near twirling one of his curls.

"Our news is not BIAS, we bring the truth and-"

Near simply stared at him for a second making Oonishi sigh in defeat for he too knew just how much BS that was.

"He's paying off everyone. From the media to mega corporations. He's already promised a 'temporary raise' for them" he said leaning against a tree. "Even Mr. Yamaguchi, head of the Japanese Nuclear Industry is starting to bend. While he still retains loyalty to us, he's made it clear unless something is done, he will join with Mr. Chiba"

Doing nothing will work in the long run, but short term Near knew many politicians would use the rallying public support to expand their pockets and secure positions for themselves. But was it really his concern? After all the current Prime Minister did the exact same thing. Every country did!

"Mr. Oonishi" he started earning a look from him. "Kira will not be released, not now, not ever." He finished.

Oonishi briefly looked pissed and Near swore he saw his fingers move in his pocket. Could be a number of things, a knife, cell phone, silly putty. After a few seconds he regained his composure before walking off.

"I'm glad to have this meeting Near, I have to speak with Director Kato about this, take care"

Liar thought Near. He could feel the energy of anger from Oonishi, but knew he was only trying to fill his own pockets. He was no different than from Chiba.

"Near, we still need to secure the last death note" said Rester

Near stared at the scenery before him.

So where is it? He won't allow us in the building, hm, I'll have to think about this.

Before he could response a bomb went off, and this time it wasn't a car bomb, it was one within the building. Chunks of stone and glass went flying everything and straight onto the duo. Near struggled to regain his hearing while at the same time trying to clear up his vision only to realize a chunk of concrete had landed on him and fortunately the only reason he wasn't crushed was because the steel within the concrete was lifted it up enough for him to live, but not enough for him to move out. He then heard massive screams. Not the ones you think, but ones you find at a rally.

"Maybe doing nothing was a bad idea" he thought. He then heard his phone ring and mange to shift his head to see it was right in front of him. But with the concrete pinning him down there was little he could do. Still he got a good look at the ID.

What could Aizawa need?