Naruto/High School of the Dead crossover

Will have some charters from Naruto in it other than Naruto and his parents.

Will have elements of Crysis 2 and Resident Evil

For Resident Evil it will have some of the characters such as

Jill and Rebecca will have others as I see fit

And infected monsters

For Crisis 2 it will have the suit. Because it's the most realistic badass suit there is.

Naruto Harem

For sure Saeko/Shizuka/Rika/Yuuki/Saya/Jill/Rebecca/

And 4 or more mystery girls from Naruto.


Rei –If I kill off Takashi

Toshimi and Misuzu - will go together if they get Naruto

Kyoko - if I feel like it

I'll take suggestions from review if anyone has any. Please stick to Naruto, HotD and Resident Evil (Games and movies)

(Naruto: High Crysis of the DEAD )

Knights and Nightmares of the DEAD

The world was coming to an end. The dead was coming back to life and killing the living. No one was ready for it. A small group of people where the only ones who knew about it but no one believed them. Now it's too late to do anything about it but survive it. It all happened in an instant now the world and its governments are falling.

However if mankind proved one thing that was strong about them, aside from their hate and love for war, it was survival. The human race would not go down without a fight.

Right now in Japan a high school was a hot spot of the infected, and a young man was already there clearing out the infected. However he was not normal, he was where a full body suit. And he was taking out many of thy infected as he could.

"What the hell is that!?" A girl shouted.

The young man turned to the sound of the voice and acted.

Cloak Engaged

He used the suit to turn invisible to the naked eye. He used his own speed to find the girl that shouted, it wasn't hard. He came upon a small group of survivors, the group was now looking at a Licker that had made a fresh kill.

Threat Detected

The young man went to work. "How did I end up like this? How did I get this suit? Why did my family's home get torched? Why… how… oh yeah… I remember"

(1 week ago)

"Mom, your embarrassing me. Yuuki and Saeko don't mind how I look." Naruto said to his mother Kushina who was fixing hiss tie and all for the school dance later that night.

"Now young man you know that I care. You're going to look nice for this dance and that's final." Kushina said to her only child.

"Hey son, getting the full treatment from your mother I see." Minato said to his boy.

"Dad save me. Moms going to make me look… I don't know but it can't be good!" Naruto panicked.

"Don't get me started on you now Minato. You know I can." Kushina threatened.

"Yeah… no. Sorry son, you're on your own." Minato said as he walked out.

"WHAT!? Oh come on dad! Save your son!"

"Naruto this is going to happen. Now just lay back and accept your fate." Kushina said getting him ready for the dance.

"Like dad?" He asked jokingly.

"Yes, just like your father."

Some time past and Kushina was looking over her work. "Looking good son." She kissed him on his forehead.

"Thanks mom." Naruto said, he didn't look that bad.

"Naruto, we have to talk about something." Kushina got serious. Naruto could hear it in her voice.

"Yeah? About what?" He asked he was a little nervous.

"Well, me and your father… well we know that you have a love triangle going with Saeko and Yuuki son. You know that you can only pick one. I hate for you to cause pain in anyone but that's the way it has to be." Kushina stated what was on her mind bluntly.

"I know mom. Trust me I know. And that's what scares me. Yuuki's mom let me have it when she heard about our little thing going. Don't get me started on Saeko's dad. Good thing he left over seas today or he'd kill me… or at least try to… again." Naruto remembered that day. He never ran so fast nor did he ever have a close shave.

Ding Dong

"That's them. They're a little early." Naruto said.

"I got it." Minato said out loud to the two in the back.

"Alright son. Ready to dazzle and amaze them?" Kushina smirked at her son.

"I am."

"Oh and one more thing Naruto. I'm not ready to have grandkids yet. So you do one of two things, 1: Keep it in your pants. But if you're like your father that's impossible."


"Or 2: use protection. I don't want an army of mini-Naruto's running around Japan in 10 years. One of you is troublesome enough." Kushina had a laugh at her son's expanse again.


(Gun shot)

Kushina gasped when she heard the shot. "Minato!" She yelled and went into the living room. Naruto was too stunned to move right now. "NO!"

(Gun shot)

"MOM DAD!" Naruto ran out only to see 3 men fully covered up. One pointed his gun at Naruto and fired. Naruto fell and black out. He came to a few minutes later.

"Hey boss, the kids awake." One said.

"So what. Don't waste any more bullets, that cheap ass politician Shido isn't paying well for this. We're going to burn this place down get the car ready." The leader said.

"Alright. Sorry kid, nothing personal." The guy said.

"The timers ready and set for 3 minutes." The 3rd guy said.

The leader looked at Naruto once more. "Sorry kid nothing personal. If you want to blame someone in the afterlife, blame Ichirou Shido. He paid us to kill Police Chief Minato Namikaze and his family, that means you. Later kid." The leader walked off.

A few minutes later the house was on fire. It was a few minutes longer before Naruto saw anyone else as he lay their burning while his mother and father lay next to him dead. He heard the back door being broken down and soon he saw someone hovering over him.

"My god, I'm too late." Naruto heard the guy say. "Hey, you alive? You are… but how that bullet went through your heart." The suited guy started to carry Naruto away from his burning home.

Naruto was barely alive by now. Blood loss and the shock of it all had taken its toll on him.

"Naruto? That your name? Naruto Namikaze. Destiny is a bitch huh? It'll be on you now son." The man said to him. Naruto barely heard him. "Something is coming. Something bad, I wish I could help but I can't. Not anymore. I'm dying, the suit prolong my life as long as it could. You're my last shot. Jill and Rebecca's last shot, the last hope for all of us." Naruto saw the guy take off his helmet. "We tried to warn them. Warn everyone but no one believed us. Now it is too late to stop it from happening. Umbrella saw to that." Naruto could barely see right now. "It's all on you now Naruto. I have no right to ask this but you must do it. Find Jill and Rebecca. Find them and hurry. That's all I can do now… you… are all I can do." Naruto saw the man's face, he looked sickly and pale. "Oh, almost forgot one last mission. Got to break the link to the suit." Naruto saw the man grab a hand gun then pointed it at his head. "Tell them I'm sorry I've failed them. My name is Alcatraz, remember me." He pulled the trigger and it killed him.

(Flash Forward 1 hour ago)

Naruto woke up after almost a week asleep. He was dazed and confused. That guy, Alcatraz, saved him he knew that much. But what happened to him? He felt wired, he felt different but strong.

Activating Nano-suit bio-system protocols

Naruto wanted to cry out in fright but he couldn't. He couldn't talk.

Intergrading new DNA… new DNA accepted

Primary Mission Objective: Locate and protect BSAA members Jill Valentine and Rebecca Chambers.

Naruto was still frightened but went with it. He saw a bag full of guns near the dead body of the man Alcatraz that saved him. He took them and all of the sudden he knew how to use each one of them. Again it freaked him out but he went with it. What else could he do? He followed the stairs in the building he was in until he got to the roof. He saw 2 guys in weird black body army and all of the sudden he froze.

System Override.

He felt his vision get sharper and he saw the 2 guys more clearly.

Threat Detected.

"I'm not infected. I'm not bit I swear!"

(Gun shot)

"Orders are orders. All none Umbrella personnel are to be considered infected and are to be terminated."

Vision mode allows the user to observe danger from a distance. Be aware of combat objectives and tactical opportunities such as flanking or ammo cashes.

"Hurry up, we need to sweep the area for any more survivors." One Umbrella soldier said.

All Umbrella units are hostile. Terminate with extreme prejudice.

Naruto agreed for some reason. But with what happened to him and based on what Alcatraz had said. Umbrella needed to be stopped. He grabbed a scooped Scar assault rifle with silencer. He fired one bullet and it hit one man before he knew what was going on in his head.

"What!?" The second guy looked around, only to be shot in the head as well.

Naruto felt nothing for what he did. Not sadness or regret. Strange. He thought that taking a life would be harder than that.

He made his way pass the dead bodies and moved on. He soon found a camp fill with 6 Umbrella units. He thought it weird that they would where motor cycle helmets. But he figured the Umbrella CEO's were cheap bastards.

It was then that he kicked a piece of rubble form a building.

"Hey what was that?" One Umbrella solider asked to himself.

System Override

Naruto froze again then well himself what the suit was 'telling' him.

Cloak Engaged.

The guy looked right at him, and did nothing. Like he wasn't even there at all. "It was nothing. Let's get moving.

Stealth mode enables the user to infiltrate and flank enemy positions without being seen. Stealth mode drains suit energy. Movement while cloaked rabidly drains suit energy.

Naruto smiled at this new feature. This would do nicely. After a while of killing some more Umbrella units, he saw what Alcatraz had said that they tried to warn others about. Zombies. All over the place.

System Override.

He froze again as many of these things closed in on him. But again he will what the suit told him.

Maximum Armor.

The zombies tried to bite him only to have their teeth be destroyed for the effort.

Armor mode increases defense output. Reducing damage from all attacks and increases survival probability from exploding munitions. Armor mode requites suit energy

Naruto then killed all of the zombies in the area with his bare hands. No need to waste any bullets.

"Alcatraz!? Alcatraz your alive! Thank god!"

User identified. BSAA co-founder Jill Valentine.

"Look Alcatraz all of Japan is infected but not just here, the whole world is in chaos over this mess. Many BSAA forces are all dead from the incursion last year. Rebecca, you and I are the only ones in Japan right now. Everyone else is scattered around the world. I heard what happened to Minato and his family. I know you were friends with Minato but we can't let that get to us. Minato said he had the info we need to bring down Umbrella once and for all. Head to his office at the police station. I'll contact you later."

New Objectives added: Find information on Umbrella at the police station.

Naruto ignored that for now. His friends took priority right now. He hoped that they were alright.

Naruto ran across the roof tops, it was fun to say the least. The suit was amazing if it allowed a person, himself, who was on the brink of death to do feats that would seem impossible. He made it to the school to see some guy at the gate trying to get in with 4 teachers telling him to go away. Naruto saw that the guy at the gate was infected.

He acted, he grabbed his sniper rifle an EBR in hopes of killing it before it bit the dump guy acting tough. Too late did Naruto kill the zombie at the gate as he bit into the teacher's arm. Naruto readied his shot again. But one female teacher, Kyoko if he remembers right, got in the way of his shot. When she moved when the new zombie teacher got up that gave Naruto the chance to take the shot. He did, saving the young teacher.

"HOLY SHIT!" One of the other teachers yelled when their collogue was just shot and killed.

Naruto jumped down using his armor mode to soften his fall. Then he jumped over the wall again freighting the teachers.

"RUN!" The two male teachers ran as fast as they could, not knowing what they were running into. Leaving Kyoko still frozen in front of a 'murderer'.

"AHHH!" The two looked to see the other two teachers being eaten by a small hoard of zombies. That got Kyoko out of her stubborn and she ran for her life.

Naruto aimed and fired at the zombies, he forgot that he had his silencer still on. He wondered how many students were infected. It was selfish of him to hope that his friends were not infected.

Naruto moved, the announcement just proved to be the problem, it helped no one but the infected gain numbers. "No get away!" Naruto heard a female voice yell. He went into the library where the voice came from. There he saw two young girls Misuzu and Toshimi. There were friends of his since… well since that indent. They were cornered by 5 zombies, nothing for him to handle.

He moved in, smashing two zombies' heads with his hands, grabbing the 3rd and snapping its neck. Naruto punched the 4ths ones head off and kicked the 5th one down. He walked to it and steeped on its head killing it.

He looked at Toshimi and Misuzu. They were in shock at first at what happened, then…

"Thank you thank you than you!" They hugged him thanking him as they did.

He nodded, unable to say anything. He would protect them no matter what, it was a relief to know that at least some of his friends were safe. He set his bag down and started to look for something. They wouldn't be able to shot a gun worth a damn, no offence to them, but they needed to protect themselves somehow. He pulled out two knifes. The blade was about 8 inches, long enough for now as he would do the heavy lifting and all.

(Flash back end)

Naruto remembered, he only woke up an hours ago. But he kept his memories, he needed to save his friends. No matter the cost. He saved two so far. Luckily that guy Alcatraz had a stash of weapons that would make a SWAT team jealous, so he took them with him. So he wasted no time in wasting the licker the small group stumbled on. A few well placed shots to the things head and it fell dead.

The group was shocked twice in a span of a few minutes. First they saw a monster only in their nightmares in real life. Then it being put down by some guy in a suit with Toshimi and Misuzu standing next to him.

"Who the hell are you!" Saya yelled at him… again.

"Wow! He had a SCAR! That's so cool!"

"Quite fatass! Do you want those monster to find us again?" She told him.

"Sorry." He said quietly.

The rest of the group just shook their heads. Saeko approached the man in the suit. "I am thankful for your help. That creature was unsettling to see. I also thank you for helping Toshimi and Misuzu." Saeko was friends of them through Naruto. Although it pained her to think of her 'dead' boyfriend.

Naruto nodded.

Just then the door near them burst open. Naruto pointed his gun, but stopped when he saw it was Kyoko. "Hey, what are you guys…" She saw the man in the strange suit again. But shook her head clear. "Get in here quickly!"

The large group went in the staff room. Naruto was off to the side. He saw most of the people he cared for here. Only his other girlfriend Yuuki and a few friends weren't here. He had hope that they were fine.

"We can catch our breath here for a bit." Takashi said while drinking some water before handing it off to Kohta.

"We need a plan to get out of here." Kyoko said thinking out loud.

Kohta handing the water bottle off to Naruto, not that anyone knew that, Naruto declined it. "Are you sure man? I mean, you'll need it." Kohta assured him. Naruto pointed to his mask. "Can't you remove it?" Naruto shook his head no. "Then how do you live? I mean you need to eat and drink don't you?"

This got the groups attention seeing how their newest 'friend' seemed stuck in a suit and was too quite.

Naruto just shrugged his shoulder. "Can't you talk?" Kohta again asked. Naruto shook his head no again. "Why? Is that suit useful then?"

Naruto turned invisible to answer his question.


"Shut up!" Saya smacked him over his head. Naruto turned off his cloaking. She then turned to Naruto, Naruto flinched he and Saya were good friend, close even very close, they've been friends since they could remember. Her temper seems to have gotten worse since he last saw her. "And you! Who the hell are you!" She asked.

Naruto wondered how to answer that. He was saved by Takashi. "Look it doesn't matter who he is. He saved us from that… thing… and that's good enough for me to know he's on our side." He said with a lot of sense.

"I agree. We can always ask him about himself later. Right now we need to get out of here first." Saeko said to the group.

"Do you have your keys Ms. Shizuka. I left mine in the club room." Naruto was glad she was safe as well. It seems most of the people he cared for were here.

"I do I do!" Shizuka began to look for her keys.

"Can your car fit all of us?" Saeko asked.

"Oh…" She stopped. "No."

The group began thinking. Naruto noticed the buses outside for club away games. He snapped his fingers to get their attention. Kohta came first and looked at what Naruto was looking at. "Hey good eye new guy. Hey guys we can use the buses! The keys are inside this room and it is more than enough room for all of us and then some." Kohta said to the rest of the group.

"Good idea Kohta." Rei said.

"Well it was the new guy's idea. I just voiced it." Kohta said embarrassed. Then Kohta thought of something. "You know, we need a name from you new guy. I mean we need to call you something other than 'the new guy' all the time."

Naruto looked at Kohta. 'Great' He thought. 'If I tell them my name Saeko might try to kill me for not believing me. Saya, Rei… in fact all of them might.'

"Let's… get to the buses first, when we are a little safer we will get his name. Alright?" Takashi said with the group agreeing.

'Yes, saved by Takashi's lack of curiosity.' Naruto thought.

"Alright then. I guess new guy should work for now." Saya said wanting to know more about this enigma right next to her. "Mind leading us to the buses?" She asked.

Naruto nodded. With his suit he could do anything almost. He would even without it. However before he went he went to his bag of guys. However only Kohta would be able to use any of them. He handed Kohta a G36C with red dot sight with 5 extra magazines to go with it.

"Oh wow. A G36C with red dot sight. Thanks man. But what about the rest of the group?" Naruto shook his head no again. None of them could use one. "Oh I get it. They can't use the gun right so it's safer for them not to have one. Right?" Naruto nodded his head. "But wait, how do you know I could?" That got the groups eyes on him. But Naruto had a way out. He pointed to Kohta's 'Nail Gun' that saved him. "Oh right. Alright now."

Naruto stopped them. He moved them in a formation that would work. He put Takashi and Rei to the left. Toshimi and Misuzu to the right. Kyoko and Shizuka and Saya in the middle. With Saeko behind them and Kohta behind her.

"This is an effective formation." Saeko said allowed. Seeing as the new guy was leading.

Naruto took the lead and took a look outside. He saw none of the zombies so it was safe to move. He motioned them to follow him.

"Ok quick reminder, they react to sound so be quite." Saya said to the group. Everyone nodded.


Naruto rushed to the sound, he saw 5 classmates surrounded by zombies. He wasted no time in helping them. He jumped down smashing two zombie skulls on his boots. Back handing two more ending their un-lives while Rei, Takashi and Saeko moved in and took out the rest.

"Thank you!" One of the girls yelled to their saviors.

"Keep it down. These things hunt by sound." Saya hissed at the girl.

"Oh. Sorry." She said covering her mouth.

"Are any of you hurt or bitten?" Takashi asked.

"No." One of the guys said.

Naruto want to make sure and grabbed one guy.

Infection Scan.

Everyone heard that.

Infection Scan Complete: No Infection.

The guy sighed. Naruto repeated this process with the others. No one was infected.

"I will ask you about that later." Saya said. What just happed said to her that this guy knew something about this outbreak.

Naruto nodded, fearing what she might do to get information out of him.

"Alright look, we are going for the buses to get the hell out of here. You guys in?" Takashi asked the new members of the group.

"Yeah, were in." They all nodded. There weren't stupid, this suit guy kicked ass. With him around there odds of surviving went way up.

The large group made their way to the locker room. Saya was not the only one who noticed that this guy knew his way around the school. Saeko noticed it too. This told them both one of two things. 1: He's a creepy stocker type. Or 2: He's been in this school once before.

"Ok, so these things are like bats. They hear but not see. So if we are quite we can slip through them unnoticed right?" Takashi asked Saya.

With the new 5 members of the group. The formation grew a bit. Naruto put the two guys with long range weapons with Toshimi and Misuzu and the 3rd guy with Takashi and Rei. He put the two girls in the center of the group for protection.

"But we need someone to test it." Saya said. She didn't want to but it needed to be done.

Naruto pointed at himself. "You sure?" Asked Takashi. He was about to volunteer but this guy could live if things went bad. Naruto nodded. "Alright, good luck."

Again Naruto nodded and went in. After he handed Kohta his bag of guns. Naruto walk fearlessly out near the zombies in the locker room. Naruto walked around them and they seemed not to notice him at all. He even went so far as to play drums on two of the zombies heads. This got a sweat drop from everyone else even Shizuka. But it got a tick mark from Saya. Naruto decided to move on. He grabbed a shoe that was on the ground and tossed it. The small sound attracted the zombies in the area to it. Naruto opened the door to the outside and motioned the rest of them to follow him. When Kohta passed him he grabbed his bag of guns from him. He could carry them better without it slowing him down.

But that cost them. When he wasn't looking one of the new guys with a long weapon hit the door, making a loud clang sound. Naruto's HUD tracked the sound and it echoed far.

"RUN!" Takashi yelled.

Naruto turned his guns on and started firing into the hoard of zombies. Killing any that got near them.

"You moron if you didn't yell then we would only have to deal with the ones here!" Saya yelled at Takashi for him yelling.

"No. Did you hear the echo? Just shut up and run!" He said bashing some head in.

Naruto and Kohta were killing many zombies at a distance. But Kohta made it to the bus so he was covering the group from there. Naruto heard a grunting sound near him and saw one of the new guys Takuzou having his towel grabbed by one zombie and another reaching for his arm. Naruto shot both zombies near him saving him from dying at the hands of these monster.

"Takuzou!" His girl friend, Naomi, yelled happily that her boyfriend wasn't going to die today.

"What are you doing get on board!" Saya yelled at the girl as she forced her on the bus.

Naruto covered the young man as he ran past him to his girlfriend. "Thanks man!" Naruto nodded. There isn't much more he could do other than that.

"Suit guy lets go!" Takashi said from the bus entrance. "Shizuka get ready! We need to go!"

"I'm sorry! This isn't like my car you know!" Shizuka said in a panic.

Naruto was holding the line with Saeko and Takashi making sure nothing got on the bus. Although he was farther away from the bus than the other two. Drawing most to him and his bullets.

"We need to go!" Takashi yelled.


Everyone heard someone yell. Most knew who it was. But Naruto, as much hate he has for the man, saw someone he cared for. Yuuki. She was still alive. He was happy, yet sad, she could know that he was under this suit, just like Saeko cant.

As much hate as Naruto had, he would cover the students from the zombies. He came with the package as it were.

Rei was in the same boat as him. Although she would rather let them all die if it meant that Shido would die as well.

"Hold on Shizuka! We got a few more!" He said to the nurse.

"You can't be serious!? We're not saving him!" Rei yelled in protest.

"Hurry, they'll help us!" The teacher yelled to the students he was 'leading'.

"What are you talking about Rei!? We can't abandon them to die!"

"Were not rescuing him!" She didn't care about the others, only about Shido dying.

Naruto wanted to. It would be easy. Just but a bullet in his head and stay quite. The group would assume it was an accident. Rei would be on his side at least. Saeko and Yuuki knew about this 'man' and his evil. But Naruto rather not waste a bullet. Naruto turned away from him to kill a few of the zombies in the front of the bus to thin them out.

"Sensei I twisted my ankle. Help me." The young kid pleaded for help. Only to be kicked in the face. The pain he felt from it and the betrayal lead him to screaming. Then the dead started to eat him.

Naruto saw what Shido had done and the boy. He could do nothing to save him. However Naruto would end his suffering. He aimed and placed one bullet in the boys head ending his life.

"Suit guy where ready! Get on!" Takashi yelled at Naruto. He nodded ran to the bus. He nodded to Shizuka and she floored it. Telling herself that they were not human anymore and she ran them down.

Naruto was at the front of the bus. He was angry at himself. If he was faster and or if he kept an eye on Shido that young man would have lived. Shido would pay. He felt someone tap him on his shoulder. It was Rei. "You're going to regret saving that man." She said with as much venom of his vary being as she could. Shido's not his. He nodded in agreement already.

He decided that he needed a little rest. Hopefully Shido wouldn't try anything. But he knew better.

"Alcatraz! Alcatraz it's me Rebecca!"

Naruto heard a voice over his com-link.

User identified. BSAA member Rebecca Chambers.

"Look me and Jill are at a mall. By the looks of it about 50 or so miles from your current location. Get this I analyzed the sample you gave me a week ago or so and you know what. It's a cure for the infection! A real cure!" Naruto would jump for joy. But he since a 'but' coming. "But I can't make any here. I need the suit it has the data I need to make the cure I need to help anyone who's infected. I need you to get here as soon as possible. I have a suit scanner ready here at the mall. Alright Alcatraz? Be safe."

New Mission Objective: Get to the Mall

Naruto just groaned. Luckily the mall is on the way to the police station where he's dad worked so it wasn't all that bad. But how to tell the others in his group. He can't talk for one reason or another. He needed a piece of paper and a pen.

It was at this time however that Shido's group started to bitch about one thing or another. This got on his nerves.

"Hey nurse lady can you drive slower I almost…"

Shizuka slammed on the brakes. "Would you lay off me! I've never driven one of these before!"

Did the kid stop his bitching. No, he just turned it on someone else. He turned it to Takashi.

"Hey what the hell are you looking at!?" He asked/yelled at Takashi.

Both boys started at each other. "Why are you acting like this?" Saeko asked the scared and angry young man.

He just continued to get angrier as the moments pasted. "I… I fucking hate this guy!" he said to Takashi.

Naruto was amazed that his rage and fear of this new world caused him to lose it.

"What did I do for you to hate me? Have I ever even talked to you?" Takashi asked, a good question.

Before the kid could do anything Rei acted. Jamming her staff in the kids gut. Knocked the wind out of him and he collapsed to the floor. Everyone was scared, say for Naruto and Shido for different reasons.

"You're horrible." Rei said to him coldly. The coldest Naruto or Takashi ever heard her say anything.

"Rei…" Takashi was still shocked at what she did.

"Guys stop! This would have never happened if Naruto was here!" Kohta yelled, only to regret it when everyone, who knew Naruto as a good friend or more, became sad.

Naruto was sad as well. He could talk and saying that he was Naruto, not that anyone would believe him, if he said he was.

Clap, clap, clap

"But he's not here. He 'tragically' died last week. I guess it's for the best. He never saw this world come to chaos." Most of the people in the bus got angry at the man. No one believed his bull shit that he is broken up about Naruto's death. He'd throw a party if he could. "But your performance just proves what I've been saying. We need a leader, one who puts others ahead of himself. One who could lead us to safety in this troubled time." Shido began his bullshit speech.

"And let me guess, you are the only one who can take up that mantel?" Saya asked with sarcasm.

"Well, I am a teacher after all. And all of you are students. My charges." Shido said dramatically.

"Then what I am then? I can see why the students hate him. He's such an ass.' Kyoko thought.

"If you are all with me, then please clap your hands." Shido finished.

Naruto decided to make his move now. He tossed his gun and his bag of guns to Kohta keeping one on himself right now as he made his way to Shido. He wasn't going to listen to this man's bile anymore nor would he let him infect anymore students then he already has. He stood behind of the 'man' and tapped on his shoulder.

"Yes? Can I help you?" He asked.

Only to get punched hard in the nose. Oh how Rei loved this guy already. Shido's nose was broken and now bleeding. Some of the male students that are now part of Shido's cult tried to defend their new master. Naruto just shoved them out of the way as he made his way to Shido. Then he punched him again in the face, then again, and again and again. He might have lost a few teeth. But Naruto nor did some of the other students care about Shido's treatment, watching it was fun enough.

When Naruto felt he had enough of beating him, he pulled out his handgun, a Desert Eagle.

"Hey no need for that." Shido said looking down the barrel of the gun.

"Suit guy no! Don't kill him!" Takashi didn't know that this man deserved this. Only the few that did hoped that he'll kill this monster before he kills anymore people then he already has.

New Mission Objective: Terminate Koichi Shido

New Mission Objective: Terminate Ichirou Shido

Naruto liked his new mission. He cocked the trigger back.