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Count Down, Day 3: DEAD Resistance

"3 days… if we're lucky."

That was 3 hours ago. He now had less than 70 hours left. He spent the last 2 hours with his friends and loved ones. He wanted to spend the rest of his time with them but the world still needed him. He left them back on the Aircraft Carrier. Mei had him join a squad that was going to investigate something troubling.

" Alright listen up team. A rescue station went dark the day before, it had about 100 US and Japanese Marians stationed there and over 300 civvies waiting for transport to one of the few dozen or so ships that could hold them. I want your team to find them assist any them if they are alive. If not report back and wait further instruction." Mei said to the rest of the group. Naruto would never look at her the same way again, not in a negative since of the word.

"Alright, we will be there in 1 hour. Strap yourself in." The captain said to the squad in his Black Hawk.

Naruto sighed for like the 100th time that hour.

"Hey kid." Naruto looked it, it was the squad leader. "You alright man?" He asked. Mei, and everyone else who has seen him in action, knew what he was capable of. But more importantly, his due date so to speak.

"Never better."

Then the Black Hawk shuck violently. Alarms and sirens blaring and the Black Hawk seemed to be falling.

"Mayday mayday. We've been hit. HOLY SHIT!" The pilot saw something come after them. It was a Sky Shrieker, a pack of Sky Shriekers.

Naruto along with the rest of the group opened fire, the gunner taking a small group of them before being impaled and tossed out of the Black Hawk.

"Man down!"

"Fuck! Get us out of here!"

"We're going down!"

"Hang tight!"

"Shit! Naruto look out!"

Naruto looked behind him to see a Sky Shrieker and it rammed him out of the Black Hawk.

Maximum Armor.

Naruto then slammed into the group from about a 20 story fall. Luckily the Sky Shierker broke his fall. Not so lucky for the Sky Shierker.

(Back on the Aircraft Carrier)

"WHAT!? You lost him!?" Hinata yelled. Furious at Jill.

"We lost his single, after the chopper crashed."

"Is he…" Saeko started.

"No. He's alive. But we can't locate him." Rebecca told her. "We have 2 satellites in the area; if he pops out we'll find him and contact you." Jill said to Naruto's girlfriends. Although both Rebecca and Jill were worried as well.


It was about an hour after the crash did Naruto start to come to.

"Alright son. I have a limited feed from your suit, but for now, it will have to do." Naruto heard a voice from Naruto's HUD, and it was not Jill or Rebecca's. "I guess it's time I probably introduce myself. I am Madera Uchiha. Former CEO of Umbrella corp." Naruto saw his HUD give him a picture of the guy. "No doubt you've heard of me. I don't deny anything you might have heard. Most of it is true while the rest is bias-ly said. I ask that you with-hold judgment of me until after we have time to talk in person. I can assist you until then."

"Alright old man. Deal."

"Thank you Naruto. Now, no doubt you want to find your Marine Comrades that crashed. They are about 400 meters north of your location. It has been about an hour since then. Odds are they are all dead or no longer there. You'll need to head through the slums to get there. Also a word of warning and caution. There are Umbrella Troops and my own in the area. Umbrella troops have the motorcycle helmet while my soldiers have a gas mask. My soldiers will not fire upon you. So please don't fire on them. I'll keep in touch." Madera told him.

Naruto got up. "Damn it." She said to himself. All he had was a M9. It would have to do. Naruto began to move north to see if any of the Marines survived the crash. Naruto moved pass the suburbs, he took out a few walkers with his bare hands. No need to use any ammo. Naruto stopped when he saw that a few buildings had collapsed in a sink hole of some kind.

"Well, it looks like the scenic route is the one you need take. There is a man whole cover near you. The sewer will lead you near the crash site. Follow the sewer until the end and you'll be near the crash site."

"I hear you. What did this anyway?" Naruto asked while he moved to the sewer. "I'd hate to have to fight whatever did this without any heads up.

"Like all things the T-virus evolves. However the T-virus evolves faster than any other thing in this world. My successor didn't take that into account when he made the T-virus. Whatever did this isn't in his data logs. Trust me I've memorized them time and time again for such situation."

"Data logs huh? Can you upload them to me?"

"Of course. Get somewhere safe and I'll upload them. It will take a minute to get the upload ready and another for the upload to be completed."

"Alright, I'll get somewhere safe." Naruto said to him.

Naruto moved through the sewer, keeping his predator vision on. He saw only a few zombies in the area. He took out any that were in his way until he got to a small room. "I'm here old man. Send the files."

"Uploading now. Give it a minute for the upload to complete. It might give you a migraine but you can deal."

Madera wasn't kidding. It hurt like hell. But he got files that not even Jill and Rebecca knew about, this little pain was worth finding something to use in the near future.

"You need to move on Naruto. Time is of the essence and you have precise few hours to complete your mission. Past down to you by Alcatraz."

"Yeah I know."

Naruto moved on until he found his exit. He climbed up, still using his predator vision, and climbed out of the sewer. He had still yet to face any t-virus infected that would pose a threat to him.

"I'm not surprised by the lack of resistance in the area Naruto. Many of moved on to more… populated areas. Unless you wish for their deaths, I suggest you move quicker. The crash site his about 100 meters from you."

Naruto was already annoyed by this Madera guy, but he pressed on and moved to the crash site. It was bad to say the least. Both pilots dead and 4 bodies in the back.

"One's missing. Someone survived." Naruto looked on. He saw a blood trail the lead away from the crash site, one survived somehow.

"Naruto, I just got a call from one of my teams in the area. They've found you're missing marine. There held up in a building not too far from your location. Your marine friend is a little sore and bruised but otherwise fine. Find them and I'll contact you later with another task I have need of you to do."

Naruto wondered what that was. Naruto made his way to the location marked on his HUD that Madera placed. Naruto killed a few zombies here and there. Nothing that a well trained person can't handle. Naruto knocked on the door. "It's Naruto."

"Come in." Naruto opened the door and saw 4 Umbrella troops with gas masks, and the one marine. "Madera says you have command sir, were with you all the way." The leader of the Umbrella group said. The one marine didn't argue the Colonel made him a field captain. He had no problems with that. Although he did wonder why. "There is a weapons cache here. Take your pick. What we don't take we'll leave behind.

Naruto took his two favorite guns. A SCAR and a G36C. He kept his M9 but also took an EBR sniper rifle, with silencer. "Let's go. We need to make it to the evac site that went dark, and save anyone that is still there. But first, last names so I can call you guys by name."





The only marine was last. "Hale."

"Alright, we need to make it to the evac sight. Save whom we can if there is anyone to save." Naruto told the group, they all nodded.

The group of 6 made it out of the building and took out many zombies with nothing more than knifes. Saving ammo for in times of need.

"Naruto I have something I need to ask of you, and it is imperative that you complete it. I hate to use such a cliché, but the fate of the world depends on you completing this task." He was right, that was a cliché. "Near your course to this evac site there is an old Umbrella outpost. It houses old data, I doubt that Danzo noticed it during the confusing. There is sensitive and vital data there. You'll need it to become the bio-weapon against the T-virus that the suit is meant to be. Contact me when you're in the old building. I've mark it on your HUD map. You're a bit a ways from it but, this is needed for the survival of the human race. Good luck son."

Then Madera ended the conversation. Most likely still watching his helmet feed.He was glad that he shut up for once. He just liked to hear himself talk it seemed. But if what he said was true then he needed to get to this old outpost.

Get to the abandoned Umbrella outpost.

"Alright, we're moving out now." Naruto was flanked by the 4 Umbrella troops and the one Marine. The group moved in a line at jogging speed, more than enough to move to the Umbrella outpost. Sure they ran into a few zombies but nothing they couldn't handle.

"The main path is blocked. But if we can get to the roof of this on we can get to the outpost." Lake said.

"Right, let's go. I'll take point." Naruto took point, he used his predator vision to lead the way. No survivors in the building but a few zombies, not enough to be a threat.

Threat Detected.

Naruto saw his HUD, it highlighted 12 human's, most likely Umbrella troops, in red they were armed to the teeth with guns. "We have some trouble near the outpost. Umbrella troops most likely." Naruto warned the others. The group of 6 made it to the roof and surveyed the area.

"12 overall. 2 snipers on the roof with a spotter, 2 on 50 cal. MGs, 3 on the roof next to us in over watch, and 4 in defensive positions on the ground. They've been waiting for us." Hopper said while scouting their locations.

"Yeah, but easy pickings for the most part. We take out the 2 snipers and the spotter first. Then the over watch, then 3 on the ground then the 2 50 cals. Easy." The Marine said.

"Agreed. Snipers take potions. Paint your targets, take out the snipers and the spotter first."

Hale, Sharp and Lake took potions. "Ready… aim… fire." The 3 fired at near the same time, killing all 3 no problem. Next was the three on over watch, they were moving in a pattern that never changed, making them sniper bait. "Paint your targets and fire when ready." Naruto told them. The 3 snipers nodded and got ready to fire. Sharp fired first, then Hale then Lake. Only Lake's guy managed to look at them before he got one in the heart.

"Nice shot."

"Thank you sir." Hale said.

The group got over to the edge of the building. "Snipers take out 3 of the 4 on the ground. I'll get the last. Dale and Hopper take out of the 50 cals. On your go snipers. I got far right." Naruto picked his target.

The snipers were patient, they waited, and then when one went off for a smoke, of all things, he was taken out. The rest of the team followed suit, taking out the rest of the umbrella troops without so much as taking a little fire.

"Alright, let's get down there."

The group made it down the fire escape and made it to the ground.

"Good job son. Now Naruto only you can pass through. The underground lab underwater and only you will be able to reach it. Have the rest of your team meet up with you at a later location."

"Will do sir." One of them said.

"Fine. Meet up at the evac site in an hour. No later." Naruto told his team.

"Yes sir." The group started to move. "We'll meet you at the evac site, 1 hour." The group moved on.

Naruto nodded and opened the door, more like kicked it open. He looked around.

Predator vision, enabled.

Naruto saw nothing on predator vision. No zombie, no human no nothing.

"Alright son. Now the quickest way to get to the 3rd level is by elevator shaft. But like I said it is flooded. Open the elevator doors and go for a swim. I've mark the location of the computer you need to access on your HUD. Get in there and I'll contact you when you do."

'I wonder if this is what Alcatraz felt when he had Madera talking to him all day?'

Naruto made it to the elevator and forced the doors open. He saw the water level, it was right at his feet almost.

"Another word of advice. My successor was 'smart' enough to also make water based T-virus B. . I'm not sure if any are there but there is a chance. Be on alert."

"I hear ya, you should've picked a better successor." Naruto said out loud. Naruto thought he heard a grunt on the other end. Naruto jumped in and began swimming to the 3rd level. He pasted a few bodies that just floated around. He made it to the 3rd floor, but didn't want to open the door for fear of flooding the floor. But what he didn't see was one body opening its eyes.

"Naruto, the 4th floor is only partially flooded. Open the 4th floor door and let out some water there. That should help keep the computers dry."

"Good idea." Naruto drooped down to the 4th floor door. He forced the door open, it wasn't hard. When he opened the door the force of the water nearly forced him into the floor. Naruto got back in the elevator shaft and surfaced at the 3rd floor.

"Alright, all the way in the back is the computer that has the information you need. It hold the digital break down of both the T-virus and the Anti-virus. That is needed to make a prober bio-weapon needed to destroy these new strains that are popping up every day now. Get there and plug in to the computer, the suit will do the rest."

"I know…" Naruto was more annoyed than ever with what has been going on. But he knew he had to do what Madera said. Naruto made his way to the back where the computer, it looked around 20 years old, was. He plugged his suit into it like he seen Alcatraz do many times over.

Downloading Umbrella data stand by.

"I can't believe I actually miss that suit voice." Naruto wished, sometimes, that it was just him and the suit voice in his head and Jill and Rebecca too of course.

Downloading Umbrella data 10%... 20%... 40%... 50%... 70%... 80%... 95%... 100%... Download complete. Anti-Virus completion: 90%.

"Good. Now get out of there. The last piece is a bit a ways from you. Continue your mission, we'll speak soon."

Threat Detected


Naruto looked behind him when a loud screech echoed throughout the floor. It seems a few of the floating bodies were 'alive' as it were. Only 3 of them, Naruto grabbed his Scar, only to hear a clicking sound. The gun was useless. "That sucks." Naruto said out loud.

The 3 advance zombies charged at Naruto. Naruto just used his gun as a bat and wacked the first one over the head with it, it destroyed the gun and busted open the zombies head. The second one jumped at Naruto but Naruto caught it by the neck and snapped it.

Maximum power

Naruto used his power mode and punched the last zed in the head, and it splattered to nothing. "I'm an idiot." He said to himself.

Tactical options available.

Naruto checked out his HUD. It said weapon cache on the 2nd floor, not the basement floor. That will do. Naruto opened the door and climbed out of the elevator shaft. It wasn't hard. He made it to the weapons without any trouble picked up the only gun, a M16A4 with 4 extra clips, one in the gun. Naruto made it out of the building and got to higher ground.

"This is Naruto Jill do you read?" He tried to connect to Jill on the Aircraft Carrier. He wondered why he was unable to get in touch with the Aircraft carrier. But he couldn't, something was interfering with his communications. He needed to move on. He made his way through the slums area, hardly any zombies and the quickest way to the dark evac site.

Although that didn't last long, he came upon the team he had lead to the old Umbrella outpost, torn to shreds. Not by a zombie more like a licker or some other high level infected. Their guns were gone, most likely looted by survivors of some kind. They might still be in the area if their alive.

Predator Vision enabled.

Naruto checked the area.

Survivors Detected.

Naruto's HUD pin pointed a small group of survivors, a few with guns the rest with some kind of melee weapon. There were 10 of them, 3 kids. He did a jog and go to the house, a raggedy rundown old home, that they were held up in. The door was barricaded from the inside, not much but enough to keep a few infected out of the house. But they forgot the basement door and that would cost them if he wasn't here. He opened it and got in, inside an infected was just shambling there, doing nothing but just being there. Naruto punched his head and it shattered.

Naruto made his way up the stairs his predator vision still on, no other infected were in the house that he could see. The group was held up in the top master bedroom. All of them huddled up and scared. Naruto got to the door and Knocked on it. "US Marine. Open the door." He was, technically, a marine now. Force drafted as it were. But there was no answer. "I'm here to help you. Open the door." Again no response. "Open the door or I will knocked it down!" Naruto threatened. Damn his kind soul he couldn't leave these people to die.

"Alright Alright." Someone answered him. Naruto made sure that whoever it was wasn't going to try and kill him. He wasn't, he opened the door and let Naruto in. Everyone was shocked to see him in his suit.

"Don't worry, I'm human. I am the last member of a US Marine squad sent here to check out an evac site that went dark a few days ago. I'm on my way there now. I am willing…"

Infection detected.

Naruto's HUD came alive, two people were infected, one on the bed, the other in the coroner. A child around 7 or 8, a little girl.

"An evac site. Yeah we heard about it. David said it got overrun by the zombies the other day."

Naruto didn't even hear him, mostly. "Is David on the bed now?" Naruto asked, the man nodded. "His infected, his chest has a bit." Naruto raised his gun to the bed and everyone got away from the bed. As soon as he did 'David' rose up, showing no signs of whom he once was, he was one of them now. Naruto put a bullet in its head sending him back to the ranks of the dead. Naruto did turn to the little girl in the corner. While David had an infection of 79% she was on 12%, the bit was on her right leg.

Naruto advanced on her, cocking the chamber and raised his gun to her head, everyone knew what was on his mind. "NO!" The mother got in front of her daughter. "Don't hurt her!"

"She's infected. She'll be dead in an hour, no later. It's better she die now then turn and kill someone else." Naruto tried to tell her and the rest of them.

"NO!" She hugged her little girl, who was crying at the gun being pointed at her.

System Override…

Naruto froze, this hadn't happened in a while. The suit told him to activate something new.

T-virus absorption mode, enabled.

A needle came out of his arm.

The T-virus absorption mode can extraction any infected humans or animals whose infection rate is below 50% with a 100% host survival probability and with 0% risk to the operator. Risk to operator increase by 10% for every 2% above the 50% mark and host survival rate decreases by 5% for every 2% past the mark. Inject the needle to the infected mark closest to the heart.

"Well… that's covenant." Naruto said to himself.He lowered his weapon and came at the little girl with the needle. "Hold her down, I can save her."

"Huh?" The mother was shocked by this man's 180 in attitude, a second ago this man was going to kill her only family left in the world.

"Your daughter is infected, it will kill her in less than an hour. I can save her, but I need you to hold her down and cover her mouth. She might scream loud." Naruto looked at the little girl who was trembling. "Show me your leg sweetie, I can fix your leg." The little girl looked at her mom, who nodded at her. The little showed him her wound. It was a small bit, like one from a dog. That would make since that her infections rate wasn't that high. Naruto raised his needle, it had an octagon look with 8 needles he then stabbed the girl.

Extraction, commencing.

Naruto's HUD showed the girls infection dropping fast. Soon it was nothing. The girl screamed but the mother kept her quite and held her down.

Extraction complete, infection 0%.

"Alright, she's fine. She'll be fine but we have to leave here now." Naruto told them.

"Where? That evac site is gone." One man asked he had a gun, most likely from his former team. "I need to get there to see what happened. Once there I can call an evac chopper and get you all out of here. You'll be airlifted to an air craft carrier off the coast and be safe for a while. I'm sure that a safe military ship full of food is better than a chap wood home that will be destroyed by some mutated Zombie that will find you anytime now." Naruto told him.

"He has a point. We haven't eaten anything in days and our water ran out yesterday. Will die here. We should leave. We have a way out of this hell hole now. Let's take it." Another woman said. She too had a kid with her. "I for one will take that chance to leave and survive with my son."

"I agree. We can't stay here."

(Back on the Aircraft Carrier)

"Have you found him yet Rebecca?" Jill asked.

"No. But his vital signs are still transmitting so he is still alive."

"Can't you home in on those signals that are transmitting?" Saya asked Rebecca.

Rebecca was silent. "Idiot." She said to herself. She did starting to home in on the vital sign transmissions.

(With Naruto)

Naruto was leading the small group of survivors out of the house and out of the slums. He checked his HUD map, they were 3000 meters from the evac site. It was going to be a long day.

"NaXz…to can… Yozzzz… hear…. XceZX. Respon… dxZXX gXZ xX XXZxx evac… XZZXxz site…"

Naruto heard someone on his comlink. "Rebecca? Jill? Come in. Damn it!" Naruto looked to the rest of the group. "Keep moving."

The group kept a relatively fast pace, with only a few short breaks here and there. With Naruto taking point he lead the group away from any infected that he saw with his predator vision. The women and child were in the center of the group while the men with the guns were on the sides and the back. The pace was hard to keep up with as Naruto needed little to no rest and the parents had to carrier their weakened children. But they could be out and about at night as they increase activity at night and it will be harder to see at night for everyone, but Naruto.

The pace and the journey was hard, but at last they made it to the site with an hour to spare. Only to find it in ruins. Zombies roaming around but not many of them. Naruto killed the few stragglers with his hands to save ammo.

"Now we know what David meant when he said this place was gone." One man said.

"We can't stay out here. Get into the main hanger, it's the only building not burned down and it can hold us for the night. It also has food and other supplies that were left behind we can use. Also the radio might still be working and I can contact the Aircraft Carrier for pick up." Naruto looked around as no one was moving. "Get moving!" Naruto told them.

Naruto moved to the command center of the hanger. He was looking for a radio. With the help of his HUD he found a satiate attachment that he could use. He patched into the com channel.

"This is Naruto to the USS Sliver Star Aircraft Carrier does anyone read? Does anyone read me? This is Naruto does anyone read me?"

"Naruto this is Rebecca thank god."

"Good to hear you voice Rebecca. Look, my team is dead, all of them are lost. I'm at the evac site with 9 survivors 3 kids. We need pick up now."

"Naruto, this is Mei. All air support is restricted in your area. Some new kind of strain of mutated freaks. Good news there is an emergency evac site 10 miles north of you. Get there by 2330 hours any later you and your civvies are on your own."

Glass breaking