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Final Chapter.


Count Down, Final hours: Last Hope, Last Legacy

"How did you fuck up?" Naruto asked fearfully.

"About 30 minutes ago I sent in Alpha team in the city to medivac a down caravan. They got ambushed and they fled to the North Central Park. I've lost contacted with them 10 minutes ago."

Naruto nodded. "Alright, give me their last known location and I'll get them out." Naruto reassured her.

"Last known location… North East end of the park, near the snack shack by the base ball fields."

Naruto nodded. "Alright, I'll get Konan to drop me off near there and see if any of them survived."

"Naruto… Jill was leading them with Rika and Rebecca." Naruto's face paled. "Takashi and Kohta were also with them with Shizuka and Karin leading the medical effort." Mei knows what was coming next.

"What the fuck! You knew what they were! How can you let them go!?" Naruto yelled at Mei.

"There were the only ones available. Everyone else had been on assignment." Mei defended herself. "I'm sorry Naruto. Just get there! They hadn't been out of contact for long. Odds are they are alive." Mei pleaded. "They can take care of themselves. Get there and save them and anyone that they managed to saved. Call in when you find them and I will have a team get you out of there Naruto." Mei told him.

Naruto was pissed. "Alright. I'll get there as soon as I can." Naruto checked his HUD's timer. It said he had 2 hours left. He would spend it as best he can. Naruto felt like he had so much more to do.

"Naruto." Naruto looked at Konan. "It'll take about 20 minutes before we make it to the Park. You will have me and my men at your service. Isn't that right men?" She asked knowing the answer.

"Yes ma'am!"

Naruto looked at her troops. They looked different than other Umbrella troops. "I noticed that they look a lot different than the other Umbrella troops." Naruto saw them in white armor. Think Cell unit from Crisis 2.

"My men are far different than any other Umbrella armed personnel. Unlike the rest of them that hire anyone that can hold a gun right. I hired USMC and other ex-military." Naruto nodded, made them more effective in the field.

Everyone on board was jerked when the chopper lost control. Konan looked at the pilot. "What the hell happened!?" She yelled.

"Something jumped on us!" The co-pilot said.

"I've lost the main controls!" The pilot. "I still got some pressure in the peddles!" He yelled.

"Red one! You're going down!" Another pilot yelled.

"I can see that!" He yelled back. "Come on you son of a bitch!" He yelled at the chopper.

Just then the door was ripped open. Outside was a flying Licker. Although nothing special it was also rare and stronger than most other zed. Using its tongue it cut off the heads of two of Konan's troops. Naruto couldn't fight it like this so he did the only thing that came to mind. He jumped at the wyvern like licker. It still had claws but it had no arms, it had wings instead. It let go of the chopper and was now falling down with the new weight on its stomach. Although Naruto breaking its wing didn't help either.

Maximum Armor.

Naruto knew he needed his armor to survive even if he did land on the sky licker. He crashed into a tall building and on the thing, killing it instantly. Naruto rolled off it and laid down.

"Damn that hurt."

"Naruto! Naruto! Do you read me?" Konan's worried voice came from his comm.

"I read you Konan."

"Look, we lost sight of you, we need you to get to a roof top, and the building you're in roof is gone. There is a landing hello-pad two buildings away from you. Get there soon. We haven't got much time." Konan told him.

"Got it. I'll get topside soon as." Naruto knew he had a short amount of time. Naruto made his way up and higher. Along the way Naruto found a cache of weapons left by Umbrella. Most likely in a hurry to leave. At least that's what Naruto would have conclude had he not found their bodies in the next room. They didn't get far. They were either swarmed, or ambushed by Lickers. Naruto took his new guns and put a bullet in each of their heads just in case. Naruto rearmed. Every bullet he could take and 3 guns. A CM901, a SPAS-12 shotgun and a M9. He loved that handgun, easy to use and good accuracy.

Naruto pressed on, with all of his new ammo and weapons, to the roof. Or as close to the roof as he could get as most of the top floors were gone. Naruto made it near the edge of one side of the building. He saw that the other building was close and was lower than he was so he could make it. He went back as far as he could and used his maximum power mode to jump across the gap. Naruto felt good about it, he knew he was going to make it. That is, until, he started to drop a little faster and sooner than expected. He forgot to take into account all of his extra weight.

"Oh shit!"

Maximum Armor.

Naruto bunched up in a ball and crashed through a window. Landed on some, not so, poor zombie. It never had a chance. Naruto looked at all of the infected blood on him. "Great…" He said to himself. "I'm going to stick when I die, worst death ever."

Naruto got up, he still needed to get to the building with the landing pad for the chopper, and he was still a building away from it with no time to waste. He needed to make it to the next building's roof, but it was far taller than the one he was on so he was going to do some climbing when he crashes into an office again. So again he jumped in a leap of faith type deal and, crashed, landed 5 stories from the roof.

"Naruto quite messing around and hurry your ass to the roof. We're waiting and we can't wait forever!" Konan yelled at him.

"You think I'm doing this for fun?" Naruto said to himself.

"What was that!?" Konan asked dangerously.

"Nothing." Naruto quickly said.

Naruto quickly made it to the roof as he had no distractions or zombies to take care of. He saw Konan in her chopper waiting for him on the landing pad. She waved him in. When he got to the stairs a massive earthquake shuck the area. Naruto forgone getting on the chopper for seeing what was happening. What he saw… was unbelievable.

"Konan! Naruto! We're reading massive seismic activity! What the hell is going on!?"

"Mei! You're not going to believe this! Central Park is being lifted off the ground by a massive structure. We'll air back up as many as you can manage!" Konan was just as shocked as Naruto was at seeing this thing.

"Understood Konan! We'll send help as soon as we can, anyone that is available…" Mei said to them. "May god help you all…"

After a moment of sightseeing Naruto got on the chopper with Konan. Overall she had about 20 to 25 men in her choppers.

That's what I'm talking about, now son, it's time for a walk in the park. Again Naruto saw a face tell him.

Naruto was near the edge of the large park. "Get us closer to the center!" Konan yelled.

"We can't, there isn't a place to land around here. We have to find a safe landing spot."

"Damn it! Naruto. You're going to have to go on alone from here. I don't know what that thing is but it can't be good. Find whoever it is you need to find then call us. We'll evac them to safety." Konan told him. Naruto nodded.

"Good luck pal. Better you than me." The pilot said.

Naruto jumped off the chopper and he watched it fly away. He had what he needed to fight another army of zed so he wasn't afraid of anything right now.

"Naruto… if you're listening to this then I am gone and the park is now up off the ground like I knew it would be." Naruto was shocked to hear Madara's voice. "This is merely a recording so don't bother talking. Now then, that main silo in the center of the park is the lock that will save humanity, and you are the key. You must find 3 of the main power cop-links that are attacked to the silo. Find them and use a concentrated AVP in them to corrupt the system."

Madara also was using a simulated video to help Naruto.

"Once that's done you must find the main silo itself. Find a way in and let the suit take care of the rest. Now to tell you what that silo is. It was something I made just in case this T-virus went around the world. However this isn't the only silo, just one of the 6 main silos that are all connected. If one is corrupted then all of them are corrupted. He corrupted this one that corrupted the other 5 around the world, one on each major land mass. Naruto when you do this, your AVP will be sent all around the world, killing all of the T-virus and any and all infected. Nothing infected will survive, but any still human infected will be cured." Naruto felt relief that he could save the world. As Madara's recording showed a view of the world map. And each major silo and lesser silo in each major city in the world. "The AVP wave will spread throughout the world in a matter of minutes the moment it is begun." A 3D world map showed a white wave go around the world.

"However… I'm not sure you'd make it as well. AS the suit has the T-virus and your own time limit it seems unlikely. Good luck son, and as cliché as this is going to sound, the fate of the world is in your hands."

Naruto didn't care if he died, if it meant his kids only have to read about this Armageddon and not live it. He has a little more than an hour anyway. Naruto moved on.

Threat Detected.

Naruto saw a small detachment of humanoid lickers that he named Alpha Zed. They were feasting on a bunch of USMC's and Umbrella corpses. Based on the few bodies that this Alpha Zed they managed to kill a few. But the AZs were eating their dead, er…, re-dead. Naruto popped an AVP grenade. Something he took from Madara, it acts like his AVP but only against infected it can't help anyone. He counted to 3 then tossed it. None of them, within 7 feet, had any chance. Vaporized into nothing, the rest, about 10 noticed him and charged at the fresh meat.

Naruto just took out his SPAS. Any that got close to him was shot in the head, and all of their brain matter exploded in the air. Naruto had no trouble dealing with any of these AZs. All they are were humanoid lickers without the long tongue. Naruto reloaded his shotgun and moved on, he gathered the USMCs dog tags for later to honor their sacrifice, Umbrella troops didn't have any tags to collect. Even if some of them tried to kill him he felt bad about their deaths, all this death was meaningless. At least he can stop it soon.

Naruto moved on to find the down convoy that he was sent to find.

"Naruto. You read me? This is Mei, their location is confirmed. Your about 1500 meters from them to the North East. Their under attack. Also Konan is almost there as well. She'll start the evacuation but until my evac choppers get there not everyone can get out. Hurry! I'll send you their exact coronets to your HUD."

Naruto's HUD came to life and showed him his way points to the down convoy. Then 3 more way points were shown on his HUD.

Main power conduits found. Location on HUD now shown.

Naruto looked at them. The farthest one was near the convoy site, which was good. One was near him that was good. But one was on the other side of the convoy meaning he would have to back track to get it if he went to the convoy first. He couldn't afford to back track as if this thing decided to nuke the world between now and the back tracking the world would die and he couldn't save it in time. He made up his mind. He would do the power conduits first.

He made his way to the first one, it was in a play ground it destroyed the play ground equipment. Nothing was around it, good for Naruto as it would save a little time.

Naruto walked up to it and punched the glass that showed was flowing with what looked like T-virus in its liquid form. Naruto purified it and it became the Anti-virus. 1 down 2 to go.

Naruto went to the one opposite of the convoy. He hoped that they could hold out for a while. It would take him about 20 minutes if he's lucky. Which he isn't. When he got to the second one it was crawling with lesser zombies, normal human zombies, from them all the way up to some flying wyvern lickers. All in all about 30 zombies and 10 lickers and wyvern lickers. Nothing he can't handle but a pain to deal with all the same.

But Naruto knew that wasting time complaining won't help him or the people counting on him. He'd figured that he'd take out one of the flying ones first. He aimed for its head and then fired, putting one bullet in its skull and it tipped over dead. Some of the lickers now knew where he was and charged his location. Naruto unloaded his SCAR into them. Killing the lickers with no problem at all.

Te wyverns were a little harder to deal with as they were flying, so Naruto let them come to him and he blew them away with his SPAS. After they were dead, the zombies were little more than target practice. After they were all re-dead Naruto made it to the conduit and smashed the glass purifying the T-virus into the Anti-virus. It stung a little but nothing passed that, he had far worse than that.

"Naruto this is Konan! Hurry your ass to the evac site. We're here but my 5 choppers is not enough for our wounded and civvies. We'll need 9 more and at least 30 minutes for them to get here and get us out! Move your ass!" Konan yelled at him.

Naruto needed no more reason to move double time. He moved faster than he ever moved before, using his power mode to make himself move faster. What shocked him was that he had no encounters between him and the evac site or the 3rd conduit. He purified the 3rd conduit on the way to the evac site. He knew it would take a minute to purify it and move on.

"Naruto move your ass!"

Naruto didn't answer. He heard t gunfire nearby, he was a good 400 meters from the evac site and closer fast. He had to climb a small cliff in order to make it to the site faster. When he got there he saw a large and near endless wave of Alpha Zombies rushing the thin line of Konan's Umbrella and a few USMCs defending the wounded and the scared people they were protecting. Naruto saw that the civvies were being evacuated by Konan's choppers but there would be nowhere near done when all 5 of her choppers get full.

Naruto jumped into the fray firing his SCAR into the crowd of AZs. Getting head shots killing many of them.

"Naruto! It's about fucking time! The last of the choppers are full and Mei's choppers are about 15 minutes out." Konan said while reloading.

Naruto checked his HUD timer. He had little more than 40 minutes left. "Cutting it close Konan!" Naruto yelled at her." She knew what that meant. When he was reloading Naruto looked for his friends.

Just then Jill and Rika came up next to him. "Good to see you Naruto!" Jill yelled.

"Yeah, long time." Rika said in a joking manner. Both girls fired by his side.

Takashi and Kohta soon linked up with him and the girls. "Get some mother fuckers!" Kohta yelled in excitement.

"Kohta had one too many 5 hour energy drinks." Takashi explained.

Naruto saw Rebecca, Shizuka and Karin handle the evacuations of the people who was injured. Konan joined their front line also firing. Their line holding with no more than 2 needing to reload at a time. Naruto and his group of friends, people he calls friends or lovers, knew they had to hold for what would seem like an eternity.

The AZs were falling just as fast as they were coming at the front line. For once since this ordeal began, a few more glimmers of hope shined through the darkness.

"They're here!" Naruto and everyone else heard Rebecca yell as many more Black Hawks came to their location.

When the first one came down the Black Hawks' door opened. Mei jumped out. "Come on! Get aboard now!" She ran to the front line with Naruto and the others.

"What the hell are you doing Mei!?" Naruto yelled, as he was no real solider, and about to die, so he didn't stand on ceremony.

"You guys need another gun." She said back to him.

The Black Hawks were landing two at a time to get everyone else out of the area and to the safe zone.

"Jill on your right!" Kohta yelled as an Alpha Zombie jumped down near her. Jill's reflexes kicked in and she kill it with 3 shots to the head.

One Alpha Zombie jumped on Takashi and he was holding it back with his gun trying to fight it off. Rika came to his rescue and shot it in the head and Takashi pushed it off him.

"Back in the fight Takashi!" Mei yelled to him.

Naruto looked behind him. "5 more Hawks left." Meaning there was only 5 more Hawks before everyone was evaced. Another Alpha Zombie jumped in front of Naruto and screeched at him. Naruto just clocked it with the butt of his gun and shot it in the head.

Mei jumped at Mei but was shot down before it got close to her. "Heads up!" She yelled to everyone.

A few looked up to see Wyvern Lickers coming for them. Kohta, Takashi and Rika aim high to take them on. 2 out of the 7 fell down dead while the other 5 fell back for another pass at the front line.

"Running low!" Kohta yelled putting in his second to last mag.

Takashi emptied his last round into another Alpha Zombie killing it. "I'm out!" He yelled checking himself for at least one more mag.

"Here! Make them count!" Mei tossed him an extra magazine that was on her. The group continued to fire at the hoard of Alpha Zombies.

"JILL!" Jill looked back at Rebecca, she was standing next to the last Black Hawk. It looked like it had been through hell based on the scratch marks on the haul. Or deep cuts however you wish to see it.

(Play Call of duty Modern Warfare 2-Ghost's and Roach Death Music)

"Fall back to the Black Hawk now!" Mei ordered.

The group started to fall back in a line to the last Black Hawk. Firing at the oncoming Alpha Zombies. Takashi was firing at a pair of Alpha Zombies that got close one died but one cut his M16 in half. He quickly, like a pro, busted out his Dessert Eagle and blew its head off. He'd been practicing.

Kohta Smashed in one's head when his gun was out and pulled out duel M9s. Killing whatever got close to him. One almost got a piece of him but 4 bullets in the head ended that Alpha Zombie.

Mei brought out her KSG-12 and started unloading on any Alpha Zombie that got close to her. Splattering every Alpha Zombie head that wanted a Mei Happy Meal.

One Alpha Zombie tried to grab Rika but she ducked and it flipped over her. She took out her combat knight and shoved it in its skull. Killing it and another one she cut off its head when it tried to take advantage of her back turned to it.

Konan started to use her Duel Dessert Eagles when her CM901 was out. Putting a nice size hole in many Alpha Zombie's heads. When one grabbed her she fought it off and put one gun to each eye and pulled the trigger. Blowing its brains out.

Jill dropped her Duel P90s when they were out then was tackled by a Wyvern Licker. It tired to bit her but she brought out duel combat knifes slit its neck open then stabbed its eyes with them killing it. She pushed it off her and Naruto helped her up.

Naruto handed his gun to Jill, it had one clip left and started to fight the Alpha Zombie hand to infected claw. He had a better chance of surviving without his gun than any other. He used his armor mode to block any attack and then snack the neck or take off the Alpha Zombie 's head that tried to kill him.

AVP Blast fully charged.

Naruto's HUD told him. He knew this was a risk but he needed to buy everyone some more time. "Activate AVP!" Naruto yelled.

"What!?" Takashi heard his yell.

"No you dumbass!" Jill wanted to run back to stop him but it was far too late for that, it was already underway.

A white wave washed over a 100 meter area. Killing every infected there was, even the flying ones. Naruto collapsed to his knees. It took a lot out of him just to manage 100 meters. "Naruto! You dumb fuck! You know how that fucks you up! Damn it Naruto why!? Why did you do it!" Jill scolded him. She was worried about him more than most would be.

"To… protect… every… one I will… do whatever… it takes." Naruto managed to breath out he was on the verge of passing out from over exerting himself. He hadn't had any sleep in about two days and he had less than an hour to live, his strength was waning and he wouldn't be able to see his last sun set.

(End Call of duty Modern Warfare 2-Ghost's and Roach Death Music)

"Everyone! Get on! Hurry!" Rebecca yelled at them. Naruto bought them at least 2 minutes.

Everyone piled in the Black Hawk. Everyone but Naruto. "Naruto! Hurry up man!" Kohta yelled.

Naruto was looking at the silo tower not 50 meters from him. "I'm not going." He said.

"Yes you are. I ordered an air strike on that tower. It'll be here in less than 20 minutes." Mei told him.

Naruto jerked his head to her. "What!" He sounded shocked. "Call it off!" Call it off now!"

"Why the hell should I!?" Mei retorted.

"Madara told me everything I needed to know to save the planet from the T-Virus! That silo is the key to wiping out the T-virus from the whole world at once. With it I can send my AVP wave all across the planet! I can save everyone! Call it off!" Naruto explained.

"Naruto he lied to you. This tower if filled up with the T-virus. Once it spores out, it will kill all of Asia with its pay load." Jill told him.

"Yes I know that but I can purify it with the Anti-Virus code that I gathered throughout my time in this suit. It's all here!" He fist bumped his chest. "In the suit. Trust me. If you nuke this silo I'll die before I can make it to another Silo in America, as that is the closest one, and all of Japan will die. Everyone that isn't dead will be and any hope for the human race will die with me!" Naruto told them. "Pleases trust me! Believe in me! I can save the world."


"I have less than an hour left to live. And in that hour I can save what's left of the world Jill… Rebecca… this is what Alcatraz wanted for me. When he put the suit on me he entrusted this mission to me. To finish what he started." He turned to Mei. "But I can't do it alone Mei I need your help. I need the time to do his mission, and do it the right way."

"This is Ravenger 1 to Colonel Mei do you read. We are 15 minutes from target."

Everyone heard over their comm. Naruto removed his visor to show her his eyes. To show how determined he was. Everyone looked at Mei.

"This is Colonel Mei. Stand down, report back to base."

"Copy that. Return to base."

Naruto put his visor back on. "Thank you."

"I believe in you Naruto. I believe that you can save us. Hurry. We'll wait for you." Mei said to him.

"Don't bother. This is a one way trip. Succeed or fail, I won't be coming back. Just get back to the Aircraft Carrier." Naruto moved on to the main silo. It was close so he didn't have a long walk to it. He got on the hill before the silo and saw the Black Hawk wasn't lifting off. "What the.."

Then Naruto was hit hard in the head by something he didn't see coming. He landed in the field before the Black Hawk.

"What the hell!" Takashi opened the door and was running to Naruto's aid.

"Stay back!" Naruto yelled then grabbed something. Takashi stopped, and saw what he was grabbing. It de-cloaked. It was a suit very much like Naruto's. "What the fuck!?"

"Good to finally meet you Naruto. Alcatraz's replacement." The other man said.

Naruto looked at this man. "3 thing. Who are you? How the fuck do you know my name!? And how the fuck do you have a nano-suit!?"

Naruto could fell this man grin. "In order. Obito Uchiha. I've been watching you. And Grandpa Madara gave it to me." He told him.

"Great. I have a psychopath stalker that loves to fuck with zed and makes them even uglier." Naruto said to him. Remembering the time they thought it was him.

"Heard about that huh?" Obito got away from Naruto.

"Heard about it… investigated it… got framed for it." Naruto got up.

Threat Detected.

Naruto's HUD highlighted 4 silhouettes of something. Then the 4 silhouettes de-cloaked themselves. Naruto and the rest of the group were shocked when they saw what they were seeing. Zed that can cloak themselves to match their surroundings.

All of them were the same. They were like the Alpha Zombie but with major differences. Their skeleton frames under a thin layer of skin looked like armor. Their lips are gone and their teeth are long and sharp. They are black and red instead of just red. Their eyes are milky white like most other zed around.

"And you've fucked with the Alpha Zombie type again… didn't you." Naruto said as more of a statement than a question.

"I did. It helps me to know what I can and cannot do. While your suit is designed to kill this creatures…"

"As they should be."

"Mine makes them into an even more effective killing machine. Now, I didn't come here to talk. Just kill you and be done with it." Obito said to him. "Kill him!" He told the 4 new Alpha Zombies.

Obito cloaked and jumped away. The 4 new Zombies.

New strain annualized. New Classification 'Alpha Nemesis'

The 4 Alpha Nemesis cloaked themselves and vanished alongside their master.

(Play Resident Evil 5 - Jill Boss Battle Theme - Sad But True)

Suit upgraded. Stealth detection available.

Naruto saw what looked like a green trail coming right at him. It de-cloaked right before it attack him with its bladed claws. Naruto grabbed it's wrists and fought it off. When it was knocked down it cloaked and ran again.

Naruto saw the trail but chose not to give chase as, for some reason, the Black Hawk hadn't lifted off yet. Another Alpha Nemesis de-cloaked and jumped at Naruto. Naruto grabbed it's right arm and tore it off. He then jammed it in the skull of the Alpha Nemesis and killed it.

AVP recharged 20% complete.

Naruto waited for the next one. It would come soon. Soon came now as it was running towards him head on. Naruto took out his combat knife and when it jumped at him he shoved it in its skull. It gave a horrid squeal as Naruto put more effort into killing the monster.

AVP recharged 40% complete.

Naruto was on alert. He had two more to go and then the sick fuck Obito. Naruto looked up, right left, down, anywhere he could think of. He didn't think to look behind him on the Black Hawk. It squealed at it jumped at Naruto. Naruto looked and caught it then slammed it on the ground, picked it up, then broke its back on his knee with power mode and armor mode. Of course it's still alive so it was still squeaking. Naruto put an end to the when he snapped its neck.

AVP recharged 60% complete

Naruto had no time to search for the last one at it tackled him. Using its power and mouth to try and bite Naruto's head. It's claws made a scratch mark on Naruto's helmet while Naruto was trying to reach his combat knife with one hand and hold the thing at bay with his other.


A shotgun round was fired and it hit its chest, knocking it down. Naruto grabbed his knife and jumped on the last Alpha Nemesis. He then shoved it in its skull ending it's un-life.

AVP recharged 80% complete.

Naruto got up. He was beyond tired. Blood loss, surprised that he could lose blood at all, and his own time limit was getting to him.

"No rest for the wicked Naruto." Naruto had no time to use armor mode when Obito hit him over the head. The force knocked him to the cliff side near the kill zone. "I've waited a long time for this moment Naruto. And when I kill you nothing will stop it."

Naruto got up, and noticed that there was a crack on his HUD. "What is it that you want?" Naruto asked.

"What my Grandfather Madara wanted. Immortality." Obito charged again. Obito ran at Naruto and through a right then left into Naruto gut. Naruto doubled over then was kneed in the face. This made another crack in Naruto's HUD. Naruto rolled away when Obito tried to hit the back of Naruto's neck.

Naruto did a sweep kick to trip Obito and to buy him a little time.

"You can't beat me Naruto. I know all your moves, as I was the first. I know everything you do because I've seen them. There is nothing you can do to stop me!"

EMP device detected.

Obito's eyes widened when he heard that. He looked behind him to see something on the back of his neck. Right before he could get to it, it activated. Shocking Obito and shorting his systems.

(End Resident Evil 5 - Jill Boss Battle Theme - Sad But True)

"You're right, but I have something you don't. A real reason to win this fight." Naruto popped a normal grenade and tossed it next to Obito. Obito could not move anymore for at least another 3 minutes, which he didn't have. It blew up in his face as Naruto walked away.

AVP recharged 100% complete.

"Bad ass." Kohta said.

"What the hell is going on up there why haven't you guys left yet!?" Naruto yelled. Seeing as the Black Hawk still hasn't moved since it landed. Naruto looked behind him and saw a large wave of Alpha Zombies and Boomer zombies. The fat ones that blow up. Naruto looked around and found the one thing that could help. An HMG.

"We're going Naruto! Pre-check done. Damn this thing was fucked." Konan said.

"Start her up!" Mei yelled.

Konan flipped the switch, as the two pilots were killed earlier, it started… then died.

"What's wrong!?" Mei asked worried.

"I don't know."

"Fix it! NOW!"

They tried to start it two more times but it didn't go.

"We got no time! No time!"

Back outside Naruto was holding the line but running out of ammo. "Hurry up you two I've got less than 100 rounds left." Naruto warned them.

"I see the problem give me a minute." Konan yelled form the back of the Black Hawk.

"You don't have a minute!" Naruto warned her again. His timer read 5 minutes left and he needed all the time he could get to make it to the Silo. When he ran out of HMG ammo he grabbed the only other gun he could get, a SPAS-12 shotgun.

He then heard the Black Hawk come back to life. "Scream all you want you sons of bitches!" Naruto said to no one but himself.

"Konan let's go! Let's go!" Mei yelled as the Hawk was back up and running.

Naruto unloaded a few more rounds and the Black Hawk started to left off.

"Let's get some altitude lets go! Let's go!" Jill yelled form the back.

Naruto watched them leave with a smile on his face. From the window seat Jill looked at Naruto one last time. He was so much like Alcatraz it was scary and reassuring. "Thank you Naruto."

A screech returned Naruto to his battle field. 3 boomers were in front of him closing in. He shot the one on the right, then the one on his left then went to the center.


Naruto's eyes' widened. HE was empty. It jumped at him.

Maximum Armor.

Then blew up. The force sent Naruto flying.

Back in the Black Hawk Mei was a little worried. "Something's not right too much time has gone by." She said.

Naruto almost went over the edge but managed to stop himself and climb until he managed to get onto the cliff.

"I'm reordering the air strike." Mei was about to order it.

"Just don't wait one minute." Jill begged. Knowing that if she did then they all die.

Naruto's HUD timer read.



Catechistic Event immanent. 57 seconds.

Lovely, his timer is now the worlds if he doesn't complete his mission. Naruto ran as fast as he could to get to the Silo entrance. And he made it.

(Play Naruto uns 3-Kakashi vs Zabuza theme)

Naruto was in the Silo but he was slowed down by its own defenses. He was moving slowly. The crack in his HUD grew bigger and bigger.

Warning Suit failure immanent.

"Colonel! I'm asking you! Just… one… more…minute!" Again Jill begged.

Mei was having trouble with doing what she knows is right, and what she feels is right.

Naruto's systems were all in the red. He was walking at first. Then he fell to the ground, as the resistance from the Silo. He was then crawling ever so slowly.

Health Critical.

Suit Shut down immanent.

Damage Critical

Suit Integrity decreasing







Naruto heard the voices of everyone he loves in his head. Pushing him on. He pushed himself again, then again. Then again, then again, then finally he was near the edge.

"We love you…" Naruto saw his parents. "Naruto."

"Naruto will do it. We know it." Takashi said to Mei in defense of his oldest friend. "He doesn't know how to give up."

Mei made her choice and didn't call the air strike.

Naruto found himself at the edge of the silo. He looked up, then down. He knew there was no going back. His HUD timer read 0:05.

This is it son. Finish… what I started…

Naruto jumped in… and blacked out.

When he came too he was in a dark place.

"Here there son."

Naruto looked at this man. "Alcatraz?"

"Yeah, you'd thought I gone? Well… I thought so too. But the suit son, the suit changes all the rules. I had to break the link, break the link to the suit or it could never bond with you. I knew you could do it. I just knew it." Alcatraz showed Naruto a 3D world map. "Look at the that. You hope is spreading man, all over the place, all over the world. From here… all the way to the USA… and it will last… forever man…"

(END Naruto uns 3-Kakashi vs Zabuza theme)

One the outside Everyone saw the Silo's energy turn from red to white in a second, then it explodes out into the city. In the city every single infected melted into nothing, not even a puddle of blood. The higher evolved infected tried to run away but they may as well have tried to outrun the sun's rays. It caught them and they too where nothing but a memory.

However underground the energy from Naruto's AVP was sent to main and lesser Silo towers all around the world. Purifying the other 5 main towers and all other lesser towers in every major city in the world, the blast radius combined, covered the world. Underground and in the air, the entire world was covered in a veil of white.

(4 year later)

"Reports are still coming in about the mission that saved the world not 4 years ago." A US reported said.

"It was said that more than 500 million people have survived what is now being classified as the Zombie Apocalypse." A Japanese reporter said.

"We have many people to thank for thank for our lives like the United States Marine Corps as well as the Japanese Marines and even more to grieve for. But even more than them we have to thank this young man. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze." The US reported said.

"It has been reported that, at the cost of his life, young Naruto Namikaze, a American Japanese citizen was reasonable for the white veil that killed all of the zombies and saved many infected people, my wife included." Again the Japanese reporter said.

"In related news. All of the Umbrella board members were found not long ago shot to death by a firing squad of their own employees. Inside sources say that the order was given to them by Madara Uchiha. Umbrella has been charged for the plague that nearly kill.."

The TV was turned off by Saya. "Fucking news people." She said.

"At least they won't forget Naruto." Takashi said. It had been 4 long years since the end of the Zombie Apocalypse. 4 years and the rebuilding effort wasn't even a 10th done. With only a 16th of the population surviving it took a lot of time for panic to stop and the rebuilding to begin. They even now had kids to look after.

Many of them Naruto's kids. The group decided to stay as one big happy family, Alice was more than happy to take on the big sister roll.

Mei was now the highest ranking officer in both the US military and Japans military. By vote she was promoted to General and now leads the survivors in both politics and rebuilding the world with what she has. Some say she has become a queen and is even training her son to take over for her, she denies it. Saying she is only prepared.

Takashi and Karui, even after having 4 kids 3 boys and a girl, Karui was pregnant again. When told he needed to keep it in his pants he just says. "I do, she takes it out." But despite that, he still loves her with all his heart. Knowing that if he didn't Naruto would beat his ass in the afterlife. Takashi's mother is happy he found someone like her and his little sister is happy to be an aunt.

Karui became a stay at home mom for her kids while Takashi works as a Commander for General Mei.

Kohta was a happy camper. When not working as one of now General Mei's Commander he is a family man. A boy form Matsushima and a girl from Asami.

Matsushima works with her husband Kohta searching for survivors anywhere and everywhere while helping keep hope up for troops who have yet to find their families. With her help over 40 families have been reunited.

Asami, although still a bit of a clutch, became a stay at home mom herself. Helping about their big families home.

Kyoko resumed her teaching statues for the next generation. She is now a history teacher on top of PE. Teaching not only her twin girls and all of their brothers and sisters about their father and all of his heroic deeds he did until death but about how important it is to help the people you can.

Rika is now General Mei's right hand woman. Leading any and all rescue efforts needed and searching for any possible Umbrella loyalist that might have survived. She has a 100% kill rate when finding the remnants of Umbrella. Her son looks up to her.

Shizuka took courage in Naruto's sacrifice and now is chair head of medicine alongside Karin. Although a bit air headed, her daughter turning out the same, her skill in medicine was second to none and most valuable in a world where doctors are now rare.

Tayuya works under her younger sister Karin. Pissed that Karui took the last good looking man and won't share.

Karin is the same but is the head of medicine in the world.

Fu and Yugito act like sisters now. Even dress alike, their daughters take after them. But sometimes they cry knowing that the man they loved they had only a few days with. They stay at home helping all of Naruto's sons and daughters.

Like Rika, Jill is Mei's left hand woman. While Rika mainly spear heads rescue efforts Jill mostly hunts down any Umbrella survivor and any information they might need in case this happens again. Jill's son is already working on his fitness.

Rebecca works as a scientist trying to make sure that the T-virus never makes a comeback. And if it does she hopes to make all human's immune to it for good. Her daughter takes after her father, much to her dismay.

When Rei gave birth to a son, she wanted to name him Hisashi. No one objected and her only child was now named after a great friend. She is happy with her family that they forged in the heat of life and death. Although young, her mother and father support her in her choice and are happy for her.

Yuuki had a daughter, she said she would do right by her and raise her to have a better life than she did growing up. She hoped to do it but she knows she has friends to help her if needed. She tells her daughter tails of how her father was such a great man and to find someone like him. If possible. She is also Koyko's assistant.

Saya's daughter came out like her. Lungs and all. Sharp as a sword and just as snippy. But has a soft spot for her brothers and sisters and even tutors them. Saya is happy that she is more like her father than her. Although she has Saya's pink hair. Saya just teaches everyone she can on many subjects, like Kyoko, but more real life and in depth than a teacher for the young.

Against all odds Saeko found her father and showed him his new granddaughter. The happiness that he showed on his face would stay with her forever. While she stays at home a lot she teaches the neighborhood kids kendo, just in case as well as her own child and all of Naruto's other child. She just refers to them as her other sons' and daughters and the kids refer to all of them as their mothers as well.

Hinata took Naruto's death the hardest. She had twins. A boy and a girl. The girl looks like her while the boy looks like Naruto. Acts like him too. She loves kids so she babysits them the most. It doesn't bother her as she sees a small part of Naruto in each of his kids. Not counting the pranks.

It was the 4th anniversary of Naruto's death and the whole family and extended family was there to pay their respects.

"But it's not your time… you got to go back… back to where you belong… Naruto… thank you."

Behind the group someone stepped into the clearing. "So…" Everyone froze. Then turned around. "… who died?" The voice… was none other than Naruto Namikaze. The group ran to give Naruto the biggest hug in his life.

Omake: SO… Takashi

"So… Takashi… I hear you knocked up my sis…"

Takashi paled. "Fuck my couch." He said.

"No, it seems you fucked my sis. You know what comes next…" Naruto cocked his SPAS.

10 minutes later.

"We are gathered here today to force this man, and this woman in holy matrimony." Mei said. "Any person who can show good cause why these two so not be wed, please speak now so Naruto can shoot you."

Naruto cocked his gun.


I'm redoing my Naruto in DC story. Making a lot of changes the biggest one, aside from the harem being small, is I might make it a femNaruto.

Also will start a Naruto Star Wars crossover.

Pending on which Star Wars story I do it might be femNaruto or not. Not sure 100% right now.