Author's Note: I just want to clear up one little thing. I know that it might confuse some of you with the fact that it's autumn in Equestria and yet there's lots of snow falling. While it is autumn, it's very late in autumn. Due to it being December and close to the end of autumn, snow has already begun falling in Equestria (or rather the Weather Ponies have scheduled snow to fall). So, even though snow is falling in heavy amounts, the winter solstice has yet to occur and thus it's still autumn in Equestria. I just wanted to clear that up for those of you who might have found that a bit confusing.

Chapter 4: The Diamond Phantom

Home of Twilight Sparkle, Ponyville, Equestria, Gaia, Autumn, 1002 C.E.

"Are you okay?!" asked a worried Twilight as she looked down at Clockwork, who was slowly regaining consciousness. He sat up and rubbed his head, which was throbbing horribly.

"I'm better now," he replied.

"What was all that about?" Spike asked.

"I don't know. I just...suddenly felt weak. Then I passed out and...I flashed back."

"You flashed back?"

"Yes, to the last time I saw my Twilight when she was still alive. Then everything melted away and I saw somepony talking."

"Who was it?" asked the Doctor.

"I don't know. But he was talking to a Dalek and he had a Sonic Screwdriver. He mentioned something about creating an inter-dimensional portal." The Doctor's eyes grew wide.

"Did this pony mention anything else? What did they look like?!"

"I couldn't get a clear image. I remember them being gray and having these dark, sunken in eyes. I also remember him mentioning that this portal he was working on was causing some slight side effects."

"Side effects?" Twilight asked. The Doctor and Twilight turned to face each other. "Could it be-"

"It's a strong possibility," said the Doctor.

"What are you two going on about?" asked Clockwork.

"We're still unsure about a few things here but I think we're finally getting some answers behind the source of the dimensional rifts." Just then, somepony began knocking on the door frantically.

"Now who could that be?" Twilight asked.

"DOCTOR! TWILIGHT! SPIKE! LET ME IN!" cried the voice of Derpy Hooves.

"Derpy?" asked the Doctor.

"YES! LET ME IN! THEY'RE FOLLOWING ME!" The Doctor ran to the door and opened it. Derpy forced herself through the open door and closed it shut behind her. She then gave the Doctor a bone-crushing hug that would give Pinkie Pie a run for her money. "Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"Derpy! You're crushing me...again!" Derpy let go and blushed slightly.

"Derpy, what's wrong?" Twilight asked. Derpy was about to speak when she suddenly noticed Clockwork standing a few feet away. Her eyes widened. She stared at Clockwork and then stared at the Doctor. She looked back at Clockwork and then turned back to the Doctor. Her eyes began to invert.

"!" she croaked.

"Oh yes, Derpy this is Clockwork, my inter-dimensional double, now could you get back to what you were trying to warn us about?" the Doctor asked.

"Clockwork?! She was asking about you!"

"Who was?" Clockwork asked.

"That mare who looked like me: Bright Eyes!"

"Bright Eyes?! What's she doing here?"

"She must have come through another rift," Twilight guessed.

"Where is she now?"

"She...oh Celestia! She got her!" Derpy cried.

"Who got her?!" the Doctor asked. Derpy looked at Twilight and pointed at her.

"Twilight did."

"WHAT?!" gasped the Doctor, Twilight, Spike, and Clockwork.

"Well...not her exactly. She must be a clone or something."

"A clone of me? Was it Thalia?" Twilight asked.

"No, it wasn't Thalia. She had green eyes and she looked like she was made out of diamonds." Clockwork's eyes widened.

"Diamonds?" he asked.

"Yeah. She kept saying that she was searching for her husband or something like that. Then she grabbed Bright Eyes and turned her into a...a diamond ghost!"

"A what?" Spike asked as he began nibbling on his claws. Suddenly, a voice began calling from outside.

"Hello? Is anypony in there?" called the voice. Twilight gasped. It was her voice only it was more...sinister. Clockwork, as if in a trance, walked forward and opened the door.

"Don't!" Derpy cried. It was too late. The door opened. Standing a few yards from the doorway was the diamond clone of Twilight that Derpy had been talking about.

"Twilight? Is it really you?" Clockwork asked. His eyes began to emanate a light-green color and he began to sway back and forth. The diamond Twilight began walking forward.

"It is I, my love. I have missed you oh so much," replied the diamond Twilight. Derpy grabbed onto Clockwork and attempted to pull him inside the library. Snow was beginning to fly in through the doorway. Clockwork began walking towards the diamond Twilight.

"I have yet to feel happiness since your death."

"I know, honey. Don't worry. It's all right now." Diamond Twilight's horn began to emit a plume of black smoke.

"Clockwork!" cried Derpy. Diamond Twilight gave a cold smile as she and Clockwork moved closer and closer together.

"Come. Let the circle of life and death finally be completed," said diamond Twilight in a deep, male voice.


"I'll get him!" said Twilight as she ran through the door. She aimed her horn at the diamond Twilight and fired. A blast of magic flew through the air and smashed right into diamond Twilight's jaw. The clone fell back and Clockwork snapped out of his trance. He looked down and gasped. Diamond Twilight was lying on her back in the snow. Her jaw had been smashed to bits like glass. A green fluid began flowing from the wound in her body. Twilight grabbed onto Clockwork and began pulling him back towards the library. "Get inside! Whatever that thing is, it's not your Twilight!"

"But I am. Why would you doubt otherwise?" asked diamond Twilight as she stood up. Her voice began switching between a seductive female voice and a sadistic male voice.

"That voice," said Clockwork as his face became pale. "I remember it! It's the voice from my nightmares!"

"The voice of the King." Diamond Twilight began to laugh as her eyes shone bright green. Her jaw then slowly repaired itself. Twilight managed to pull Clockwork into the library and shut and lock the door behind them. "Honey! Come out! You don't want to keep your dead wife waiting!"

"It can't be! It can't be! He's dead! He's dead! They're both dead!" Clockwork rambled as he curled up into a ball on the sofa. He was shivering like mad. Diamond Twilight began pounding on the door.

"Doctor, do you have any idea about what's going on?" Twilight asked. The Doctor scratched his chin and rubbed his temple. He was silent for a moment.

"WELL?!" asked Twilight, Derpy, and Spike together.

"I'm thinking! God! Let a poor stallion/Time Lord have a moment of peace!" the Doctor snapped.

"I don't think we have a minute," Spike gulped as he pointed at the door, which was slowly freezing over and being smashed to bits. Clockwork continued to ramble and shiver on the sofa.

"Twilight. King. Twilight. King. Wife. Villain. It. Can't. BE!" he cried.

"Great. Our Doctor's busy brainstorming and the other, earth pony not-Doctor is having a complete mental breakdown. All while a diamond clone of me is breaking through my front door, which I ALREADY had to replace after the whole Thalia incident!" Twilight snapped. She groaned. "Things always have to be complicated, don't they?"

"I guess so," Derpy gulped as she looked at door that was slowly being knocked down.

"King? Wife? Nightmare? Flashback? Nightmare. Nightmare. Dream. Dream and nightmare. Wife and king but not wife and king. Clone but not clone," the Doctor said as he looked around the room. Then he clapped his hooves together with a smile on his face. "Got it!" He ran over to Clockwork and looked him straight in the face. "Clockwork, can you hear me?"

"Maybe. Yes. Why?" Clockwork asked.

"I need you to think our little visitor away for a bit."


"I need you to wish diamond Twilight away."

"What will that do?!"

"A lot, trust me."

"Uh...Doctor," Spike gulped.

"Yes, I know the door's coming down. Just give me a second."

"No...that's not it."

"Then what is it?!"

"There's a ghostly Derpy standing right next to you." The Doctor turned to see the white and frozen face of Derpy Hooves looking at him. Her eyes were bright yellow and sharp fangs were protruding from her mouth. She appeared to be wearing a mailpony uniform.

"Ah. Ms. Bright Eyes, I presume?" the Doctor asked with a nervous smile. Clockwork began to shiver some more.

"I have some mail for you! Please take it and die," Bright Eyes said with a giggle as she pulled out an ice knife. She swung the blade down at the Doctor. The Doctor dodged the attack and jumped over the sofa. He grabbed onto Clockwork and pulled him away from the murderous Bright Eyes. Diamond Twilight was almost done breaking down the door. Bright Eyes began advancing towards the Doctor, Twilight, Derpy, Spike, and Clockwork.

"Got any plans, Doctor?" Spike asked.

"I was in the middle of one before I was so rudely interrupted!" the Doctor snapped as he knelt down and stared back into Clockwork's eyes. "Just wish them away, Clockwork."

"How?" Clockwork asked.

"Just do it."

"But...Bright Eyes."

"She'll be fine. We'll save her. Just wish them away for the time being."

"I...I can't."

"You're an alternate version of me: the Doctor. You can do anything!"

"I can?"

"You've dreamt of me a lot, right?"


"Don't dream them away as Clockwork. Dream them away as the Doctor, the Doctor that you were in your dreams." Clockwork took a deep breath and focused. Diamond Twilight began screaming in anger.

"You can't do this to me, Clockwork! How could you do this to me?! I thought you loved me!" she cried.

"Don't listen to her. She's only a dream. She's only a nightmare waiting to be destroyed by reality. Dream her away."


"Push her aside."

"You've betrayed me!"

"Forget Twilight Sparkle and listen to my voice."

"We will never be together again if you do this!"

"Just breathe...and forget."

"I...I wish you away...Twilight," Clockwork said as a few tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Doctor! Clockwork!" Spike cried suddenly.

"Spike! Don't!" Twilight cried. The Doctor heard a yelp and looked up. Spike was standing over him and Clockwork. The ice knife of Bright Eyes was jabbed straight through his chest. The Doctor's eyes widened. Bright Eyes hesitated for a moment. Twilight and Derpy gasped. Clockwork closed his eyes tightly.

"What have I done?" Bright Eyes asked as she began to break away from her icy persona.

"SPIKE!" cried Twilight and Derpy. The Doctor turned back to Clockwork.

"WISH THEM AWAY NOW!" he ordered.

"FINE!" Clockwork screamed as he stood up. His eyes were glowing pure white and his body looked as if it were fading in and out of existence. Diamond Twilight screamed as she slowly disappeared. Bright Eyes broke free of her possession and lost consciousness. The ice knife within Spike disappeared and he too fainted. The entire library shook and vibrated around them. Twilight held onto the unconscious Spike. Derpy held onto the Doctor. Blood began seeping from Clockwork's nose. He let out a frightening scream and a white light began pouring in through the windows and doors of the library.

"What's happening?!" Twilight asked.

"He's taking us!" the Doctor replied.


"Clockwork! He's taking the entire library with him!"

"What?! Where?! When?! HUH?!"

"Wait until the shaking stops and then I'll explain everything!" Clockwork let out another yell and beams of white light shot out of his eyes. The library began spinning like a twister and the Doctor, Twilight, and Derpy blacked out.

Sugar Cube Corner, Ponyville, Equestria, Gaia, Autumn, 1002 C.E.

Rarity and Pinkie Pie stepped outside as the snow finally stopped falling. The clouds cleared instantly and the sun shone down on Ponyville as if it were a summer's day.

"Well, isn't that nice?" Rarity asked. "The storm has finally stopped! That's a relief. I was afraid that I would have to spend the rest of the day and the entire night here at Sugar Cube Corner."

"And what's wrong with that?" Pinkie asked.

"Nothing. I just need to get back home and look after Sweetie Belle. She must be just frightened after having to go through a storm like this all by herself." Just then, Rainbow Dash appeared out of nowhere and landed in the snow in front of them.

"Girls! You're not going to believe what's happened!" she said in a panic.

"What is it?! Tell me! Tell me! Are we throwing a surprise party?! Has somepony thrown a party without me?! They better not have!" Pinkie replied.

"The library! Twilight! Spike! The Doctor!"

"Oh just spit it out already, Rainbow Dash! What on earth's happened?!" asked a somewhat annoyed Rarity.

"It's the library! The whole damn library is gone!"