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DEAD Mutations Part 1

Naruto started to stir. He heard echoes of gun fire and people screaming.

System restart, switching to core functions

Naruto felt more of himself now, he was beginning to move more of his body.

"Hey buddy you alright!?" A man started to shake Naruto.

Restart complete

Naruto was fully aware of himself now. "Huh? What happened?"

"Now's not the time! We need you zombies are overrunning us!" The man handed him his SCAR.

"You don't need to tell me twice!" Naruto went to work taking out any walkers that came near the front line of men fighting the undead. But there were too many of them and not enough ammo. He took out a siren grenade and tossed it near the center of the horde. The horde of zombies stopped their advance and went to the sound of the grenade. When it blew many were killed. Naruto used his HUD to pinpoint the rest of the walkers that made their way inside the perimeter. Getting perfect head shots with the few that the grenade didn't kill.

When the court yard was clear Naruto chased down the remaining walkers in the Don's perimeter, he cleared the few that were left and helped with the rebuilding of the walls that kept the place safe. He used his predator vision to see if anymore walkers or infected were around. None were anywhere near the walls.

A man ran up to Naruto. "Alcatraz, the don wishes to see you, now." The man said.

Naruto nodded. It took a few minutes before he was before the don and his wife.

"Alcatraz, before you ask my daughter and her group left, and no they wanted to stay or take you with them, but you were heavier than a bolder and they couldn't take you with them and I forced them to leave. As for the few that stayed they are fine." The don started.

"That's fine. I'm glad they left me behind. I'll find them sometime later when I can." Naruto told the don.

"I figured you'd say that. You'll be leaving soon then?" The don asked.

"Yes. If I stay here then Umbrella will march an army to get to me. They would do anything to get the suit back." Naruto told him.

"I see. Then before you go I have one last thing to ask of you."


"The power plant and the water plant are both down, they're about 20 miles out of the city limits give or take. We need to get them back online as soon as possible." He told Naruto.

"And let me guess, I'm the only one who can do it?" Naruto asked knowing the answer.

"Yes you are." This time the don's wife talked. "Anyone else would die either on the way there or back, it is a suicide mission as there are hordes or undead from here to the power and water plants. No one could make the journey and live." She told him.

"Yes. Anyone else would die. On top of that we are running on energy power and water right now. Without those plants back up the power and water here will dry up in a day or two. Then the panic will set in." The don told him ominously.

Naruto thought about it. He knew he was going to do it, no point not too, but he wondered if the don was still trying to get rid of him. "Alright, I'll do it. I'll leave as soon as I stock up."

"Thank you Alcatraz." The don's wife thanked him.

Naruto nodded and left. Naruto said goodbye to the group that stayed behind and his cousins before leaving, he felt bad about not saying anything but he felt it was for the best.

"Alright Alcatraz, head North from here to get to the power plant and the water plant. Get them back online as soon as possible." The don told him. Naruto nodded. "Stay safe son." He said before leaving Naruto to do what he needs to do.

Get to the Power Plant and reactivate the generators

Get to the Water Plant and reactivate the turbines

Naruto nodded again and started a slight jog. A non-stop jog he moved faster than most people could while jogging. He was full up on ammo and supplies he could make it. He was also receiving real time satellite imagery from the satellite he hacked. There were plenty of zombies all around but none that would pose as a threat for him. His HUD didn't pick up any survivors only undead and Umbrella operatives. Naruto had to make a detour inside a building, as Umbrella block off the street, it was a parking building. He opened the gate to get in, that caused some noise.

"Hey, you hear that?" Naruto heard a voice come from above him.

Clock engaged

Predator vision enabled

Naruto saw two umbrella troopers.

"Anything?" The one higher up asked the other.

"Nay, nothing. Nothing at all." The first one said.

"Alright, get up here."

Naruto saw when the other one was out of sight range of the other. He aimed his silenced G36C at the first one's head, and then fired killing him. Naruto moved fast to silence the other one before he calls in back up.

"Hey I said…" He fell to the ground when Naruto shot him in the head. Naruto took what he could from them in terms of ammo and moved on.

"Hey Naruto, it's Jill, I got some good news for you. About 10 minutes ago a group of kids with a pair of adults came in. Based on your helmet cam from the start of this, it's your friends. They're fine."

"Thanks for the heads up Jill."

"No problem, but I got a real update, Danzo is in the area overseeing some operation. Take him out if you can."

"Copy that." Naruto made his way through the parking building there weren't many other Umbrella troopers to deal with. After he dealt with the last group of Umbrella he got to the roof of the building. He was now above 6 Umbrella troopers in sweeping formation.

"They seem to be looking for you. But why out here?"

"Don't know Jill. I'll just kill them all and be done with it."

"Good plan. Be safe Naruto, after you're done with this little side mission get back to the mall, we could use your help."

"I will. Later."

Tactical options available.

"Naruto's HUD showed him a few options. One was snipe the gunner on one of the vehicles another snipe option was snipe over watch over on the building roof top across from him. A stealth intrusion to flank a few of the troopers from behind. He liked it.


Naruto and the troopers heard a high pitched screech. Everyone looked at the source and saw a small group of fat zombies. They were running, and running fast, faster than they looked like they could.

"What the fuck! Fire! Fire!"

One of the zombies grabbed the closest one then boom, instant spaghetti and meat balls. Naruto watched from up top and was analyzing these new Boomer zombies. Shooting them seemed to release a green acid and hitting them in the head seemed to kill them. So almost normal tactics when facing them, just don't let them get close. Aside from the fact they run of course, maybe they only run when near a target. After it was said and done all of the Boomers and the troopers were killed. Saved Naruto the ammo for later.

"Jill, have people keep watch, there are new mutations coming out of the wood work, more than even what Umbrella made up. A new one that wasn't on their files, one is what I call Boomers. Their fat and they can sprint on top of that they blow up when they get close enough."

"Copy that. I'll have a watch going."

Naruto moved on, hoping to find something as to why Umbrella was around. He went into a building killing the only man there. The guy didn't have a prayer. Naruto moved until he was on a covered ledge. He overheard two people yelling, a man and a woman.

"I said NO! I don't care what some old ass senile old man wants!" Naruto heard the man yell.

"You should care what this 'senile' old man wants! Uchiha is the Marjory share holder with Umbrella now that Whisker is dead! He wants Alcatraz alive!"

"Madera wants the suit! Not this tin fuck Konan!" Naruto saw that the man was Danzo. He saw that that the woman was his aunt Konan, Tayuya, Karin, and Karui's mother.

"I'd be mindful of your mouth Danzo, as long as Uchiha is the majority share holder, he is in charge. So I suggest that you pick your enemies a little more carful from now on." Konan warned him.

"This conversation is over!" Danzo yelled back as the two boarded a chopper and flew off.

"Well… that was unexpected." Naruto said out loud.

"What was?" Rebecca asked.

"My aunt on Umbrella's side. Did you know about her?" He asked Rebecca.

"We did, but as her name is Konan Uzumaki, we didn't know there was a connation. Sorry Naruto."

"It's alright, she's my aunt, married my uncle on my mother's side. But I need to move on. I'm about an hour away from the power and water plants. I'll contact you then. Over and out."

The small group of Umbrella troops that were left behind was killed by Naruto using a combination of stealth and marksmanship. It was getting dark by the time he made it to the power plant. It seemed that the breakers, along with everything else, were busted.

"Ok, Rebecca, Jill, anything I need to know about how to turn the power back on? I slept through 'Reactivate a power plant' class." Naruto said over his radio.

"Very funny. Ok first you need to reset the breakers. Then recharge the main power cup link that should do it." Rebecca answered Naruto's question.

"Sounds easy enough."

"Yeah but you might want to hurry up, ever sense the EMP the people here have gotten restless, we might need to leave this place in a hurry." Jill told Naruto.

It was a good three hours before Naruto was able to power the power plant up to full power, the EMP screwed it to hell. On top of that he cleared it of any zombies that were in there, poor saps from the start of the outbreak. After that he made his way to the water cleaning plant, it was in worse shape as some of the zombies were in the water tanks, the entire water supply of this plant was contaminated.

"SHIT!" Naruto yelled. "Don, Don do you read me?"

"Yes Alcatraz?"

"This water plant is contaminated. None of the water here is any good. I would recommend you not using any water as drinking water at all. Until you or someone else can get a team here and clean this place, even then you'd need to test the waters for the T-Virus to make sure it's good enough."

"I see, can you at least get the bodies out of the water pools? That will help."

"I'll do what I can, that's all I'm promising."

Naruto went to work fishing the bodies out of the water, yeah that was fun, but thanks to his suit he can't get infected and he can breathe underwater for a few hours, because that's how long it took to get the bodies out of the water and burn them, sure he could have used his AVP to get rid of the T-Virus in the water but that nearly killed him the last time.

The sun was almost down when he got out of the water plant. Luckily the two plants where only miles away from each other. Naruto moved at a steady jogging pace for him anyway. He had no action from the time he left the plant to now, not even a zombie or Umbrella trooper. Naruto figured that he'd run into something by now, but it was going to be a boring night.

An hour later he was somewhere in town, near the edge of the city. He looked around for a cross street it said he was on Eastern. "Great, I've got a good 5 hours before I get to the mall at my pace non-stop." Naruto grumbled to himself.

After about an hour of complaining about lack of something to shoot Naruto came upon a destroyed bus in the middle of the street.

"Wow." He said to himself, the 'wow' was not a good wow. "Looks like someone took a can opener to the thing." Naruto said as he investigated the bus. It did look like someone took a big can opener to the bus and ripped it open. Naruto heard what sounded like munching sounds, a common sound when the undead were feeding on something.

Treat Detected.

"A little late suit. You're losing your touch." Naruto rounded the side of the bus to see… "Well that's new."

What Naruto was looking at was best described as a faceless horse with wings. It was skinless had no eyes or nose and looked like it had no ears and the wings were about 6 feet long end to end. It kind of looked at him. It rose something on the top of its head then...


It gave a high pitched screech from hell. Naruto would have been affected if not for the suit. Naruto aimed his SCAR at it and fired, putting 3 rounds in its skull killing it.

Naruto felt his suit taking more of the T-virus samples. More to help Rebecca it seems.

Starting analysis.

His suit was scanning the monster to see what it was.

Searching Umbrella files. Standby.

Search complete. No match.

"Great a new mutation it seems."

Analysis complete. Subject classification Sky Shrieker. Blind, deaf and unable to smell. Detection based on inferred detection. Able to fly long distances, razor sharp teeth, no reproductive organs. Has no higher brain function other than to eat.

"Ok I don't know if that last part is a good thing or not, I've seen Tremors 2." Naruto mused to himself.

Survivor Detected.

"Ok, something to go on."

Predator Vision enabled.

Naruto checked his vision mode to see where the survivor was. He found someone hiding in a dumpster. A few bodies, or parts of bodies, scattered around the bus and the dumpster suggested that the Sky Shrieker found them and killed the rest this one was the only lucky one.

Naruto moved to the dumpster and knocked on it. "Hello, it's safe now. You can come out."

"Is it?" Naruto heard a young woman's voice come out.

"Yes. I killed that thing that took out the bus." The girl opened the dumpster and he saw a blond haired young woman, about a year or two older than him. He saw her eyes widened when she saw him. "Don't be alarmed, I'm human under this mask." She nodded fearfully. Naruto first noticed that she was naked. Nice size D cub breasts were in his face.

"Is that thing dead?"


Then the young woman lunged at him and cried. Naruto kept his eyes on the mission, and no not on her D cub breasts, but getting her out alive. Naruto helped her out of the dumpster and noticed she didn't even have shoes on. Naruto turned around and got on one knee.



"Your naked and have no shoes on. I have no car and no way to transport you other than to carry you. There is broken glass everywhere and odds are you'll step on something sharp. This way I can protect you so hop on." He told her, he also noticed that she had been crying a lot, based on her red puffy eyes.

"Ok." She nodded and climbed on Naruto's back.

"Hold on tight."

Maximum Power

Naruto began to run at full speed, he was looking for a place for them to stay using his predator vision for help. He could go on all night but his new charge couldn't. It took him half an hour to find a home that didn't have some zombies in it.

But he found one that was off the beaten path so to speak. Whoever owned it had 6 ft tall stone walls with barb wire on top of that, no pun intended. He opened the gate by breaking the lock then breaking in the door. Naruto set her down on a chair. She seemed to still be in shock for the most part. She seemed frail and weak; she mustn't have eaten in at least a day maybe two. Naruto left her there and went into the kitchen to search for something to eat for her. In the pantry he found some candy and protean bars, good enough for now.

He moved back to the living room to give what he found to her. She ate it as soon as it was in front of her. His theory was right about her based on this. He carried her next to the bath room to wash her off. She was covered in blood, dirt and grime from the dumpster. He placed her in the bath tub and turned on the water, the water still ran and the hot water was still working, thankfully. However he didn't have time to spare. He worked and washing her off he also took note, not of her numbers, that she was still staring off into space. He wondered if her family was on that bus? Or at least the last people she could ever care about were on that bus.

"How you holding up?" He asked her, trying to get some response out of her. Nothing. "Your hot you know." Trying once more to get a reaction out of her. Naruto sighed then smack her breast.

"HEY!" She slapped him but hit his mask and hurt her hand. "What the fuck!?"

"Sorry about that. Been trying to take to you for the last few minutes." He said to her. "Just wanted to make sure you're not dead."

She gave him a dirty look. "Yeah, I'm a zombie that talks, has a heartbeat and isn't trying to eat you!"

Naruto looked at her for a second. "Sorry, I didn't notice. Anyway what is your name? You may call me Alcatraz." Naruto said to her keeping his code name up.

"Yugito… Yugito Nii." She said sadly.

"Nice name." Naruto said back. He continued to wash her off of her blood and grim. "You wanna talk about what happened?" He asked.

"Would it change anything?" She asked.

"No, I suppose not. But will it help to keep it all in? But I know how it feels to lose someone close to you. Even before this outbreak. If you don't talk about it, it becomes an acid to your heart and corrodes it to nothing. Talking about it helps you heal." He told her, wanting to talk about how he lost his family and his life. "Lean your head back." She did and Naruto washed her hair of the soap. "Well?" He asked.

She let out a few tears before she nodded. "Well…"

(Flash back)

A bus was driving down the road running down the lone zombie or two along the way. Inside were about 12 people including the driver all of whom loss someone close to them. Near the back was Yugito she was alone looking about side as were the rest. Still working on believing what was happening to the world.

"Hey, you alright?" Some guy walked up to her.

"No. Are you?"

"I guess not much better. But hey were alive right? Got to take what good luck were we can get it right?"

"Even when we lose everything else?"

The guy smiled. "We need to live on for those that can't. Giving up would make everyone who died so far both tragic and pointless. We survived for a reason, so we must find what that reason is." He said with a smile.

"Maybe." Yugito said.

Then all of the sudden there was a bright light in the sky and the bus stopped.

"Dammit what happened!?" The bus driver yelled.

"Hey keep it down, they hunt by sound remember." Some other guy told him.

"Are we out of gas?" A woman asked.

"No we got about a half tank left. The battery was good last I check, now it seems dead. What the hell?" Some people began to worry. "Hey I need to check the engine, I need someone to go out there with me to watch my back." The driver said.

Two guys, one being the one that talked to Yugito, volunteered. Armed with makeshift spears and bats they went outside ready to fix the engine if needed.

About 2 hours later they still hadn't moved and many of the group was starting to get nervous, however the good news was no zombies yet. Nothing not one zombie of any other signs of life, not that they expected any.

Yugito was just staring off into space when she saw a shadow fly by quickly. It got her out of her daze but she had no idea was it was.


Everyone looked to the front of the bus, someone was missing.

"What the fuck was that!?"

"AHHHHH!" The bus driver then was taken up.

"Oh shit!?" The last guy ran for the bus door. "Open the fucking door!" He yelled. A woman tried to open it, but wasn't fast. The man was dragged into a dark alley. Then blood came out of the alley, he was dead.

The last 9 people were on alert.

"We need to get off this bus! Now!"One guy yelled.

"No! Were safer in here." A woman yelled.

"What makes you think whatever is out there can't get in here?" Another person asked.

The people started to argue on what to do. Half the group wanted to leave while the other half wanted to stay.

"Ok, say we leave, where the fuck are we suppose to go. That thing got 3 men and we didn't even see it." One woman yelled.

"You know what? Fuck it. Let them stay, they all be dead. Lefts get the fuck out of here." One man tried to grab the small amount of food they managed to gather.

"Hey! You can't take that!" One person who wanted to stay yelled at them.

"Why the fuck not. Your all dead soon anyway so…"


"AHHHH!" The man was screaming because that freaky looking Sky Shirker had flew through the side of the bus and impaled him. Then it dragged him out of the bus, through the hole it made, and began to eat him.

"Lets get the fuck out!"

While the people were scrambling the thing attacked again taking with it two more people a man and a woman, they screamed as they were torn apart. The last 6 people, including Yugito ran out of the bus, one man at the front had the bag of supplies. The monster pick him up and bit off his head.

It did a roundabout in the air and dived down aiming for Yugito. Yugito tipped and it grabbed the man ahead of her. The guy was torn in half. Yugito looked down, her pants were snagged on some wire. She couldn't get them free so she had to take them off and her shocks and shoes. She looked around and saw a dumpster, a good place to hide for a while. She ran for it the couple in the front of the group was grabbed next, lifted into the air then dropped from 20 stories high to their deaths.

Yugito and the last woman, who saw her go for the dumpster, made it to the steel hiding place. The woman helped Yugito in first. Then when the other woman tried to get in the Sky Shirker grabbed her.

"AHHHH!" The woman screamed and grabbed onto Yugito's shirt. Yugito held onto her are hard as she could, but the Sky Shirker pulled harder and tore her for Yugito's grip taking almost all of her shirt with it.

For the next few hours Yugito heard that thing chew on the people she had survived with for the last few days.

End flashback

"I see." Naruto said after hearing her story. That explains the shock, she looked into a person's eyes as they were dying.

After the bath was over and done with Naruto found some cloths for her, he found some jeans that, barley, fit her a sports bra/shirt and some knee and elbow pads. When asked about them he said that they would help protect her from falls that could prevent her from getting back up. That and they looked badass on her.

It was around midnight and Yugito was getting tired, they already had dinner, or Yugito did. It was time to go to sleep, but Yugito was scared to fall asleep as she was lying on the bed trying but still shivering with fear.

"Your tried Yugito, get some rest. We'll head out in the morning." Naruto told her.


"Scared?" Yugito was embarrassed to admit it but she nodded. "Well, if that's the case, I'll stay awake." Naruto moved next to her.

"All night?" She asked hopefully.

"All night." He brushed her hair in reassurance.

She nodded and closed her eyes, it took a few minutes before she went to sleep and true to his word Naruto stayed up all night and watched over her.

Naruto didn't feel tired so he was making pancakes and bacon; he found some frozen bacon in the freezer and pancake mix and some eggs that hadn't spoiled yet.

It was 7 in the morning when she woke up to the sound of something that smelled really good. In her new cloths that they borrowed from this place she made her way into the kitchen being lead by the smell of the bacon and pancakes.

"Hey, good morning." Naruto said to her.

"Morning Alcatraz." She said back.

"No 'good morning' here?"

"Is any part of today going to be good? Let alone the morning? We wake up knowing that those things out there want to eat us." She said in a cynical voice.

"Good point, but hey I made breakfast for you. That's good right?"

She smiled. "Yeah, thanks. I haven't had pancakes forever." She said setting down while Naruto placed the plate of 3 normal sized pancakes in front of her with 4 things of bacon. "Aren't you going to have any?"

"I can't take off his helmet for long and I already had some breakfast bars. There was only enough mix for one person. Enjoy Yugito; you need it more than I do." He said.

She looked a little guilty eating some really good while the one person who made it can't eat it. "Are you sure?"

"Yes. Eat up, were leaving as soon as your done, I packed everything that won't spoil in bags already anything that is useful to us. We're heading for the mall I have friends there and we'll be safe."

She nodded and enjoyed her breakfast as most likely it will be the last good one for a while.

They left the home and moved on the place didn't have a car so they left on foot. Naruto gave her a M9 and he carried the bag full of goods. They walked in the middle of the road away from anything.

"Alcatraz, can I ask you something?" Yugito asked.

"Go for it."

"How did you get into that suit?"

"It's a long story, but I'll give you the short version. I was dying the man before me took off this suit and gave it to me, killing himself as the suit was the only thing keeping him alive, and now it's the only thing keeping me alive. Anything other than that you don't need to know." He told her the truth but not to reveal anything, not that she would know.

"Oh. Well, I just want to say you're a great guy, and you look pretty badass in it." She gave a genuine smile.

He smiled behind his mask. "Thanks Yugito."

Tactical Option Available

His suit highlighted a hummer next to that it read 'active'.

"Oh yes, oh yes." Naruto gave a small jog towards the car.

"What what?"

Naruto checked it, it was still good. "Yes! This baby is still running. Come on Yugito get in." He said after removing the hands that were on the steering wheel.

"Alcatraz, check this out." Yugito said after checking the back. Naruto looked back and saw a large duffle bag, full of guns and ammo. "Thank god for vacationing red necks!" She yelled.

"I didn't think red necks vacationed, but hey I'm not complaining." Inside the bag was about 24 different guns with about 1000 plus rounds of ammo, that'll last a while. "Get in Yugito we're going to the mall." Naruto got in the drivers set and Yugito the passenger seat.

It was about an hour later, and about a dozen or so zombies getting run down, when they reached the mall. But it had been over runned by zombies. He saw his group off to the side, without their hummer that they got from Shizuka's friend's place. Then a bit off to the right were Asami and Matsushima, in between two cars and two groups of zombies. Trapped.

"Shit! Take the wheel."


"Take the wheel and drive over there we need to save them!" Naruto grabbed his G36C and made his way to sun roof.

Off to the side Kohta was getting ready to shot the only two women he ever loved. He was about to pull the trigger.

"Hey look its Alcatraz!" Alice yelled to the rest of the group that saw a large yellow hummer plow through the zombie ranks with Alcatraz at the help shooting the zombies. Yugito run down the zombies in front of the two trapped women while Naruto took out the ones behind them.

"Get in!" Naruto yelled covering them. The two women got into, Matsushima allowed Asami to go in first. "Yugito large group 9 o'clock, pick them up." Naruto said shooting a few more zombies.

"This car won't hold everyone!"

"Then a few will have to chill up here with me then. Just go!"

Yugito gunned it in the large groups direction, Naruto saw that Jill and Rebecca were with them that was a load off. Yugito stopped a few feet from the large group. Naruto looked at them and they looked shocked right back. "What are you waiting for? A written invitation, get you're butts in this car!" He yelled at them. "Kohta, Saeko, Jill, and Takashi you 4 need to chill up here with me. Need as much room as possible for the non-primary fighters."


After about an hour away from the mall they stopped as a gas station to get gas, if any, and supplies, as they could never have enough. Naruto was on watch with his predator vision. It was quite. "Oh, Saya, your parents are fine, I helped retake the estate. They're alive and well."

Saya's face brightened a bit, no, a lot. "Thanks for that Alcatraz. At least I have that." She gave him a genuine smile.

The group gathered what they needed form the gas station.

"So, where to now?" Jill asked. Allowing Naruto/Alcatraz lead as he was the strongest and best suited.

"Rei and I still need to find our families." Takashi said to Jill.

"Right. I live near here as the police station is abounded." Rei still had hope that her mother and father were still alive.

Naruto nodded, alright after that, if we find them, where to?" Rebecca raised her hand. "Um... yeah go head Rebecca."

"Well, before the mall was overrun I got a transmission on the emergence station on the radio. It said to go to Shintoko 3rd Elementary school. They'll be an air lift by chopper sometime tonight. We got about 12 hours before they air lift anybody their and we're SOL."


"That what Takashi?" Jill noticed his shock.

"That's where my mom and younger sister are. Or at least that where my mom works and my sister goes to school at." He said, he now had a little more hope that his family were alive.

"Also, I heard that a man Inspector Miyamoto is leading that group of survivors. Rei is that your father?" Rebecca asked.

"That's! That's papa!" She hugged Takashi tightly. "He's alive!" Many people saw the tears in her eyes.

"We still need to find Rei's mother." Takashi said to the group.

"She lives nearby right? Then before we head to the school we go there and search for her. It shouldn't take too long. Then we make a break for the school nonstop unless we find survivors on the way there. Also we find another car, it's cramped as it is even with the 5 of us on top. Is everyone alright with that?" Naruto asked the group.

"Yes." Everyone said as one.

"Alright then. Fu, Yugito pick…" Naruto's words died in his mouth when he saw that Fu grabbed an L86-LSW and Yugito had an RPD. "Alright then, anyway. Jill take Rebecca, Kohta, Asami and Matsushima with you and check the surrounding area. Look for any type of car, Van preferably, that works and bring it back here be quick about it, I want to leave here in 30 minutes. Takashi take Kyoko, Shizuka, Rei and Yuuki and look for any more supplies in the back, we're good on zombies, none for about 2 miles. Saya and Hinata you two watch Alice and Kyu."

"Awe~~~" Alice sighed in sadness as she had a babysitter again. Kyu followed suit lowering his ears.

"Yugito, Fu, Saeko you 3 are with me on perimeter watch, Saeko you see any lone zombie you take it out quietly. Yugito, Fu only fire if I give the word or you have no other choice. Move!" Naruto ordered.


Naruto got on the roof with his radar to be on the lookout for zombies or Umbrella. Using his long distance predator version he was on lookout. However Naruto was getting worried, the 30 minute deadline was coming fast and the group he sent out had yet to return. The others had gathered supplies and joined the watch group. There time was still running low they needed the recon team to get back and fast.

Vehicles detected.

Naruto saw two vans coming in fast. "Get ready everyone, someone's coming." Naruto warned the group. A few minutes later the two vans pulled into the drive way of the gas station. "Hold fire." Naruto saw Matsushima driving a motor home in the front and Jill driving a really big van. Almost like a SWAT van.

"Hey Alcatraz, check this out!" Kohta waved him over to the really big SWAT like van. Naruto followed Kohta as he opened the back, inside… a treasure chest of guns and gear.

Jill and Rebecca walked up to him. "We found this truck abandoned not too far from here. Full of guns ammo and tactical armor, more than enough for everyone here and then some. Strange really." Jill told him.

"So many guns…" Kohta was drooling more than ever now.

"Awe~~~ Kohta so cute when he drools." Asami hugged her boyfriend and got a large blush out of him.

Naruto smiled, looks like Kohta found someone, make that two someone's, to love him. Good for him. "Alright, everyone get some tactical body armor and full up on ammo. Kyoko, Shizuka can one of you drive the motor home?"

"I can, I drove one last summer." Kyoko said to him.

"Alright, Shizuka you ride in the motor home. Alice you too. Saya, Yuuki, Rei and Takashi as well." He told them.

"Right." Yuuki said.

"Got it." Rei smiled hugging Takashi. Takashi gave him a light glare.

A yip from Kyu got Naruto's attention. "You ride with Alice always." Kyu gave another yip. "Jill, you drive, take Rebecca, Kohta, Asami and Matsushima ride in the armory." He joked.

"Saeko, Fu, Yugito and Hinata you 4 will ride with me in the lead hummer, Saeko you drive."


"Got it."

"No problem." Asami was still hugging Kohta.

"Let's move, we've outstayed our welcome." Naruto saw a few walkers coming for them.

Everyone got into their vehicles and they drove off. The hummer taking lead, with the motor home in the center and the armory in back. Over the radio Rei gave directions for Saeko to follow and lead to Rei's home and hopefully her mother. After some time it started to rain on them. The rain hit hard and fast, but it didn't slow them down one bit. They also ran down the lone zombie, bonus points if you hit it after someone else already did.

"Hey, Alcatraz." Fu broke the long silence.


"Why are you here? I mean, why are you in Japan what's so important here that is nowhere else?" She asked.

Hinata, Yugito and Saeko also wanted to know and were wondering that themselves. Alcatraz seemed like the type to be where they are needed.

Naruto thought on how to answer that question. "I was on a mission for the BSAA here a week or so before this all went down. I couldn't stop this from happening but I sure as hell can save as many as I can here." Naruto gave his best answer, that and used the small amount of flashbacks he got from Alcatraz's memories.

"Oh, well, thanks for saving me and all." Fu said with a big smile.

"I'm here to help people. For as long as I can." He said to them.

After some more driving, around some destroyed cars and road blocks, they came upon Rei's street, block off by a pile of cars.

Naruto was the first to get out. "We huff it from here. Rei, Takashi, Hinata and Rebecca with me, we search for Rei's mother, everyone else stay here. Wait for us for as long as you can. Jill you're in charge." Naruto got on one knee to check his satellite feed and used his predator vision along with it. He saw a large group of survivors, she would most likely be there. "Ok, about 500 meters east of here is a large group of survivors. If your mother is anywhere Rei, it's there. Alright everyone silencers on that should help keep our noise down along with the help from the rain. Zombies far away shouldn't hear us."

"Alright." Takashi and the rest of the group grabbed silencers and put them on their guns with the help of Kohta and Jill.

"Ready?" Naruto asked.


"Alright, move out." Naruto lead the group, Rei was behind him with Hinata and Rebecca in the center with Takashi bringing up the rear.

The recon group to get Rei's mother were out of sight of the convoy. They moved slowly so they didn't get caught.

"Hey Alcatraz, how many people are in this survivor group?" Takashi asked.

"About 20, give or take. Keep the chatter down." Naruto looked around the corner as a lone walker moved by them. Naruto took it out with his bare hands. Killing it quietly. They continued to move.

"Do you know how many women were among them?" Rei asked, hoping to find some hope in Alcatraz next words.

"I'd say about 6 women that were middle aged but I couldn't tell if any were your mother Rei. Let's keep moving, we got about another 300 or so meters."

The group passed some zombies that Takashi and Rei knew, when they were alive. It saddened them a bit to see them like that. The group continued to move forward to the group of survivors that might have Rei's mother among them. They cut through yards and other back alleys to reach their destination faster. They even had to take out kid zombies that's never fun.

"Alcatraz, how much longer until we get there?" Hinata asked.

"Another… 100 meters, we're almost there. Keep an eye out, there are no more zombies in our way until we get there." He told them.

"Why is that a bad thing?" Takashi wondered.

"It means that something took them out." Rebecca told them. Something not friendly most likely.

"Then isn't that a good thing?" Rei asked.

"Not if whatever took them out hates us just as much." Rebecca told them.

"Then we better hurry right?" Hinata asked Naruto.

"Right, double time. We're almost there."

"YOU ASSWHOLES!" The group froze when they heard someone scream.

"That's…" Rei was shocked, yet hopeful.

"Move! That echoed far every walker within 500 meters will be here soon." Naruto moved faster, no too fast, and the group followed them.

They rounded the corner and saw a tall woman standing outside of a barricade. "You send me out to get supplies and then you lock me out!" She yelled at them.

"Rei, isn't that…"

"MAMA!" Rei ran to her mother, although she yelled pretty loud it wasn't any louder than what Rei's mother did.

"Hey?" Kiriko looked behind her then was hugged by… "Rei! You made it!" She hugged her daughter back tightly. "I feared the worst." The rest of the group jogged up to the reunited mother and daughter. Kiriko looked behind her daughter and saw two people she knew and two she didn't. "Ah, Hinata, Takashi you two made it as well. I'm glad, and you two are?" She looked at the other two.

"I'm Rebecca Chambers, field medic and member of the BSAA."

"Alcatraz. Field operative." Naruto answered, keeping his Alcatraz name up.

"Well, thank you for helping my daughter." Naruto nodded.

"Mom, why did you yell so loud? These things are attracted by sound."

"I know, but these assholes tossed me out after I went out to get food for everyone." She pointed to her pack. "This all started after we let in some new guy the other day.

Naruto listened to her story of why she was out here.

Predator vision enabled.

Naruto checked everyone in the little fort they had made. No one was infected however.

Primary mission objective located: Ichirou Shido

Naruto's HUD highlighted a guy in the back with a handgun as Ichirou Shido. Naruto moved up to the entrance of the barricade.

"Listen everyone, there is an evacuation site at the school nearby. There will be airlifts out of here. We're leaving soon so if you…" Takashi stopped when Naruto walked up to the barrier.

"NO! You're lying, now leave!" A man yelled with a shotgun pointed at Takashi and Naruto.

Maximum Power.

Naruto kicked open the entrance and walked in.

"AHHH!" A man ran up to him with a 2X4 and cracked Naruto on the head with it, it broke into pieces upon contact. Naruto just backhanded him into a wall. The woman and children were scared.

The man with the shotgun pointed it at Naruto, Naruto just grabbed it and forced it out of his hands and hit him in the chest knocking the wind out of him. Naruto moved to his target.

"N… Alcatraz what the hell are you doing!?" Rebecca yelled at him.

"My mission." Naruto pointed his SCAR at Shido's head.

"AHHH!" Ichirou pointed his hand gun at Naruto and shot at him.

Maximum Armor.

The bullets just bounced off him until the clicking sound of doom started. The 'man' coward and moved back.

"You know what, I'm not going to shot you. Killing you quickly is too good for you." Naruto picked him up and everyone saw that it was Ichirou Shido, the politician.

"Unhand me you lowlife scum! Do you know who I am!?" He managed to choke out.

"I know who you are. You're my target and a dead man." Naruto pointed his hand gun at Shido's knee caps, and shot them both out.

"AAHHHHH!" Shido cried out as he bleed from his knees. Everyone could see Shido's reflection off Naruto's visor. Mother's covered their children's eyes.

"I'm not done with you, you bastard." Naruto grabbed him as his HUD came alive with a few zombies making their way to them. Naruto dragged him out of the fort and out a bit a ways from the group. He lifted Ichirou to his face. "Give my regards to your son. When you see him in hell!" Naruto throw him using his power mode to the zombies. He managed to trip a few zombies, but Ichirou had no chance as the zombies converged on Shido and his screams as he was eaten alive could be heard for miles.

Objective complete: Ichirou Shido terminated

Naruto didn't bother to give him a second glance. "Alright all of you listen up and listen good. We are leaving with or without you. I have your only two guns and you are out of luck as about 500 zombie walkers will be here in less than an hour. However what Takashi said is true, at the nearby elementary school there is an airlift that will happen sometime tomorrow, we leave now we can make it in time, you stay here you die." Many were scared by what he had done to Ichirou. However most stood up to follow him and his group. A few stayed behind mainly guys, not wanting to lose 'alpha' stats.

Naruto shock his head at their decision, but he could do no more than he already did. "Alright, I'll take point, Takashi take right, Rei left. Rebecca, Hinata take the rear. You see anything, take it out. Everyone else stay in the center. Don't move away from the group we have 500 meters before we reach our vehicles and then to the safe zone." Naruto said to the new group of survivors that they dragged along.

"Oh good, your all sane. When I saw my little girl with you and all the guns I thought you turned her into a gun wielding lunatic." Kiriko said with a smile.

"Mom~~~!" Rei whined.

"Yeah, ok…" Rebecca said a little dumbfounded.

"Move!" Naruto ordered and the group moved as fast as they could with kids. When they passed Shido's body it started to move and Naruto put a bullet in its head.

Nothing happened for a while, not even a few zombies to deal with. It was when they were 150 meters away from the convoy did anything happen. They heard gun fire in the distance.

"Gunfire. Coming from the rest of our group." Hinata said.

"Double time! Run!" The group ran from then on, running as fast as they could, aside from Naruto as he would leave them in the dust.

Threat Detected.

Naruto's HUD gave him a picture of the convoy under attack by lickers. There were holding them off pretty well but his HUD showed at least 30 more coming in.

"Rebecca lead the group!" He yelled as he ran as fast as he could to the convoy to help them.

"Hold them!" Jill yelled unloading the last of her duel wield P90s into the head of a licker then switched to her Desert Eagle.

Fu and Yugito were unloading with their LMGs killing a few more on the North end.

Kohta and Asami were protecting the mortar home that held Shizuka, Kyoko and Alice.

Saeko, Yuuki and Matsushima were killing lickers on the West end. Everyone was protecting each other from these monsters.

"Jill behind you!" Yuuki yelled.

Jill turned around just long enough to see a licker hit her, it didn't cut her or nothing her training saved her. But now she was unarmed and staring down a licker face to ugly. Then it was shot in the head. She looked up and saw Naruto in the air, shooting 3 more licker killing them. He jumped on one's back and snapped its neck, then fired the last of his clip killing anther. He then grabbed two more by the neck snapping their necks.

"Alcatraz!" Naruto looked at Fu as she tossed him her LSW.

Naruto took it and aimed at the last 5 lickers and unloaded. The last of the clip was used up but the last 5 died in a hail of bullets. A few moments later the recon group came out of breath. "Everyone load up in the motor home, Jill and Rebecca you too help them medically, none are infected so don't worry about that. Let's go the evac site is about 25 miles from here. Move!" Naruto ordered. No one argued with him. He had Jill go in the motor home to keep an eye on the new comers as he didn't trust most of them. "Let's go! Matsushima drive the van." Naruto gunned it as the other two drivers followed.

For the next ten miles everyone was quite no one dared talk about anything to anyone. Some were disturbed by what Alcatraz did to Shido, mostly the new members not so much Rei or Kiriko.

Survivor Detected

Naruto stopped the hummer and checked his HUD. A survivor was maker their way to them.

"Shizuka, Matsushima, hold for a second, we have a survivor nearby we're going to pick them up." Naruto said to them over the radio. He got out looked for the survivor she wasn't hard to find. Naruto saw a tall dark skinned woman run in front of them.

"Hey!" She yelled at them. "Thanks for stopping." She thanked Naruto.

"Rika!" Shizuka yelled as she got out of the motor home.


'So Rika is alright. That's good, Shizuka would have been devastated to hear of her death. I think she got hotter since I last saw her.' Naruto was referring to a time when he found Shizuka drunk just outside a bar and drove her home where Rika was waiting and worried.

"Rika, Shizuka catch up later. Rika get in the motor home with Shizuka you girls can talk there. We need to get to the evac site."

"You guys are heading there too huh? I'd figured if I headed there I'd find Shizuka, I'm glad I found you all. Thanks again." Rika said still hugging her lifelong friend.

"Move out!" Naruto got back in the driver's seat of his car.

Rika and Shizuka got in the Motor home. "Hey Kyoko can you drive for a bit?"

"Sure Shizuka." Kyoko was more than happy to take Shizuka's place so she could catch up with her friend.

The next 15+ miles were spent in silence once more, detour because of more cars in the way, or sometime Naruto would just get out and kick the cars out of the way. Some of the main group took this time to rest, talk with friends or in Kohta's case make out with his first girlfriend Asami. Much to Matsushima's jealousy. They moved onto the evac site, it was getting dark by the time they could see the front gate.

A few men scramlebed when they saw 3 large vehicles coming for them. Naruto walked out first along with Hinata, Fu and Yugito.

"Who are you!" One man asked.

"We are here for the airlifts, we have about 30 people in need to get out of here, kids too. We aren't infected. Open up." Hinata pleaded with them. "We also have food and water we are willing to share." Hinata pleaded again.

"Alright, but who the hell is that?" One gate guard asked pointing at Naruto.

"I'm Alcatraz, you don't need to know anything other than that." Naruto said looking around again. He had a bad feeling that they were being watched and he couldn't shake it.

"Why you little!"

"What's going on here!?" Naruto hear a familiar voice, as did Hinata, Rei and Kiriko.

"Sir, there people have come…"

"Then what are you waiting for!? Open the gate and get them in and check them for bit marks." The man told his officer.

"Daddy!" Rei yelled.

"Rei?" The man, Rei's father, saw his daughter, and his wife. "Kiriko? You're alive!" He yelled in happiness and relief.

The men opened the gate and started to check Naruto's group for bit marks, none like Naruto knew they would find none. Everything was fine until they went up to Naruto.

"Take off your suit." One man asked.

"I can't."

"I said take it off!"

"And I told you I can't. It's attached to me."

"I said!"

"Dagon! What's the matter!?"

"Sir, this man won't take off his suit so I can check for bit marks."

"And I told you I can't." Naruto was getting annoyed.

"Why can't you son?" Rei's father asked Naruto.

"Because it's attached to me, it's like my skin now. Don't worry, I can't get infected. Can I move on now? I have to get to my group."

Rei's father nodded. "One more thing. Thanks for saving my wife and daughter."

Naruto turned and bit and nodded to him and moved on. He let his group scatter and do things that calmed them down. Rebecca and Shizuka, with Kyoko's and Rika's help, went to help people that needed medical attention. Kohta, Jill, Asami and Matsushima were taking gun inventory with Saya off to the side, along with Alice, yelling at him for some reason, not that she ever needed a reason before. Rei and Kiriko were with their husband/father crying and hugged glad that they were together unlike most families. Takashi was looking for his mother and little sister hoping beyond hope that they were alive.

However Naruto wasn't alone. Saeko, Hinata, Yuuki, Fu and Yugito were with him.

"Shouldn't you girls be looking for your family?" Naruto asked them while on the roof top.

"My father is overseas. So I don't have to worry about him." Saeko said to Naruto.

"All of my family is dead. So I don't have to worry about them." Hinata said sadly.

"Same." Both Fu and Yugito said at the same time.

"And you Yuuki?" Naruto turned to her.

"Well, the only that I really cared for and cared about me is dead. So I don't have anyone else to lose aside from our group members, they've been a greater family then my father ever was." Yuuki said with a little spite.

"I see. Who was this person you cared for?"

"It was Naruto right?" Everyone turned around to see Saya with her new 'Tactical' armor on. As most of the group looked like SWAT officers. "Everyone knew that you, Saeko and Naruto had a 3 way love triangle going. He's the only one you really cared for right?"

"Shut up Saya." Yuuki turned around trying to hide her tears.

Hinata looked at Saeko. "Is it true?" Hinata asked hurtfully.

Saeko sighed and nodded. "Yes. We had a 3 way love affair, but Naruto would accept any advance other than dating or boyfriend/girlfriend level relationship. As he loved you very much Hinata." Saeko cleared up.

"I'm surprised honestly. I thought that the 3 of you slept with each other at least 5 times a week." Saya sneered again.

"Shut up Saya!" Yuuki said a little more forceful as she was crying again.

"Why? I think…"



Yuuki slapped Saya, shocking everyone. :Who are you to talk Saya!? Thinking your above everyone! You've been jealous of me, Hinata and Saeko ever since I've know you! You've been jealous of us since Naruto never noticed you!" Yuuki was being held back by Fu and Yugito.

'I'm such a fucking idiot!' Naruto thought to himself. Of course he would catch someone else's eye.

"Stop Yuuki! Stop Saya! This isn't helping!" Hinata was playing peacekeeper like she always does.

Saya was still shocked by what had happened. Fu and Yugito holding back Yuuki with Hinata in the middle Saeko, however, was off to the side. "You loved him. Didn't you Saya. You loved Naruto as much as we did." She stated. The group of girls looked down at Saya as she nodded. "Since when?" She asked.

"Since we were kids. The idiot could tell the difference between a girl that wanted to be his friend, and a girl that like him. I found him interesting at first, he was strange in every way yet never stopped smiling. I wondered why he never stopped smiling, the idiot. But my obsession to find out why he wouldn't stop smiling led me to love him. It just… happened. Then when I heard he had 'girlfriends' I just… broke apart. But I couldn't let anyone see me as a wreck so…"

"So you became a bitch to everyone to hind your broken heart." Yuuki calmed down enough to where she didn't want to ripe Saya's head off.


"I need to go. I'll see you all later." Naruto left so no one would hear him cursing up a storm. Half way down the stairs he started. "I'm such a fucking retard! Dammit it why didn't I see that!? I guess Saya is right. I'm such a fucking retard!" Naruto cursed to himself.

"Hey." Naruto looked at who called him. It was some cop. "The inspector wants' to talk to you. Follow me." The cop said.

"Most likely he mean's Rei's father." Naruto followed the man to the main base camp in the yard of the equipment.

"And the Black hawks will be here Coronel?" Naruto heard Inspector Miyamoto asked someone.

"Yes Inspector Miyamoto. We are about 2 hours out. It will take 3 or 4 trips but we can get everyone out. Hold up until then. In the mean time I wish to speck with Alcatraz." Naruto heard a woman's voice over a video feed.

"Yes ma'am. Here he is now." Inspector Miyamoto, with Kiriko off to the side, moved to the side to allow Naruto to see the Coronel.

"Ah, Alcatraz. Good to see you. I am Coronel Mei of the US Marines Force Recon 1st platoon. Good to meet you." The woman now known as Mei said to him.

"Thank you. But what are US troops doing in Japan?"

"We we're stationed everywhere when this outbreak happened. We operate without any other kind of leadership. I am the highest ranking officer in Japan as the President and Joint Chiefs of America are now dead, along with most, if not all, of the world's leader. Only Military leaders are left now." She explained.

"Good." Naruto said. "Politics are more rotten than these zombies."

Mei smiled. "Agreed. Anyway I will need you and BSAA members Jill and Rebecca to come in with the rest of the civvies. I understand you can fight these things and have knowledge that can help us fight. We need that."

"I will leave with the last Black Hawk. These people can't defend themselves, I can."

"Fair enough. 2 hours to go before they get there you two over and out." She cut the feed.

Inspector Miyamoto then looked at Naruto. "My daughter tells of your exploits Alcatraz. Especially with that giant lizard monster the other day." Naruto nodded. "I could use your help with the people here. They need to see someone like you protecting them." He told them.

"I will protect them. I will always protect the people. If you'll excuse me, I have to get somewhere high to keep watch." Naruto started to leave.

"Why high?"

"To see if there are any threats to this place." Naruto left the Miyamoto couple to catch up some more.

Naruto went back to the top of the school with a few 'toys' with him in case he needed them.



Naruto looked down to see Takashi hugging his mother and his little sister. He was happy for them.

"Hey Alcatraz." Naruto looked behind him to see Rika and Shizuka. "I wanna thank you, for finding Rika. She's my best friend." Shizuka tightly hugged Naruto.

"And I want to thank you for saving and protecting Shizuka. She's all I have left in the world." Rika hugged Naruto.

It took all of Naruto's self control to not pass out. "It's alright. It's what I do." He told them.

"But you seem so much more than that." Shizuka said.

"Yeah, no one just saves strangers out of the goodness of their heart. You're a rare one Alcatraz." Rika told him.

"No I'm not." Naruto said under his breath.

"What was that?" Shizuka may of have been close to him but she barley heard that.


"Oh." Shizuka thought she heard 'No I'm not' coming out of his mouth. "By the way Alcatraz. DO you have any family? A wife, son daughter, anyone?" Shizuka asked out of the blue.

"No. No parents, no wife or kids. Never had a chance, now I won't get one." He said to them.

Rika caught what he said at the end. "Why not?" She asked.

"I can't remove this suit. It's attached to me and will be until I die. No way around it, no way to prevent it." He told them.

Threat Detected

Naruto's HUD flared up with 3 helicopters coming in hot. They was 2 miles out and it they were Umbrella. "Shit." Naruto looked down. "Everyone get inside now! Incoming hostile chopper!" Many people looked at him like he was crazy. "Dammit it people get your asses inside or get your ass blown off. Takashi tell the group. Get them inside. Inspector Miyamoto get everyone inside. NOW!"

Naruto ordered only then did anyone start to move.

"Alcatraz!" Naruto looked behind him Rika wanted to help. "Let me help you." Naruto nodded.

"Inside the top case you'll see a stinger. Grab it. I'll cover you while you shot them down." Naruto told her.

"Right!" Rika got the top case and saw the stinger.

"Rika they'll be here in 3 minutes. Get behind that shed and when I give you the signal you fire at one. There is enough for all three so don't worry about not enough missiles. Shizuka get out of here. We'll be safe." Naruto told them.

"Okay, be safe you two." Shizuka ran from the roof top.

"Here they come." He said to Rika.

3 Umbrella Helios came in attack formation and saw their secondary target, the civvies of the evac site. Then Naruto opened fire on them and they saw their primary target. They opened fire with their guns at Naruto's location. Naruto gave Rika the signal and Rika aimed her stinger at one of the Helios. Then fired.

"MISSILE!" One Umbrella pilot yelled before it hit them and they crashed to the ground in a fireball. Both Helios turned to face their new threat with the stinger. They opened fired on Rika's position and he was pinned but they forgot about Naruto. Naruto got to his bag behind him and took out a really big gun.

One gunner saw Naruto out of the corner of his eye. "HMG!"

Naruto unloaded on the two choppers, one chopper's pilot got shot and the chopper fell to the group. The last one fired on Naruto.

Maximum Armor.

Naruto continued to fire at the chopper, and then Rika got back in the fight and fired a missile at it. The two brought the last chopper down.

"Mayday mayday this is chopper 9-3-7 we're going down. 3rd elementary school primary target confirmed!"


It fell in the parking lot of the school. Both Naruto and Rika stood tall on the roof. Rika with a smoke in her mouth.

"Thanks for the backup Rika." Naruto said setting down his HMG.

"No prob. It was fun firing this Stinger." She said kissing the Stinger.

Intercepting enemy transmission.

"This is Danzo. We have confirmation on Alcatraz' location. I have requisitioned platoons 2-5 to launch an assault on the 3rd elementary school. All forces be ready to move out in one hour. Danzo out."

Naruto heard Danzo over the hacked comm.

"Shit… shit shit shit!" Naruto began running. He needed to fine Inspector Miyamoto and the rest of the protectors of this place. For an army hell-bent on blood was now coming down on their heads. And he would need all the help he could get.


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