Naruto/High School of the Dead crossover

Will have some charters from Naruto in it other than Naruto and his parents.

Will have elements of Crysis 2 and Resident Evil

For Resident Evil it will have some of the characters such as

Jill and Rebecca will have others as I see fit

And infected monsters

For Crisis 2 it will have the suit. Because it's the most realistic badass suit there is.

Naruto Harem

For sure Saeko/Shizuka/Rika/Yuuki/Saya/Jill/Rebecca/

Naruto girls that Naruto will get


I'll keep the others a mystery for now 3 more for sure no more than 4 more.


Kyoko - if I feel like it


Takashi will stay alive, as more people wanted him alive then dead.

Harem update

Takashi will get Rei and maybe a girl or 2 from Naruto, not sure he will have no more than 3 girls.

Kohta will get Asami and her boss maybe a girl from Naruto. But no more than 3 girls

Toshimi and Misuzu will be with each other. Friends love.

Kawamoto and Taniuchi will also be with each other.


Mistrust and DEAD

The sun couldn't rise fast enough in Naruto's opinion. This would be the last sun rise Shido or his little band would ever see. When the sun peaked over some buildings he knew it was time. He had kept watch all night. No new zombies or humans all night. He also made sure that Shido or his little band didn't off themselves before their execution.

He made his way to the dining room where the groups were eating pancakes with eggs, bacon and sausage. Although Saeko was a little apprehensive about the execution that was to take place soon she didn't fight it. Rape was unforgivable.

Warning… Warning… elevated temperature detected

Naruto hated Saeko right now. She seems to be teasing him right now. She was still in her apron and thong. 'That sexy minx! Damn that man! Damn him to hell! Not you Alcatraz.' He meant Shido's 'all important' daddy.

Kohta and Rei were unnaturally quite right now. Both really excited. Now Rei was really happy for not leaving. If Alcatraz keep's his 'word' Shido would die today.

After breakfast the group assembled around Naruto. His 4 prisoners nearby. Naruto started.

We are gathered here today to celebrate the 'untimely' passing of Shido and his Shidoist cult.

Naruto joked and Rei and Kohta laughed a bit.

But being serious, they will be executed. But they will still serve a purpose in their death. Hinata, Takashi, Rei and Takuzou step forward.

Naruto asked them. The 4 did.

I'll make this simple. Shido and his 3 follow rapist will be used as living targets.

The group gasped.

I need you to take a life not tainted by the T-Virus. Umbrella has soldiers in Japan and they will kill you if they can. I need to break you out of being afraid of killing a living human being. Although Shido can't be called human.

"But… do use them, even a guy like Shido, for target practice? Isn't that a little cruel?" Takashi asked.

"NO!" Rei, Kohta, Taniuchi and Kawamoto all said at the same time.

"Hey! You can't kill us! We have rights!" One of the cult members yelled.

Naruto walked up to him and smacked him hard over his head.

Rei smirked. "I'm sure that if Alcatraz could speak he'd say that you are all found guilty and are sentenced to death. Isn't that right Alcatraz?" Naruto nodded.

I will take them to the roof across from the patio, pick your targets. I'm sure Rei you want Shido, I'll save him for last. Pick the weapons that feel right in your hands, for that will be the gun you use the most in this new world. Don't worry about zombies hearing us. My radar see's for about 200 meters now and there is not one within 200 meters of this house. Kohta get them set up. We leave as soon as where done. Hinata I want you to go first, Takashi you 2nd then Takuzou 3rd and Rei last. Alright?

The 4 nodded. He nodded back.

"No please my students don't let this monster kill me!" Shido begged. But all he got was smirked from Rei and Kohta.

"I envy you Rei. You get to kill Shido. I'll forever envy you for this." Kohta said with a gleam in his eye.

"You shouldn't be happy or excited about taking a life." Saeko said.

"And why should we be excited about killing Shido!? I don't know Rei's reasons for hating him but I have my own! That asswhipe allowed his so called 'A-class' students pick on me, saying that I deserved it! He deserves to die!" Kohta yelled in his defiance.

"Big sis. What's an asswhipe?" Alice asked Saya.

"You lardo, watch your mouth!" She yelled.

"Sorry. Alice don't say that word again. Alright?"


Saeko looked at Rei. "What?"

"Why do you hate Shido so much?" She asked Rei.

"Long story. I'll make it short. My dad was investigating Shido's father Ichirou Shido, the politician, for corruption at the highest level." She then held her AK that Kohta handed her tightly. "When he knew of it. Ichirou told his son Shido to hold me back a year as punishment for my father trying to expose him." She started to cry.

"I see. I'm sorry." Saeko felt some sympathy for her.

"That's not why I hate him!" Rei yelled. Everyone was shocked. They looked at her wondering why then. "About a week ago I heard my father crying in his study. He was with mom, my father said he was opening a new case against Ichirou Shido, he said he needed to investigate his involvement with… with… with the murder of the Namikaze family." Rei wanted to cry. Everyone was shocked.

"What!?" Yuuki yelled beating Saeko to it.

"My father said that there was evidences of a possible connection to Ichirou Shido and the death of Naruto and his family. That is when I truly started to hate Shido like I do now. My father told my mother that Naruto's father was also investigating Ichirou but with more success. Shido's father had Naruto and his family killed and me held back to punish my father, all to keep his power. That's why I hate Shido and his father. That is why if I ever get a clear shot at Shido's father and I can take it. I'm taking it. For Naruto so he can rest in peace."

Yuuki, Hinata and Saeko were holding back tears of pain. Saeko no longer felt bad for the death of Shido, or the soon to be death. And Hinata, she no longer felt any guilt killing any of them.


"Yes Hinata?"

"When you're shooting at Shido. I might need some more practice." She said to her friend.

Rei smiled. "Sure." The group almost felt sorry for Shido. Almost.

Naruto made it to the roof of the home across from them. He waved them ready.

"Alright, you're trying to hit the head like if they were zombies. But all try to get kill shots like if they are these Umbrella Soldier guys Alcatraz was talking about. Kill shots are the head and the heart, those are the basic kill shots. Hinata your up." Kohta gave them a small overview.

"Okay, I'm ready." Hinata grabbed the one gun that felt right in her hands. It was a CM901. One of the more controlled types of guns. Less recoil if used in semi-auto. It also had a red dot on it.

"Ok, this is a CM901 assault rifle. Standard really, however you have a red dot sight. That helps a lot. Hold the gun tightly but not too tight. Only you can judge how tight is too tight. The red dot is where the bullet will end up. The recoil will effect where the bullet ends up as well. Be sure to breath. Take your time now, but later you will be in a crunch. Good luck. Aim for the head." He repeated but he gave some good advice.

Hinata did as she was told. She aimed for the head of one boy, she didn't know his name that would be pointless. She then fired.

"AHH!" Hinata cringed, she missed the head. She hit his right shoulder first. She calmed down, took another breath, then fired. This one hit his neck, a little to the side from the middle.

"That's a kill if on a person. Now try to get the head." Kohta said looking with the binoculars.

She took another breath, then fired. Getting a head shot.

"Head shot. Nice work Hinata." Kohta said smiling.

She smiled back, but on the inside she was trembling, she just killed another living human being. She saw his pain, heard his screams. That would stay with her for a while. If only Naruto were here, he'd comfort her.

Takashi was next up. He got the blonde one. Takashi was using a MK-14.

"Alright Takashi this is an MK-14, semi-auto, very useful. This is called an ACOG sight, almost like a scoop but with lesser range to it but more than a red dot. So this is more of a back row weapon. Its kick is not as bad as most but will throw you off if you don't hold it tight enough." Kohta told his buddy.

Takashi nodded, he took a few breaths as Alcatraz got ready with his target, Alcatraz gave the ok and he fired.


"Nice shot." Kohta commented. Takashi managed to hit just below the neck. "Just adjust a little higher." Takashi fired again, hitting his neck. "A little higher." Takashi was putting the screaming out of his mind. He fired again, the bullet went up the blond ones nose and through his head. "Head shot, that's a kill on a zombie. Good work. Takuzou your next."

Takuzou took 4 shouts to get a head shot using an M4A1, but still got 2 kill shots before the head shot.

Next up was Shido for target practice. Oh how Rei had been waiting for this moment. She was using her AK, Kohta had fixed it with a bayonet at the end so she would be use to it while firing. Hinata joined in, she lost all since of guilt should she kill another human being, Rei's knowledge about Naruto's 'death' helped with that.

"Ok girls just…"

Both of them fired.

"AHH!" Shido cried out as both of his knee caps were shot out. Naruto shut him up with the butt end of his shot gun. "Please, I'm sorry, you can't kill me. If you do then you are worse than me." Shido tried to talk his way out of this. But that won't happen, not this time.

"Um, girls that was a horrible miss." Kohta said.

Takashi just tapped him on the shoulder. "It looked like a hit to me." He said.

They fired again, this time hitting his tiny ball sack, both of them managed to hit it. Such a small target. "AHHHHHH! Please just kill me and get it over with!" Shido begged and pleaded. He would have a better chance of winning a starring contest with a brick wall.

"Um… girls…?" Kohta wounded what they were doing, they weren't bad shots, those shot would have been hard to do normally.

"Dude, just let it go." Takuzou said to him.

Hinata and Rei fired, Rei's AK was iron sights, this time, a head shot, the northern head. Shido had finally died. Hinata and Rei felt nothing when they killed him. Not shame or regret, not guilt or anything. No, nothing was the wrong word for this, what they felt was relief. Relief and a since of justice. Justice for Naruto.

'Rest easy now Naruto. I will avenge you.' Both Rei and Hinata thought at the same time.

After the 4 died, the others of the group used them as target practice, managing to get head shots in 3 or 4 shots. It was not as tough seeing as they were already dead. After everyone had shot up the 4 Naruto went to work with his statement. He put bed sheets around their neck then hung them over the side of the building. They head had a large note around their neck in big bold black letters. The message was.

This is… what… happens to… RAPISTS!

He put rapists on Shido. With them hung and shot up he hoped that others would get it. That even in this new world some things will not be tolerated.

Naruto ran off the roof using armor mode he broke his fall, he managed to land inside the gated area. He looked at Saeko, despite the helmet she knew what he was 'telling' her.

"We should go now. Alcatraz is right many would hear the sound and they will be here, soon." Saeko said to the group.

"She's right. Let's pack up everything we can and get it in the hummer and the bus." Takashi said agreeing with Saeko.

The large group got to packing up their supplies and ready to load up their vehicles.

Threat Detected.

Naruto looked up over some buildings.

"Hey, you guys here that?" Kohta asked.

"Yeah… it sounds like." Misuzu said listening.

"Helicopter!" Toshimi yelled pointing at a large Black Hawk like helicopter with a 50 cal. gun mounted on its side.

"HEY!" The group yelled at them trying to get their attention.

Naruto's HUD alerted him to the fact that that was an Umbrella chopper. He grabbed his SCAR with ACOG and aimed it at the gunner.

"Target spotted. Engage." The pilot said.

Naruto fired first scaring the group, he hit the head of the gunner. He then dropped his SCAR for the bag, then grabbed a rocket launcher. He aimed and fired hitting the cockpit and blowing up the chopper.

"What the hell!?" Saya yelled.

However the chopper landed on the bus, destroying it.

Intercepting Enemy Transmission

-Danzo Shimura – Japan's Field Commander

"It seems one of our choppers was shot down, no survivors, they have found our target however. Units 5 and units 8-10 move in on sector 12 of the Alpha section of Japan. Find Alcatraz and kill him. Bring back the suit as intact as possible. Whisker wants' it. Get moving. Also I want an ETA time from our units at the Hospital how long before Project: Omega is ready?"

Threat Detected

Naruto motioned the group to move faster as he got in the driver's seat.

"Look Saya ask him later, he shot that down for a reason. I trust him as you should too." Takashi yelled putting the last of the stuff in the back seat.

"It's going to be a tight fit." Kyoko said.

"Then set in each other's lap if you have to!" Saya yelled forcing them into the hummer. Many had to sit on each other's laps, they were

Hinata on Saeko's lap.

Naomi on Takuzou's lap.

Kawamoto and Taniuchi's lap

Rei on Takashi's lap, that girl was blushing mad.

Kohta was alone on that one. As little Alice was in the passenger seat.

Toshimi was on Misuzu's lap.

Kyoko was on Shizuka's lap, blushing that the nurse's larger breasts were forced on her back.

Then finally Saya was on Yuuki's lap. She too was blushing, in fact everyone was blushing, say for Alice that didn't mind being in the front seat and Kohta who cried at how utterly unfair life was.

The drive was quite for a while, no one talked. They made a quite stop for cloths before they pass the river and all the way up the embankment. The girls changed into their new attire giving Kohta and nose bleed and making Takashi blush.

Hinata was wearing something similar to Saeko, just slightly more modest.

Toshimi and Misuzu had on something similar to Saya but they were in a hot pink color.

Yuuki had on what Rei had.

Naomi had on standard jeans and a plain black shirt same as Takuzou.

Kyoko had on a business dress on, made for a little more movement than normal.

Kawamoto and Taniuchi had on some sweat pants with a jacket that covered a lot. They were the most modest ones of them all say for Kyoko.

"So, boys, like what you see?" Yuuki said boldly, it seemed that she was getting over Naruto's death.

They gave a thumps up, it was all they could do.

Alcatraz, it's Jill, look I need you to check on something. It's important. She stopped for a bit. Look, some of our BSAA members reported in before they died, they said that Umbrella had set up shop at the hospital and were doing some things, experimenting, look I got your helmet feed I know your helping a bunch of kids and I respect that. But this is important, I know you won't just up and leave them so get them somewhere safe for a few days and check this out. I'm sending you the location, check it out as soon as possible.

New Mission Objective: Get to the Hospital – Find out what Umbrella is doing

Naruto nodded that was important.Naruto looked down at the little fox that seemed to have adopted Alice, they had called him Kyu, short for Kyuubi. As his name tag had '9-tails' on it, it seemed right. Kyu was rubbing on Naruto's leg right now. He was a smart little guy who seemed to like Slim-Jim beef jerky sticks. Kyu had also taking a liking to Naruto, for whatever reason.

"We need a place to go now. Where to?" Saeko asked.

"Hey Saya, isn't you home nearby? I mean your parents would have fortified it by now." Hinata asked Saya.

"Hey that's right. We could go there next." Takashi said.

"Your right, we are nearby." Saya said with a little less happiness than normal.

Both Naruto and Saya caught on. Naruto showed his pad.

Then we should get there as soon as possible.

Saya read that and frowned. "Why do you care?"

Why shouldn't I?

Saya wanted to get mad on him. "Have I told you how annoying it is that you can't speak?"


"Well, it's annoying." She huffed.

"Well, shouldn't we go to Saya's home. We can finally rest without worry right?" Shizuka asked.

"I agree, we need a place where the dead aren't at our door step ready to eat us." Kyoko told the group. Being one of the eldest makes for good adviser, not that she's old or anything.

"Then it's decided, we go to Saya's home. Let's go." Saeko and the rest went inside, the only ones who didn't were Naruto, Rei and Takashi.

"Hey Takashi, haven't' you notice?" Takashi looked at her with a little confusion. "We haven't seen any zombies since yesterday.

Naruto looked at her, she was right after all. However his HUD radar showed that they are getting closer to a large group of zombies. He warned Saeko and the rest of the group, trouble was ahead. After some time.

"Turn left go left!" The group was barreling down the road. There were so many zombies it was almost too many. Naruto had held fire as it would do more harm than good.

"The closer we get to Saya's place the more of them they are!" Rei yelled.

"There must be a reason!"

Naruto knew there was. There were many red dots on his long range radar. But after a point the red dots stopped.

Danger, Danger

Naruto's visor highlighted some wires in the road. He pointed ahead hoping they would see it.

"Shizuka stop!" Rei yelled again.


"There are wires across the road!" Saeko warned.

Shizuka slammed on the breaks. A few zombies got between the wires and the hummer, not a good place to be.

"Stop! Stop why won't it stop!" Shizuka asked in a panic.

Naruto looked around. His HUD counted about 30 zombies within 30 meters of him and his group. Not good odds as those numbers were increasing.

"Sensei look out in front!" Takashi yelled.

"I'm not supposed to be this kind of character!" She yelled stomping on the breaks.

The hummer leaped forward a little sending Rei flying. Time seemed to slow down for Takashi and Naruto as they watched her fall. He back slammed into the hood of the car and then the ground. Her wails of pain didn't go unnoticed by the zombies.

Naruto got off the roof and fired his SCAR. Getting head shots each one. However the numbers of the dead increases to 50 within 30 meters. Not good. But he wasn't alone in this fight, Takashi, Saeko and Kohta joined in, with Takuzou and Hinata backing them up.

'Get out of here, I can hold them off. Why don't they leave, they have a chance!?' Naruto thought desperately. His inability to talk make this hard. He then saw Saya join the fray. 'Dammit! Her father would kill me if she gets hurt.' Then his HUD told him of a weapon the suit had. Made just for something like this pinch they were in. He made a way into the crowd of zombies. Knocking any down in his path.

"Alcatraz where the hell are you going!" Takashi yelled.

"Don't leave us here to die!" Saya yelled at him.

'I hope they get it.' He activated his new weapon. A siren mine. The loud noise was a loud and sharp as any gun, so the other's stopped firing, which gave the zombies all the incentive to go after this new sound. Naruto made his way back to the car. He opened the door and forced everyone back inside. With Rei he had to be a little more careful.

"Alcatraz what is that!?"

Naruto closed the door for their sake. He turned back around, then when many of the zombies were near the mine, it went off. Killing the rest of the zombies in the area. However more would come so that only bought them time. He opened the side doors and the back door.

"Hey! Over here!" Everyone heard someone say they looked on the other side of the wired fence. There a group of people in firefighter gear. "Get over her quickly!"

Not arguing about that the large group got each other and their supplies out of their car and got past the wired fence. Naruto was the last over.

"Thank you." Saeko bowed to the leader of the group. "We were in a tight spot.

"It's alright, I was happy to help my daughter and her friends." The woman took off her helmet showing that she was indeed the mother of Saya.

"Mamma!" Saya yelled as she ran to hug her mother.

Naruto smiled at the warm moment. He hadn't seen Saya's mother in mouths. Not since his father started to investigate Saya's father.

Threat Detected


Naruto looked to where the threat was. There was no way a walker would be a threat at all to him. Then he saw it. Yet another licker on a roof top. Naruto wasted no time firing at it. Everyone looked at what he was firing at and it scared them.

"What the hell is that!?" Someone yelled.

"Trouble. Let Alcatraz handle it!" Takashi yelled, he was more worried about Rei and her back right now.

The licker jumped at Naruto as he still fired at it. Naruto holstered his gun, he wouldn't need it. When it was close enough Naruto grabbed it by its neck. It was squealing as it was held up, then Naruto snapped its neck. Naruto just tossed it aside and looked back at the large group. His group didn't show any surprise or fear. Many of these new people did.

"Mamma, let's go home."

"How is he?" Saya's mother asked her daughter.

"His name is Alcatraz, beyond that is a story for another place." Saya answered.

When the car was secured back at Saya's home Naruto knew they were safe. At least for now. He handed his pad to Saeko.

I need to go to the Hospital

Saeko read it and raised an eye brow. "Are you injured?" She asked

Naruto shook his head no and took back his pad.

No, Umbrella is there and I need to investigate. Jill told me to.

Naruto added the last part, hoping that they wouldn't put up too much resistance.

"But Alcatraz, what could Umbrella be doing there that you need to investigate?" Kohta asked. Naruto shrugged.

"Let him go. He wouldn't go unless it was important enough to warrant his attention, and he only told us because if he left without telling us we'd worry about him." Takashi, for once, said something full of wisdom.

Many looked at Alcatraz. "How long will you be gone?" Saya asked.

A day, maybe two, pending on how long it takes to find out what's there

"Will you share your knowledge with us at what's going on there? My husband would also like to know." Saya's mother asked of this stranger. Naruto nodded, he wasn't going to keep anything from his friends, aside from what he has already.

"Alright, but be careful." Saeko told him.

Naruto nodded, taking some more ammo that he needed he soon left. When he was out of sight from the rest of the larger group he knew it would be safe to cloak. He made it to the hospital around midnight.

Predator Vision enabled

He looked around the hospital. 23 hostiles, 3 civvies. 6 were at the front gate 2 were on the roof and 15 inside. However his Predator Vision saw that the hospital had 3 basement floors. The first 2 floors down were normal, nothing and no one there, however the 3rd basement had 5 unarmed people, mostly scientist. But he also saw 2 giant green colored… monsters.

'So, monster makers huh? They give Hollywood a bad name.'

Naruto cloaked and moved in around the guards on the outside. However there were still 15 on the inside of the hospital and 3 alive civvies, as much as he would love to save them right now they seemed safe enough for now, Umbrella hadn't found them yet and the only infected were underground. Naruto made his way to the elevator in the 2nd basement, it was the only way to get to the 3rd basement.

However there were 7 Umbrella guards between him and the 2nd basement all of them were on this first floor, it would be best to either avoid them all, or kill them all. He went to work.

Cloak engaged

Naruto cloaked as one of the guards came near him. When the guard passed him Naruto shoved his knife in this throat. He died quietly, no one ever knew. Naruto moved his body out of sight to buy himself more time.

Predator Vision enabled

Naruto saw he was in luck, 2 guards at this moment had decided to take a bathroom break. He moved to the bathroom one was taking a piss the other a dump. Naruto opened the door, the gut taking a piss didn't bother to look who it was, big mistake. Naruto snapped his neck.

"Hey you there? You alright?" The other guy asked. Naruto using his Predator Vision his aimed his silence G36C. He then got a head shot, killing his 3rd guard.

Naruto moved on he found the 4th guard moving about with a 5th nearby ahead of him. Naruto de-cloak because he was out of energy as well as turned off his Predator vision. He moved behind the 4th guard and stabbed him in the neck killing him. The guard near him never heard it. He slowly moved near him and killed him the same way.

Predator Vision enabled

Naruto saw the last two guards but they were together near the elevator to the basements. This would be easy. He made his way to just around the corner of them then cloaked.

Cloak engaged

'I need to find the mute button for cloak and armor. I know I'm cloaked, damn annoying suit voice.' Naruto ranted in his head.

Naruto took his time and moved up slowly, he managed to maneuver the ground so he didn't step on any glass or anything else that would cause sound. He got to the side of one of the guards, lined up his shot, and killed them both with one bullet. He was using his silencer if you forgot.

'Okay, 7 guards dead, it'll be a little while before they find out that their inside team is dead. I have 2 minutes at best.' Naruto thought to himself. He forced open the elevator door and hopped down the shaft. He landed at Basement 2 and then forced those doors open.

Predator Vision enabled

He used his Predator Vision to see if anyone heard it. No one did, their helmets didn't help that mater. No one and nothing of note was here except for the secret door to the 3rd basement. He made it to the door and went down the stairs. This however will be more challenging. There were 5 unarmed people in this room.

"What happened to Project Delta-3!?" Asked on of the scientist.

"I-I don't know sir. It went missing early yesterday. We can't find it." Another said.

"Missing? It broke out it didn't go missing. Sir I told you that Delta-3's cage wasn't up to standard with what I recommended. It's no wonder it broke out."

"I told you we had no more money for that. Damn CEO's are cheap skates. Don't pony up extra cash for nothing." The head scientists said. "Just get to work with the other two, they'll have to do."

"But, what about Delta-3? It'll cause havoc on the general populous."

"Not our problem anymore. With any luck it'll wither be killed or captured. Get back to work."

Terminate the Umbrella Scientists. Find information about their test subjects. Destroy the facility.

Naruto Cloaked.

Cloak engaged

He really wanted to hurt that voice. Naruto walked up to the first one and killed him without trouble. Everyone heard the sound of a neck breaking and looked at the source, Naruto didn't bother to cloak again, he aimed for them with his SCAR and killed them all. It wasn't hard, they had no armor and they were close enough for all kill shots.

Naruto moved to their computer. Their files were still open and had no passwords to protect them. Naruto just in a dice and clicked 'Download All'. It seemed simple enough. Naruto then moved on to the 2 monsters.

The first one looked like a mutated armadillo. However its shell looked far stronger than it should be. Naruto got close it and it attacked him with its unnatural tongue.

'That's new. Is it a cross with those lickers?'

Naruto moved on to the second one. It looked like a cross between a scorpion and, as best as Naruto could tell, a sea horse. This thing looked like it could go underwater and be on land. An amphibious monster.

'Great. Let's make every part of the world unsafe… damn dumb ass jackasses.'

Naruto thought to himself. Naruto raised his gun to the armadillo first. The thing had armor and it would be tough to break through it. Naruto put 3 rounds in its head close range. That killed it. Naruto then moved on to the scorpion. It seemed to look at him. Naruto just raised his gun and emptied the clip. It had only about 6 or 7 rounds left in it anyway.

Intergrading new T-Virus strain… stand by.

'I hate this part.' Naruto thought to himself.

Integration complete Suit upgraded.

'That was fast.'

Armor Mode now requites 50% less energy over time

'Sweet. I like the voice now. It must have been from the armadillo thing.' Naruto saw the screen said 'download complete' had been flashing. Naruto went to the CD drive and took out the disk. 'I hope Jill and Rebecca can find all of Umbrella's dirty little secrets now.'

Naruto left the lab, he still needed to get those people out of the hospital and to Saya's place where they would be safe. On top of that it's a good chance that they are hospital staff. They could be of great help in this new world. Once it's fixed of course. Naruto made his way back up to the first floor.

Predator Vision enabled

Naruto saw that they have yet to be found. That was good. However on the 3rd floor there were the rest of the Umbrella units that were on the inside to face with. He made his way to the 2nd level.

Terminate all Umbrella units to make a safe passage for the survivors.

'No argument here.' Naruto found his first pair to take out. They were having a smoke break… near oxygen tanks! 'I guess Umbrella higher anyone these days.'

"Hey! What the hell are you doing!?" Naruto saw a 3rd guy approach them. "Your smoking near oxygen tanks genesis'. You'll blow us all up like that!" He yelled at them.

"It's not like there all the way full. So if we do light them up only the 3 of us will go 'BOMB' you know."

'Good to know.' Naruto aimed at the tank and fired a few shots.


"What was that!?" Naruto heard a few people yell.

Cloak engaged

Naruto got away from the area. He managed to kill 3 more of them.

"Damn what happened here!?" One guard asked.

"What's going on in there! Are we under attack?" Someone from the outside came and asked.

"No, just some morons that were smoking blow up a tank. Well more money for us." One said.

"Right, back to your posts then. By the way, were all of Bravo Squad? I didn't find any down stairs, are they up here?"

"No. Why you ask. They should be down stairs." The Umbrella guards started to think with their brains.



Naruto then shot the 2nd guy in the head. Then grabbed the 3rd by the head and gave it a 180 twist. '3 more down. I have a few minutes before they know something's wrong. If they don't know about it already.' Naruto then cleared out the last few guys at the 2nd floor and the few on the 3rd.

Naruto slowly approached the 3 civvies in the storage room. It had been cleared out for one reason or another. He slowly opened the door, he had his Predator vision off, so he didn't see a metal cane. The cane was bent a little from the impact but other than that, it gave Naruto a slight headache.

'Oh I'm feeling that one in the morning.'

"Huh? You're not those Umbrella goons." Naruto shook his head no. "Then who are you?" He pointed at his mouth and shook his head no. "Um… can you talk?" Again he shook his head no.

"Look who cares. Hey can you get us out of here? We need to leave, we haven't eaten anything in 3 days and those guys killed off most of the staff that survived the infection." Another one asked. By the looks of it she was a nurse, she still had on her nurse's outfit. The first one looked like a desk receptionist.

"Um… is it safe to come out?" Naruto heard the 3rd one ask.

"Yeah Karin, come on out. Some guy saved us." Naruto thought about that name. Karin sounded so familiar for some reason. He couldn't for the life of him think of why.

"Alright, you right. But quickly, I'm Tayuya and this is Karui." Tayuya looked like the nurse while looked like a receptionist. Karin however looked like a doctor.

'All of those names sound familiar. Why is that?' Again for the life of him he couldn't think of why.

"Um, you can't talk right?" Karin asked him. He nodded. "Here, you can use my note pad. If it'll help." Karin handed him a note pad.

My name is Alcatraz, I will help you get somewhere safe, until then stay behind me. Are there any more hospital vehicles for us to us?

They read what he wrote. "Yes. There is one ambulance left. It was going to be used as a supply transport before this outbreak accrued. It has a lot of medical supplies that will be useful now. The keys are in the lock box near it at the garage. If we can get there we can ride out of here."

There are still Umbrella operatives in the area. I'll handle them while you get the ambulance ready. Alright?

"Right. Good luck Alcatraz." Tayuya said to him.

Naruto nodded and left the 3 woman. He needed to finish off the two at the top and take out the last of the group outside. They would hold their escape back and the two at top could ruin it for them. It wasn't hard to deal with the ones on the roof, one was pissing in the wind so he killed the other one and snapped the neck of the moron. They were done. The last 5 however would prove to be difficult. He couldn't kill one without the others knowing. So he had some fun with the hospital power generator before he worked on them.

At first he'd just thought that he'd kill them all simply. But that idea was scratched when he saw the 50 cal. on one of the trucks. So he did the next best thing. He place a few C4 charged under the 2 trucks and walked away. While cloaked of course.

He used his Predator vision to find the 3 hospital staff he found.

"Hey, Alcatraz. Is it safe to go." Naruto held up one finger and showed them a detonator. "Oh… my kind of guy." Karui smiled. Naruto handed her his pad he got from Karin.

I'll drive. Hold on tight and pray.

"Is this that part where we bend over and kiss our butts goodbye?" Tayuya asked.

"You would know all about bending over wouldn't you?" Karui asked.


'I swear I've meet them before.'

Naruto held up 1 finger. They all nodded. Then 2, then 3 and he pressed the button.



Two loud explosions then Naruto punched the gas. He rammed thru the door passed the dying Umbrella guards. Tayuya gave them the finger as they were leaving.

Naruto just laughed. Or as much as one as he could do.

The sun rose into the sky, it was around noon when they managed to make to the border of the manor where Saya lived. They had to make a lot of detour because of the police blockade that destroyed the bridge. The people watching the outside perimeter let them in because of their doctor background.

He had pulled up to the gate where the man manning the gate allowed them in. The prospect of gain doctors in this time was too important to ignore.

Naruto stepped out of the ambulance when he parked it in the courtyard. The execution done by the Don had just happened.

"Alcatraz!"Naruto looked at the voice that called to him. He had learned to respond to that name over time. It was his group, well Saeko right now. "I'm glad you made it back. Oh, who are you?" Saeko asked them. "I am Saeko."

"Karin Uzumaki."

"Tayuya Uzumaki."

"Karui Uzumaki."

"Uzumaki? What are you three sisters or something?" Kohta asked.

"Yes!" They all said at once.

'Shit! Now I know what they are familiar! Their Uncle Nagato's and Aunt Konan's kids. Fuck how did I forget that!?'

"Hey, do you where our dumb ass cousin is? His name is Naruto Namikaze. We are worried about him." Karin asked, she was the shyest after all. Although…

"Um… I'm sorry, he died over a week ago. In a fire." Yuuki told them saddened by her lost boyfriend.

"What!?" Tayuya's outburst was her reaction. Sure he might have died but…


"But… Naruto… he…" Karin began to break down. They were only born days apart and felt like brother and sister.

"He died in a fire. We now know it was the politician Shido's doing, or at least we have some suspicion for it." Saya said to the grieving sisters.

"SHIDO! Dammit! He and his son are always getting in our way! I should have known that they'd try and take out uncle Minato." Tayuya sounded pissed.

"If it makes you feel any better Tayuya. We killed his son. He's hanging off the side of a building and is rotting in hell right now." Hinata stepped forward wearing a black and orange kimono.

"Hinata? Hinata is that you!?" Karin looked at Hinata in disbelief. The 3 red headed sister ran and hugged their good friend and now Naruto's ex.

"We thought you were dead!" Karui yelled out in happiness.

"I'm not. Thanks to Alcatraz." Hinata said to the sisters looking at Naruto.

"Yeah, he saved our asses more times then there are hours in the day since this started!" Kohta yelled.

"He even helped us… better ourselves in order to survive this." Takashi told them.

"Yeah, we owe our lives to him too." Tayuya said to them.

Naruto being off to the side. 'I'm still alive you know. Damn suit won't let me talk.'

"He found us in the hospital where we were hiding. He killed those thugs that took over the place and got us out with this ambulance full of medical supplies." Karin told them.

"Medical supplies!? Oh goodie, we're running low ourselves." Shizuka bounced up and down.

All males, even Naruto, watched her bounce up and down, up and down.


Saya looked behind her to see her father, the Don of the Prefecture's Ultra-Nationalist Origination. Saya's father.

"Papa!" Saya hugged the man. Although he wasn't one for a great show of affection out in the open. He was happy to see his daughter safe and sound. However that was not what had his attention right now. What had his attention right now was mysterious man in the suit not 5 feet from his daughter and her friends.

"Saya who is this… man?" He asked with a not so hidden hint of suspicion.

"His name is Alcatraz. He's been helping us since this whole thing began." She said. "Don't bother asking him anything, he can't talk. All he can do is writing down what he is going to say." Saya said annoyingly, at Alcatraz.

The Don kept his eye on Naruto. 'I know that look. He gave me that look when we first meet way back then.' Naruto mused to himself.

The Don looked at Alcatraz. He motioned his head for his men to move in on the man. Naruto was now surrounded by 12 men armed with Uzi's.

"Papa! What are you doing!?"

"I've been getting reports from some of my trusted contacts, that a man wearing a suit, an abnormal suit, has been mutating the infected turning them in monstrous creatures. I have reason to believe that this is that man." He said.

"You can't he's been with us the whole time this has gone down! He's been saving us and killing thus mutated freaks!" Kohta yelled. The Don looked at him and he cowards. Most would.

"Sir, they are right. It is not him that is doing it. He has told us that it is Umbrella's doing. And we all believe him." Saeko tried to reason with him.

"Doubtful, this man matches the description from the reports I've been getting. Take him into custody!" He yelled to his men.

Naruto's HUD came alive. It changed the color of the Don and all of his men to red.

Threat Detected


To the anonyms reviewer Alex – to see what the suit looks like, look up Crysis 2 Alcatraz or Prophet