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New threat from the DEAD


Many of the Don's men were firing at the Kormotle. The monster that Umbrella created for whatever reason. The Don himself was leading the defense of his home and his people.

From her room Saya and the group could only watch, being forced away from the fighting by Saya's father.

"Man! I want to fight!" Kohta whined.

Many just sighed. "I'm glad we are not fighting that thing. We'd be just in the way." Takuzou said to Kohta.

"We can't stay here. I say we leave." Takashi said to the group.

Saeko looked like she was thinking hard. "I agree. But we'd need our car, and I'm not 100% sure it's fixed."

"We have to risk it. I know Rei isn't 100% either but we stay here, we risk death. They don't know how to bring that thing down and all they are doing is making a lot of noise and using up resources to fight off other threats." Saya said pushing up her glasses.

"I bet if Alcatraz was here he'd go all badass on that thing." Kohta said with his otaku smile and eye glare.

"Yeah, we he's not alright tubby, get use to it!" Tayuya yelled at Kohta, she was annoyed at the Don for chasing Alcatraz out.

"Thank you sister!" Saya said, happy that she'd found a kindred spirit in Tayuya, long exotic hair big boobs and a short temper.

The group fell silent for a time. Thinking about their friend that helped them through this and now on the Don's 'hit list'.

"Anyone think he'll be back?" Naomi broke the silence.

"I do!" Everyone looked at Alice with her pet fox Kyu who gave a happy bark. "I know that big brother Alcatraz will be back! After all he said he was going to protect us, even without saying it." Kyu gave off a bark agreeing with her.


"AHHH!" The Komotle unleashed a new power on the defenders of the people. The ability to spit out a type of liquid fire. It burned anyone alive a horrible way to die.

"This isn't going well!" One man yelled.

The Komotle continued it's rampaged in the courtyard, stepping on some poor sap while burning a few more. Any and all bullets bounced off its think skin and any rockets would only piss it off. And the turtle shell was beyond impregnable.

"DON! We have to leave! We must evacuate now!" Another man yelled.

"NO!" He yelled firing his gun. "Stand your ground!" Then he was back handed by the massive monster.



The Don looked up the Komotle looked at him. It could tell it saw him because it blinked. Then it lunged it's mouth at him.



Some smoke kicked up, which was wired. When the smoked cleared everyone was shocked, it seemed as if the Komotle's mouth had stopped from nothing. With the Don he was the outline of a figure, then it de-cloaked, it was 'Alcatraz'.

Naruto was holding the Komotle's teeth at bay with the power of the suit to help him. Whatever this thing was made of was strong. Naruto turned to the Don.

"Get out of here! We'll talk later." He told him.

The Don looked at him. "I'll hold you to that."

Naruto nodded then looked back to the Komotle. It roared angrily at him at the loss of its snack.

"Here we go." Naruto said to himself.

The Komotle tried to bit Naruto but only managed to eat some concrete.

"Hey look its Alcatraz!" Rei yelled from the bed she was on. The rest of the group looked on as they saw their friend fighting that thing on his own.

Naruto didn't bother to start shooting the Komotle yet. It had only one weak spot and he couldn't hit it right now. The Komotle rushed Naruto in hopes of killing him, but it didn't work. Naruto jumped on its claw and ran up its arm using the skills of his suit to aid him. He ran all the way up to the Komotle's herd, than he took out his SPAS and started to upload on the top of the skull. It was working, the scales were being destroyed, slowly.

The Komotle was pissed and tossed Naruto off its head.

"Holy shit! You see that!?" Kohta yelled.

"No! I'm working on my sun tan!" Saya replied sarcastically. She was really watching 'Alcatraz' fighting this monster that none of her dad's men could.

Naruto was smashed into a car. The car never had a chance. Naruto got up before the monster smashed the car to nothing.

"MY CAR!" The car's poor sap of an owner wailed.

Naruto rolled out of the way then cloaked.

Cloaked Engaged

'It can't see me right?'

But Naruto missed a few biology classes. The thing sees heat. The Komotle fired it's liquid fire at him and his rolled away from it. Naruto de-cloaked.

"Ok, bad idea. Better not waste energy." Naruto was using his suit to analyze any other weaknesses of this monster. Using the Umbrella files he got from the hospital. Aside from the one weakness, it had no other.

The monster started rampaging around the large courtyard trying to get to Naruto for what he did. Naruto was keeping it in front of him while making sure he didn't end up diner. When the Komotle tried to bit Naruto once more Naruto jumped out of the way and the Komotle ended up biting a car. Naruto, who place a mine on that same car a moment before, set of his charge. The monster roared as he didn't like that chili pepper.

Naruto too this chance and ran up the leg again, but the Komotle recovered faster than it should have and jumped onto the side of the Komotle's head. Naruto looked right into the large eye of the monster. Using one arm Naruto got out a special bomb.

"What are you looking at ugly?" Naruto asked.

Then he jammed his spike bomb into its eye. Naruto fell as it went on another rampage trying to get the bomb out of its eye. Slamming and grinding anything to get it out. Everyone didn't have t wait long as it blew up, blinding it in its right eye and making it collapsed.

Naruto wasted no time he ran to the downed monster and jumped on its head. He found the small hole he made in the armor and began to shot once more with what was left of his SPAS ammo. He soon ran out after using about 15 or so rounds into it. The Komotle launched Naruto back by quickly moving its head up.

Naruto saw that he was heading to the things shell so he activated his armor.

Maximum Armor

Naruto braced himself for hitting the shell. Oh did it hurt like hell. The shell was so hard it took a large chunk of his suit energy away. Naruto rolled to the left side of the monster a little stunned by his fall. But the Komotle would not let Naruto rest. It stepped on Naruto with its claw preventing him from moving. It gave a roar as it enlarged its fangs then went to eat him.

Naruto, not wanting to be a meal, grabbed its fangs when it went for the kill. Naruto kept it at bay with only his hands. The monster was even using its tongue to lick Naruto in the suit.

"Ew! Gross!" Naruto complained. Slime and droll were dripping on Naruto as he held it off. "Great now you're drooling on me!"

"He needs help!" Kohta yelled. He grabbed the RPG and ran to help Naruto.

"Wait Kohta! DAMMIT!" Takashi yelled while following to help him. He grabbed an RPG that the Don's men were using.

"Damn!" Naruto was losing strength. "You need a breath mint pal!" The mouth of the monster was getting closer and closer.

"Hey! Ugly!"

Both Naruto and the Komotle, with one eye, looked at the source of the voice. Naruto saw both Takashi and Kohta aiming a pair of RPGs at the Komotle.

'They know how to aim those right?' They fired. 'I guess they do.'

Maximum armor

The two RPG rockets hit the top part of the head near the hole in its head. It roared as its weakness was hit.

Naruto sighed in a short relief as the Komotle was in pain and wasn't going to bother with him for a minute. Naruto slowly got up and did a two finger salute in thanks to them.

"Alright, time to kill this thing."

The Komotle came at him again trying to bit him. Naruto used all of his suit energy to jump as high as he could. Many saw this and were shocked. Naruto landed on the side, with the one eye, of its head. With its long silted eye it looked at Naruto. Naruto took out his spike bomb and jammed it into its eye. It roared and leaned towards where the pain was coming from. Naruto let go and fell to the ground, landing on his feet. The Komotle started to rub its eye on the ground trying to get the spike bomb out of its eye.


It blew up and the Komotle fell to the ground. Naruto ran up its front leg and made it to the hole in the head, which was a little bigger thanks to Takashi and Kohta. Naruto emptied the last of his clip in the hole to make it bigger. He tossed his gun as it was out of ammo. He pulled out a special grenade for this one. However the Komotle was not in a corporative mood. Blind and dazed it felt something on its head. It started to spin hoping to shake off whatever was on it.

Naruto slipped when the Komotle started to act like a bull. Naruto grabbed onto the hole with his free hand. The Komotle started to roll, spin, and shake to shake off Naruto who was hanging by a scale. Naruto armed the grenade and threw it in the hole. The massive monster threw its head up and Naruto was sent flying again to its shell.

Maximum armor

Naruto's armor activated and then he landed on the hard shell. 'Oh I'm feeling that one in the morning.'

The Komotle roared a few times then…


The Komotle had a new size hole in its head now. Most of its head was gone, it fell to the ground lifeless.

"It's dead?" Some of the Don's men asked out loud.

"ITS DEAD!" Many of the men and the people who witness the fight were celebrating his victory.

Warning! Warning! Massive T-Virus outbreak imminent.

His suit's HUD showed him a 3D image of the surround area about 300 meters. A red dome came from the Komotle and then it spread from it to the rest of the area.

T-Virus infection level: 5. Infection probably: 97%

Threat Detected

Naruto saw that many infected were flooding the area because of the Komotle. Numbering somewhere in the 100s maybe in the 1000s. "Shit! Everyone run!" Naruto yelled as loud as he could.

"Pull back pull back!" Some of the Don's men yell.

Suggesting counter-measure. Activate AVP Anti-Virus Pulse

Naruto had no idea what was that but he'd go with it.

"Activate AVP!" He yelled.

Activating AVP. Stand-by. 25%... 50%... 75%... 100%. Activating AVP.

Naruto felt the power build up, and from afar, all the by-standers saw a white colored energy, or particles surround 'Alcatraz' then Naruto released the pulse. The pulse of white energy fired from Naruto's body. The pulse spread in a dome like fashion and everything infected that it touched, it destroyed.

The Komotle dissolved, and the lesser infected looked like they were burned to ashes. The AVP dome covering about a 3 mile radius. All of the infected and the T-Virus infection were snuffed out by the AVP dome.

Naruto fell to the ground after his little episode. He was flat on his back, lifeless.

Activate defibrillator

A jolt of from the suits built-in defibrillator jolted Naruto.

Off to the side many people, mostly Naruto's group, were running to help 'Alcatraz' as he wasn't getting up.

Activate defibrillator

The suit tried once more to revive its user Naruto. However Naruto's vital sighs remain flat-line.

Activate defibrillator

Another jolt hit Naruto's heart. Naruto began to move.

"Alcatraz! Hey man you're alright!" Kohta yelled.

"Do I look alright to you Kohta?" 'Alcatraz' asked.

"Dude you can talk? Since when?" Takashi asked.

"Since a few hours I got kicked out of here. Look, I'm not doing so hot right now, get me to Shizuka or someone. I need a bit of a break." Naruto felt dazed after his fight with the Komotle.

"ALCATRAZ!" The rest of the group ran up to him.

"Hey." Naruto waved weakly.

"You can talk?" Saya asked."

"Yes. I meet up with Rebecca and Jill not to long after I got kicked out of here. Got an upgrade as it were." He said weakly.

"You sound… familiar…" Saeko said to him. "Why?"

Naruto was nervous. She's might kill him for not saying who he is. Naruto looked around him when the group heard a bunch of gun cocks around them. The don's men had surrounded them once more. "Great." Naruto said sarcastically.

"Stand down!" Everyone looked behind them to see the Don. "This man and I have much to talk about. Bring him to my meeting room within the hour." The Don left no room for argument as he left them.

Saeko and Hinata were holding Naruto up. Naruto nodded. "I'll be there. I suggest that you all be there as well." Naruto managed to stand on his own power, damn this suit was good.

"Why us?" Kohta asked.

"There are some things you need to know as well." He said to them. He hoped that they didn't kill him mainly Saeko, Hinata and Yuuki.

A few minutes later Naruto made his way to the medical center that the Don's people made with his cousins running it. He wanted to tell them earlier but he had the same problem he could speak and they might kill him.

"Hey Alcatraz!" Naruto looked to the voice. It was Karin. "Good to see you." Karin gave him a warm smile. "What cha doing here?"

"Nothing, just here to check on you." He said, thanking that the mask changed his voice a little.

"Holy crap your can talk!"

"Yeah, upgrade, what's up?"

"Oh, yeah. Nothing, because of the Don we have a makeshift medical tent. But that's as good as that's going to get. "

"I see, here." He handed her a handgun. "Take this and watch yourself. I don't trust anyone here aside from the group I brought here and your sisters Karin."

"Yeah, I get it. Let me get my sisters. Karui Tayuya! Get over here will ya!" She yelled at her older sisters.

"Yeah yeah were coming." Tayuya said.

Since their makeshift hospital was made by the Don's men they have been working non-stop to help anyone who was sick, not infected, and to report anyone who was infected. The only person that could help them was Shizuka, even if she was a bit ditzy.

"What do you need, were busy with the damage from that massive dragon thing." Karui said to her younger sister.

"That dragon thing was called a Komotle, Umbrella named it." He told them.

Tayuya nodded. "I see. What's up Alcatraz?"

"Here take these." He handed Tayuya a shotgun and Karui an UMP-45 "Keep these with you at all times. Trust only each other when me and the group I've brought with me here leave. I don't trust anyone here. Alright."

The 3 sisters nodded. "Yeah sure alright. Hey, your voice sounds familiar have we meat before?" kauri asked him.

"Um… no. Anyway if you have some time, come to the Don's meeting room. There are some things you need to know. Alright?" He told them.

"Yeah sure whatever." Tayuya said, getting elbowed for her sarcastic remark.

An hour later Naruto made his way to the Don's meeting room. The men outside wanted to disarm him but that almost got them killed.

"Allow him in as is. We have wasted enough time as it is." The don ordered.

The men allowed him in and he walked in like the badass that he is. "Don." He said.

"Alcatraz. My daughter and her friends spoke highly of you when you were away." He said to him.

"Yeah. It's the suit." Naruto was honest.

"This suit of yours… it's nothing more than an expensive tool. The tool is only as good as its user. The suit allows you to do get things, but you chose to do those things." The don said.

"Wise words."

"My daughter said them to my men when they called you a freak. Amongst other things."

"She is her mother's daughter." Naruto said to him.

The don narrowed his eyes. "You know of my wife?" He asked in a hidden dangerous tone.

"Yes. I've meet her a few times before all this went down." He answered the don.

"Another thing. Last time we meet, you couldn't talk. What changed?"

"I found my contact nearby. She upgraded my suit. Fixed it as it where to where I can talk now." Naruto told him. "Before we start I want my group that I brought with me when I first got here to be here when I revile what I know. Your daughter is among them."

The don narrowed his eyes. "And why is that?"

"I have my reasons. You'll know them when they get here." Naruto crossed his arms around his chest. Showing that he will not compromise on that point. They didn't need to wait long before there was a knock on the door. The rest of Naruto's group, the core of the group, was waiting outside wanting to come in, as Alcatraz asked them to come. Rei was absent as she was hurt, but the core of the group being Kohta, Takashi, Hinata, Kyoko, Saya, Yuuki, Shizuka and Saeko. Tayuya, Karui and Karin showed up a few moments later. Alice was staying with Rei.

"So where all here, now what?" Saya asked.

Naruto blushed behind his helmet as he saw Saya's chest jiggle. He was thinking before he did this. Should he take off his helmet and show who he is? Would it do more harm than good? At the last possible second. He decided…

No. He would keep his helmet on. Keep the name Alcatraz.

"As you know what I've told you so far. Here is a more detailed version of what I know." Naruto made that choice. He had hope that it was the right one. He told them what he knows about Umbrella and about the T-virus. He told them everything aside from his name and who he was. It took almost 30 minutes for Naruto/Alcatraz to the group.

"I have a question." Takashi raised his hand.

"Yes?" Naruto asked.

"What is your real name?" He asked Naruto.

"My name is classified. My call sigh, which is just as good as my name, is Alcatraz. That will do Takashi." Naruto told. Solidifying his name as Alcatraz.


"Any other questions?" Naruto asked.

"Why did you want these kids in here when you reviled this to me?"

"The world will need new leadership when this is over. Corruption allowed this to happen. The BSAA tried to warn the world. They tried, but corruption allowed them to get away with a few thousand counts of murder. The world will need new leadership. I believe that they are it. Once some more wisdom is installed into a few of them." He looked at Takashi.


"You put great faith in the young. They are not ready for something like that." The don told him.

"By the time this blows over… they will be. That is all I have to say." Naruto left, the weight of his chose on his shoulders.

(The Next day)

Over the course of 12 hours, Naruto/Alcatraz made non-stop missions into the city. Bring back supplies, vehicles, and survivors back to the Don's compound. Anything that could be useful to the refugees at the compound. He had saved almost 50 people all scattered around the nearby area. Either too afraid to move, unable to move by themselves or any other reasons that they couldn't move. Saya complained to her mother and father that they were working Alcatraz too hard, it would be bad for them in the long run but that argument was shot down when her mother said that Alcatraz wanted to go and do those things.

Naruto worked tirelessly on anything that he was told to do. He kept up his cover as Alcatraz to do so. When Jill asked if he was sure that was the right recourse he said that he will follow through with it and asked them both to do the same. They said they would and he hoped that they would.

Naruto had just finished bring back another small group. It was a full family of 4. A mom, a dad and two kids, a boy and a girl. He had found them hold up in their motor home that broke down in a small group of zombies. After taking care of the zombies he led the family to safety. The young girl of 10 hugged Naruto and thanked him as the family went with the other families in the compound. Naruto was tired from all of his missions, he needed a break.

Naruto after his last mission was resting in his room that the Don gave him, still in his suit by the way. It was 2pm and he hadn't slept in two days. He was about drop dead tired.

(Knock Knock)

'Of fucking course.' Naruto cursed in his head. About to go to sleep and someone wants something from him. "Yes?" Naruto called out.

"The Don wishes to see you. As well as your group." The man said.

"Alright, I'll see him as soon as." He said. The suit can do miracles that much is for sure but his body might run out of energy soon enough. How he was even able to do these things is beyond reason. His only answer was the suit feed his body what it needs, that's what Rebecca told him anyway. Most likely true. Naruto got up and made his way to Kohta's room for his bag of guns that he had left with the young man. He took his G36C, a M9, an EBR and a SPAZ. With more than enough ammo to take down a small army.

Naruto walked to the Don's room, wondering what he wanted now. Wasn't 12 hours of non-stop missions enough for now? He made it to the meeting room.

"Come in. We need your suit." Naruto heard the Don say from the other side.

Naruto opened the door and saw many of the Don's head officers, what was left of them, most died in the attack. "Yes?" Naruto asked.

"Alcatraz, we need your help. We managed to locate a satellite over Japan. However our best hacker can't get into it. We need your help to do so. Hook up to this main computer.

Naruto shrugged as he hooked himself up to the main fame.

Hacking commencing standby

Naruto looked at all of the 1s and 0s on his screen.

Hacking: 50% complete



Accessing satellite mainframe…

Satellite pictures downloading…

Live satellite feed downloaded to suit mainframe.

User is now able to access live fed from the satellite

"There it's done. You can now access this satellite from this computer. This one covers all of Japan don this will be a great help to you. Can I go now?" He asked.

"You sound tired Alcatraz?" One of the don's men said.

"I am. You go 2 plus days without rest and do what I've done alone, I doubt you could." He sneered at him.

"If I had that suit I could."

"The suit allows me to do what I do. I chose to do what I do. I won't be here forever so don't get use to me." Naruto left it at that. He needed to move on soon, he'd been here for too long as it was.

Naruto made his way back to his room for some well earned rest.

"Hey Alcatraz!" Naruto groaned. He looked behind him so see Alice and her pet fox Kyu. "See Kyu, told you that big brother Alcatraz would be back!" Alice said to the fox she held to her chest. The fox gave off a yip in excitement.

"Alice!" Naruto heard a familiar voice yell out Alice's name. "I told you not to wonder off like… oh, Alcatraz? Are you alright? I haven't seen you since that one meeting you asked as too." She asked the young man. Naruto had fond memories of Kyoko. How she was one of the few teachers at the high school that tried to do the right thing to get rid of Shido but because of his daddy he was safe from any recourse. However Kyoko protected anybody she could from Shido, mainly Yuuki from the sick fuck.

"I've been good Kyoko. Been saving anyone I could when I go raiding for supplies." He told the busty woman. Trying to keep his eyes on her face and not her nice large chest.

"That's good. But you need some rest, you maybe a solider, but you're still a man." She told him. "And you Alice, you need to stay with someone at all time's young lady." She scolded the young girl.

"Yes Mrs. Kyoko." She said sadly. The fox also whined and dropped his ears.

"Now now, she's young and adventurous. This is a perfect place for her young mind to explore." Naruto defended Alice.

"YEAH!" Kyu yipped in happiness.

"Now don't go defending her like that. She needs to stay with us at all times. Some people are not the nicest people in this world you know." She said to Naruto.

"I guess you're right. You can explore Alice, just do it with someone." Kyu growled. "Other than Kyu." Kyu gave a happy yip. Naruto starched his ears.

"Say, Kyoko, before this all went down. Did you have a boyfriend?" Naruto asked. Although he knew the answer he asked anyway. Maybe she did have a boyfriend, or a crush.

"A boyfriend, no. But…" Kyoko blushed thinking about it.

"Oh, so there was someone. Who was the lucky guy?" Naruto asked with a teasing tone.

Kyoko started to blush and stutter. "Your, you're going think it's a stupid girl crush."

"If you love someone it's never stupid." Naruto said with a wise like voice.

"Well… you see I… I had a crush on a student." Kyoko admitted.

"A student? Wow… that's new-ish. So, who was it?" Naruto asked. He was thinking, who could have caught Kyoko's eye? Not that blond moron that they killed a few days ago.

"Well, his name was Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto almost chocked on his spit. "Yes I know stupid right?"

"No no." Naruto waved his hands in front of him. "I think its…" 'Come on bring think…'" I think it's romantic. You know. Forbidden love by society. But true love knows no bounds or restrictions." Naruto said. Although now he felt so bad by not knowing it. 'I hope that I didn't miss anyone else's crush on me.' Saya, Shizuka and Fu sneezed. 'Most likely not.' "I'm sure that… that you'll find someone who will treat you as the queen you are." He said.

"Awe you're so cute." She gave him a hug. Naruto blushed as her chest pressed against his.

"Yeah… thanks. But I got to go I need a break." Naruto said goodbye to Kyoko and left her with Alice.

Kyoko sighed again. "What a nice young man. I wonder if he's single." She said to herself.

Naruto used his suit's power to get away from Kyoko. "Great, what's next Naruto you'll realize that some other girls you know like you?" Again before mentioned girls sneezed again. Naruto moved on heading to his room. There waiting from him was Saeko, in a kimono. 'This'll end well.'"Hello Saeko. How may I help you?" He asked.

"I'm glad I fond you. Our group is having a meeting; we'd like you to come." She told him.

"Oh, what about?"

"If we should stay here or not. Some of the group still has family out in the world that they want to find. Please, follow me." Saeko led him to where the rest of the group was waiting. It was near their car everyone was there. Even the 3 newcomers Karin, Tayuya and Karui came they were welcomed of course. "Alright, we have a choice to make. Do we stay, or so we go." Saeko said out loud.

"We are with a larger group, we'll be safe here." Naomi said with her boyfriend agreeing.

"No place is a safe heaven. As long as Umbrella is around and their troops nowhere is safe." Naruto said.

"Holy crap! Alcatraz you can talk!?" Takuzou yelled pointing at him.

"Yes. I got an upgrade and leave it at that. But back to what I said, as long as Umbrella is around nowhere is safe."

"Why is that?" Toshimi and Misuzu asked at the same time.

"The Umbrella CEO's considers anyone not with them infected and are to be terminated." Naruto answered for them.

"Why is that?" Shizuka asked.

"They are power hungry monsters, leave it at that. As for staying here, you'll be safe from the Zombies, most of them at least, but when Umbrella troops come, many will die defending this place, then the zombies will pick off the rest. That is just what will happen, as long as I'm here." Naruto said to them.

"Why will that happen as long as you're here Alcatraz?" Saya asked him.

"Umbrella wants the suit. They'll kill everyone in the world to get it. So I must be moving on soon. I can't allow them to find me here. So I'll be leaving within the hour. Anyone who wants to come with me is welcome, but it will be dangerous." Naruto felt like he should have told them who he was but again decided against it.

"We're staying." The group looked at Takuzou and Naomi.

"But why?"

"Naomi found her mom here. I can't ask her to leave so I'll be staying here." He told the group.

Naruto nodded and handed him an M4A1 with 3 clips worth of ammo, plus the mag already in. Then handed Naomi a USP.45. "To keep your family safe. Also take a few things from out supply bag. Help your survival chances. Good luck."

"Thanks Alcatraz." Naomi hugged him.

"We're staying as well." Kawamoto and Taniuchi said to the group.

"Huh? Why?" Takashi asked.

Naruto noticed that they were holding hands. "I wish you luck in your lives. I hope you're love will survive this." The group gave him a 'huh' look. He gave them both an M9 to defend themselves with.

"Thank you Alcatraz. For everything." Taniuchi hugged him then Kawamoto.

"Take a few things from our bag. Stick together no matter what, we'll see you again." Naruto told them. Naruto also had a feeling that a few more were leaving the group.

Toshimi sighed. "We might as well stay here too."

"Huh? But why!? We're a family right?" Shizuka whined at losing anymore of their group.

"We are, but I found my little sister here. I can't leave her. Our parents are dead and no one else was willing to help her. In fact Alcatraz found her yesterday. I can't leave her. It's that simple. I'm sorry everyone. Misuzu is will to stay with me." The two friends were also holding hands.

Naruto saw this and nodded. Handing both girls a UMP-45 with 2 more clips each. "Protect yourselves and your little sister Toshimi. Take a few things from our bag, in fact if you 6 stick together take a full bag. For all of your families. It'll help you all in this new world." Naruto told them. He heard Saya huff and Alice cry a little with Shizuka because their family was being broke up.

"We will Alcatraz. Thank you so much for what you've done already." The two friends now lovers hugged Naruto.

"What about you 3." Naruto asked he hoped that they stayed; he could protect his cosines, almost sisters, if they stayed.

"This place needs doctors, we are the only ones who could help these people. A doctor is very important now. With so many people, and with so many people having sex…" Karin looked at Takuzou and Naomi. Both blushed. "The babies need a fighting chance to survive in this new world. We'll share a few of the medical supplies you helped us get Alcatraz but these people need us."

Naruto nodded, then tossed Tayuya a M16A4. The one gun he knew Tayuya could fire. "Take that to protect your sisters Tayuya."

"Sure no prop."

Naruto looked at the others that were staying. "Will you share your food with them?" He asked and they all nodded.

"Awe~~ our family got smaller." Alice whined with her fox whining with her.

"Don't worry Alice, I'm sure our family with grow soon." Kohta reassured her. Naruto agreed. There were plenty of people still alive, some he was sure would stay with them if needed.

"Oh oh!" Everyone heard Shizuka all of the sudden perk up. "I just remembered! I just remembered!" She chanted.

"Uh… remembered what?" Takashi asked.

"I remembered my friend's number! But I need a phone. Who has a phone I need a phone!" She said excitedly.

"What's the number, I can phone someone with my suit if the cell is still on." Naruto said.

"Oh, okay." Shizuka gave him the number and his suit made the call.

"It'll be like it's on speaker phone so just talk and she'll hear you and you'll hear her." Naruto explained.


It took a few seconds before the phone was picked up.

"Hello?" Everyone heard a female voice on the other end.

"RIKA YOUR ALIVE!" Shizuka yelled with her childlike happiness.

"Shizuka!? You made it! I'm so relieved. Where are you!? Are you at my house!?" The female, Rika, sounded urgent.

"No, we had to leave in a hurry, we also borrowed your car and your guns in your safe, I hope you don't mind." She sounded sorry.

"No that's fine, as long as you have my car I can find you. Where are you at?" Rika asked.

"Where at…"


Everyone covered their ears because the screech was so loud. Naruto didn't.

EMP blast detected

Suit failure

"Alcatraz you alright?" Saeko asked. Naruto's world was going dark. "ALCATRAZ!"

Naruto passed out.


Sorry about the long wait. We just moved and collage started again. I have a new fic in the works a BC/Naruto crossover but I won't start until this one is over. The next chapter will be longer.