Naruto/High School of the Dead crossover

Will have some charters from Naruto in it other than Naruto and his parents.

Will have elements of Crysis 2 and Resident Evil

For Resident Evil it will have some of the characters such as

Jill and Rebecca will have others as I see fit

And infected monsters

For Crisis 2 it will have the suit. Because it's the most realistic badass suit there is.

Naruto Harem

For sure Saeko/Shizuka/Rika/Yuuki/Saya/Jill/Rebecca/

And 4 or more mystery girls from Naruto.


Rei –If I kill off Takashi

Toshimi and Misuzu - will go together if they get Naruto

Kyoko - if I feel like it

I'll take suggestions from review if anyone has any. Please stick to Naruto, HotD and Resident Evil (Games and movies)


Death Knight of the DEAD

As Naruto pointed his gun at this evil man's head his HUD went off.

Threat Detected


Naruto looked up to see a bus halling ass down the street about 100 meters from them. Using Vision Mode he saw that zombies were in with them and they were all dead. He moved from Shido and moved Shizuka as kindly as he could. Naruto then got into the driver's seat and drove the bus moved from the other bus' path.

"Whoa!" Kohta said as he saw the explosion.

"We should leave here now. Who knows what this is going to attract." Saeko said out loud.

Naruto nodded and offered the driver's seat to Shizuka again. He looked as sorry as he could for her to get he didn't mean any harm.

"It's ok." Shizuka said in her cheery voice. She got back in the driver's seat and drove the bus away from the burning one.

The whole group was quite until Saya had enough.

"Alright we're safe enough right now. So new guy, care to tell who you are?" Saya asked with her glasses on. Glaring right into his visor. Naruto was luck he had a mask on. Otherwise they'd all see him sweat.

'I swear what is it with me and my attraction to violent girls? Dad I blame you for this.' His mom made a joke about how Naruto seems to like girls who are 'feisty' as she put it just like his father. 'Ok, if there is a god, help would be nice.'

"Hello where waiting." Saya said to Naruto although he can't talk.

Naruto pointed to his mouth and shook his head no. "Saya he can't talk." Kohta said to her.

"I bet he just doesn't want to talk. He is a monster. Look at what he did to me!" Shido said. "He was going to kill me."

"Doesn't seem like a monster to me." Rei said under her breath.

"Then give him a pen and paper, you can write can you?" Saya asked.

Naruto nodded. Takuzou handed him a pad and a pen.

"What is your name?" Saya demanded.

Naruto thought about it. But went with the only name he could think of, other than his own. He didn't want them to feel the pain of him being Naruto.


Everyone nodded. "Alright Alcatraz. What do you know of this outbreak? Your suit seems to know if there is an infection in a person." Saya asked again.

Naruto wrote down what he knew.

All I know is that Umbrella is behind this.

"Liar! Umbrella doesn't make something like this!" Shido said. He knew where his father's money came from. If nothing else.

Naruto shook his head no then wrote again, based on the memories he has from the real Alcatraz.

The mansion incident near Raccoon city and Raccoon city as well as the outbreak in Africa are all real. As well as some others that were never made public.

All he could do was tell what he knew, if they believed him or not was not his problem.

"I think I should ask the nest question. Why can't you talk?" Kohta asked.

Naruto wrote what he knew.

Don't know.

"What do you mean you don't know?" Saya yelled at him.

Naruto wrote another thing down.

I just don't. Drop it.

Saya huffed.

"Alright, do you have any contacts that can aid us right now?" Saeko asked. She had common since to know that a person like this wouldn't be out here alone.


That made everyone a little happy and relieved.

"So can you lead us to where they are at?" Takashi asked.

Naruto willed himself to do a few things, he allowed them to here the mission about the mall.

Mission Objective: Get to the Mall

"The mall?" Kohta asked. "Who or what is there."

Jill Valentine and Rebecca Chambers

"Can they help us?" Saeko asked.

Naruto nodded.

"Alright, it seems we are heading to the mall." Takashi said out loud. "Shizuka, let's get moving. Head to the mall." Luckily there was only one in this area.

"Alright, buckle up." She said with a smile.

"With what?" Kyoko asked, there were no seat belts.

"Hey! Don't we get a vote!" One of Shido's cult members yelled.

"Why should you? One of our group members is driving, on top of that, the majority has ruled on it. We go to the Mall." Rei to him with spite.

"But we should have a say in it too. I mean how do we know that this guy is even telling the truth huh!? For all we know he's the one who started this whole thing." He said accusingly pointing at Naruto.

Naruto just rolled his eyes.

"No way! Alcatraz saved us when we were as good as dead!" Toshimi and Misuzu yelled in his defense.

"And me as well when this broke out at the school." Kyoko said pushing her glasses up.

"Maybe he's just playing nice so he can kill us later! I say we ditch him here!" Another cult member the blond one said.

"NO!" Kohta yelled. Fearing that Alcatraz would take his guns away. "If we do that, not only would we lose someone that could save our lives but he would also take his guns away. You think the guns I'm holding now are mine!?" Kohta told him.

'Figures that Kohta would say something about my guns.' Naruto thought.

"This man, Alcatraz, has proven to be not only useful but honorable. If he says that they are people who can help us at the Mall then I believe him. As do the rest of our group." Saeko said with wisdom beyond her years.

"As do I. He saved our butts more times in the last few hours than anyone of us could count. On top of that, he can kill 'them' with his bare hands and with his guns. Speaking of which, you're going to have to teach us how to shoot soon if we are going to help you Alcatraz." Takashi said to Naruto.

Naruto nodded. Then Naruto's HUD went off.

Survivors Detected

'This thing can pick up survivors too?' He asked himself. He held up his hand balled into a fist hoping that someone would know what it meant.

"Um… stop, you want us to stop?" Kohta asked. Naruto nodded.

"Shizuka stop." Saeko said.

Shizuka did. "Why are we stopping?" She asked.

Everyone looked at Alcatraz. "We should just keep moving, who cares what this freak says!" Another Shido cult fanatic yelled.

Naruto wrote something on his pad and showed it to Saeko.

I'm detecting survivors nearby.

"You sure?" Saeko asked. Naruto nodded. "Where?" Naruto checked his HUD.

About 50 meters North West. Make a right. I'll direct.

He showed Saeko.

"Very well. Shizuka make a right."

"Ok." Shizuka did.

Naruto gave directions to where he, or his suit really, detected survivors. How this suit could he didn't know nor did her really care. He'd go with it. He can't do much else. He 'told' Shizuka to stop.

"Here?" She asked he nodded. Naruto was regretting not knowing sign language. He wrote on his pad

If I'm not back in 3 minutes, leave.

"Alright. Please hurry. I don't know how long Shido and his little band of followers will stay quite." Saeko told him.

Naruto nodded and got off the bus. His HUD was giving him a general direction to the survivors. He found the home they were in, he had no way to know how many survivors or infected. He opened the door slowly and saw the home was dark. He got the living room and he froze again.

System Override

Naruto did what the suit told him.

Predator Vision enabled.

The world that Naruto now saw was blue for the most part.

Predator Vision allows the user to see 40 meters X-Ray vision in all directions. Naruto looked up and a little to his right. He saw two people but they were being shown to him as green. Green represents infected. He looked a little to the left of that, he saw another person but they were blue, a different shade of blue then his new vision shows him and he could see their skeleton like he did with the zombies that were green. Blue are unarmed civilians. Naruto looked near his feet and saw a body that was green for the most part but had a little blue. Predator Vision also shows infection level in a percent. It showed 77% for the young woman by the looks of it. All infection beyond 60% are beyond treatment. He saw about 30 meters away at another street 3 people with guns but they were red. Red are hostiles. Predator Vision requites suit energy.

Naruto kept it on as he moved upstairs. He saw the two infected zombies and shot them both in the head with one bullet. He heard a gasp from the other side of the door. He moved to the door and knocked on it a few times.

"Um… hello?" Naruto heard from the other side of the door.

'Why does that voice sound so familiar?' He asked himself. 'Dammit, I am still unable to talk.' With his Predator vision still on he looked at the bus, he saw a few of them agreeing. Or at least it look like it. He had no time for this.

He heard the door crake open and a head picked out of the door. "Is it safe?" She asked seeing a man in body armor. Or at least it looks like body armor. Naruto nodded. Then the woman rushed to hug him. "Thank you thank you thank you. The door was giving way, and I don't know how long it would hold.

Naruto turned off his new vision and saw who had the familiar voice. 'Oh shit! It's Hinata!?' He could believe it. Her asshole of a father sent her off to an all girl school about 3 years ago when he had heard that they were dating. Hadn't seen her in over 2 mouths, as they could get together for long or often.

"Um, do have a car or something? We need to go sir." She said politely.

'Same old Hinata. I wonder… does she know I'm dead?' He asked himself. He prayed that she wouldn't find out too fast. He had been friends with him for as Saya had. The three of them where the 2 genesis' and the dumb blond. He wasn't dumb… was he?

He lead her to the stairs, only to see the dead body up and about. He forgot to put a bullet in its head. Now he wished he did, it was Hanabi, Hinata's little sister. He heard Hinata gasp in shock and sadness that got its attention. Naruto hesitated for a moment, but then did what needed to be done. He shot it in its head. Ending her suffering. Hinata cried on his shoulder,

'She did that a lot now days.' He thought.

He lead her to the door, and pointed to the bus, Takashi and Rei were outside keeping an eye on things. Hinata began running, which bounced her D almost DD cub breasts as she did. Many guys drools. Luckily many of them were of Shido's cult, expendable.

"Rei! Hey Rei!" Hinata called out. Not knowing about the sound hunting zombies.

"Hinata? Hinata your alive!" Both girls hugged each other, tightly.

"It's good to see you again Hinata." Takashi said kindly to her. They were friends nothing more.

"You too Takashi. Is Naruto on board. I haven't seen him in a while." She said hopefully. Both became down at Naruto's name.

However that didn't last long.

Threat Detected

Naruto turned around and saw some more mutated licker zombies. 3 of them. Naruto wasted no time firing on the things with his SCAR.

"Get on get on!" Saya yelled at the 3 teens. They obeyed.

"Alcatraz! Hurry up man!" Kohta said form an opened window giving as much support as he could.

One jumped on Naruto and they were fighting on the ground. Shido had a grin on his face hoping that he would die.

Naruto proved to be too much for this licker and shoved his knife in his head killing it. The 2nd one tried to jump over him to the canned lunch meat, AKA the bus, Naruto grabbed its leg and stopped it. He then grabbed its head and ribbed it off. Many of the girls covered their eye from the gore. The last one charged him as well when his back was turned, Kohta shot it a few times slowing it down, and Naruto just grabbed it by the neck, snapped it and tossed it aside.

"Alright!" Kohta yelled in victory.

Naruto just dropped the empty magazine and began to walk to the bus. Then he froze.

System Failure

Was all over his HUD. He fell to his knees, he felt so weak. He couldn't move.

Intergrading new T-Virus strain… stand by.

'Is that what this is all about?' Naruto lay on the ground as he had no power or strength to move.

"Alcatraz are you alright man!?" Takashi yelled.

"It seems that he has reached his limit, let us go before more of those things come for us." Shido said with his normal grin.

"No, we'll leave no one behind. Kohta help me out will ya. You to Takuzou."

"Yeah sure no problem." Kohta got up.

"I'm on it." Takuzou got up from his girlfriends embrace.

"I'll assist as well." Saeko got up to help them.

It took all four of their strength, but they managed to get him on the bus.

"Man you weigh a ton Alcatraz. What gives, is it the suit?" Kohta said rubbing his sore shoulder.

"Let's go Shizuka." Saeko said.

"On it." She put the pedal to the metal.

"We should have just left him. He's dead weight now!" The blond one again yelled.

"He's still alive and so we will help him." Saeko said sternly.

This group was falling apart almost from the core. Rei wanted to leave but if Alcatraz is going to kill Shido, like he almost did had that one bus didn't stop him, she didn't want to miss it. She could bare Shido and his filth a little longer for the greatest, or 2nd, greatest thing that would happen to her. Shido's screams as he dies. She could wait a little longer. Takashi didn't know why Rei Shido, sure he's an ass, but that didn't weren't such hate. But he didn't know. Hinata was looking around for the one man she loved but not finding him.

"Takashi, Saya, Rei were is Naruto? I know he's a survivor he could live through this so where is he? Is he… is he…" Hinata was about to break down.

Saeko walked up behind Hinata. They too were friends, but didn't know each other long. "Hinata. I am sorry to say that Naruto and his family died last week in a fire. I am sorry." Saeko said with sadness and pity for Hinata.

"He's… he's…" She cried. Cried for the lost of the one man she loved. She knew that he was dating around with two others, but they didn't care. They could wait until he made a choice. Now that was never going to happen.

Back with Naruto his vision was hazy, at best.

Intergradations' complete. System restart.

Naruto got up slowly getting the attention of the people in the bus. He saw that Hinata was crying her eyes out again. She must have been told about his 'death' in the fire. He couldn't tell her otherwise. It was for the best that she believed that he had died.

"Alcatraz what the hell just happened!?" Jill was yelling at him. "Your systems went nuts, I've been trying to get a hold of you for the last few minutes. What did you do?" She asked.

"I don't believe it." Naruto heard the other voice in his head, Rebecca. "Jill did you see that? Did you see that!?"

"What the hell am I looking for!?"

"Alcatraz absorbed some of the T-Virus. The suit can absorb it and make himself stronger. Amazing. I never thought."

"What Rebecca, isn't that bad for Alcatraz? What if he gets infected?" That scared Naruto.

"He won't. The suit makes him immune to the T-Virus negative effects. He and the suit will get stronger. Also with this I can make a cure for the T-Virus faster. Alcatraz be on the lookout for more high level infected like those lickers alright? Only something of that high of concentration of the T-virus will help me. Also it will help your suit get stronger the more it absorbs, but still be careful. Alright?" Rebecca sighed off.

Jill just sighed. "That girl. Be safe Alcatraz." She too sighed off.

Naruto stood up and everyone looked, almost everyone, relieved.

"You alright Alcatraz?" Saeko asked, he nodded.

"You scared us man, we thought you were a goner." Kohta was happy. I mean Alcatraz is such a badass that he wouldn't die to some low level monsters. It would take the final boss to kill him, if this was a game of course.

Naruto looked outside, it seems that no one was alive for a good distance. His HUD showed about 100 meter radius. There were a lot of green dots but not much else. But he also noticed something else, it was getting dark. He tapped Saeko on the shoulder to get her attention.

"Yes? What is it Alcatraz?" Naruto pointed to his write like if he had a watch. "The time? I'm afraid I don't have a watch." She answered. He shook his head no and pointed to the sky outside and again to his wrist. It took a moment for Saeko to get it. "It's getting dark." She realized. It had been a trying day she didn't notice.

"So?" One of the cultists said.

"You don't get it do you? When it's dark it's hard to see at night. I know you missed 1st grade basics and all." Saya insulted the kid. "But it will be harder to see the zombies at night, making it dangerous for us tonight if we stayed out much later." Saya told him.


Naruto stood up to him making the kid back down.

"Look we don't need to fight. Let's just find some place to crash for a bit. Get some rest and not worry about these things eating us." Takashi told the group.

"Oh oh! I know! I know a place we can rest for a bit! And it's near a store and the river!" Shizuka said cheerfully.

"You do? Where?" Kohta asked.

"My friend's apartment. I have a key and everything. We can stay there for a while and stock up and food and water while we are there! She even has a car we can use. It's more like a tank on wheels!" Shizuka told them with a smile.

"Any place would do as long as they have a working shower." Saya said stretching a little.

"I'm sold." Takuzou said.

"Me too." Naomi followed suit.

"Then we go. Let's get there soon Shizuka." Takashi told their driver.

"Right." Shizuka began driving to her friend's home.

Meanwhile in the back Shido and his head follower, the blond, were looking at 'Alcatraz' very closely. "We need to kill him, but how? He's stronger than us." The blond one said.

"Stranger, yes. Smarter, no. We will outsmart him. You saw that he, shut down, after that small fight, we will just have to kill him after that and say he died a hero. Then I'll take that suit of his for my own and I will be god like." Shido said.

"Right. I'm with you Shido-sensei."

However they didn't know that Naruto's hearing was far greater than normal.

Warning… Threat Detected.

The suit told him about the threat of Shido and his little gathering. Naruto was just binding his time. He was wondering how to kill Shido and any of his little band. He was waiting for an 'excuse' to kill them. And thinking of the best way to do so. So far on the top of the list was to break their arms and legs and let the zombies go at them. But that seems a little unoriginal. But so far was winning. As just killing him wouldn't do.

It was a little while before they made it to Shizuka's friend's apartment.

"Not bad. A good spot for us to rest for the night. Let us go." Saeko said.

The group, and Shido's cult, got off the bus and then they saw a few zombies coming out of the wood-work. Naruto held his hand up telling them to stop. All of them were just low level nothings. All but one. One was hiding among the normal zombies and waiting. It was smart. Naruto just walked up to them and took them down with a knife. Then he came up to the last one. This one had eyes… and saw him. However that wasn't the scary or most alarming part about it. Its hands were in the jacket packets that it had on. Then it lunged at him. It's figures worn away from decay, they were now sharp finger bone claws. To him, nothing, but to normal people. Deadly. Naruto just ripped off its hands and knocked off its head. However to be sure he stepped on it destroying its head.

However Naruto's suit lost power again.

New T-virus strain added… Stand by

Shido saw this opportunity to kill him. However he was being watched like a hawk by Rei.

New strain added. System reboot. Suit upgraded.

Naruto got his power back. Also a new toy for his suit. That never hurt.

"You alright Alcatraz?" Saeko asked. He nodded. He took his pad from Kohta and wrote something down.

It seems when I come into contact with a new strain of the T-Virus, that's what Umbrella made and what it is called, my suit powers down to accept it. However I get a new suit enhancement for it.

"Oh? That's helpful. What did you get?" Saeko asked with curiosity.

He wrote. A greater range on my Predator Vision. Its good, trust me.

She nodded. Trusting him with that. Shido in the back just grinded his teeth in anger. He had a change. But this world will offer him more. He could wait, like a snake ready to strike.

The place was secured and the large group breathed in a sigh of relief the first time in a long time. While they were doing that Naruto was taking inventory of his guns. Kohta was helping him.

"We are going to take a bath Takashi, Kohta, Alcatraz." Saeko said to the 3 men in the group close to her, a little more than just friends. Good friends would describe it best. "Oh, by the way. Alcatraz would get us some food at the store nearby? It would be greatly appreciated." Saeko asked of him. Naruto nodded. "Thank you, you are a good man." Again Naruto nodded.

Naruto watched as the girls in his life left to the bath room. He wanted to tell Yuuki, Saeko and Hinata that he was alive. He really did. But he didn't know if it would ease their pain or only make it greater. He would think about that later though, he had a mission to do.

New Mission Objective: Gather supplies at the nearby store.

'This suit has a since of humor.' Naruto thought to himself. Naruto emptied his bag of guns on the kitchen table. He then grabbed Kohta, Takuzou and Takashi. He wrote on his pad.

I'm leaving you in charge of my guns until I return. If Shido or one of his cult members ask for any of them. Terminate them.

He told them. Takashi was little put off by that. Kohta could be happier. Oh how he wished they would ask for one of the guns. Takuzou just nodded. He didn't care either way. He would protect his girlfriend. He would listen Alcatraz if it meant that she would be safe.

Naruto took a SCAR and a G36C with him with lots of clips to get to the store and back. He also took a few duffel bags to fill with as much food as possible. He grabbed his pad and wrote.

I'll be back

Kohta and Takashi laughed a bit. A Terminator quote.

Naruto jumped over the wall and, while using his knife, took out as many of the zombies on his way.

"So… Takashi, how long before he gets back?" Kohta asked.

Takashi thought about it. "5 minutes." He guessed. "How long before trouble finds us?"

"6." Kohta said. Both laughed a bit and went to work protecting the guns, while Naomi and Takuzou watched TV about the end of the world.

With Naruto he ran for the most part, but running faster than most people ever could takes up his suit energy. All of the sudden there was a flash when he passed by a light. He shook his head clear of the blinding flash just now and continued on.

'I wonder what that was?' He thought. He moved on, his HUD giving him directions to the shore that he needed to find. It was a Gas and Munch. It would have at least a few things in it that would be useful, unless the people cleaned it out. He opened the door and turned on his Predator Vision

Predator Vision Enabled

'That's going to get annoying fast.' He thought to himself. He looked around, the place was bare. A few things of chips here and there, for the most part only the whine and a few beer bottles were around. There was blood on the ground but there was no bodies, infected or otherwise for at least 40 meters. With the upgrade he could see, with Predator Vision, up to 70 meters now. That was nice. He grabbed what was on the shelves however lady luck just loves Naruto. He knew that in a panic most people wouldn't think too hard about a store like this and the inventory in the back. And he was right, he broke the lock and found the back as full as if it was restocked the day before this went down. He grabbed 2 packs of 40 bottled water with the plastic still on it. That would last awhile. Then he moved on the food. This place wouldn't have real food, just snacks and junk food. But that would do for now. He grabbed all sorts of candy, chips, sweets and a god send in a situation like this. Beef Jerky. Lots of it. That'll help. He also got canned chili for them. Then he got lucky. This place had bacon. Lots of bacon. He grabbed them and some hotdogs. At least the others would have 1 good meal. They could have bacon, beans and dogs all in one. If he could cook. He had hope that one of them could.

He himself wondered. He hadn't eaten in over a week yet he wasn't hungry or thirsty. I guess the suit feed his body or something like that.

Most of his bags were full. He had one more that was almost empty. On his way to get some more beef jerky. He saw something. And for some reason his instincts were telling him to fill his last with that stuff. So he did. With his 4 large duffel bags full of supplies of food he moved to the small hard were supplies. He grabbed medicine, bandages and other stuff of the like. He grabbed batteries and flashlights. This place had the good kind, 'Maglights' not that cheap shity plastic kind. He even grabbed some tools to use just in case and some spark plugs. Again just in case. It seemed the suit upped his thought process. He knew he was no Saya, but still he was now smart in survival. With all that gone he went to leave. However something again caught his eye. Or his visor eye. His Predator Vision saw a gun, still loaded with extra shots. He went over the counter and grabbed it, it was a SPAS shotgun. 8 rounds in with 22 rounds extra. Whoever this guy was he was prepared. On his way out he grabbed some whine. Why not you know?

Naruto began running back as fast as he could. Or as long as his new suit would allow. His HUD went off at the sounds of gun fire. It pin pointed the source to where his group were. 'Great. They better have a hell of a reason for this.' He thought. He began to run faster.

Survivors Detected.

On his HUD Naruto saw about 7 or 8 survivors. Of course all he really saw on his HUD were blue dots. About 6 of them were inside a building and two of them were outside. Obviously the 6 on the inside wouldn't let the 2 on the outside in.

When Naruto was in range he engaged. Killing zombie after zombie. When he got a good look at one of the two it was Takashi.

Threat Detected.

His 3D mapping showed a new kind of zombie. Except in was only an outline of it. That got him wondering. However he had an idiot to save. Naruto also heard barking of some kind. Almost like a dog but not. It was weird. Naruto moved in talking out more of the lesser zombies. It seemed the invisible one, as such a thought scared the hell out of him, left.

"Watch out big brother!" Naruto heard a little girl yell. Then Naruto heard a gunshot. He paid it little mind, as he worked on the zombie hoard with his SCAR.

Back at the house.

"What do you mean you can't find the keys!" Saya yelled at a dizzy Shizuka.

Naruto worked and worked on the hoard but they just kept coming. Deciding that a tactical retreat was in order he jumped over the wall.

"Big brother another one!" The little girl yelled. Takashi turned around and pointed his gun, but he saw it was Alcatraz.

"Oh, Alcatraz, you scared the… you scared me." He PGed his sentence.

Naruto nodded.

"Is he with you big brother?" The little girl asked.

"Yeah, he's with me. His name is Alcatraz. But he can't talk back so asked him something later. Okay?" Takashi told her.

"Um, big brother, big brother Achy." She said, giving Naruto a nick name.


"My daddy… he died." She said tearing up. Takashi looked down in sadness at the girl and her loss. He put a white bed sheet over his head and put a flower on it.

"Your daddy died protecting you. He was a good dad." Alice too put a flower on his make-shift grave then cried her eyes out on Takashi's arm. The little fox near her started to rub against the little girl to comfort her.

Naruto looked at the exotic pet. Never thought he'd see a fox here. The little girl hugged the fox to her.

"Man my bike is trashed. And they'll break down that gate in no time. Alcatraz I hate to ask this of you. But can you make a diversion so that me and… um what's your name?" He asked the little girl.

"My name is Alice big brother."

"So me and Alice can escape. Again I hate to ask it of you but…" Takashi trailed off. He didn't want to sound like he was going to sacrifice him or anything. Naruto nodded. Naruto then handed him his 5 bags of supplies. "Wow, you got all of them. Man they're heavy." Naruto put all 5 bags on Takashi in a way where his body carried the weight not his arms. Naruto nodded at them and then hopped the wall once more. Then started shooting to get them away from the gate. It was working. Kohta had stopped firing so the zombies would come after them right now. Naruto with his armor on these things weren't anything to him. Even without his armor they could get past the suit's natural armor. He ran out of bullets for his SCAR but seeing at Takashi and Alice and the fox were away he didn't need to use anymore. However it would take too much energy to kill them all and he could lead them back to his group. He made his choice he moved through the hoard, as they could do nothing to him, and made it to the door of the house of the people that killed Alice's father were hiding in.

With Kohta he was looking at Alcatraz through his scoop. Saeko with her binoculars.

"What is Alcatraz doing?" She asked out loud.

"I don't know." Kohta responded.

But they soon go their answer.

'These 'people' are expendable.' He thought. Then Naruto knocked down the door to the people inside.

"What!? What the hell are you doing!" One of them yelled.

Naruto walked in a bit, then the hoard of zombies walked passed him for the fresh meat inside the home.

"Oh shit!" The guy that killed Alice's father got two before he was over whelmed. Then the rest of the group was then surrounded and was now being eating by the Zombies. Naruto saw that there were nothing but adults in this group. If a child was in here he would have saved him or her. But these people were in this world to survive at any cost, even killing a man and his daughter. People like this are dangerous and those must be terminated.

"Holy shit!" Kohta yelled in shock. Alcatraz just killed a group of people allowing the zombies to eat them.

Saeko was sickened by his actions. Nothing could defend such an action.

Naruto walked out of the house, hearing the screams of the people he had got killed. But he felt nothing. No shame or pain. As far as he was concerned he was going to sleep like a baby tonight. Naruto reached for his belt grabbed a special grenade popped the top pressed the button and tossed it over his shoulder into the living room of the people, who were still screaming, he just walked away. Soon everyone in his group saw a blue light come the door and the screams stopped. Inside there was nothing left of the people Naruto had gotten killed or of the zombies, say for their charred bones.

Naruto walked to his group and were they were staying. When he walked in the room he say his group and they were glaring at him. He reached for his note pad and wrote.


"You know what Alcatraz! You killed those people!" Saeko could forgive a lot. But murder was not one of them.


"What do you mean so? You got innocent people killed!" Takashi yelled.

What I did to them was no different than what they did to Alice. They killed her father and left her to die at the hands of those monster. All I did was terminate people who are a threat to other's survival. People like that must be terminated.

"So if we just left others to die you'd kill us too?" Saeko asked.

No. None of you would do that. Takashi's actions along with the rest of you showed that you would help if you can. Those people could have helped. All they had to do was open the door and saved a man and his daughter, they didn't, they killed Alice's father and she was defenseless. I would kill 100 more people like that if it meant all of you would survive.

Naruto defended his actions.

On top if that I most likely killed about 50 or so zombies just now. That ups all survivors survival rate.

Saeko's rage at this man dulled a little. Murder was murder. But what he did was execute. A slight difference. "Let's just put it out of our minds. It is best that way. Will you still protect us?" Saeko asked. It seemed she was the leader of the group. Alcatraz would be… if he could talk.

With my life and everything I have.

Saeko nodded. There was nothing she could have said to make him feel guilt over killing those people. But then again, they did ask for it.

It was then that Naruto noticed the attire of all of the girls… or lack thereof.

Warning… Warning… elevated temperature detected.

Naruto felt a little light headed. He felt his nose bleeding.

'Dammit the least this suit can do is stop the bleeding. I'll die of blood lose if not these damn zombies!'

"Oh, I found the keys! They were in between my boobs the whole time." Shizuka said showing the keys that were in her breasts.

"You ditzy klutz!" Saya yelled as she hit Shizuka over the head with a mallet.

"Waaa!' Shizuka whined.

Naruto didn't want to deal with this so he got the bottle of wine he had in the bag and handed it to Shizuka.

"Oh wow! Virgin Cheery wine! My favorite! Thank you Alcatraz!" She said hugging the young man. Her massive breasts pressing up against his hard chest.

Warning… Warning… elevated temperature detected.

'I suppose there are worse ways to go.' Naruto thought. He managed to get away from the ditzy nurse, who was now enjoying some of the wine leaving some for the others and her friend if she ever sees her again, and noticed that the safe was opened.

"Hey Alcatraz, we got the safe open, we got a few more guns and bullets. I know your low, so you should stock… HOLY SHIT THE GUNS ARE GONE!"

Naruto notices this instantly. All of the guns he had in the bag were gone. There was only one person would do it. Shido. Naruto was fearful for his friends. He saw one of the cult members Yamada. But he looked a little frightened. Naruto rushed him. Grabbed him by the throat and took him to the others.

"YOU!" Kohta yelled. Knowing him to be a Shido follower. "Where are the others of your little cult!?" Kohta yelled.

"Answer, or Alcatraz will kill you." Saeko was also worried about the missing guns.

"They… they left not a… moment ago, with the guns. They… went down stairs that… all I know. I swear!" Yamada managed to rasp out.

Predator Vision enabled

Naruto looked around, he saw them all 6 of them in the room next to them below. By the looks of it, they were having sex. Figures. Naruto let go of Yamada and he took in sweat air. He told Kohta, Takashi, and the rest to follow him, just not in words. As they did they grabbed what guns they had on them. Naruto lead with his SPAS. He got to the door and kicked it down, he Kohta and Takashi were on his left and right. What they saw sickened them. The two girls were in between two guys each. One had their dick on their mouths while the other had it in their ass. By the looks of the girls, this was unwanted the tears in their eyes was the only evidence they needed. All of the guys looked at Naruto in fear.

Shido wondered why his 'bitch' wasn't moving anymore. He had a book over his eyes and was setting in a chair. Lazy bastard.

The girls looked on in relief, they hoped that Alcatraz would save them from being violated anymore than they already have.

Naruto's anger and rage was building. So was the others. Naruto didn't waste any more time thinking. He moved to the first boy and used the butt end of his SPAS and hit him over his head. Then did the same for the other boy on Taniuchi. He then moved on the blond one and back handed him knocking him away like he did to the other two. He then moved to Shido. The fear in his eyes was something that Rei and Kohta would not soon forget. Naomi and Hinata were with Alice they didn't need to see this. Naruto then hit him in the chest with his SPAS knocking him back. When the girls were free of their tormentors Naruto dropped his shot gun and grabbed them by the shirts and dragged them to the door, when they got there they rushed out, only to vomit sperm of the boys that raped them.

Naruto looked sickened. He should have kill Shido when he had the chance, now these girls will live with the fact they've been raped. Naruto pointed at Shizuka Toshimi, Misuzu and Kyoko pointed at Kawamoto and Taniuchi then pointed to their apartment.

The girls figured what he wanted them to do. They rushed the girls to the bath room the clean them up and to comfort them.

Naruto looked back at the rapist one was going for the guns, which they left near the door, Naruto just smashed his hand with his boot. Crushing every bone in his hand. Then back handed him. He pointed to Saya, Takashi, and Saeko then to the guns and then to their apartment. The 3 nodded, there would be no arguing with Alcatraz right now.

He then forced Kohta and Rei in the room with him. He closed the door slowly… ever so creepy like. He pointed at the door and shock his head no. They figured he meant 'no one leaves'.

He then turned around to the frightened boys and Shido using each of them as a human shield.

Naruto had waited for this for years. Both Kohta and Rei always waited for this for years… Shido was fucked.


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