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R and R and Upgrade

The rather large group was waiting and watching the surgery room from a viewing booth made for something like this. Aside from a few military personal Naruto's group was there. All of them were shedding tears in joy and sadness. Although Takashi and Kohta were comforting others in this sad moment were their best friend, or love interest for some.

However not everyone in Naruto's group were in the booth. Shizuka and Rebecca were in the operating room with Naruto helping him. Also in the operating room were Karui, Tayuya and leading the surgery was Karin. Karin, even being only 18, was a medical genius surpassing anyone in the field. She had studied the information she got from Rebecca, who got it from Naruto for got it from Alcatraz who stole it from Umbrella. He was in a cradle by the way.

Because of this Karin knew everything she needed to treat her brother medically even with his new suit. She had even built the new helmet with Rebecca's help and a few engineers as well. She was, right now, treating Naruto's injures with the suit's help.

"Pulse is still stable." Shizuka reported, doing her part to help the boy that had helped her before and after the outbreak.

"Suit integrity is improving." Karui said to Karin.

"Alright, almost… done…" Karin had a very pointy object in her hand while getting closer to Naruto's neck. When she was close to the neck a jolt of electricity hit his neck and Naruto seemed to shake violently. Then he stopped. Then the cold and very familiar and long beep sound was heard in the room.

"He's flat line!" Shizuka yelled in shock and worry.

"SHIT! Defib, 250!" Karin yelled.

"Right! Clear!" Tayuya shocked Naruto.

Beep…. Beep… flat line.

"Again! 300!" Karin yelled.

"Clear!" Tayuya shocked him again.

Beep… Beep… Beep… flat line.

"AGAIN! Max charge" Karin yelled in fright. She had felt the loss of losing Naruto once, they were close enough like brother and sister she didn't want to lose him again. In the booth Hinata, Yuuki and Saeko along with the others were crying.

"Clear!" Tayuya shocked him again.

Beep… Beep… Beep… Beep…

Naruto's heartbeat returned to normal. Then again he started to shack violently. After a moment, a screen started to play a 'home movie'.

An unmasked Alcatraz was walking, being flanked by 2 Umbrella troopers. Alcatraz walked up to a table and sat down, on the screen in front of him was an old man with red eyes.

"The data you've collected is good Alcatraz but incomplete."

"What do you mean incomplete! You know how many people died in all those incidents that transpired by your successor Madera!?" Alcatraz yelled.

"Yes, but do you think for one moment that he or the company cares? All they care about is money while the only thing Wesker cares about is becoming a god through his means. I've never put any faith in that project Alcatraz I put it in the nano-suit. The same suit that you and you're men wore, and now just you." Madera told him.

"I've collected mountains of data! How is it incomplete!?" Alcatraz yelled at the man.

"The data is almost complete, you need two more components before it is finished. Both of which you will find in Japan. You need this information Alcatraz, the suit needs this information if you are to have any hope of destroying the T-virus, and… if you are to have any hope of surviving and not share the same fate of your men." Madera said to Alcatraz.

"You… you knew! You knew the suits were symbiotic! You twisted mother fucker! You knew what it would do to me and my men! You turned them into dead men walking!"

"I turned them into Post-Human warriors. You think that just any old soldier or group of survivors could win this war that Wesker will create with his little super cure? No, humans may survive it but not end it. They need hope, a chance to destroy the T-virus utterly. You and that suit are that hope. You think that scientist will be able to redevelop the anti-virus? No. Without you there is no hope for the human race. For we are all… dead men walking."

The video ended. Naruto at this time started to come too.

"Hey hey Naruto stay down." Karin told him stopping him from getting up. "You've been out for days."

Naruto looked at her, noticing his new HUD. "How long?"

"3 days. You suffered a lot of damage by that Shido dickhead." Naruto turned to Tayuya.

"When he ripped your helmet off, he fucked you up. You may have been able to survive 1 hour without your helmet on but not in combat." Karui said to him.

Then he was smacked over the head by Tayuya. "That and when you lost your helmet you lost all of your locks that your helmet has. When your power mode activated it maxed you out and fucked you up even more. We've been working night and day with little to no sleep to fix the damaged you did to yourself." Tayuya smacked him again. "Dumb ass!"

"Sorry… I did what I needed to do Tayuya. You can understand that right?" He asked. Knowing the answer.

"Yes… I can, but you're still a dumbass." The small family smiled and laughed a bit.

"Rest Naruto, you still need it. Tomorrow we start on fully fixing you up." Karin put him under once more, suit induced.

Karin, Karui, Tayuya, Rebecca and Shizuka all left leaving only a handful of medics to look after Naruto while he slept well for the first time in a week.

When they got out and went to the waiting room booth Rebecca was instantly swarmed by the rest of the group along with Jill.

"Start talking." Was all Saya said to her.

She had found her mother and father on the Aircraft Carrier that they are currently on. As well as the others they left behind at her parents place when they left them. All safe and all alright, they were in off the coast of Japan near their city. A fleet of Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers from both Japanese and American Navy was just floating off shore. They were grateful to the Corneal for getting them out but now was the time for answers.

"Alright, where to start? Well years ago…" Jill and Rebecca told their stories, everything with Umbrella and all the shit they and a few others had went through all because of Umbrella. They ended their stories.

"Ok, so how does Naruto fit in and how in the hell did he get that suit?" Rei asked.

"Yeah." The group said.

"About a week before this happened we got some Intel from one of our undercover BSAA member Minato Namikaze saying he found evidence that we needed to put Umbrella down for good. However we sent Alcatraz to get it but when he got there the family was murdered. Only Naruto survived, barley, with a bullet in his heart and damage to his lunges by the fire." Jill started.

"So… Alcatraz was a real man's name? I thought Naruto made that up." Saya asked Jill and Rebecca.

"He was. He was one of the first men to put on the suit. But… what we didn't know was that the suit… kills the operator." Rebecca said sadly.


"That's why he asked to keep his real name a secret. He knew he was going to die in a few years so he felt it was the best thing. You had lost him once, he felt you didn't need to lose him again." Jill answered the one question that they all had.

"That's why he kept the name Alcatraz?" Kohta wondered.

"But why!? We loved him why would he not tell us?" Yuuki said what was on her and Hinata's mind.

"He kept it to save all of us the pain of him dying again." Saya summarized for Jill and Rebecca and the rest of the group.

"Yes. That's it. He felt that if you believed he was dead, you wouldn't mourn for him again when the suit kills him." Jill answered. She was Alcatraz's handler for years, he lasted longer than any other person who used the nano-suit. All others lasted only a year, 2 at the most, Alcatraz lasted almost 5.

Everyone listened to what the suit does, and then does to the user. "We will do the test to see how long Naruto has. Tomorrow." Karin hoped they had a lot of time with Naruto.

While Naruto was resting the group stayed to together while they watched the few kids that survived play together nearby. All of the kids were playing with Alice and her pet fox. Kyu never been petted so much. As for Alice, she hasn't been this happy since her parents were with her.

"Alice looks so happy now." Kyoko said, she along with Saya, Yuuki and Hinata took upon themselves a motherly role for the young girl. She was, after all, her family. They were all one big happy family.

"Yeah. It's been a while where we have no fear of what's to come. Not having to worry about some zombie freaks eating you all night is a nice change of pace." Rei said stretching out her muscles.

"Yeah." Hinata and Yuuki said at once. Both of them still worried and pissed off at Naruto for what he did.

"Well you two get over that." Saya snapped at them. "He had his reasons, worry about him waking up first then kill him if you still feel like it!" She told them.

"Don't act like you don't care Saya, it does not become you. You've known Naruto among the longest of us. Only Hinata and I known him longer." Saeko said to the raging Saya.

Fu and Yugito took this time to enter the conversation. "So… what was Naruto like before this?" Fu asked. Ever since he saved her some time ago she hasn't stopped crushing on him.

"He hasn't changed much. Still putting others ahead of himself. Still risking his own skin for people he barley knows. The only difference now is that he has a badass suit on." Tayuya walked in the conversation.

"So, who are you to him?" Yugito asked. She too had a 'small' crush on the man that saved her.

"I'm his cousin on his mother's side. My father is his uncle. Although dad died some time ago and mom was at work when this shit went down." She had a shamed looked on her face now. "She works for Umbrella." That got a gasp of shock from everyone. "Don't know what she does, never did, always hush hush about it."

"I thought you were asleep?" Saya asked her.

"I was then I woke up. I thought a genius like you could figure that out? Naruto always said you were the smart one." Tayuya mocked Saya, and oh was Saya ever so pissed when she huffed.

"What's your problem red?" Saya snapped back.

"You really want to know?" She asked, Saya nodded. "Well too bad pinky. I have nothing to say to the likes of you." Tayuya turned around to walk away.

But Saya wouldn't let her be. She picked up a cup and threw it at Tayuya. Tayuya turned around was not happy. Then a cat fight from hell came to be. No this cat fight wasn't about hair pulling or bitch slapping, ok some bitch slapping, this was pull blowing punches and kicks. Saya wasn't just another pretty face, big boobs or a sharp mind. Well, for the most part she was but not now.

"Hey hey! Come on!" Both girls were separated by their friends, or in Tayuya's case Karui.

"Tayuya!" Tayuya looked at Karin who had yelled. "If you have enough energy to pick a fight with Naruto's girlfriends, you can help me with his suit. I need everyone who knows something about it and medical training to help me." Karin told her sister. She is the pacifist of the group, meaning she only gets into fights once every 12 hours. "Come on, there is a lot of work to do if we want Naruto to wake up tomorrow." Karin finished and left the group. Karui and Tayuya followed her.

Soon the rest of the group went to their families, if they had any, and went to sleep for the night. They had it rough worrying about Naruto and it was just starting.

The next day Naruto was awake.

Suit Upgraded… Power mode now increases operator output to 500%.

"Is that a good thing or bad thing? Most likely the result of Shido going all Hulk on my ass." Naruto said to himself.

"Most likely." Naruto looked and saw Karin. "Hey… little brother." Karin hugged him. "I thought you were dead… DON'T EVER WORRY ME LIKE THAT AGAIN!" She smacked him.

"Yeah, your fine." Naruto said rubbing his head. He felt that through his new helmet.

"Anyway Naruto." Naruto saw Rebecca. "Guess what the US military found?" She moved aside to left a few people roll in a new suit.

"Another suit? If your thinking of letting someone put that on then you're crazy." He told Rebecca.

"What? No! Not for someone to put on. This is the generation 3 nano-suit. Only you can put this on."

"But if I take this off I'll die, remember?" He said matter-of-factly.

"I know. But that's not the case here. Watch." She pressed a button and the suit kind of collapsed in on itself. "This one has a retraction feature. Allowing the operator to take it off when needed, and in your case, not die. It is still attached to you and keeping you alive but now you look normal. On top of that it has new features and you get to keep you old ones."

Naruto had to think about it. For about a second. "Let do it then. Put that thing on me."

"Ok, we will Naruto but we need to put you out first. You would be in terrible pain if your awake." Karin said giving him a sedative.

"Hey no problem see you later." Naruto closed his eyes and was asleep once more.

The first thing Naruto awoke to was the suit's voice and what looked like a hologram in his head.

Unknown bio-suit enhancement intrusion, stand-by…

Bio-suit enhancement identified. Suit upgrading stand-by…

Naruto saw himself in the suit, this was new.

Suit upgrade complete. New suit functions added.

Naruto then saw what looked like a virus strain. He assumed it was the T-virus.

Analyzing T-virus strain, standby… Analysis 90% complete…

Anti-Virus completion 90%. Need last two components for Anti-Virus completion.

"You need the last two components Alcatraz. Without them humanity has no hope." Naruto heard that Madera guy say to Alcatraz in the suit's memory.

Naruto woke up. "Hey, you up Naruto?" Naruto saw Karin ask him.

"Yeah, I'm up."

"Good, I need to run one more test before I can let you out of that cradle." Karin said to her younger brother. They had the brother sister relationship ever since they meet some time ago.

"Can it wait? I have enough explaining to do as it is." He told her.

"Sorry but this can't wait. Run full body MRI and Cat scan of Naruto now." Karin said to Tayuya and Karui in the operation room. They pressed a few buttons and the scan started. It took 10 minutes for the scan to complete.

"Now can I go? I have a girlfriend ass whopping to be late for." He joked at what his girlfriends would most likely do to him when they finally talk to one another.

"Yeah, just give me a second to get you out of that cradle and your good to go." Karin unlocked Naruto from the cradle.

"Thanks big sis. I need to make up what I can. You'll let me know the results of the tests right?" Naruto asked. He knew his days are numbered. But he what to know how long he has so he can spend his time with this loved ones.

"I will. I will know it by the end of the day." Karin then began the hard duty to see how long Naruto has before his body gives out and the suit kills him. She had Rebecca's help along with her two older sisters. "But before that. I'm going to show you the function that makes the 3rd generation suit better than the others. Retract." She pressed a button.

Retraction activated.

Naruto felt the suit retract. He saw his skin for the first time in days. He also noticed that he had the same type of under nano-suit wear that he last saw Alcatraz where when he killed himself just it didn't cover as much on him as it did on Alcatraz. He also saw that the suit retracted to a small metal box, that was the best way to explain it, the whole suit was now in a box on his chest. "To but the suit back on just press the button."

"Right." He pressed the button.

Suit activated.

Naruto saw the box at his chest expand, first small metal beam like things starches across his body, his arms, legs, chest and back. Then the 'skin' of the suit stretched across his body. The helmet came last, the lower have covered his mother and nose. Then the crown latched itself with the lower half then the visor covered his eyes last.


"The only bad news about this is because of the damage to your lunges that the suit can't seem to fix right now. You can stay out of the suit for about 24 hours, give or take. But if you do… you have to, based on my calculations, stay in the suit for the next 30 days." She told him. His lungs seem to be too damaged to be fixed by her or the suit, at least for now.

"So, one day as myself… 30 in the suit? Sounds like Pirates of the Carrabin: At Worlds End." Naruto joked.

"Yeah well I'm serious. If you stay out of the suit longer than 24 hours, or you take it off before the 30 day mark is up you'll damage yourself even more. And I don't want that, none of us do. Now get out of here, I have work to do." Karin forced him out of the chair and out of the room.

Naruto moved to where he thought he knew where his group was staying at. He knew he found them when he found Alice playing with Kyu and the rest of the kids on the Aircraft Carrier. He saw the rest of them in the corner of the hanger.

He moved in view he expected some from yelling followed by ass kicking followed by ass kissing then again followed by more ass kicking, then finally followed by talking.

But none of them. The first thing that happened was he was tackled by Hinata, Saeko and Yuuki. A tackle hug as it were.

"Not that I'm complaining, but you girls aren't going to kill me?" He asked.

"Kill you later." Yuuki said to him.

"Love you now." Hinata said crying about her lost boyfriend being alive.

"Catch up right now." Saeko finished.

"So…" Shizuka was the first one to start. "How does it feel to be in that suit?"

"Good. Although it was a pain in the ass to get in it." He said. "Sorry about the whole… no telling you thing. I felt that..."

"We know that part already. What we want to know…" Saya then grew very pissed. "WHY IN THE HELL DID YOU EASE DROP ON OUR PERSONAL CONVERSATIONS ABOUT YOU!" She yelled hitting his head.

It was then that every girl blushed. They had confused about their crush/love for Naruto since they knew him at school. Yugito and Fu had no such reverse. They had hero's infatuation and had it bad. They fell in love with Alcatraz/Naruto the moment they meet.

"Um… yeah… sorry about that. I couldn't talk for a bit you know. Only after I got the ability to talk again I kept…"

"Enough about that. We need to just talk." Rei said.

"About what?" Naruto asked.

"About the whole, time limit thing you have." Rika put out a cigarette she was smoking.

The group of girls, Takashi and Kohta are not there, grew quite. "Let's not talk about that. Karin will know about that by the end of the day or so and then she'll tell me. But for now. Let's just spend the day together. I haven't had a day off in forever." He smiled.

He spent the better part of the day catching up with his girls, even got a few kisses from Shizuka, Kyoko and Saya. He knew that they had a crush on him, at least Shizuka and Saya, Kyoko told him herself.

He then meet up with Rei soon after that the group broke up to help with the supplies. "Hey Rei."

"AHH!" She jumped. "Naruto! What the hell!?"

"What? I just said hey." He defended. "Damn Rei you've been jumpy around me since we were kids. What gives?" He asked, then smiled an evil smile. "Is Takashi not putting out?" He asked.

"WHAT!?" Rei blushed and looked freaked. "Why in the hell would you ask such a stupid question!?"

"What? It was just a question. So he's not putting out." Naruto joked again.

"Hump." Her cheeks puffed up and she blushed. "He's not interested in me anyway." She said to him in a down cast tone.

"He's not? I thought the two of you would always get married when you tow grew up. I thought you promised each other and all." Naruto was confused.

"No, we never promised to marry me when we grew up. He… he promised me something else." Rei was blushing at what Takashi promised her.

"Oh, what did he promise you?"

"NARUTO!" Naruto looked to where he name was being called. Speak of the devil it was Takashi… with nothing but a blanket covering him. "Save me! She's crazy!" He yelled desperately at his best friend.

Naruto looked at him, then at Rei, then back at him. "Only if you tell me what you promised Rei all those years ago." Naruto always thought that Rei and Takashi promised to marry each other when they got older, now that wasn't the case.

"Naruto! Takashi don't!"

"I promised her that I would help you two get together when you guy grew up. I told her that your weakness was ramen so she learned how to cook ramen for years."

"TAKASHI YOU TRAITOR!" Rei yelled in embarrassment. Her face was red with anger and embarrassment from what Takashi just said to Naruto, her crush.

It was then that Takashi was gone in a red flash. The blanket was left on the floor. "Well… didn't see that coming." He said to himself. He then looked at Rei who was blushing and looking away. "So… since we were kids?" She nodded. "I see. I always thought that you liked Takashi not me so I went after Hinata, Yuuki and Saeko when we reached High school. I'm sorry Rei. I'm sorry that I didn't notice before." He said to her.

"It's okay." She said. "I know that you can't love me like you do those three, I've lived with that for a while now. I didn't want to bud in and make your life harder on you. I can live with my broken heart." She said now a little relived that her secret was out for her crush to hear.

"Hey." He grabbed her before she got away. He then retraced his helmet. "I can fix that." He then pulled her into a kiss. After about 2 minutes the fog horn on one of the destroyers sounded.

After making up, and making out, with Rei Naruto moved on. He went on just walking aimlessly. Being thanked by families for saving their lives even by kids wanting his autograph seeing as he was a real life hero. He moved on and found Rebecca, see was seeing off yet another kid off with another set of parents.

"Hey Rebecca."

Rebecca looked up. "Naruto. Hey."

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Well, you know those kids from the bus? I've been trying to find their families. I've found most of them however some of them are dead or not here. But I guess you can say I started an adoption program here. Some families who lost their kids are adopting these kids."

"Hey look it's the hero." One of the few kids who are left yelled pointing at Naruto. There was only 6 left including the 13 year old daughter of the bus driver that died.

"Hey, you kids be good for Rebecca." Naruto said patting the heads of a few of them.

"We will." Naruto nodded.

"Hey Rebecca I'll talk to you later alright?" He waved her good bye and moved on. He was glad that those kids would get someone to watch over them even in a time like this. He moved to locations he thought he'd find Jill at. First was the range, no, then the armory, no again, then he found her at the make shift training room that the US Navy put up. There she was beating the crap out of Seamen that challenged her to a sparring match. That was fun to watch, record and send to the rest of the US and Japanese Fleets. Man those guys won't be able to show their face for a week. "Nice one Jill. Kicking as much ass as I thought you could and more." Naruto commented.

"Thanks Naruto. You want to have a go? You may be in that suit but a little combat training never hurt anyone." She offered. He may have had some self defense classes but nothing beat an ass kicking from someone as hot as Jill.

"Sure. I could use the help in CQC."

For the next 2 hours Jill had thought Naruto all she knew about CQC or Close Quarters Combat. He never had any type of training like this. Jill was amazed that he learned so much so quick. He wasn't at her level without the suit's help but was good.

"Alright, that enough." The two looked at Rebecca. "You need to take the new few days to rest. Not get beaten up by Jill." She had her hands on her hips to emphasize her point. You know a woman is serious when she does one of 2 things. Put her hands under her breasts to make her breasts bigger to get your attention, that sigh is a sign that says 'Your not getting laid anytime soon', then there's when she places them on her hips, that says 'Listen to me or else'. Rebecca was at that point.

"Okay okay, she was just giving some CQC lessons Rebecca." Naruto defended.

"Oh… sorry Naruto. I forgot." She was embarrassed about forgetting.

"Forgot what?" That got Naruto's attention.

"She and Alcatraz were boyfriend and girlfriend going on 3 years." Jill whispered to Naruto.

"Oh… Oh." Naruto turned to Rebecca. "Rebecca! Rebecca!"

"Naruto wait!?" Jill followed Naruto.

Naruto caught up with Rebecca a few decks up. "Hey." He stopped her, Rebecca had been crying. "You want to talk about it?" He asked. "About Alcatraz?" She nodded, and they both left to her room provided by Colonel Mei. "So, how did the two of you meet?" Naruto asked. Rebecca was a strong woman but was still grieving for her lost boyfriend.

"We meet at the Raccoon mansion incident. He saved my life when I was about to get eaten by the Yawn BOW. He jumped on its head, placed a bomb and boom, instant snake skin boots. His words." Rebecca laughed at the memory.

"Sounds like my kind of guy. To make light of life and death situations." Naruto said.

"He is. You remind me of him a bit. You strong, courageous,, and funny. A overall nice guy." Rebecca said to Naruto. "You know, you almost look like him, but he had brown eyes and darker blond hair and no birth marks." She added.

Naruto laughed a bit. "Yeah, I can see that."

"You know, if I didn't know any better I could have sworn you were his kid. But Alcatraz didn't have kids, not even a wife or girlfriend until I came along. Too busy with work and all." She said solemnly. "You know if it wasn't for this outbreak, and the fact he couldn't take off the suit, I think he might have purposed. I wouldn't have minded it." She began to cry.

Naruto pulled her in close while she did. She needed to cry, he knew it, Rebecca new it, and Jill knew it. Jill was outside listening to her friend spill her guts out to a kid they hardly known at all and might have never known if not for this outbreak. After a while Naruto put Rebecca to sleep, he left and closed the door.

"Thank you, for that." Naruto saw Jill next to him. "She's been holding it in even since you left the mall to find your friends. I asked her if she wanted to take a minutes to grieve for him, but she just threw herself in her work. Like Chris did when he thought I died." She told him that story yesterday.

"No problem. Do you want to talk about Alcatraz?" He asked Jill.

"He was a friend and nothing more. I am saddened by his death but you not only inherited his suit by his will." She leaned in and kissed his check, on the helmet. "I heard Coronel Mei wanted to talk to you. She's with the captain on the control room up top. Go see her." Jill turned around and walked away. Naruto watched her leave. He also watched her ass shake as she turned the corner and left. Before she left from sight she looked at him and winked.

"Damn this suit." Naruto said to himself.

Naruto made his way to the command center where the Coronel was talking with the captain of the ship.

"Ma'am, Naruto Namikaze is here to see as you ordered." A soldier told Mei.

"Thank you, send him in."

"Ma'am." He saluted and opened the door.

Naruto walked in. "Coronal Mei."

"Naruto Namikaze, glad to finally meet you. I've heard about what you have done so far. Have of my men respect you, hell the other half are downright scared of you." She said with a smile.

"Well they can be scared of me all they want. I'm here to save as many lives as I can." He said.

"That's the spirit son. Let's talk in my office. What I have to say I can't say in front of anyone else."

(With Karin)

"DAMN IT!" Karin yelled, smashing, destroyed and just downright pissed off. Why you might ask.

"Karin, what is it?" Tayuya asked, she and Karui were worried about why Karin was so pissed off.

"I just got the test results back on how long Naruto has left…" She started to cry. "He has…"


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