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Count Down, Day 2: DEAD Stand

Glass breaking



"Shit!" Naruto cut off the transmission and went back to the main hanger to help with the breach. When he got down he saw 3 adults already dead and one being held up by a new zed. This new zed was humanoid but all the skin was gone and it showed nothing but muscle. There was some muscle on the jaw but the skull was showing. This one was biting into another man's neck.

Naruto shot this one in the head and the dead men in the head as well.

Predator Vision enabled

Naruto was searching for the last 5 survivors. He found them in a closet; based on their heart rate they were afraid. Naruto looked for anymore dead heads and found none.

"This suit is losing its touch if it can't find an infected nearby." Naruto said out loud. Naruto made his way to the last of his survivors, 2 adults and 3 kids. "Open up! It's me!" Naruto yelled, he kept his predator vision on in case anymore of those zombies were in the area. The door opened slowly and a head peeked out, it was the last man of the group. Then the door opened widely and relief was shown on the faces of the last survivors.

Naruto looked at the last of his charges. "Look, there's another evac site still operational 10 miles from here. We have to get there in 30 minutes otherwise were stuck here."

"We'll never get there in time by foot." One mother said.

"Yeah we won't make it in time." Another guy said.

"I know, we need to side some vehicles otherwise we won't make it. I'll look, you 5 stay in the main hanger and stay here until I get back."


Naruto left the last of his charges to look for something for all of them to be safe in. His HUD highlighted many vehicles, all of them were dead or trashed but one was still working. "An APC, perfect." Naruto hopped in and got in the drivers set. Thanks to Alcatraz's experience Naruto knew how to drive the APC. Naruto drove it to the hanger and rammed it right past the hanger door. "Like a glove." Naruto said. Then got out. "Everyone inside now! Move!" Naruto yelled. He saw his group pile in the back door, then the last one closed it up. "Alright everyone, this is your captain speaking. Don't not feel free to roam the cabin, beverages will not be served." Naruto joked. Then lead footed the gas.

The trip was almost over, 5 miles to go and only 10 minutes left to get there.

Threat detected.

Naruto's HUD highlighted a hoard of zombies ahead of them, and between them and the emergency evac site.

"What's happening!?" The woman asked.

"We're not going to stick around to find out!" Naruto punched it. The APC mowed down any zombie in front of them. That took care of a lot of zombies in the area, sure the few on the sides were fine but a lot of them were now road kill.

The group in the APC moved on until they reached the emergency evac site, with a few minutes to spare. "Everyone out now, don't worry, no zombies are around."

Naruto got out along with the civvies. Naruto was looking around. It was then that the door opened nearby. "Hey, kid, over here!" A Japanese Marine waved him over. Two other US Marines came and took the APC to the hanger nearby for later and perimeter patrol. Naruto and his group rushed into the building.

"So, your Naruto right?"


"The Colonel told everyone to bring you to her when you got here." The Marine told him.

"Alright, led the way."

The two slowly walked through the building. The building was a subway station that was a major subway station before the outbreak. Naruto was watching the people around him. Some of them he could tell were families, or what was left of them. He saw some kids alone, most likely their parents were dead. Then he saw the opposite, parents without their kids. He could tell by the way he saw them look at a family photo with a few kids short. He saw that none of them were infected.

"Please! She's my wife. Let me in with her!" A man yelled.

Naruto stopped to see a man and his wife, the wife had a bite mark on her wrist.

"Sorry sir, she's showing level 1 infection. She must be quarantined." The Marine said as another Marine was taking away the young woman.

"I don't care! Let in with her! She's scared!" Naruto knew she had the right to be.

"Can't do that sir!" The marine was losing patience's with this guy.

"What are you going to do!? Shot me!?"

"I'm not going to shot you sir, but this quarantine is under Military jurisdiction and you will comply!" The Marine pushes the guy on the ground.

"Wait." Naruto said out loud. He moved to the marine "Let me in the quarantine zone. I can help." He said to them.

"I can't do that sir. I'm ordered to bring you to the Colonel." His Marine escort told him.

"Saving lives is more important right now. " Naruto told the man. He forced his way past the Marine and into the quarantine zone. Naruto saw 12 others in the area, all infected. Plus the woman that just entered making 13. The infection ranges were 22-60%. The highest infected was a young kid, around 12. The woman was at 22%.

"Alright, get everyone in a line. That 12 year old being first. Also get a few more hands in here to hold these people down, it will hurt them when the extraction starts."

The Marine listened to him, and brought in 4 more. Naruto spent the next 30 minutes extracting the infection from everyone in the room. It was painful for him if the infection was above 50%. But it was worth it to save the lives of these people, give them a second chance.

In the mists of the new orders they received from Naruto, this allowed the husband of the wife from earlier was able to sneak in and watch this suited man stabbing his wife with a needle. His first reaction was to stop him but was stopped by another Marine, but this one let him stay, it was the same one that stopped him earlier.

When it was all said and done, Naruto had saved 13 lives, and at least 7 or so families from losing another loved one.

System Failure

Naruto froze, then fell to his knees.

"Hey kid you okay?" Asked the Marines nearby.

Intergrading new T-Virus strain… stand by.

Naruto was shocked by that. That means one of these people got infected by something he hasn't killed yet. That scared him.

System restarted. Suit upgraded.

Naruto stood up. "I'm alright." Naruto was a little wobbly. "Alright… take me to Coronal Mei. Keep an eye on these people, but they should be alright now." Naruto walked out of the quarantine zone. Seeing many families crying in happiness about their saved family members.

Naruto moved on, he walked pasted scared and frightened people. They here gun shots in the distance every so often. Children crying, mothers and fathers trying to comfort them and reassuring them that the monsters won't get to them. All of these things and more. Then he found himself in the Coronal's sight once more.

"Good to see you again Naruto." Naruto gave her a salute. "No need for that. But there is a few things you need to know."

"How'd you get here anyway? I thought that you were on the Aircraft carrier."

"I was, but I was in route when you called to this location. Anyway, the first thing is a new strain of T-Virus monsters." She showed him a picture.


Naruto saw his HUD scan the photo to see if it was in his data banks.

Analysis complete. B.O.W identified as the Shrieker. Hive mind mentality, related to the Sky Shrieker a queen leads the Shriekers and Sky Shriekers.

"I have more bad news for you Mei. These things are like ants. There is a Queen leading them." Naruto told her.

"Oh… great. I'll have satellites in the area look for it. Meanwhile I need you on perimeter watch. Head to the main hall, your team is there." She told him.

"My team?" He asked.

"Take a guess." Naruto nodded. Most likely his group, parts of it at least. "One more thing." Mei handed him something. A few something. I'll give you a hint, there were a lot of them and all of them had a plus on it.

"Did I do the right thing? I mean I have 48 or so hours to live now." He asked, he may be dense, but not that dense.

"Worry about that later. The Japanese and US Marines will take care of us, brotherhood and all that. Worry about making their future safer." Mei hugged him. The only two Marines looked away, so they didn't need to die a horrible and painful death via Mei rage. "Get going Naruto. The future hangs in the balance and yes I know it sounded corny but it is true." Mei knew Naruto well enough to know that he was going to say something.

The good thing about all of this was he would have been a father in 9 months. He wished he could see them at least.

Naruto made his way into the main hall. He found many of his group there. "Naruto!" Hinata ran up and hugged him. The group members with him were Rika, Yugito, Fu, Matsushima, Jill, Saeko, Rei, Hinata, Kohta and Takashi. This large group he was now in charge of.

"Why are all of you here?" He looked at his girls. "You all should be back at the…"


He was hit over the head.

"We came because we care about you Naruto. We are not going to let you do any of this by yourself."


Perimeter Breach! Perimeter Breach! All units perimeter breach, all units report to the main hall now!

The man on the intercom yelled/ordered. Naruto looked around. "Alright, we have a minute or so before they get here. Teams of two, you go nowhere without your partner."

"Fu, Yugito you two have the big guns, you two stay near the door to the civvies, nothing gets past you, nothing. Keep in cover, you don't know if we will face any long range infected."

Both girls nodded. "No prob." They both say at once.

"Kohta, Matsushima and Takashi you 3 got the balcony on the right, lay down the barrage. Saeko, Hinata and Rei the same on the left. Let nothing stand."

"Not a problem."

"Got it!"

"Roger that."

"Sounds fun."

Naruto nodded. "Jill, Rika you two got down and center with me. You two stay in cover while I get their attention. Some of the smarter ones see me as a threat, not any of you. They'll ignore you to come after me."


"If you're sure."

"Alright everyone. Surviving is a long shot, but if they get past us, there is at least 200 civvies on the dinner table for these things. Got it?"


"Alright, get into your posts." Naruto told them.

Naruto knew they would be there soon, no low level zeds, only mid and high levels.

Threat Detected.

"There here!"

Then the front door was destroyed. A new zed B.O.W came in.

Zombie Rhino

The suit data told Naruto. It looked like a Rhino but with a hammer head shark's head. Aside from its hard head it was no threat. Naruto put one bullet in its head and it dropped dead. Then it was silent. No noise, no movement, nothing was happening. Then.


Many upon many Lickers rushed the group.

"OPEN FIRE!" Naruto ordered.

The group opened fire and the lickers were falling left and right, but like a flood, they came closer and closer to the front line. Gaining a little ground as many died, and the next would get closer than the last.

The ceiling windows broke, and SUDs fell from the roof. SUDs, or Super UnDead, were the red humanoid zombies from before. Saeko, Rei and Hinata had to disengage from the main battle to deal with the dozen or so that came at them, same thing with Takashi, Kohta and Matsushima on the other side.

More SUDs came down from the roof to the center of the main hall. Jill and Rika had to break off firing at the lickers to kills these things as they were more of a threat. Naruto noticed that their formation had gone to shit. Fucking Suds.

"Fu, Yugito, move up and help Rika and Jill in the center now!" Naruto ordered.

"Right." Fu and Yugito moved forward and with the help of their LMGs (Light Machine Guns) they mowed down more Suds and Lickers.

"Takashi, Kohta, Matsushima I'm coming hold on!" Naruto used his suit to hop on the ledge and started firing at the Suds near his 3 team members. Naruto then got on the over head with them and fired his Scar, killing many more.

"Kohta, Takashi Matsushima fall back to the door now!" Kohta fired at another SUD in the head killing it. "I said now!" Naruto ordered them.

"We're going!" Matsushima said as she killed another SUD and falling back with the boys.

Naruto needed to run and hurry to aid Saeko, Rei and Hinata. They had more to deal with now. However the 3 girls were back to back with each other, nothing was getting anywhere near them anytime soon. Aside from their guns they had their physical weapons. Rei's spear, Saeko's sword and Hinata, believe it or not, had a lance. The SUDs had no idea what hit them. He wondered if they needed help at all now. But Naruto wanted to protect them, charging in he blasted them with everything he had. Shotguns, assault rifles anything he had on him he blasted these SUDs with.

"What happened to your guns!?" Naruto asked blasting another SUD with his SPAS.

"We ran out of ammo!" Hinata yelled back cutting a SUDs head in two.

"Yeah. We didn't have a lot to begin with." Rei yelled stabbing a SUD with her spear in the head.

"Damn it! Alright, fall back to the door, there is a large ammo cache there. Bullets already in their clips just load up." Then it was silent again. But this time all of the SUDs ran out of the main hall like the devil was after them. To Naruto that was a bad sign. "Don't just stand there and look shocked. Get more ammo now!" Naruto yelled at part of the team that weren't getting more ammo and wondering what was happening. He was too. After all, zombies don't get scared. He moved to the main ammo cache that they had. It was already half spent and still it was a long road ahead. "Rika, Jill how are you two holding up?"

"Ok, nothing to worry about." Jill answered.

"Alright. Check your ammo and reload all of you. I don't care if you just did, take all of the ammo that you can hold. We might need to get out fast.

"Right." Rika was loading up all of her weapons. She had like 6 different ones on her.

"Naruto can you hear me? Another wave, a much bigger wave, with things we've never seen is heading your way. We're only about 70% done with the evacuations. An armored convoy is on its way to evac you and your team in 20 minutes. You know what to do son, buy these people some time." Naruto hear Mei over the com.

"Alright you heard you, we've got a minute at best. Takashi, Kohta, Matsushima set charges on the left side of the room. Saeko, Rei, Hinata same thing on the right. Set them on the pillars. When they come from the lower levels we'll bury them under the ruble, it will buy us some time. Yugito, Fu plant C4 charges on the gas tank behind the doors to the civvies. That will buy more time for them to escape with we fail to stop them here. Jill Rika you two go to the door and watch or incoming. I want to know what's heading here before we can smell it." Naruto told his team.

"No prob."

"On it."

"Piece of cake."

His team went about their orders. For not being a military mind himself the memories of Alcatraz sure helped.

"C4 set!" Takashi yelled.

"C4 set!" Hinata yelled.

"C4 set." Fu said.

"Takashi , Hinata blow the charges when I give the order. Fu do not on your end. Deactivate the trigger until I say so. "


Threat Detected.

From all sides, but behind them. More SUDs came in. Rushing the group. "Blow it!"

When he ordered that Naruto got in front of his crew while they where huddling behind cover.

Maximum Armor.


Naruto was knocked back by the force, but such a price was worth it. All of the SUDs that came from front back left and right were taken out. Only the hand full that came from above was still 'alive' but that was ratified when he opened fire and killed them all.


Naruto and the group heard what felt and sounded like something large walking. Like in Jurassic Park the T-Rex walk.

"Anyone else not like where this is going?" Kohta asked. "I've seen the movies." He finished.

"Naruto! Where don't back here, the convoy will be there shortly, get the hell out of there NOW! You got friends!"

Now when a marine says you got friends. It means one of two kinds. One you got marine friends ready to get your ass out of the fire. But her tune of voice said it was not those kind of friends, then there's the 'I'm going to kill you bastards eeeeeeee.' Kind of friends. It sounds like the 2nd kind. It was then that a FAV (Fast Attack Vehicle/ basically military hummers) and a IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) came in the only door left.

"Naruto come on man! Get your team and get your ass in gear! Get in!" A marine yelled at him and his group.

"Move move!" Naruto yelled. "Rika, Jill, Matsushima with me in the FAV. The rest of you get in the IFV" Naruto yelled.

The group followed his orders. Rika, Jill and Matsushima got in the FAV with him, with him on the gun, while the rest got in the IFV they would be safe there. The IFV went first and then the FAV followed.

"Let's go! GO! Drive!" Yelled one of the Marines as then Naruto saw why. Hoards of Shriekers were running for them. A Shrieker is like a raptor with no face and had a mouth similar to that of the Sky Shriekers. The super hoard was about 5 minutes from reaching them.

"WAIT! WAIT!" Naruto saw the same guy with the infected wife not too long ago.

"What the hell are you doing!? Get in the car!" On marine yelled at the guy.

"We need to go NOW!" Another yelled while looking at the hoard getting closer.

"Wait for a minute. My wife, she coming!" The man yelled. Naruto saw the woman, they must have missed the train. "Come on baby! We're getting out of here."

"We need to fucking go!"

"Hold on, they're coming!"

Naruto couldn't wait. He got out and went for the woman, helped her up and her husband followed. The door opened and he shoved them both in. He got back into the gunner spot. "GUN IT NOW!"

The driver did gun it but the hoard was almost there. "Fu blow the C4 charges when I saw." Naruto yelled over the com.

"Roger that." Fu got the detonator ready.

Naruto waited until the hoard was at the subway station. "Blow it!" Fu pressed the button and…


The station was blown to hell and most of the hoard with it. Many of the survivors were scattered and some burned 'alive'. The rest needed to go around the new hole as they weren't climbers' types.

"Whoa! Fu how much did you use?" Naruto wasn't expecting that big of a boom.

"Um… all that you gave me?"

"!?" Naruto didn't mean to give her 4 pounds. "My bad then, but it worked." The 4 pounds of C4 plus shits loads of gas added to the boom it seems.

"How long until we reach the emergency extraction!?" Matsushima asked one of the marines.

"10 minutes, if nothing blocks our path from here to there." The woman marine answered.

The somewhat large group of marines and Naruto's group made it to the last extraction point in the area. The next nearest one was about 15 miles away at best. Right through zombie land. Pun not intended.

Waiting from them we're 4 Black Hawks ready to take them back to the Aircraft carrier. The last of the Marines piled in ready to be rid of this place. Naruto's group stuck together and got in one. The group and the Marines felt relieved when they left the ground. Naruto looked on, for him he couldn't just go back to the Air Craft carrier. He didn't have much time, some 40 or so hours left, he'd use them to save as many lives as he could.

"Contact left!" A marine gunner yelled then started to fire. A fleet of Sky Shriekers were flying their way, all 4 gunners were firing at them. Naruto and the Marines that could also fired at them with their guns. But when the Sky Shriekers got to them, they just up and pasted them, not bother to attack them.

"Hold fire! All units hold fire!" Naruto ordered.

"What!? Why!?" A marine asked.

"There not after us! Something else is going on."

Predator Vision enabled

Naruto was searching to where they were going. Free food was not something these things would pass up needlessly. Then he found it. A large hole in the ground and just about all of the Sky Shriekers and Shriekers were running for it. Then his HUD became active.

High frequency sound detected.

It showed him a sound wave on a level that human's can't hear. It would give a dog fits, so he was glad that Kyuubi wasn't here with Alice or any other animal, they'd be freaking out. His HUD showed that the hole in the ground was about 2000 meters and getting farther from them. Naruto knew he was in luck. These Shriekers and Sky Shriekers would only grow in number every day. As long as the queen was alive. And these things might have lead them straight to the queen if they had any luck at all.

Naruto moved next to the pilot. "Get me down there!" He yelled.

"What!?" The pilot wasn't sure he heard right.

"I've got to recon that area!"

"No way its suicide!" The pilot wasn't about to let their greatest chance of survival die for no reason.

"Damn it you saw those things. Their like ants. They were laid by a queen. I need to find it and kill it. It might be there!"

"We can't land! Those things will be all over us!" The pilot replied.

Naruto thought about it. He looked back at the group, all of their eyes pleading with him not to do what they think he's going to do. He looked back at the pilot. "Hover at 40 feet." He told him.

The pilot thought about it. "20 seconds."

"Roger that."

Naruto got to the ropes that near the door on one side of the Hawk. "Naruto! What! The HELL! Are you doing!?" Takashi asked with some authority in his voice, something he hadn't had since the beginning.

"We're in the clear Takashi! We did well." Naruto patted him on the head. "You get our friends back home safe!" Naruto then looked at Hinata and his other girlfriends. "I'm sorry I won't be there for you and them." Then he slid down the rope. He had only a few clips for each gun left. He was ready to leave and kill the queen if he could. Unknown to him more ropes fell down. Right before he left he heard someone land behind him. He looked and saw Takashi down with him. But he wasn't alone in his brave decision.

Rika and Jill were next. Followed closely by Hinata and Saeko. Then Rei. Then Kohta and Matsushima. Then lastly Yugito and Fu. No point to argue now as the Black Hawk was leaving them there. The group made a run for cover to regroup and plan their next attack.

"I thought I told you to stay on the Black Hawk?" Naruto asked.

"We saved all of the civvies. We we're worried about your ass." Takashi told him.

Naruto and the group smiled. "Alright, I think the queen of the Shriekers might be near-by. If we can find and kill that thing we can get the air force back into the area and save the people still trapped." Naruto told them.

"How?" Matsushima asked. "Most of us are low on ammo, we'd use everything up just trying to get there."

"Yeah, he had to leave a lot of ammo back at the station as we could take much with us." Kohta said to him.

"I know. I've downloaded a schematic of the area before I left the an Umbrella outpost. It had some Umbrella weapon caches that we can still. One is nearby on the way, we find it take all that we can carry and find the queen." Naruto told them.

"Ok." Jill spoke up next. "Say we do find this queen. How do we kill it? I doubt that our guns could do the damage needed to destroy it."

"Yeah. These Shriekers things take a few good hits to the head before they go down sometimes." Matsushima said.

"I have a laser targeting system in my HUD. I can call in a strike from an off shore submarine. It should have enough fire power to take that monster down. Now let's go."

Naruto lead his team to the nearby cache, it wasn't much but it would do until they could either find another one, or at least last long enough to kill the Shriekers queen. Right now Naruto was using his predator vision to see if there was a way in other than the main entrance, which was well guarded. They wouldn't get 5 feet into the hive before they were found out and killed.

Tactical options available

Naruto saw a way in. There was a subway track that leads into a tunnel in the hive. Silent and easy to get to.

"Alright, follow me. I know a way in." Naruto lead the group into a nearby subway station.

"Anyone else notice something?" Kohta asked. He noticed something a bit wrong.

"No blood." Hinata answered.

"Why is that bad?" Takashi wondered.

"It means no zombie has been here." Rei told him.

"Again why is that bad?"

"It means they stay away from this place." Naruto told him. "It means that they are scared of this place. And zombies don't get scared." Naruto again told him.

"But they do evolve. They get smarter. So whatever is here is dangerous." Jill clarified for the young man.

"Oh, how is that different than what we've done before?" Matsushima joked.

"One cunning enemy is more dangerous than a swarm of mindless ones." Saeko gave off some old wisdom from her father.

"Ok, we're here. Now listen, these things got no eyes or ears, but they hunt by heat, so stay away from their line of sight. Head shots only if spotted or I give the order, got it?"

"Right." Everyone said quietly.

"Kohta we might need the Berretta 50 later so use that gun last."

"Got it." Kohta said back to Naruto.

"Now… let's kill these bitches." Naruto said and lead the group into the hive subway entrance. Kohta and Takashi, well, almost the entire group held in their snicker. Kohta was hoping for an all out fire fight with these things.

Naruto was using his Predator Vision to lead the group, as well as to avoid any ambushes that the Shriekers might try. He held up his hand for the group to stop when he saw a pair of Shriekers move in front of them. They where carrying people, dead people not zombies, and where heading somewhere with it.

Naruto saw that they were heading to a large chamber with other bodies and a lot of heat the interfered with the Predator Vision Scan. The heat was coming from several gas mains near the surface. Naruto told the group to follow him.

"You really think we can kill this thing?" Rei asked, a little freaked out by the hive catacombs.

"Not a question of 'can' or 'can't' we must in order for the US and Japanese Marines to save many people still in the city and other places." Jill answered back.

Naruto heard the conversation behind him but paid little mind to it. He was solely focused on the mission and getting to the chamber. After the 2 Shriekers dumped their load and left Naruto lead the group in the large chamber. Everyone was shocked at what they saw.

Eggs, hundreds of thousands of eggs. Each one a little smaller than a car. But with a hard shell like a car. Bones found all over the place wither picked clean or in pieces. A small ray of light was seen from the roof, showing that they were near the surface.

"Rika pass out the C4, everything we've got. These eggs cannot hatch. Each egg is holding 2 Shriekers. Teams of 2, go nowhere alone. Set a C4 charge then move 15 yards away. And set the next and make it quick. The next set of Shriekers will be here in 30 minutes." Naruto said as Rika passed out C4 charges to the group. "Jill Rika, there is a large gas main at the other end of the chamber. Set a C4 charge there, hopefully that will help take out these eggs."

"On it." Both Rika and Jill took their C4 and went to the far end of the egg chamber. While the group was spread out Naruto was keeping an eye on all of them and in case they had friends.

"Hurry up every one. A group of Shriekers are on their way, 3 minutes." Naruto said over the radio.

"Charges set." Yugito and Fu told Naruto.

"C4 set." Kohta and Matsushima said to Naruto.

"Ready to blow them to hell." Takashi and Rei were done.

"Charges set." Saeko and Hinata informed Naruto.

"Jill? Rika?" Naruto knew that those two had the hardest of the group to set the charges but was hoping that they would be done soon.

"Almost done… OH SHIT! CONTACK!" Jill yelled. A screech was heard both on the radio and behind Naruto. Naruto fired two shots killing the two Shriekers behind him.

"Everyone! Move to Rika and Jill's location! NOW! Emergency exit!"

Naruto and his group moved to back up Rika and Jill as many Shriekers were hounding them. Saeko and Hinata got their first. Assisting the overwhelmed veteran zombie killer and the Spec. Ops. Soldier.

"Frag out!" Kohta yelled throwing a grenade. With a large boom it cleared out the group of Shriekers.

"No time for a celebration! Go go go!" Naruto yelled. "Kohta take point! There's a ladder leading up and out! Go! Go!" Naruto and his team ran for the ladder

Then everyone lost their footing when an earthquake happened suddenly. But it was no Earthquake. A large hole near the eggs appeared as rocks were shoved away from what they held. It was large, it was ugly, and it was beyond pissed. It was the Shrieker Queen.

It gave off a high pitched screech that hurt everyone. Even Naruto. Naruto managed to regain his sense and tossed a grenade into the mouth of the queen, it wouldn't kill it but shut it up.


The queen stopped his screech and retreated. The only place for it to retreat was up.

"Move we need to catch it! Move! Move!" The group was running, with Kohta on point they made it to the ladder. "Move! Move! Move up that ladder! Move that thing Kohta!" Naruto fired at a few Shriekers. Naruto followed as soon as the group was safely up on the surface. The sun was rising and it seemed the lack of sleep had not affected them.

"Look!" Takashi pointed at a large hole in the ground. It was big enough for the queen to get out of.

"The queen knows what we did, she will need to leave the hive and fast and this is the only way. We have 5 minutes before every Shrieker in the hive comes for us." Naruto had his HUD looking for the best points in the area. After a moment of planning he had his game plan.

"Kohta, you and Matsushima go on that building." Naruto pointed to a lone tall ruined building. "It has a good vantage point of the area so you can use your EBR and snipe anything in the courtyard. Matsushima cover Kohta from any Sky Shriekers." The lovers nodded. "Rei Takashi you to will be in the same building but on the ground. Make sure that Kohta and Matsushima are not flanked from any Shriekers getting in the building." The two best friends nodded.

"Hinata Saeko, you two will bunker down in that building there." Naruto pointed to the right side of the courtyard, the one with the hole mind you, it had good cover. "Take out anything that gets near you."

"Got it Naruto." Naruto's girlfriends, the older ones, nodded.

"Yugito Fu, you two got the building on the left side. It is the only way out for any ground Shriekers and it elevated making it harder for them to get to you. Your LMGs will make any groups easy pickings for you two."

Both girls gave of a smile, an evil, a zombie blood-thirsty smile. It freaked him out a bit.

"Jill, Rika you two got front and center with me. We'll take the blunt of their counter attack while they protect their queen. You all know what we have to do." Naruto looked around.

"We have to kill the queen, at any costs." Fu answered.

"That's right. Without the queen any and all Shriekers will attack and kill each other. This will allow the armed forces to get back into this fight. Get to your posts. Good luck on the battle field. I'll call in the air strike." Naruto's group nodded and left to get into position.

"Any station this is Naruto Uzumaki does anyone copy!?" Naruto waited a minute. "Any station this is Naruto Uzumaki do you copy!"

"Naruto!?" Naruto heard Saya's and Rebecca's voice over the radio.

"Saya!? Rebecca!? Look no time for a chat. We've found the Shrieker's queen. We need an air strike enough to level a few builds at least. And we need it now." Naruto told the two girls.

"Naruto, this is Mei, I've locked your location. The nearest destroyer is 10 miles offshore. It will take at least 7 minutes for the missiles to get to you." She told him.

"Then you'd better launch them now! The queen will be leaving soon. I'll laser target the queen. Just launch the damn missiles."

"Copy that, 3 copper heads on the way. Time on Target 8 minutes." Mei told him.

"Roger that. Everyone, we need to hold for 8 minutes. 8 minutes." Naruto told his group of the radio.

"8 minutes. God nothing takes 8 minutes." Rika said to herself.

"8 minutes is a life time in a fire fight." Jill got ready for the fight of their life.

"We'll just need to hold out then won't we." Matsushima said to everyone, knowing that an 8 minute long fire fight would drain them and their ammo reserves. "Oh Kohta, once we win we'll… whisper, whisper.

Kohta's face went from intrigued to absolute happiness. "We are SO going to kick ass!" Kohta was fired up.

Back with Naruto.

Threat Detected.

A loud screech alerted everyone of the Shriekers arrival. Soon their queen would be seen and then the only window for them to kill the thing would present itself. They knew the risks and the chances for success.

The cross fire positions that Naruto sent the teams in cut down many of them before the Shriekers knew what was going on. The first, then the second, then the third wave were destroyed before any of them got close enough to any of the teams.

"Yeah! Eat it suckers!" Kohta yelled with excitement.

However his courage waned when the next wave came about. It was 10 times more Shriekers than the last 3 waves put together. The Shriekers moved into all directions where all of the teams were at. However the bad news didn't end there. Sky Shriekers came from all directions and descended upon the group. Matsushima focused on the Sky Shriekers before they got close to Kohta.

Back in the center of the group, Naruto looked at his timer on his HUD. 60 seconds until the artillery got there. "60 seconds people!" Naruto yelled.

"Where's the fucking queen!" Jill asked. All of this would be meaningless if the queen didn't show.

However, ask and you shall receive, every felt a rumbling. Out of the hole, that made it even bigger, was the queen. This Shrieker queen had a fat back end. About a city street long and a full building wide. The front part of the body looked like a Sky Shrieker buck the queen had two pairs of wings instead on 1.

"Fuck that's a big mother!" Takashi said while laying out more Shriekers.

"20 seconds!" Naruto yelled seeing his HUD. The group focused on the Shriekers. But Naruto started his laser targeting system on the queen's ass.

Naruto was watching his HUD timer.

"Ah! Son of a bitch!" Naruto heard Fu yell.

"Fu you ok!?" Naruto asked.

"Fuckers can spit barbs at us! Those Sky Shriekers!" Yugito told him. She then forced the barb out of Fu's shoulder. "Be careful. Thos things have good aim!" Yugito warned everyone.

"Fu you good?" Jill asked.

"Yeah I'm good. EAT SHIT BITCHES!" She yelled firing her LMG.

"She's good." Rika said putting a few more Shriekers down.

Naruto saw his HUD timer. 'Where's that artillery! It should have hit by now!" Naruto took cover as a few Sky Shriekers fired their barbs at him. He relocked his laser targeting on the slow moving queen. She was moving one step a minute a very slow pace.

"OH FUCK!" Everyone heard Matsushima yell.

"Matsushima!" Kohta yelled to check on his GF.

"Kohta what's the damage!" Saeko asked doing what she could to the Shriekers numbers.

"She's hit on her side."

"Do what you can for her Kohta then get back in the fight!" Jill told the young man.

It was then that everyone heard a loud piecing sound. Naruto looked up. Speck of the devil. "INCOMING!" Everyone ducked while the missile came in and hit the Shrieker Queen in the back end. The explosion killed many Shriekers and Sky Shriekers.


"We did it!"

"Fucking A!"

Everyone was celebrating their victory. Now that the Shrieker Queen was gone all of the Shriekers will no longer be able to gain in numbers nor coronate any type of attack on any Marine rescue efforts.


Everyone looked at the source of the screech that rang in their ears. By everything unholy it had survived. Naruto and everyone else saw how. The egg laying end came off of the queen, she was now no bigger than 2 Shriekers. Her wings however were sheared. She wouldn't be able to fly out of their hole she's in right now. She could however use what's left of her wings to do jumps.

"That fucking thing is still breathing!" Jill yelled trying to get a shot only to take cover when many more Sky Shriekers fired at her.

"She's trying to get away we need to kill it now!" Naruto got his laser back on her. Aiming for her smaller body this time. He had to zoom in a lot. The queen did a small jump to get out of the kill zone.

Jill looked up when she heard another sound of another missile. "Incoming copper head!" She yelled.

Naruto saw the missile on his HUD, then saw that a Sky Shrieker took the hit far from the queen.

"Damn Shriekers are covering for the queen!" Fu yelled very pissed off about the hole in her shoulder.


"Rei!" Takashi dragged Rei out of the line of fire when a barb stuck itself into her gut. "Rei, hang in there!"

Naruto fired hoping to thin some of them out, it seemed the queen was sending out distress calls and every Shrieker in the world was coming to aid her.

"AH!" Naruto looked down to see Rika with a barb sticking out of her leg. Jill was helping her.

Takashi fired at a few more Shriekers while trying to help Rei. "Rei are you alright? Talk to me!" He pledged.

"I wish… Hisashi was… here…" She said before passing out.

"Rei? REI!?" Takashi yelled.

Nearby Saeko and Hinata had to pull out of their location and made it to Takashi's.

"Takashi we're here!" Saeko reassured him.

"What happened to Rei!?"

"She passed out when that barb got stuck in her gut."

Hinata nodded. "I'll get it out you two cover us while I do it." She had a med-kit with her. She hoped that it would help.

Back with Naruto his HUD showed him the missile. "There's the last Copper head!" Naruto yelled. He then saw a Sky Shrieker making its way to the missile. "Kohta! Take out that Sky Shrieker!" He yelled to Kohta. This was their last missile their last chance to kill the queen.

On the tower Kohta had just emptied his last clip in his Berretta 50 cal. He was looking for at least one more bullet. Any bullet. Then he saw Matsushima hand him one last 50 cal. Bullet for the Berretta. "Go get'em hon." She breathed out.

"Right." He loaded the last bullet and aimed it at the Sky Shrieker trying to kamikaze the last Copper Head missile. He had to adjust for every variable there was. Distance, time, wind, everything. He then fired.

The bullet traveled fast, but it was slow to everyone else. But the bullet was well placed. It hit the head of the Sky Shrieker and it did a sharp dive, the missile passed over its head. Naruto kept the laser on the queen, as it got closer to the queen everyone felt more hope. Then the missile hit the Shrieker Queen right in the body, exploding it in blood and gore. There was a small silence for a moment. Then celebration.

"We did it!"

"We did? Is it dead for sure this time?" Fu asked.

"Fucking right!"

"Hinata is Rei alright!?" Naruto asked. He didn't want to lose anyone not after what they did to beat the Shriekers.

"I'm fine Naruto. Just a little hole to in my side to worry about for now." Rei said, with a little bit of pain in her voice.

Naruto sighed in relief. "Everyone I'm calling in a medi-vac right now. Make it to my location."

It was a good thing, as soon as the Shrieker Queen died all of the Shriekers went nuts and started to attack and kill each other. Soon they would turn their attention to them and they didn't have the ammo to kill them all.

It was a full hour before any choppers came around. Mei was waiting for him in one of them. He knew that he didn't have long left, his HUD timer showed a little more than 24 hours left on his life expectancy.

The day had ended and they we're triumphant. But the war was far from won, and with want little time Naruto had left he would make the world safer for everyone. And if he could, save it.


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