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Count Down, Day 1: DEAD Masks off.

Naruto was in a Black Hawk along with Mei and a few Marines that we're just as tired as he is. They were the lucky ones as many of their friends didn't make it.

"Alright Naruto! Rebecca managed to locate Madera! He's on an artificial island 10 miles off the coast. Anti-aircraft fire made it impossible for any of us to get near it. We'll get you within 3 miles of the island the rest is on you. Your mission! Locate and retrieve Madera for questioning. Also, we know that Danzo Shimura and Konan Uzumaki are also on the island. Terminate them if you can!" Mei told him, although knowing that Konan was his aunt. "I know she's your aunt but she's a danger Naruto. Kill her if you need to but Danzo is a kill on site order!"

Naruto nods.

"Good luck son." A green light signed that they were in the drop zone. Mei opened the door. "Go get them!"

Naruto nodded as he jumped out of the Black Hawk 20 feet in the air.

Maximum Armor.

With his armor on the splash down didn't hurt, as that much. It took Naruto a good hour to swim the remaining 3 miles against the tide. It was when he made it to the shore of the fake island that anything happened.

"I see you've come for me Naruto. I guess it was only a matter of time before Rebecca found me. She is, after all, extremely too smart for her own good. However getting to me will be far harder than you might think. Danzo has set his elite men to my island to find and kill you. You will have to fight through them all to get to me. I would wish you luck, but I feel that you don't need it."

Naruto didn't hear Madera anymore. Naruto was near the light house his HUD showed 5 Umbrella troops. One near him, one on over watch on the light house. Two on patrol and one on the mounted gun on their vehicle. Naruto moved to the one near him.

"No sir, the Black Hawk left." A moment of silence. "No sir I didn't see anyone get out… yes sir I'll take a look in the area. Over and out." As soon as he finished Naruto snapped his neck.

Naruto then moved on to the light house. As long as he was alive his movements would be seen. He moved quietly behind him. Got close and killed him with his Recon-1 knife. After that, he took the man's EBR sniper rifle, his G36C and his M9. All had silencers on. Naruto would need them and need them to be silenced so he wouldn't be spotted. Naruto took a sniper position on the light house. He aimed at the two on patrol. He aimed for the one behind the other. He fired when the Umbrella troop got in his crosshair. Head shot. The other Umbrella looked behind him then he too fell to a head shot. Naruto then fired at the gunner, 5 men dead and no one knew the wiser.

Naruto moved on and came upon an old building; it looked like a lab or a hospital. A lab most likely. Naruto checked his Predator vision. It showed 4 men. One on a gun, one in sniper over watch in the building and 2 on the ground near the gunner. Naruto looked for another way in, a way to avoid a fire fight right now. He saw a window opened and away from the large group of troops near him.

He moved into the window and searched for a way up. He found one when he saw part of the next level had caved in. He used his suit's power mode to jump up to the next level. He saw the sniper in the next room.

Cloak Engaged.

Naruto sneaked up to the sniper. Then snapped his neck. He took his ammo and moved on.

"Naruto, good work so far, but Danzo has pulled out all of the stops to catch you. He tends to use an EMP trap to catch you then execute you. The trap is unavoidable but it can be disabled. In the next junction there is a large power generator. The same generator that Danzo is using to use the EMP trap however the generators are also pushing in the red. You can over load the breakers if you do exactly what I say. Get to the power plant building and I'll tell you what you need to do."

Naruto almost missed his voice. But that would be a lie, he already he didn't like Madera but he was his only help for now. Naruto saw the power plant and the generator building. It wasn't marked but it was hard to miss, the power lines was a dead giveaway. He used his vision mode and saw about 12 Umbrella troops all over the place. He could take out maybe one or two before he got spotted.

"Man why are we here again?" One guard complained.

"We're waiting for the tin man remember? He'll be here." His partner said back. "You'd rather be fighting those zombie freaks?"

"Honestly? Yeah. At least I know those things can't ambush me."

Naruto didn't they any mind. He was looking for patterns in patrols. Or blind spots in their LOS(Line of Sight). He found one and jumped down, quietly.

Cloak engaged.

Naruto no longer hated that voice. He looked at his HUD timer it showed just over 18 hours. He needed to hurry. Madera had information that could save the human race. He could at least get it to Mei to use it to save the world. He moved as fast as he could without alerting others to his location. Unlike the other Umbrella troops he's faced, these ones weren't incompetent.

He moved pass all of the Umbrella troops and into the generator building. None were the wiser as he made no sounds and didn't kill any of the troops so no one would know he was around. He managed to get into the elevator and it was going down.

"Good work son. Danzo's men have no idea you are here and you are in a prime position to sabotage his plans. Now, the generators are close to overload and any more power is used will force it to shut down. Now all you have to do is reset the breaks and Danzo's trap will be ruined. Hurry son. Danzo will know that you are here soon enough."

Naruto nodded. The elevator stopped at the destined floor, where the generates are at.

Predator vision enabled.

Naruto saw 4 troops. One near him, one on the other side of the upper floor and two on the ground floor. It would be easy enough to get pass the two on the top, but Danzo that fuck posted the other two right next to the main generator room. He would need to move slowly pass through two to get to the generators. He made his move.

"All clear. No sigh of anyone."

Naruto heard the Umbrella troop next to him. He so wanted to shove a knife in his throat. Is that weird? Maybe not. He moved pass him and down the stairs. He was near the only two guards between him and the breakers. He lined himself up right in-between the two and moved slowly.

"What makes you think the tin man would come here?" One guard asked

"Who knows but we got the easy detail. Just shut up and keep watch." The other yelled back.

Naruto would have laughed but that would have given him away. He managed to get pass them and into the breaker room. He had to duck so the electricity wouldn't shock him and fuck up his systems. Again he had to go slow. But he made it to the breaker and switched it. The whole place shut down and the lights died.

"Very good son. Now get out of there, don't let them think about what you've done. Get to the next court yard and hurry."

However Naruto could see with his eyes.

Predator Vision Enabled.

Naruto could now see anyone and everyone. But no one could see him.

"What the hell happen to the lights!?" One guard yelled.

"It's Naruto! That fucking kid is making you all look like underpaid mall cops! Someone kill him now!" Naruto heard Danzo yell to his men.

Naruto moved around without his stealth mode. When one of the troops was in front of him Naruto put a bullet in his head and no one knew what happened. Naruto moved on.

"Hurry son." Madera told Naruto.

Naruto moved quickly, he had to take a different path to get to the elevator. Naruto turned the corner and came face to face with another troop. Naruto 3 bullets in his chest killing the man. He took out another 2 Umbrella troops before he made it to elevator.

"Good work son, now when Danzo and his men spring the trap, it shouldn't work. That will leave you with the element of surprise. Hurry to the next court yard." Madera told him.

Naruto walked out.

Cloak Engaged.

Naruto moved quietly so the other troops wouldn't see him. Naruto made his way to the two on over watch. He snapped the neck of the first and then stabbed the second with his knife. Naruto then detached the HMG, still cloaked mind you, and moved on. Naruto got to the ground floor and aimed the HMG at the head of the gunner. Then de-cloaked.

"HOLY SHIT!" Was all the gunner managed to say before Naruto splattered his brains in to air mist.


Naruto started to mow down any and all of the Umbrella troops with the HMG. They came around the corner he put 3 well placed HMG bullets in their chest. In other words holes 2 times the size of his fist. Naruto walked slowly killing any trooper dumb enough to get in front of him, he unloaded the last of his ammo box into a group of 3 troopers and tossed the HMG.

Naruto then switched to his G36C and killed the last trooper and moved on. He then saw the garage up ahead.

"There it is Naruto. There is the trap that Danzo set up for you. It will go off but not work."

Naruto moved into the garage. Then both doors closed, he was trapped.

"We got him now, active the EMP."

Naruto heard the sound of electricity go off, but he felt nothing.

"Naruto hurry, there is a door on your left. Go in it and break the locks to the sewer system. Use it to get pass the front lines of Danzo's troops. I've opened the door, hurry Naruto."

Naruto saw the light to his left and went into the door, he then saw the locks on the sewer entrance gates. He broke them with his hands and moved into the sewer. He heard the two guards sent in to finish him off yell.

"The EMP didn't work! I repeat. The EMP didn't work. He's in the sewer system."

"Damn it! Its just one untrained fucking kid! All units fan out, find him and kill him!" Danzo yelled.

Naruto found his way out of the sewer system. "Danzo, your power play is at an end. You really think you can hold back the future?"

"Madera! You fucking senile old man! You have no power here. The board sides with me now! And once I kill that tin fuck! I'm coming to unplug you myself! No more house arrest bull shit!"

Naruto could hear Madera smirk. "Better men than you have tried son. Better men have tried and failed. Naruto… kill him…" Madera ordered, not that Naruto wouldn't do it anyway.

Naruto moved behind much of the forces that littered the front of the court yard. Naruto saw the group and popped a grenade. He counted to 3 then tossed it.



Naruto killed 5 men and took out the two mounted guns at the gate. It also drew attention and displaced many Umbrella troops.

"What the hell are you doing! It's a distraction you idiots! Return to your posts and search for the tin fuck!"

Unknown to the large group of troops Naruto had already killed a few more silently without anyone even knowing they were missing.

Cloak Engaged

Naruto moved pass many other soldiers to get to the compound where Danzo was holding up. He had to get threw at least a dozen of Danzo's men. Using his still Silenced EBR he took out two of Danzo's men in the towers.

"Someone grow some balls and kill that tin fuck!" Danzo yelled from the safety of his command center. Naruto would laugh at him but that would give away his position to the Umbrella troops. Naruto just wanted to kill his ass hat as soon as he could get his hands around his neck and ring it. He was also running out of suit energy so he needed a place to hide for now.

"No one see's an action bones until I get that tin fuck!" Danzo again yelled.

'Yeah, people are really thinking about money at time like this.' Naruto thought. Naruto thought ideally while his suit energy recharges. When it did Naruto was ready, he was just under Danzo's location and only 3 of his men stood in his way. Nothing he couldn't handle. Naruto snapped the neck of one, and killed the last two with his M9.

Naruto dropped his EBR as he was out of ammo for it used the last of it on the tower guards. His G36C was down to his last mag. His M9, one bullet, enough to kill Danzo. He moved to the door he knew Danzo was holding up in.

Maximum Armor

He kicked it in then was shot by him. It was a high powered sniper rifle that wasn't meant to be quite. Even his armor was penetrated by his gun. For the first time in a long time he saw his own blood. Danzo was about to shot him again but his clip was out. He tried to use it as a club but Naruto just grabbed it hit Danzo in his head then grabbed his neck.

"TIN… FUCK!" Naruto just looked at him.

"DIE DANZO!" Naruto threw him out the large window. Danzo's neck caught the razor wire and his neck snapped.

Naruto was finally happy that this asshole was dead. But Naruto was winded, bleeding and tired.

"Good job son. Now hurry to me, we can still save what's left of the human race if we hurry."

Naruto grabbed the gun and one last clip off the ground. It had 4 rounds in it. However there were at least a dozen more of Danzo's men ready to meet him when he leaves the building.

But lady luck always smiled upon Naruto, there was a mounted HMG just outside of Danzo's door, yeah that would work.

10 minutes later.


One man yelled as Naruto made quick work of all of the troops with the HMG. Naruto dropped the HMG when it was out of ammo, no one survived that barrage.

"Alright son enough fun. Now, just ahead of you is the entrance to the Prism, where I am at. I've opened the door for you, hurry to me now Naruto."

Naruto just followed his instructions as he had nothing better to do. Naruto looked for a minute and found the door leading to Madara. He opened it and it closed behind him. He heard a charging sound.

It took a moment for him to realize what was going to happen. "Oh shi…"

Naruto never got a chance to finish that sentence was he was shocked and all of the sudden lost power and all of his strength.

EMP blast signature detected. Suit system shut down imminent. Switching to core functions.

The last thing Naruto saw was Konan, his aunt, walk in with 2 other Umbrella troops guns drawn.

While Naruto was blacked out he saw his suit was using its functions to keep him alive. It was also trying to reboot so he could get out of there. It felt like forever before he could feel his body move on its own again.

Suit reboot complete. HUD online.

Naruto woke up, he was strapped to a table and he saw two Umbrella troops and some Umbrella doctor.

"Just some kid I'm afraid. Even if he is Minato's and Kushina's son he will not do. Alcatraz could have told us more, but at least we have the nano-gear intact. I'll just have to improvise when I'm in the suit." Naruto knew that voice. It was Madara's.

"AH, you're awake. I'm sorry for this betrayal but a simple 16 year old kid just will not do for this kind of situation. I had hoped to spare you the pain but the suit is non-corruptive." Madara told him.

"We're ready to begin the skinning process." The doctor said.

"Very well… proceed." Madara said to him.

Naruto saw the octopus like machine above him start to move. It then shot a thin laser at him, and man did it hurt like a bitch.

Naruto was watching his friend Rei hug Takashi when they were like 6. As the 3 of them were best of friends.

Naruto was back in modern times, still seeing the skinning machine above him. Another laser fired.

Naruto saw him and Saya have a staring contest to see who would blink first. Then after a few hours Naruto got her to laugh. It was Saya's first memory of her laughing.

Naruto was back and the pain was also back. He felt light headed and dizzy. Another skinning arm hit him with a laser.

Naruto was with a young Saeko both practicing Kendo, using wooden swords. She had just lost her mother and she was smiling for the first time since then. Her father was happy for her that she found someone close to her heart.

Naruto saw the skinning machine. It hit him with another laser.

Naruto was holding hands with Hinata. She was happy despite her father and his constant putting her down.

Naruto was back and the machine was damaged. He needed to get up. 'I will not die yet! I still have time!' Naruto got free from his right restraint.

"Sir! The suit! It's fighting back."

"Get up son! This is not the time to die!"

"No! Stop him! Kill him if you have to but don't damage the nano-gear. Head shots only." Madara ordered.

One Umbrella walked up to Naruto's face. "Nice try tin man." He gloated while he cocked his rifle.

Gunshot Gunshot

The man was shot twice in the chest and he fell. Naruto looked at who saved him, it was Konan! She slowly walked up to the second man, who was fumbling with his rifle. She but a bullet in his heart ending him.

"Don't worry I'm CIA recruited out of USMC Force Recon 4 years ago." She smashed in the doctors head. "I tipped off Alcatraz about the hit on your family Naruto. I'm sorry that it came too late." Konan released Naruto from his bindings.

"Konan! No! Your making a mistake!"

Konan didn't listen, when Naruto was up she hugged him. They have been close for a while now. She handed him the rifle that the Umbrella trooper was using. A standard M-16. She waved him to follow her.

"Look I had to keep appearances until you got in this deep." Naruto nodded, understanding, but just happy that she was on his side. "Look, Madara is insane, he thinks he's the only competent human being on the planet. Thinking that he is the only one that can save it. It would be better just to kill him but he has vital information about the T-virus. We need him alive." The pair was going up in an elevator.

"Where is he exactly?" Naruto asked.

"Top floor, his private study. He's always there when in the prism. I truly hate to ask this of you Naruto, after what you've been through. But I need, no, the human race needs you to find this man and bring him in. He had the information we need to end this virus." The elevator made it to the top floor. "Good luck. I'll get to the roof and get us a ride out of here. Be careful. Madara has his own private security force in there. His elites. They won't be as easy to kill or fool like Danzo's men." She warned.

"Got it." Naruto got off while Konan went to the roof.

Naruto moved slowly, he had one mag. not enough to kill a small security force that Madara most likely had. Naruto used his Predator Vision to see how many troops were in the room he was in right now. Only 4. Two in the command room and two on patrol on ground level.

Naruto devised a plan. He moved to a wall near where one of the troops patrolled. When he got close enough, Naruto grabbed him by the neck and snapped it. His head was at an odd angle now. Naruto moved on to the next.

"Dan. Dan come in."

Naruto got behind him. Grabbed his arm pulled him to himself and stabbed him in the neck. The man died instantly. Naruto then moved on to the Command room, not too hard to kill the two, nothing 3 bullets couldn't kill. Naruto then hacked the consul with the suit's help. He opened the security door that blocked his way to Madara.

"I see that blood is thinker than water. Not truer than just now when Konan betrayed me for you."

Naruto heard Madara."Your finished Madara. I'm going to get to you and get you out of here myself."

"Yes, yes I know you're after me. What's left of my security will try to stop you but I fear they are no match for you Naruto. You are using the future after all. But I warn you. Go through the labyrinth and sooner or later you'll face the monitor. I wonder how you'll fair when you do."

Naruto didn't like the cryptic way he said that. Was he the monitor? Naruto paid it no mind for now, he had to get to Madara and get him out of building to the roof.

Naruto moved passed a few dead bodies. These ones had their neck snapped much like how he does it. He wondered who did it. No one was here that was on his side other than his aunt Konan. But these guys had been dead for at least an hour. It was the same story for the stairway and the room outside Madara's study. But he did have a few men to kill so it wasn't all boring.

Naruto got past the door, inside was nothing special. Yeah right, it had two stories and hundreds of books. Even some 1st generation of nano-suits.

"Ah, my young friend, your are finally here. I knew you would get here. My men were no match for as I knew they wouldn't be. Now then, onto business. Are you here to kill me or get information?"

"Information. You know things about the T-virus that no one else know about. We need it for the human race to survive."

The screen that held Madara's face only smiled. "Yes, I knew it would be that. I have so many uses it seems. Or at least my information."

"Tell me where you are Madara. Every second you don't another person dies."

"You really think that there is that many people left that a person dies every second? Don't be absurd. There is less than 500 million people left alive all around the world. Most are unable to defend themselves as it is. The human race is doomed it seems."

"Don't give me that bull shit Madara! Even if there is only 100 people left alive. I will save them all! I will bring an end to this Armageddon even if it kills me in the process!"

Madara didn't need to see Naruto's face to see the determination in his eyes. Naruto saw Madara smile. "It seems we are not so different after all, you, Alcatraz and I. Maybe if there is any hope for the human race it rests on your shoulders. But you came all the way here to meet me, yes, then you shall have what you want, masks off... I'm here."

The picture of the world map separated and Naruto walked in, seeing Madara hooked to a machine. "Yes, witness me in all my 'glory'. Not quite what you were expecting right? Yes I've chosen the slow way to immortality. But nowhere near as effective as yours."


"There are many ways to immortality Naruto. You way will be that if you save the human race they will always remember you. That is a way to be immortal anyway. But we're short on time. The suit has only 95% of the puzzle that is the T-virus. It still needs one last component before it can do away with the T-virus for good this time." Soon two large vials in a twist formation came out of a secret compartment in the large table in front of Naruto. One blue one green. "These are the last two samples of the first generation T-virus and Anti-virus left in the world. It is from this very batch that started the zombie outbreak in the Hive, and then later Raccoon city shortly after. This is the last piece of the puzzle you need to make a Anti-Virus airborne. It won't turn zombies back to human but it will kill them and save any infected humans there are."

Naruto walked up to the two containers. He knew this wouldn't be fun. He grabbed each container and placed them in their injectors. He injected the T-virus in his neck and the Anti-virus in his heart.

Pain, that's all Naruto felt. Extreme pain. He felt that his blood was on fire, that his skin was peeling, and his brain in a grinder.

T-virus and Anti-virus detected. Suit abnormality detected. Switching to corn functions.

Naruto passed out on the floor. Naruto saw what his suit was doing. He saw the small T-virus strain that was in his suit's deep layers in a cage of sorts. Then he saw his suit use the Anti-Virus and the anti-virus injected itself into the T-virus.

Anti-virus and T-virus strains accepted. Suit AVP at maximum strength. Anti-virus success rate… 100%.

Naruto then saw a face appear to him.

"Good that's what I'm talking about son! Now get up!"

Naruto opened his eyes. To hear Jill and Madara arguing. "You fucking dumass! How could you not warn anyone!?"

"And who would listen Jill? The press? The people? You saw how that worked for you after Raccoon city didn't you? The people are so easy to blind when needed." Madara countered. Naruto got up slowly. "Ah, Naruto… you're awake. Good. I'd recommend that you leave the island as soon as you can. A large group of sea based zed have gotten onto the island for whatever purpose. If you die humanities only hope dies with you. Hurry now." Naruto saw a secrete door open behind a book case. Classic. "Head to the roof of this building. It'll take you about 10 minutes to get there. Good bye son, it was an honor to meet a man like Alcatraz once again. I never would have thought unless I saw you with my own eyes."

"Get out of there Naruto. Hurry to the roof." Konan told Naruto from her comm. "I got us transport."

Naruto nodded and left the room. He took the passage to an abounded part of the building. He then found himself in the main lobby area.

"Attention all remaining Umbrella troop commanders, this is Madara Uchiha. Danzo is dead and I will soon be joining him shortly. I leave this message as it will be my last and my last orders to you all. All hostile actions and orders against one Naruto Namikaze AKA Alcatraz is to cease immediately. For he is your last hope to survive this outbreak. Any and all troops are to assist him where ever and whenever possible. Also, a large group of amphibious based zed have infiltrated the island. Kill any you find but getting off the island alive is your top order next to helping Naruto. Next is that I'm activating the self destruct on the island and it will blow in 30 minutes. Lastly, I am terminating any and all surviving board members. Order 66 is now in effect."

(AN: Couldn't resist. Order: 66 is now famous, or infamous as it were)

"All Umbrella board members are to be terminated. I wish you all luck in this new world as I won't be ling for it anymore I've had enough of it myself."

"HOLY SHIT!" Naruto yelled as he grabbed a SCAR-L off a dead body. He ran to the roof. "Hurry Naruto, we're under attack we can't stay long." Naruto heard Konan yell. Over gunfire.

Naruto linked up with a pair of Umbrella troops, these guys aren't bad when there not trying to kill him. Good shots even. It didn't take long for Naruto and his two new friends to make it to the roof. Waiting for them was Konan and her own private CV-22 Osprey with 4 more flying around shooting the new water zed around them.

"Hurry the fuck up!" Konan yelled killing another one. Naruto and his two friends got inside along with Konan and her troops. "Go go go!"

The CV-22 Osprey pilot lifted them off the ground and the 5 Ospreys left the island, soon after it blew up leaving nothing left but the memory of Madara and his knowledge and legacy that is Naruto Namikaze and his suit.

"Naruto… Naruto you read me?" Naruto heard Mei's voice.

"I read you."

"Naruto… I'm sorry… I'm so sorry…"

"Sorry for what Mei?" Naruto had a feeling of dread come over him.

"I fucked up… I've fucked up bad…


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