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DEAD Mutations Part 2

(2 days ago)

A group of Umbrella troopers were around a chopper crash site. The same one Naruto shoot down at Rika's place.

"Sir there is no sign of the target. But we have 4 bodies hanging from the side of a building." The captain of the team said over the comm.


"Yes sir, on each of them is a sign. The sighs read 'This is what happens to Rapists.' Someone took this personal."

"I see. Give me a video feed."

"Yes sir. You get a camera on those bodies!"

"Yes sir." A grunt got a video camera on the bodies.

The man on the other end smiled. "Get the man down. I want him for the ROOT Program."

"Yes sir. Get the man down."

"Yes sir."

The grunts got Shido down. Who knows what they will do with him.


"Shit… shit shit shit!" Naruto began running. He needed to fine Inspector Miyamoto and the rest of the protectors of this place. For an army hell-bent on blood was now coming down on their heads, and he would need all the help he could get.

"Rika stay next to the armory, if anyone tries anything shot them!" Naruto ordered.

Naruto ran as fast as he could to find Inspector Miyamoto and tell him about the threat that Umbrella now poses to the evac site. He found him a little later tending to the people in the basement and main level. He had told them what he had just heard.


"It's true. Umbrella intends to send in a small army. They will kill everyone here to get to me." Naruto moved to the center of the civvies. "People listen to me." He got their attention. "In about 1 hour an army of Umbrella mercs will come here and kill everyone here. Men, woman and children they see no ages." Many people were shocked, Umbrella? Would they do that? "We have one hour before they get here and an hour and a half before the choppers get here to save us all. You do the math." He gave them something to think about. "I can stop them. But I need help. I have an armory full of weapons and tactical armor for anyone to use to help protect them. You can fight and may die or you cannot fight, and will die. Anyone who is brave enough to protect your loved ones, stand." Naruto said and looked around. No one stood up. "No one?"

"I'll fight." Everyone looked at the first person to stand, not to Naruto's surprise, it was Takashi.

"What? Takashi no!"

"I have to mom. Alcatraz is right. We fight and may die. But if we don't fight we will die. I'll fight alongside you as always Alcatraz." Naruto smiled and nodded.

"I'm there Alcatraz!" Kohta yelled showing his courage he was known for.

"I'll fight too."

"I'm in."

Saeko and Yuuki stood up next.

"Me too."

"Same here."

Jill and Rebecca walked in the room hearing his speech.

"I'm in."

"Same here."

"I will fight."

Fu, Yugito and Hinata stood up next.

"I'm in."

"Count me in."

Rei and Saya stood up next.

"Rei!? No I…"

"No papa. I can fight; Alcatraz taught all of us how to fire a weapon. I can do this." Rei defended her choice.

"I'll always fight."

"I'll fight since Kohta's in."

Matsushima and Asami walked in.

"I'll fight too." Everyone saw a man stand up.

"Me too."

"I'll protect my family."

Soon after many men and woman stood up, each fighting for a reason or two.

Naruto nodded. "Alright those of you going out to fight, follow me to get some gear."

It was a good 45 minutes before their small army was ready to defend.

Naruto along with Rika, Jill, Inspector Miyamoto, Rebecca, Matsushima, Takashi and Kohta were in a tent planning.

"There's no way we'd hold this place if they attack from all sides. We'd be spread too thin and they'd be alright man-power wise." Naruto showed them a 3D map of the place and the surrounding area. "Our only hope is to block off these entrance points." X's were shown on all but one entrance to the school. "We bring down the buildings onto the streets the Umbrella troops will have to go around to this last entrance." The map showed buildings falling and blocking off many of the roads leaving only one left. "That way it is an uphill fight for them allowing us to control the battle better. On top of that we bottle neck their forces taking away their advantage." Naruto told them his plan.

"Good plan, but do we have explosives?" Inspector Miyamoto asked.

"Yes. More than enough."

"What about cover for our fighters?" Rika asked.

"The cars will work."

"What about the noise. All that gun fire will attract everything here." Inspector Miyamoto again asked.

"We could always lie down and let Umbrella shoot us instead." Naruto mocked.

"Point taken." Inspector Miyamoto said.

"Ok, we need teams to take out these buildings so that we can bottle neck these guys. There are 9 entrances but we need to block off these 8. We split up into 8 teams; block them off here, half way into the street, that way they can't just hop over." They all agreed. "Alright, we'll be using enough to level a few buildings so they won't surround us. Kohta you take one team and hit here. Takashi take a team and hit here. Matsushima you're team takes this street. Inspector Miyamoto your team this street. Rebecca Jill you two will take these two streets. Rika you take this street and I'll get this one. Not listen up we have only 10 minutes before these guys can march on us. We have a time crunch and we have to move. Let's go let's get it done!"


A man with Umbrella Hazmat gear grabbed his radio. "Sir we're ready to move on the target in 10 minutes. We have 100 men ready for first wave then another 400 for second wave."

"Good captain. Your target is Alcatraz. Kill him and bring back the suit at any costs. Also kill everyone there, they are considered to be infected and are to be terminated with extreme predigest." Danzo said over the comm.

"Yes sir. Terminate with extreme predigest." The captain repeated. "Over and out."









The Umbrella army heard laud explosions. "Sergeant take a team and check that out!"

"Yes sir! Team 7 with me!" The man yelled.

20 minutes later.

"Sir, 8 out of 9 paths to the school have been systematically blocked off. We have only one way to go. Down the middle." The sergeant told the captain.

"That's what Alcatraz wants. That what'll he get. Get the men ready we're going to war with Alcatraz. He can't take us all on."

"That's not all sir, recon shows that he has rallied the people there, they will fight against us."

"So. They'll die anyway. This way they die fighting. Get moving."

30 minutes later

The bombs delayed the invasion by 30 minutes because they had to reposition their armored vehicles.

At the school Naruto and his army were using cars that Naruto had moved as cover. The stretch of road was about a mile long and only half a mile were covered by cars.

On the roof in sniper positions were Saeko, Yuuki, Saya, Rei, Hinata, Asami and a few others. Using RSASS and EBR sniper rifles.

On the ground, aside from Naruto leading the group at the front, were Yugito, Fu, Matsushima, Rebecca, Jill, Kohta, Takashi, Rika and the rest of their volunteers. Kiriko and her husband had to stay behind to help with the evacuation that will take place in less than 20 minutes.

Naruto looked up as the clouds got thinker and darker, then a loud thunder clap scared a few of the defenders.

"You think the evac choppers will be slowed down by the rain?" Kohta asked.

"No. It'll take more than a little rain to slow them down." Jill answered.

"Any minute now." Naruto said to himself. The front line was himself Jill, Fu, Yugito and Takashi. Rika, Kohta, Matsushima and Rebecca were behind them.

Vehicle Detected.

Naruto held up his hand for hold fire. 'A bus?' His HUD showed a bus coming at them at full speed. It was 1.5 miles out. "Fire team 1 ready?" Naruto asked over the com.

"Ready and waiting." Saeko responded.

"If I give the command, fire the Javelin at target bus. But only if I give the order."

"Copy that Alcatraz." Saeko said to Alcatraz.

"Hold fire unless I give the order." Said as the bus came into view.

Naruto's predator vision enhanced with its X-ray he saw young kids, it was a school bus full of kids with one adult driver, a teacher by the looks of it with only one teenager in the back.

"Hold fire. Its civvies."

"Roger that."

"Everyone, children coming in!" Naruto then turned when he and the rest of the group heard a piercing sound of an RPG being fired. Naruto looked in shocked and horror as an RPG rocket was heading for the bus. It hit the driver of the bus. The bus tipped to its right side and skidded a few more meters. Many people were shocked at what had just happened. Someone had fired on and hit a school bus full of kids.

"Team 1 on me! Move move move!" Naruto shouted as Rika, Yugito, Fu, Matsushima, Rebecca, Jill, Kohta and Takashi followed him. They ran to the downed bus to save who they could. Naruto used his predator vision to see if there were any survivors, there were.

"Who would do this?" Asked Takashi in shocked while running at the back.

"Umbrella. They see no age, only missions." Naruto told him.

They reached one of the bus emergency top hatch exits. Naruto ripped it open and looked inside. He saw about 3 or 4 were dead the rest injured. He saw that the driver seat took the most damage. "Rebecca, clear any and all for transport out of here, if they can walk have team two get them out of here. Jill, Matsushima and Kohta you three help her. Rika , Yugito, and Fu you 3 are on…"


The group ducked their heads as more explosions where heard.

"Alcatraz we got lots of men coming in." Naruto hear Saeko yell at him over the radio.

"Roger that, all fire teams' fire it will." Naruto ordered. "Rika, Yugito cover right, Fu cover left, you see anything you can hit take them out." Naruto ordered the two girls.

"Got it." Rika lived for this.

"No prob." Yugito held up her RPD.

"My pleasure." Fu loved this gun.

"Lets go! Let's GO!" Naruto was going to check on the driver, the odds of the driver surviving that were a long shot at best. He moved to the front and kicked the glass that was in the way out of the way. He checked the driver, it was a woman about in her late 20s early 30s. She had vital signs but they were weak, that and most of her left arm and both of her legs were gone.

*gasp* She came too then she look at her legs and arm then she grabbed him. "Save my… students and my daughter, you must save my students and my daughter!" She gasped out bleeding from the mouth. "Promise me!" She pleaded desperately with the man in front of her holding onto his suit.

"I promise." He said solemnly as he was watching the light leave her eyes.

She smiled one last time. "Thank… you…" She screamed in pain. "END IT!" She told him.

Naruto put a bullet in her head ending her suffering. "Team 2 move up we need to get these kids out of here now!" Naruto yelled over the radio. Team 2 heard his call and about 7 people ran up to the bus, the sniper teams killing the umbrella troops as they come up on the first 2 teams, fast.

While Yugito and Fu along with Naruto and Rika were holding the troops off Rebecca was working fast to get as many kids up, out and moving. A few died in the crash.

"Rebecca! Hurry up! We can't hold them forever you know." Jill told her friend.

"I'm going I'm going. I got 7 more to check." Rebecca said as Jill, Kohta and Matsushima were helping the kids that they could get to the other team to get to the evac site, to safety. She checked a few more, they looked like brother and sister, both dead. "Dammit!" She yelled in anger. Kids, just kids 8 or 9 maybe 10, after days of fear finally going to be safe then some Umbrella asshole wants Naruto and they'll kill kids to get to him. She heard moaning in the back and checked the last person in the bus. It was a young girl about 13 or 14, she was alive a nasty head injury but otherwise alright. "Kohta Jill, last one, she's alive."

Boom, Boom

"Ah shit! BTR TAKE COVER!" Naruto yelled. An umbrella BTR was coming down the road. "Fire teams, fire on the BTR. Fire when ready and do it fast. One hit to the bus and it goes up in flames." Naruto said to the fire teams on the roof of the school.

"Roger that."

On the roof.

"I got the BTR." Rei grabbed the heavy, to her, Javelin. She remembered how to fire it as Alcatraz taught her and the rest of the sniper team group to take out any aircraft or armored vehicles that came their way. She took a breath, aimed then fired. The missile when up into the air then came down destroying the BTR in a ball of fire.

"These guys are still advancing!" Yugito said reloading her RPD drum.

"Can't you guys take a hint!?" Fu yelled firing her LSW into a crowd of Umbrella troops killing a few.

"These guys are worse than an ex-boyfriend!" Rika yelled firing her brand new ACR.

"Rebecca! Anytime now!" Naruto yelled at her firing his ACOG Scar getting a few more head shots.

"Alright, last one is clear. All of the survivors are ready to move. Team 2 help these kids get back to the evac site. We'll cover you. You keep them safe no matter what!"

"Right! Let's go!" The leader of team two yelled at his team and their charges, who were crying as most of them were only 8 or 9. As the group was running no one saw a little girl and boy fall and hind behind a car near the front line.

Naruto hopped off the bus.

Maximum Power

(Play " Tears Of The Sun " ~ The Final Battle !)

Naruto used his power mode to push the bus back right side up. "Cover me while I set the charges." Naruto told his team. Rika, Yugito, Jill and Takashi were on one side of the bus firing while Fu, Matsushima, Rebecca and Kohta where on the other side.

Now gun count, Yugito has an RPD and Fu has a L86 LSW, both LMGs. Matsushima has a UMP45 with Holographic sight. Rebecca a normal MP5. Jill a M16A4 with ACOG sight. Kohta with a CM901 with ACOG and a G36C with Holographic sight. Takashi has a MK-14 ACOG sight. Rika had an ACR red dot. All of them trained enough to fire at long ranges and get a head shot or two but with human targets it was easier for them to get kill shots.

"C4 set!" Naruto yelled at them. "Fall back to the line! Go GO GO!"

Matsushima, Kohta and Takashi went first running back to the front line.

Rika , Jill, Rebecca, Fu and Yugito followed after them. "You coming Alcatraz!?" Jill asked as she was running.

"Yeah, got to return to sender." Naruto joked.

Jill smiled and ran. "Cover Alcatraz!" She yelled at the group at the front line. The bus was blocking their view, for now.

Maximum Power

Naruto pushed the bus to be straight so he can send it down the small downhill ride that it will soon go down.

Maximum Power

Naruto then got behind it and pushed it as hard as he could down the small hill. He then ran back to the front line of cars and watched the bus plow into a few moron Umbrella troops. Naruto pressed the trigger for the C4 and it blew up, killing many more of the Umbrella troops.

At the base camp near the battle zone the Captain Umbrella trooper watched his first wave get taken out. "Send the rest." He ordered.

400 more Umbrella troops ran from their places to advance on the school, their one objective was to kill Naruto and take his suit.

"All teams… open fire!" Naruto yelled as everyone fired at the Umbrella wave coming for them.

Everyone was firing at Umbrella and Umbrella was firing back advancing fast. Naruto being at the front line with his team holding the line. Many Umbrella troops were dropping although it seemed like their numbers would never end.

Naruto's army was also taking loses. One of the front row group and man was hit in the head. Naruto then saw a man with a RPG and he fired it.

"R…P…G!" Naruto covered Fu and Yugito.

Maximum Armor.

The explosion killed two men in the back row of the group, injuring a few others by the shrapnel. Naruto saw their dead b dies and the few men who where injured. "Rebecca, tend to the wounded! ARGH!" Naruto was hit in the shoulder. He turned around and fired, killing another man.

"They need to get out of here. Now!" Rebecca yelled over the gun fire.

"Alcatraz you got a lot of bad guys coming your way. We can't kill them all."

Naruto heard Saya said over the com. He looked back to the advancing Umbrella troops.

"Alcatraz the choppers are here, buy us some more time." Naruto heard Rei's father tell him.

"Alright." Naruto again looked at the advancing Umbrella troops. "Hold the line!"

Everyone rose up from their cover and started firing again. A lot of Umbrella troops were killed.

"Argh!" Another one of Naruto's men was shot.

"Reloading!" Kohta yelled reloading his gun. The gun next to him rose up and fired only to get a bullet in the head. "Man down! You mother fuckers!" Kohta opened fire once more killing what he could.

"We can't hold anymore! Argh!" Another one was shot and killed.

"Alcatraz! Call the retreat!" Rika yelled reloading.

Naruto didn't want to, he wanted to save the people at the school, but he wanted as many of his people fighting. "Fall back! All units fall back now! Fall back to the school!" Naruto ordered as he saw too many of his people get killed as it were.

"Alcatraz we're 80% done, the last of the Black Hawks are here. Hold a bit longer!" Rei's father told Naruto.

"We can't hold anymore!" Rika yells

"We'll do our best. HOLD THE LINE!" Naruto yelled.

Naruto, Takashi and Kohta were the last ones on the front line. Naruto refused to give ground if he could hold it Takashi and Kohta refused to leave Alcatraz behind. Naruto saw this. "Takashi, Kohta pull out now!"

Naruto saw the line of Umbrella move up as many of them were shooting at them, more than 100 bullets per-second were being fired.

"Do they even need to reload!?" Takashi asked as he pulled out reloading himself.

"Fuckers have the infinite ammo cheat!" Kohta yelled as he too pulled out.

"This isn't a game!" Rika yelled.

Naruto chuckled a bit only to shut up when he was shot in the chest. His suit keeping him alive and healing the damage. Naruto fired the last of his chip before he too fell beck. The last ones on the line were Rika, Yugito, Fu, Matsushima, Rebecca, Jill, Kohta, Takashi and Naruto. Everyone else was falling back some of them were being shot in the back.

Yugito and Fu were firing there LMGs at the large group getting a lot of kills. "Hey Kohta, I'm going to beat you, I've got 22 so far!"

Kohta smiled. "I'm on 37!" He yelled back. Over the small time they've known each other they both had a love for guns, and won't be 'outgunned' be the other.

"Huh? I'm not going to be outgunned by you Kohta!" She unloaded the last of her drum into that largest group she could getting 5 more kills.

Kohta fired his M204 grenade launcher. "43!"

"Count later, kill now!" Jill yelled at the two shooting Umbrella troops herself.

"Alcatraz this is Coronal Mei do you read me, this is Corneal Mei do you read me?"

"I read you Coronal. Go ahead."

"Alcatraz I've sent an AC-130 call sign Killzone, ETA 20 minutes." Mei said to him.

"We won't last 20 minutes!" Naruto yelled. Naruto fired more at the Umbrella troops. "Fall back now!"

"Alcatraz we need 15 more minutes. Hold out for 15 more minutes."

"Alcatraz all 18 of the kids from the bus are here."

"18? There were 20 survivors!" Naruto now had yet another thing to worry about.

Kohta then heard crying mixed in with the gunfire. He looked left and right for it, then he saw them, 20 feet in front of the line were two kids. "Shit!" Kohta fired randomly to cover his approach.

"Kohta!" Matsushima saw what her boyfriend was doing and fired more to cover him.

"Hold the line!" Jill yelled. The group fired across the line to cover Kohta while he was saving the two kids.

"Get up! Get up now!" Kohta dropped his CM901 to pick up the kids. He put both of them in his arms and started running. For a large guy he could hall ass.

"Cover Kohta!" Naruto yelled as the group covered Kohta's ass. But not good enough as he gets shot in the ass.

"AHH!" Kohta dropped fast. He picked the kids back up, both still crying, and started running again. The Umbrella line was only 30 meters behind him as he ran faster.

"Run your ass Kohta!" Naruto yelled at him.

Kohta ran faster, even with Kohta bullet in his ass, he was almost to the line when he was shot in the other ass check. "Son of a!" He stopped there not wanting to curse in front of the two crying kids. He dropped again only to get back up. He made it to the line and fell behind a truck for cover. "Mother fuckers shot me in the ass." He said laying down so not to aggregate his injures.

"Rebecca! Matsushima take Kohta back to the school, he can't fight like this! The rest of us will hold the line as long as we can!" Naruto ordered.

"Right! Kohta get up off your ass!" Matsushima yelled helping Kohta get up. While Rebecca grabbed the two kids.

Naruto saw the three leave the front line. "Pull out!" Naruto ordered. "Yugito go." Naruto told her. Yugito emptied what was left in her drum and fell back behind a car a few cars away. Reloading while in cover. "Fu pull out!" Fu stopped firing and ran to where Yugito was and the two opened fire together. "Jill! Go!" Jill fired a few more rounds and fell back. Naruto saw the wave of Umbrella troops make it to the cars. "Takashi, stay down but get out of here!" Naruto fired along with Rika to cover his retreat.

"Alcatraz you have to pull what's left of your group! We'll cover you!" Saeko said from the roof. Some of the sniper teams suffered losses as well from RPG's and well aimed shots.

"Alcatraz, the last 4 Black Hawks are for us! Move it. They'll be here in 2 minutes!" Inspector Miyamoto told him. The only ones not in a Black Hawk were Naruto and his team as well as the sniper team and Inspector Miyamoto and his wife.

"Right! Rika move out!" Naruto fired to cover her retreat. Once Rika made it with the others Naruto followed, getting hit in the shoulder. Although barley a flesh wound it slowed him down. Naruto tossed a grenade to slow Umbrella down. "Alright, our rides are here, you 4 get out of here, I'll hold them back."

"What? Why you?" Takashi asked.

"I'm the only one that…" He amended what he was going to say. "You've found your family Takashi, live to tell them how heroic you've been these last few days. Rika your friend needs you."

"What about us? We don't have anyone left." Fu was taking about her and Yugito.

"You have to live to tell about what you've seen. I can survive this. None of you can't…"

Just then a small rocket landed in the center of the group. Naruto pushed everyone away from I as best he could.

Maximum Armor.

He jumped on it to take the blast.


Everyone was tossed around. Naruto regained his were abouts in moments. He found Takashi and his leg was fucked up. He'll be able to keep it if he can get treated in time. "Yugito! Fu! Rika! Jill! Where are you!?" Naruto turned his head when he heard a gun cock. He turned around and shot the gun in the head. He then looked at the Umbrella troops they where 20 meters from him.

Soon after Yugito and Fu crawled up to him, both a little dazed and have some burses from the blast. "Alcatraz. I don't feel so hot." Takashi said feeling the blood loss.

"We'll get you out of here Takashi don't worry. Fu, Yugito, help Takashi get to the school and get out of here yourselves, your wounded, I'll be fine and get Jill and Rika out of here."


"Go!" Naruto fired into the crowd of Umbrella troops. "Go now, get out of here!" Naruto fired more to cover their escape.

Both girls nodded, picked up Takashi and halled ass to the school. Naruto had no idea where Rika and Jill were. But he wouldn't leave them behind. Naruto was alone holding the Umbrella line at bay, dropping any that got close to him or to the school. Naruto ducks down to reload, he hears gunfire he looks up and sees Jill firing at Umbrella. He then turns to Umbrella seeing their line advance, he turns back to Jill and sees her get shot 4 times. "NOOOOOO!" Naruto jumps up and fires at Umbrella moving towards Jill's location. He found her bleeding, the armor saved her life but she needed medical help and she need it now. "Hang in there Jill, the choppers are here, we made it just hang on! Hang on!" Naruto fired at Umbrella.

With Rika she was the closest to the Umbrella line and she was down to her hand gun. She was about 20 meters from Naruto and Jill. She turned and fired 2 rounds before ducking and running again.

Back with Naruto he heard LMG fire. He saw Yugito and Fu coming back to support him. "Coming in!"

"I thought I told you to get Takashi to the school." Naruto said to him.

"We did, then we decided to get you, Jill and Rika." Fu answered firing again.

"Alcatraz this is Killzone, Alcatraz this is Killzone do you read?"

"This is Alcatraz. Go ahead Killzone."

"What do you got Alcatraz?"

"I got a shit load of bad guys between the Onyx building and my smoke. Fu here pop smoke." Naruto handed Fu his smoke grenade.

"Where is Rika?" Yugito asked.

Naruto 's head dropped. "I don't she made it." Not far from them was Rika still fighting and still running.

"I got blue smoke Alcatraz…"

Naruto looked at Yugito, Fu and Jill. All 3 of them nodded.

"Bring the rain Killzone, danger close." Naruto told the AC-130.

"Roger that coming in hot, danger close. ETA 60 seconds."

Rika was almost to the smoke she turned and fired to keep Umbrella at bay, she fired her last 4 rounds before she was shot in the gut and she fell. She started to crawl. However Naruto's HUD noticed her.

"Rika! Come on Rika come!" Naruto yelled at her.

"Move it Rika come on!" Fu yelled for her.

The Umbrella Captain was not leading the charge as they were closing in on Naruto and his group, only being slowed down by the sniper teams.

Rika made it to Naruto and them and they saw, high in the sky, the AC-130. "COVER!" Naruto covered his team.

Maximum Armor.

The AC-130 fired 40mm, 60mm and 105 shells at the Umbrella troops and everything from the smoke to the building at the end of the road, nothing could live through that.

(END " Tears Of The Sun " ~ The Final Battle !)

Everyone at the school saw the explosions. They feared for the loved ones that did not return and those that did the news was bad, many died defending their loved ones. Everyone cursed Umbrella and hoped that anyone that works for Umbrella would rot in hell and die painfully.

However some hope still survived. Naruto had carried his group as best her could and through the smoke Yugito, Fu, Jill although heavily injured and Rika had all survived. Rebecca, Saeko, Yuuki and Hinata ran to them to help them.

"Rebecca take Jill to the Black Hawk and treat her there, take Shizuka with you."


Everyone made it to the roof where the last two Black Hawks were waiting for the last of the group. Yugito, Fu, Hinata, Saya, Yuuki, Saeko and Naruto were the last ones for the last Black Hawk.

Threat Detected.


Everyone turned around to the sound of a monstrous cry. There standing on top of rubble was an ugly, yellow, fleshy and boney monster.

"What the fuck is that?" Saya asked.

"It think it's time to go now." Saeko said getting on board the chopper.

Naruto's HUD was going crazy, this thing had his warning system all in red. "Everyone, get on board the Black Hawk."

"What? What about you."

"I have a play date." Naruto ran to the edge of the roof.

"ALCATRAZ!" His group yelled.

"Get the fuck out of here!" Naruto jumped.

Maximum Armor.

Naruto landed on the ground, ready to fight this thing. He stood and allowed his suit to charge up.

With the monster, it was nothing short of an Abomination. He looked at Naruto and gave a fanged smile. "Alcatraz…"

He growled and then started to jog towards Naruto who was in front of the school. He covered the distance of the mile to the school rather quickly.

Maximum Armor

The Abomination tackled him and they both went right through the school. When they came out the other end Abomination tossed Naruto across the field and Naruto went through the brick wall and then landed on a car destroying it.

Above them Naruto's group watched on, a few girls covered their mouths in shock.

Naruto got out of the car that he crashed and trashed. Naruto saw the Abomination, that's what he's going to call it from now on, it smiled at him.

"Come on…"

This monster showed some intelligent form of thought. Naruto didn't come at him so Abomination came to Naruto.

Maximum Armor

Abomination punched him then again and again and again. Naruto armor was holding but the punches hurt like hell. Then Abomination hammered Naruto with both hands in a fist. Naruto was laid out flat. Then Abomination picked him up. "Is that all you got?" It asked. Then Naruto placed a bomb on Abomination's head.

Maximum Armor


Naruto prayed that killed Abomination but he wasn't holding his breath. So he was already moving away from it. However he was right, Abomination wasn't even fazed by the bomb, only a little skin was lost from the explosion. Abomination started to chase Naruto and Naruto started to run as fast as his suit would allow.

Up in the helicopter.

Saeko yelled at the helicopter gunner. "Help him!" She said.


"Use that gun. Do something!" She pleaded.

He took a breath, aimed and fired at Abomination. Abomination looked up to see one of the two Black Hawks firing at him. He also noticed that the most of the core of Alcatraz's/Naruto's group was in it. Abomination smiled and started to run along the roof tops.

Naruto noticed this. "Damn it! Why are they still here!?" Naruto used his power mode and jumped up on piled high cars to get to the roof and ran to catch up to Abomination and stop him from bringing down the chopper. Naruto saw the chopper stay on Abomination.

"Come on kill it kill it!" Saya yelled. The gunner fired more at Abomination.

Naruto was getting closer but he saw Abomination make a brake for the Black Hawk and jump towards it. Naruto did the only thing he could think of, he threw a bomb in front of it. Abomination saw the bomb in front if it too late to dodge it.


Abomination was forced back, however for a bomb that strong the chopper lost control of itself.

Alarms rang all over the chopper. "I've lost control." The pilot yelled to everyone.


"Oh god…" Naruto saw that he didn't help any. "Oh god no, no, no, no, NO!" Naruto ran to try to save the chopper and everyone on it. Naruto ran to see if there was something he could do. He got on top of a water tower and used the suits power and armor mode to attempted to stabilize the chopper from spinning to the ground. "ARGH!"

"I got it! We're good!" The pilot said, after pulling up and not crushing into a building under construction.

Naruto but his hands on his knees in relief and because he was tired. However he didn't see Abomination behind him. Hinata did. "LOOK OUT!"

Naruto looked behind him on to be tackled by Abomination. The chopper moved or else it would have been a pillow for them. The monster and Naruto landed, Naruto first, and Abomination kicked Naruto towards a wall leaving a Naruto size indent in it. Abomination looked around for a second then picked up a steel beam. Using it like a club it started to beat on Naruto, hard, again, and again and again.

Naruto sees that his HUD has a crack from the force of the beating. On the outside, his visor has a crack in it. Abomination then stopped using it as a club and started to jam the end of the steel beam into Naruto's face. Again, and again. Naruto could hear bells ringing, that was a good sign that he was still alive. However his helmet had a big crack in it from chin to head.

Warning, suit integrity compromised.

A few could see the large crack in Naruto's helmet. Abomination grabbed Naruto by the neck and hoisted him up. "I should thank you Alcatraz…" It said. "If you didn't let my students kill me then I wouldn't be this god I am today." It said once more.

Naruto had only one thought in his mind now. "Shido?"

"Oh, you can talk now. Good. Now I can hear you scream when I peal your flesh from your bones, and yes I am Shido or use to be, now I am god!" Naruto did what he could to get away, punch with power mode but he might as well have been punching a brick wall without his suit.Naruto's group heard that this monster was Shido that pissed off and scared the shit out of them. Shido slammed Naruto to one of the metal beams that were holding up the building. "Before you die, I want to see your face, so I can thank the man that helped me to become this god." Shido grabbed Naruto's helmet and started to pull, hard.

Warning… Warning… catastrophic damage… XZzxzz

The voice cut off when Shido ripped off the helmet. "AHHHH!" Parts of the helmet flew everywhere, the largest part was the upper right side that had part of the visor and the crown.

Shido looked at the face of Alcatraz, then, after a moment to realize who he was looking at, gave off a laugh that would haunt Rei and her parents, Hinata, Saeko and the others them being the most. "HAHAHAHAHA! NARUTO I DON'T FUCKING BELIEVE IT!"

Saeko, Yuuki and Hinata covered their mouths in shock. Naruto was alive, and was 'Alcatraz' all this time. Despite their shock, all of Naruto's friends were happy he was alive, however he has a lot of getting his ass kicked and then explaining to do, then more getting ass kicked after this.

Shido slammed his arm in Naruto's neck, Naruto had activated his armor before hand, no voice in his head this time, before, that save his life. "I will enjoy killing you. Then, when you're gone for good, I will enjoy eating your girls that you love so much, saving that Bitch Hinata, Yuuki and Saeko for last then I'll find and eat that little girl Alice that you care for so much…" Shido was talking about the girls he knew had a crush or were in love with Naruto.He licked his lips slowly with his large tongue. "…and I will enjoy eating them slowly and while they are alive… oh how good they'll taste, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I always did wonder how Rei tasted."

Naruto grew angry. He looked at his girlfriends before he dropped his armor and focus all power to his strength. Naruto using all his might grabbed Shido's massive arm and moved it away from his neck, using his other arm Naruto grabbed Shido's and was over powering him. None were more shocked then Shido himself. He was using all of his power to try and get back control of Naruto's life, like he tried and failed at so many times before. But Naruto was too strong for him. When Naruto forced him back far enough he did a jump kick to Shido's face sending him back a few feet.

Naruto was bleeding from his head and mouth. He knew what he had to do to kill this thing. He needed to us his AVP wave. Naruto began the charge, he had no idea how this will affect him with his HUD gone his suit couldn't tell him nothing. Shido gave another charge, unknown to him, his last. Naruto felt the charge had completed. He gathered the power and when Shido dived Naruto unleashed the Anti-Virus Pulse. Shido didn't know what hit him as he dissolved into nothing as well as a few zombies that were around.

The soldiers were in shock at what they had seen, some of them reported it instantly to their CO. Naruto fell on one knee then face flat on the ground.

"Get down there now!" Rebecca ordered. The pilot nodded and did.

Activate defibrillator

Naruto jolted a bit. Rebecca, Hinata, Saeko and Yuuki ran to him.

Activate defibrillator

Naruto jolted again. "Don't touch him!" Rebecca told them.

"What? Why?" Hinata asked.

"His suit is trying to bring him back. If we touch him we'll get shocked." She told the distract girlfriend.

Activate defibrillator

Naruto jolted again, and then opened his eyes. He knew instantly that it was hard to breath. He started to cough and the girls tried to help him.

"Get back. I can help him." She pulled out a small respirator for Naruto placed it on Naruto's mouth and nose. "We need to get him to the chopper. We'll talk about him there." Rebecca said. They carried him to the chopper and laid him on the ground so he could breath better.

Hinata, Yuuki and Saeko where holding onto his hand, all of them crying that they've got him back. They'll kill him later.

He looked at them with his eyes blood shot and it looked like he hadn't slept inn days. "I'm… so… sorry…" He passed out.


P.S. I am redoing another High school of the Dead X Naruto crossover, it won't go up until this one is done. The next 2 chapters are going to be short and have interaction that is needed for story and character development.