Naruto Harem

For sure Saeko/Shizuka/Rika/Yuuki/Saya/Jill/Rebecca/

Naruto girls that Naruto will get



I'll keep the others a mystery for now


Kyoko - if I feel like it


Takashi will stay alive, as more people wanted him alive then dead.

Harem update

Takashi will get Rei and maybe a girl or 2 from Naruto, not sure he will have no more than 3 girls.

Kohta will get Asami and her boss Matsushima and maybe a girl from Naruto. But no more than 3 girls

Toshimi and Misuzu will be with each other. Friends love.

Kawamoto and Taniuchi will also be with each other.


Change and DEAD

Naruto's HUD came alive. It changed the color of the Don and all of his men to red.

Threat Detected

'I'm not sticking around for this.' Naruto thought to himself.

One man reached for Naruto, only to get kicked away.

"Fire fire!"

"No wait!" The Don yelled.

Maximum Armor

Naruto stood there, like a badass, while he was being shot. The bullets bouncing off him no matter where they fired from or at.

"Hold your fire! Hold your fire!" The Don yelled. Everyone else was scared at what was going on not 20 feet from them.

Everyone was shocked to notice that Naruto wasn't even hurt from that barrage of bullets. In fact some of the Don's men where hit in their legs or arms from bullets bouncing off him. The Don narrowed his eyes at this man. He would be a worthy foe.

The Don reached for his blade. He slowly pulled it from its sheath. Naruto got into a brawler like stance, he wasn't all that great at fighting… ok bad lie, but he didn't want to hurt Saya's father… I mean the things she would do to him?

The Don attacked him he attacked using his sword a downward slash from the left then another from the right, Naruto dodged both of them. Then the Don tried to cut his head off, Naruto bent forward to prevent that, only to get kneed in the face.

'Wow that stung a little.' Naruto thought.

'That hurt my knee. Mustn't do that again.'

'My turn.' Naruto again thought.

The Don came at Naruto again however when he came from above with his sword Naruto just grabbed it with his left hand, many were shocked that he did. He then did 4 quick jabs to the lower chest of the Don. But these were strong enough to make him feel like he was hit by a hammer. Naruto then forced him to drop his sword, breaking one's write is very convincing, and then he punched him with an enough force to send him flying a few meters away. Naruto had to give credit to this man, lesser men would have had a few broken things by now, not just one or two things.

Naruto jumped up using the suits power and came down on the Don's head, but he moved almost at the last moment. Good thing too because Naruto's punch cracked the concrete. The Don grabbed his sword again and tried to cut Naruto's head off.

Maximum Armor

Naruto blocked it with his arm. Many again were shocked that he could do that.

'This has gone on long enough.' Naruto then tossed something in the air.

"Flash Bang!" Someone yelled.

Then the bang happened and everyone was blinded.

Cloak engaged

Naruto cloaked and left the estate.

When the glare from the flash bang wore off no one saw Naruto. "No! We needed answers! Find him!" The Don yelled. The men all scattered trying to find him, but they wouldn't. Naruto was already gone from their manor and their perimeter.

"He left…?" Saeko felt a little ping in her heart. It almost felt like Naruto died again.

"He'll be back." Takashi said.

"How can you be so sure?" Kyoko asked.

"Because we're still here. We may not have known Alcatraz that long but you can tell. He see's us as friends at least. And maybe next time Saya's dad won't try to kill him." Kohta said.

"We should go. I think the only thing preventing Saya's father from interrogating us is Saya herself." Hinata said. She didn't have the courage to face Saya's father the Don, not many did.

The group left, wanting to go be with Rei, as she was lonely, and to get away from the Don. They hoped that Alcatraz would return.

With Naruto

'Gee, why does that feel familiar?' He asked himself.

Mission Objective: Get to the Mall

'Alright alright, damn voice.'

Naruto ran at a normal pace without using suit energy, it wouldn't do if he ran into trouble. However it seemed that most of the zombies weren't near him right now. His HUD shows them to be far enough to not pose a threat to him right now and there were no survivors within about 100 meters of his position.

'Alright ammo check. 1 clip of 30 rounds for my SCAR and my G36C. That sucks, and 30 rounds for my SPAS. Not too bad. I should save them for when I need them.'

Survivors Detected

'Oh goodie, I was just starting to get lonely.'

Naruto ran to where the two blue dots on his HUD were.


Naruto heard a young woman yell. Naruto rushed even faster to her, he turned the corner to see about 12 zombies in the area. Naruto saw the girl, 4 zombies were coming after her, he'd never make it to her in time. He raised his G36C and fired one shot for each of the 4 coming after her.

The woman looked up in hope. She saw someone in a weird suit. 'He saved me…'

Naruto then moved to the 8 currently eating some poor sap. He used his bare hands to crush their skulls and his boots to the head to knock them dead. Well, dead again, anyway. He saw the man on the ground. He gave his life to save this girl. Based on the hair color of both of them they were brother and sister. He but a bullet in his head to be sure. The young woman gasp. Then she ran and hugged him.

"Thank you thank you thank you!" She said crying. He nodded. "Um, what's your name my savior?" She asked him. He pointed to him mouth and shook his head no. "Are you a mute?" He nodded. "That's alright. I like the tall dark and silent types." She gave him, his mask, a kiss. "You can call me Fu, or not call me anything as the case may be." She said. He nodded again.

'Great. I save her life and now she wants to jump my bones. Well could be worse, she could be undressing me… alright there she goes.' Fu was currently undressing her savior with her eyes. That skin tight body suit left little to the imagination. He was tall, dark, silent and buff. Not too overly buff but just right. 'Ok this is getting creepy.' Naruto 'told' her to follow him.

They made their way past many zombies without running into any of them. Fu was amazed at what she was staring at, after her eyes left his ass of course, here was a man, hopefully, although if this person is a woman she was always willing to experiment, this person was just amazing, this entire person was.

'I wonder if excessive staring can count as sexual assault? Not that I mind… too much.' He thought to himself.

Survivors Detected

Naruto knew where they were. His HUD had detected a lot of survivors in one area. He soon lead both himself and Fu at the mall where Jill and Rebecca are waiting for him. 'Might as well get this over with.'

They saw some people on the roof waving at them Naruto continued to escort Fu to the mall a side door opened for them and they ran in, the door closed behind them.

"Are you Alcatraz?" A woman asked. She looked calm, confident and above all else a survivor. Naruto nodded. "I'm Matsushima this is my underling Asami, Jill and Rebecca have been waiting for you, follow me." She told them.

"Hi!" Asami said in a spacey voice.

Naruto and Fu followed her to the center of the mall; there a cradle was set up will lots of computers and other things. A few BSAA soldiers were there as well, they ranged from ex-military from any country, to other victims of Umbrella that wanted to help bring them down. There were even around 20 or so non-BSAA affiliated people here. Like that woman Matsushima and her underling Asami.

"Alcatraz! Thank god your alright!" Rebecca ran up and hugged Naruto.

"We saw what happened. Although I'm saddened that he would think you are the one mutating those things but I understand why he would. Look at this." Jill told him to look at a monitor. On it was a copy of him, in the suit, injecting something into a few walkers. A few pictures later they become different types of monsters. "I'll believe you if you say this isn't you Alcatraz. Was it?" Jill asked. Naruto shook his head no. "I believe you. Let's check out your deep layers, see if what Rebecca said is true." Jill told him to get in the cradle. He did as was asked.

Everything went nuts as she was trying to scan his suit. He had no power or strength.

Deep layer scan in progresses.

'Gee I didn't notice.' Naruto thought sarcastically.

"Let's see what you've been up to?" Rebecca said out loud. "Helping a bunch of kids, at the high school, doing a few errands and… what the…?"

"What?" Jill asked looking at the monitor. "What the hell!? You're not Alcatraz!" Jill pointed a gun at his head.

Threat Detected

"Who the hell are you! Are you with Umbrella!" Jill yelled at him. Fu was a little too shocked to move when her savior was being threatened with a gun.

Memory Scan playback activated.

"Huh?" Jill and Rebecca looked at the screen.

"Naruto? That your name? Naruto Namikaze. Destiny is a bitch huh? It'll be on you now son." The man said to him. Naruto barely heard him. "Something is coming. Something bad, I wish I could help but I can't. Not anymore. I'm dying, the suit prolong my life as long as it could. You're my last shot. Jill and Rebecca's last shot, the last hope for all of us." Naruto saw the guy take off his helmet. "We tried to warn them. Warn everyone but no one believed us. Now it is too late to stop it from happening. Umbrella saw to that." Naruto could barely see right now. "It's all on you now Naruto. I have no right to ask this but you must do it. Find Jill and Rebecca. Find them and hurry. That's all I can do now… you… are all I can do." Naruto saw the man's face, he looked sickly and pale. "Oh, almost forgot one last mission. Got to break the link to the suit." Naruto saw the man grab a hand gun then pointed it at his head. "Tell them I'm sorry I've failed them. My name is Alcatraz, remember me." He pulled the trigger and it killed him.

The video rewound itself.

"Tell them I'm sorry I've failed them. My name is Alcatraz, remember me." He pulled the trigger and it killed him.

Playback ended.

Jill and Rebecca stopped and looked like they were about to cry. "DAMMIT!" Jill yelled throwing something. Many people were scared when she was mad few could say they weren't. She then looked at Naruto on the cradle. "So, your Minato's kid? I honestly thought Alcatraz couldn't save any of you. We had only a moment's notice before the fire started. Alcatraz was closest and the only one who could have made it in time. Then it was covered up like everything else Umbrella does. Dammit!" Jill was mad, no, pissed off.

Rebecca just stayed there in tears. She started to work after a few minutes. "Naruto right?" She asked in tears. Naruto nodded. "I will fix why you can't talk, I bet it's annoying. It happens sometimes. The reason you couldn't talk was because your vocal cords were damaged in the fire. The suit normally would have just healed them in time but your were on deaths door when you… when Alcatraz found you. I'll heal them now for you." Rebecca went to work, she didn't want to think about Alcatraz's death.

Naruto nodded. Now all he has to do is not get killed by grieving girlfriends and he should be good.

"Alright, there. All better. I even made it to where you can take off your helmet. But, I wouldn't recommend that for too long. You are still recovering from the damage the fire did to you. But you can remove your helmet for about an hour a day at most. Past that you risk death." Rebecca told him.

"Thanks." Naruto said taking his helmet off for the first time. "Oh, the sweet sound of my own voice, I'll never take you for granted again." Naruto said with a few tears in his eyes.

Rebecca's eyes widened, she saw a younger Alcatraz. She turned away and blushed a bit. Jill also noticed that Naruto looked a little like a younger Alcatraz. Fu didn't bother to hide her blush as she starred at Naruto's face in awe. Naruto looked at her with a little fear.

"Wow… will you go out with me?" She asked him.

"Wha? Huh?" He looked at her with the strangest look he could muster. Did she just ask him out?

"Naruto, did your father tell you anything about Umbrella? Anything at all?" Jill asked.

"No, I didn't even know he was investigating Umbrella until you two told me he was. All I know is he started investigating a friend's dad. The Don of some organization, I never really cared for the name, that started some time ago." He told them.

"I see. Why? Do you know?" Jill asked again. To her there was no 'real' reason to investigate the Don.

"No. But I do know that my dad was angry when he got the that case. He and the Don had been friends when they were younger, I never knew why he was told to investigate him, he was police chief and all." Naruto answered.

"I see." Jill looked a little down about that answer. "Wait, did you go to your dad's office at the police station?" She asked him.

"No, not yet. I figured I'd go when my friends were safe and I'd go after I made it here." He told her.

"Alright, I guess that'll have to do."

"JILL!" They both heard Rebecca yell.


"Come here quick!"

Jill ran to where Rebecca is, Naruto followed. "What is it Rebecca?" Jill asked.

"Take a look at this." Rebecca showed them the screen. It had a picture of a large monster on it. But all they saw was part of its head. "I went through some photos that Naruto brought us from the Umbrella lab at the hospital. This was on it. This thing broke out and killed 12 people before it escaped. It's out there now."

The monster on the screen looked hideous. Based on the photos this thing was about 10 or so feet tall and about 15 or 16 feet long. Damn Umbrella.

"Let me guess, you're going to ask me to find and kill this thing?" Naruto asked already knowing the answer.

"No." That shocked Naruto. "We have no time for hunting this thing. If you find it kill it but don't hunt for it. Right now we need that information at your father's office. He said that it was all we would need to put an end to Umbrella once and for all." Jill told him.

"Um… can I ask a question?" Fu raised her hand.

"Go ahead." Jill said.

"If the worlds coming to an end why to you need to bring down Umbrella Corp. I mean aren't they done for right now as it is?" Fu asked, Naruto wondered why as well.

"Umbrella is good at covering up their dirty , not so little, deeds. However it's not to bring them down to the world, its bringing them down period. Your father said that he found a list of every Umbrella member both public and private. Every lab and base location and a list of all of their contusion sites they were doing prior to this." Rebecca said.

"However it is why they did this that is concerning." Jill said. A few people were gathering around them. "This was no accident, one of their labs didn't fail to cover up something, no toxic spill or some other bull shit. They did this on purpose."

"WHAT!?" Someone yelled.

"You're saying that we lost friends and family and that Umbrella did this on purpose!? Why!?" A woman yelled.

"That we don't know. They might have wanted to test something, who really knows why Umbrella does anything." Jill said, she knew why Umbrella would do something like this. But until now it has only been cities or islands, not the world. "If I were to guess, it was to either test something out, or save the world to make them look like heroes after the Raccoon city footage got out, many didn't believe the footage was hoaxed so as many other corporations started to investigate them." Jill took a breath.

"However we can't worry about that now. We need what your father had on Umbrella. From there we can work on a more permanent solution other than hiding and dying." Rebecca continued. "Also, the safety of the survivors we've got here is also a priority for us. We got about 20 or so here, and from the footage we've got from your helmet feed, the Don has about, at least, 200 or so people he is protecting. So those are good odds for us to have."

"But don't forget, there someone out there with my 'face' that's working from Umbrella." Naruto pointed out.

"Yes, he is a priority target for you Naruto. Take him out if you get the chance. For now, head to the police station. Get the Intel we need and get back here alive. That's an order." Jill told him.

"Yes ma'am. If there's one thing I'm good at, get following the 'stay alive' order I get. I'll be back as soon as I can." Naruto reattached his helmet and decided to move on to his father's office.

"Be safe Naruto. Don't be a stranger now!" Fu waved at him as he was leaving. He gave her a thumps up as he left.

'Well… maybe if Saeko, Hinata and the others try to kill me she could protect me, if the suit can't.'

Naruto left and many people saw him leave, he even took out, with his bare hands, a few zombies as he left.

(Back at Saya's house)

The group was feeling bad about what happened to 'Alcatraz'. Saya's dad flipped out on him and he left. The man that saved their lives left in order to survive.

"Anyone else feel sad about Alcatraz leaving?" Kohta asked.

"Yeah." The whole group said at once.

Then the door opened. "All of you, with me… now." The Don told them.

"Anyone else afraid for their lives?" Kohta again asked.

"Yeah." Everyone said again.

In the Don's meeting room the group was in front of the Don, such a frightening man. "Saya, I want to know everything you know about this… Alcatraz. Where you meet him, what's his fighting style, his capabilities. Everything."

Saya snouted in an unladylike manner. "Why should I papa? You chased him away. He won't come back here after that. Despite what that idiot Kohta says."

Many where shocked that Saya, of all people, would say that to her father, of all people. He narrowed his eyes at his slightly rebellious daughter. "He is a dangerous man Saya, he turns those things out there into mutations that take the best we can throw at them to bring them down. He…"

"No, he didn't! He's been with us since this all started. He was at the school the second the world came to an end and has protected us since then. Until now when you chased him away. He was innocent of what you accused him of, father, you jumped to conclusions, again, like you always do. You don't listen to me especially when I'm right, like the time with Naruto…"

"DON'T SAY HIS NAME!" The Don slammed his fit on the table.

"You need to here this!" Saya yelled back. "You thought that Naruto hit me that time 3 years ago but it was some other idiot papa. You thought it was him because he was there saying he was sorry! You know why he said he was 'sorry' papa!? He was sorry because he couldn't protect me from the other boys who hit me. You know what he did to them? He beat the fuck out of each of them, they even dropped out of school. And now with Alcatraz! He's been with us since the beginning, with only 2 times we wasn't in eye sight of us yet we knew where he was. The first time he was away was when he went to a store to get us food. He was only gone for about 30 or so minutes." Saya took a breath. She was pissed at her father, and when she's pissed no one is safe from her sharp tongue not even her father. "No time to do whatever you think he had done. The only other time he wasn't in eye sight was when we got home. He left to the hospital to find out what he needed to find out there, he even came back with 3 hospital staff, which we have none other than them by the way, and medical supplies again something we didn't have until he came along. Then you chase him out, odds are he'll never return here. He had his own contacts here to help him deal with the threat of those monsters out there." Saya took another breath, getting all of that out felt good, but not as good as what she said next. "But you know what papa, despite that, I know you had the best for these people at heart. But sometimes, you can be as stubborn as Naruto, if you would have listened to me and my friends, then we would have had a great ally with us." Saya said what needed to be said.

The Don thought about his daughters words. They were harsh, yet true all the same. "You have said your piece Saya, I hope, now I wish for all of you to leave, I have much to think about. However Saeko I wish to speck with you for a moment."

(With Naruto)

Naruto felt good; better than he had in a while. He could speak now, and even take off his mask if he wanted to. However he was on another mission. He needed to get to his dad's office and get whatever he had on Umbrella.

"Alright Naruto your father, the last time we spoke, said that he found everything we needed to bring them down for good. Yet ne never gave us anything. All he ever told us is the answer to where the information on Umbrella is in his office. We don't know what you're looking for but if you know your father you'll know it when you see it. Good luck Naruto we'll keep you updated on things you need to know out there." Jill told him.

"Right. I'm on it." Naruto moved a little faster, taking out any zombies on the way, he stocked up on ammo at the mall thankfully. But he didn't waste any bullets on the walker a type, just crushing their skulls was enough for him to get the job done. He was getting cloudy, it would soon rain and that would make his stealth mode less effective against humans.

"Jill I'm at the police station. Anything I should know before I go in?"

"Just a few things, it was abandon in a hurry when it got overrunned by zombies, so expect some stragglers, also we could use some more guns and ammo, Matsushima says don't bother with the gun cage as it would be cleaned out by now, but check anyway, however she said to check evidence lock up bound to be a few guns there."

"Right. I hear ya."

"Naruto its Rebecca. I've got an update on our imposter. He was last seen in your area. Be careful. He most likely still in the area."

"Got it. I'll let you know what I turn up. Later." He cut ended the chat.

Naruto moved to the police station. When he got in a zombie couple came at him, he took care of them with no trouble. Then a few more zombie cops came at him as he went to his dad's office. Again no trouble. Nothing more than stragglers here and there. He went to the gun cage just in case, a few ammo boxes that were left behind, nothing else. He then went to the evidence lock up. At least 7 or so guns plus bullets. Shameful really, no one thought of getting these things? Naruto moved on to his father's office.

"Jill, Rebecca, are you two getting this? It looks like my dad's office has been ransacked systematically. Somebody was looking for something." He told them.

"Yeah, were getting your helmet feed nice and clear Naruto. Look around see if there is any clue on what we need." Jill told him.

"Oh and Naruto. Be careful. There have been reports from our BSAA members around the world of new T-virus strains popping up everywhere now. Stay alert, one was about… a monster that can turn invisible." Rebecca said to Naruto.

"Gottcha. I'll be careful." Naruto looked around his dad's office. Files, papers, anything and everything that was in his dad's office was all over the place. Even his computer was destroyed. "Whoever these people are. They either got what they were looking for, or they didn't find it here." Naruto said to Jill and Rebecca.

"Alright, bring your father's hard drive from his computer to us. It might have something one it that we could use. It may even have the clue we need to find out what we need to know about Umbrella." Rebecca said to Naruto.

*Hollow Roar*

Naruto covered his ears as he heard a loud roar. Many people all over the area also heard it. Naruto looked out the window. Then he saw a massive monster.

"Um, you two getting this!? It looks like that monster that broke out of luck up at the hospital. Except it looks like it's on steroids!" Naruto said to them looking at the massive monster.

"We see it. It is heading west, away from the mall. Thankfully. We don't have to worry about it." Rebecca said.

"West? That's… that's thing is heading to Saya's house! I got to go!" Naruto yelled running.

"Naruto you'll never make it!" Jill yelled.

"The hell I won't! I just need a little help." Naruto looked around. "Alright!"

(Saya's home same time)

"What the hell was that!" The don came out of his home when he heard that roar.

"SIR!" One of his men up high pointed east of them. The don got up there and saw what he was looking at, a massive monster it was plowing right through buildings. However it was slow their only saving grace.

"Don?" The man wanted something to do.

"I want every man woman and child able to hold and shot a gun armed and ready to defend us in 10 minutes. That's how long we have before it gets here." The don said.


"You heard me. Get moving." He said to the man.

"Yes sir!"

The don looked back at the monster, it was massive. He was worried and afraid for his family and his people. He could feel it. There was no hope to kill this thing. But he would fight to the death none the less. He may not look it, but he was frightened by this thing. It was huge and it was on its way here.

"I want everyone who can hold a gun armed now! Get out the heavy weaponry we'll need them!" The man yelled.

The don watched as this monster trampled everything in its path. Buildings, people, zombies, it was all the same to it and they need to stop it.

Takashi and the others, with Naruto's cousins included, saw the monster from Rei's recovery room.

"What should we do guys? Stay here and fight, if they let us, or leave while we can in Shizuka's friends car." Takashi asked.

"I say we stay and fight." Kohta said.

"I'm all for staying."

"I say we leave."

"We can't leave yet. Rei hasn't recovered enough yet. And if we do leave her recovery will take longer." Shizuka told them.

"That would also put us in danger later on if we do leave." Saeko didn't like their choices.

"Do we stay then? We have some guns thanks to Alcatraz, and one rocket launcher. That could help us in this upcoming fight." Kohta told them showing them the RPG.

"And where would you hit it? We don't know if this thing has a weak spot, you'd waste the shot if you just fired and hope for the best fat-so." Saya scolded him. She would have said something else but Alice was there.

"We stay then. And hope for the best." Saeko sighed at her decision.

(With Naruto)

Naruto had permanently borrowed a motorcycle to get to his friends as fast as he could. That things heavy armored shell would make all small arms fire worthless and most rockets would harm it anyway.

New T-Virus strain identified. BOW: Subject-32 Komodo Turtle crossbreed. Classification name: Komotle.

"Komotle? Really those Umbrella people have no vision." His suit gave him Intel on this monster this 'Komotle' what a dumb name.

The Komotle looked like a komodo dragon with a turtle shell covering its body. Its outer skin, without the shell, is tough and hard to pierce anyway. But it had one weakness. And that one weakness was all Naruto needed to save his friends and his cousins. He would do what he needed.


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