Christmas Cupid

By Angelfan15

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Pairing: B/A

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Spoilers: This is completely AU

Rating: Slightly NC-17

Summary: Buffy Summers boyfriend of four years breaks up with her, instead of telling her family a handsome stranger pretends to be her boyfriend for Christmas.

Authors note: This story is complete, I will be posting the next chapter within an hour! I hope you like it.

Merry Christmas!

Chapter 1: Mothers, Sisters and Roommates

Buffy Summers took a deep breath as she grabbed a plate of pancakes in one hand and a plate of hash browns in the other. She didn't really want to take the plates back over to the table where the men had been slapping her on the butt all morning. But it was her job ever since she got fired from her dream job because of some lies. Now she was working in a small diner in downtown LA. She went from a $70,000 salary doing Computer Programming to waitressing for tips! Not to mention her boyfriend of 4 years, Riley Finn had broken up with her just days before she was fired. That was six months ago and she still didn't have the heart to tell her parents that Riley had left her. Yeah, her life went from everything she ever wanted to a total suck fest.

Almost half way to the table she was dreading to go over to another waitress, Amy Madison who also happened to be her roommate took the plates from Buffy. "I got this Buffy, why don't you go take your break? Your mom is on the phone."

Giving Amy a small smile she thanked her and made her way over to the counter where the phone was. "Hey mom."

"Hey Sweetie!" She heard her mother's cheerful voice. "I was just calling to make sure that you and Riley are still coming for Christmas."

Buffy sighed. Her mother just wouldn't let up about their family Christmas trip. They went to San Bernardino, California every year on Christmas just for the snow, their family has a cabin in the mountains. "You know, actually mom…."

"Great!" Her mother exclaimed not letting her finish. "I will call you later tonight, what time do you get off work?"

Buffy sighed again. "9:00PM."

"I think that is awfully late. You don't live in a good neighborhood anymore Buffy. How does Riley feel about your career choices? I'm sure he isn't happy that you are waitressing even though you have a degree." Her mother rambled on.

Buffy could hear her mother continue to rant on about how she needed to get a better job and make Riley happy so he would marry her and how disappointing it must be for him. Like her mother even knew Riley! The 4 years they were together he refused to meet her family, he ran into her sister Willow once on accident when she stopped by to see Buffy when she was in town on business.

Buffy turned to face the back of the diner so the customers couldn't hear her. "You know what mom, Riley is fine with my career choices, and do you know why? Because he loves me. If I am happy then he is happy. I will see you on Saturday." She hung up the phone quickly and turned to go back to work.

She hated lying to her mom but the one thing she hated more was disappointing her parents. Her parents had been high school sweethearts, they never fought or even had a disagreement. They wanted their children to be just like them and they almost got it. Buffy's sister, Willow was engaged to her high school boyfriend Oz. Their older brother Xander was married to Anya who he had started to date senior year of high school. Buffy's youngest sister Dawn was in a serious relationship with a boy named Connor. Dawn had met Connor her freshmen year of College. Willow had introduced them after she got her new job at Oracle Inc., Connor is her boss' younger brother.

Buffy turned around to head back to work and think of a new and fresh idea to tell her parents why Riley couldn't make it at the last moment… again. She was seriously running out of ideas.

Buffy walked into her small apartment that she shared with Amy above the Diner. The rent was too much for the amount of space they got, there was a small kitchen and a bathroom that was hardly big enough to move around in. The two girls had to share a bed but it was the only place they could afford.

The phone started to ring and she hurried over to the old phone, and then stopped in fear that it was her mother calling. If only they could afford caller ID. She reluctantly picked up the phone and greeted the caller.

"Hey big sis!" Came an excited voice.

"Willow?" Buffy let out a sign of relief. "I thought you were going to be mom."

"Is she still bugging you about Christmas?"

Buffy nodded. "She calls pretty much every day, sometimes multiple times!"

"You still haven't told mom and dad that you and Riley broke up?" Willow was the only one that knew the truth but Buffy had a sneaking suspicion that Xander knew too, he just wasn't saying anything.

"No." Buffy sat on the bed. "I hate to disappoint them. They have this life thing planned out for us all and I am the only one not living up to it."

"That's not true, Buffy. Dawn isn't anywhere near ready to get married."

"But she has been with Connor longer than I was with Riley." Buffy ran her fingers through her hair. "Xander is married, you're engaged and Dawn is most likely going to get married before I do. I mean you have seen Dawn and Connor together, they are grossly perfect for each other."

"That is because I played match maker with them. Oh, hey! Do you want me to find someone for you?"

"What?" Buffy laughed. "Willow, isn't that a little weird?"

"Oh, come on Buffy! The next guy you meet could be Mr. Perfect… plus it's fun! I like setting people up."

"I don't know Will…"

"Buffy, who knows you better than I do? No one, that's who. I will find you the perfect guy."

Buffy smiled and shook her head. Maybe it was worth a shot, Willow did get Dawn and Connor together not to mention Faith and Spike who got married last year. That was a shock to everyone, both Faith and Spike weren't exactly the settling down type. "Okay."

"Great! Oh and Buff, you will have a new boyfriend by Christmas!"