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Harem update

Now who will Takashi get, more like who will get Takashi. Your choices are



Why them? I want Naruto to give Takashi a hard time. It will cheer him up. By 'him' I mean Naruto.

It will be revealed who Takashi will be with at the end of the chapter.

Also this chapter will have multiple lemons, one for every girl some will have more than one girl.

One more thing, I'm not going to bother about getting closer to Naruto. He already is and bam instant sex. Got a problem with that, skip from 24 hours ago to present. Most of everything in-between is lemons.

One more thing. The lemons will be short and quickly done and not that much fun


Day off AKA long day of lemon(s)

Naruto was across form Karin, he looked at her. He looked sick, his skin was pale and his eye's had lost their blue shine to them, they now were all but lifeless. His lips were a blackened a little with a few cracks in them like they were chapped. "How much time do I have?" He asked, a little strained doing so.

(24 Hours ago)

Naruto had moved to Mei's office like she asked. But talking was the last thing on her mind. For the most part.

"I'm going to get straight to the point Naruto, 2 things. One: I've known who your father was, I served under him until I reached Captain and he retired after you were born. Always was jealous of Kushina for landing him." She then gave a predatory smile at Naruto. One that said, 'Your mine'. "And two, this world has gone to hell, old rules and shit don't matter, so when I say, I'm attracted to you, that's English for 'get undressed' get on my table and prepare for the fucking of your life." She was already getting undressed.

"Um… huh?"

"We need to breed."

"That's your justification for this?" Naruto asked. Although he wasn't one to deny this woman, no man alive would, but he hardly knows her.

"Ah, I see, so motivation is needed. Officially yes. Unofficially I'm attracted to you and I've always wanted to have a son. So you're going to fuck me until I have one or so help me 2 women will walk out of this room! Motivated?" She asked that last part somewhat nicely. She didn't leave much room for argument.


Retraction activated.

Naruto took off his suit.

"Man you look sexy without that on."

(Short Lemon [Mei])

Mei sat on her desk and spared her legs. "Get to licking soldier." She ordered. Naruto got on his knees and began to lick Mei's pussy. "Yeah… you're a good pussy licker." She moaned and moaned louder when Naruto licked her clit. "Cumming!" She yelled.

Naruto drank up her love juice. "That was quick." Joked.

"Oh no you didn't." She knew then it was on.

"Oh yes I did. And if you think you're in charge here thing again. I'm no sub." Naruto flipped her over and bent her over her own desk. "I hope you don't have paper work to do, because the only thing you're doing is screaming!" Naruto forced his entire cock in her wet pussy.



Outside a random soldier was about to hand his CO more paperwork, then he ran. Not even wanting to think about that.

Back inside, Naruto was hammering Mei like no tomorrow. Because there might not be a tomorrow for him. "Tell me how much you love being fucked!" Naruto said to her.

"Fuck me! Fuck me like the whore I am!" She said back.

Naruto began pulling her arms back like handles to go deeper. "We're not done yet."

Naruto picked her up and he spins her around and she wrapped her legs around him. She then was up against the wall as he pounded her into the wall. Even though the wall was still, there was now a Mei size dent in it.

"Oh god!" Mei yelled while being pounded by Naruto.

End short lemon others will be longer

After about an hour of that. Naruto walked out like a boss. Striating up his tie. Leaving Mei, a cum covered mess. Of course he left her in her room. Not her office. He wondered how they got from her office to her room

Naruto made his way to his next target, I mean… yeah his next target. He knocked on Rika's door, he heard some laughing. "Come in!"

"Not yet I'm not." Naruto said to himself.

Naruto walked in he saw Rika, Kyoko and Shizuka all of them laughing and having fun, while drinking a bit.

"Naruto!" Shizuka yelled then ran, boobs jiggling, and hugged him. "I missed you so much!" She said while rubbing her head in his chest just to make sure he was real.

"I missed you girls too." He hugged her back.

"Hey Naruto, join us for a drink." Rika asked.

"He's underage!" Kyoko yelled.

"Old rules don't apply. I'm game." Naruto smiled.

(10 drinks later Lemon [Rika, Kyoko, Shizuka])

"Ah! Ah! AH!" Kyoko was moaning like a whore while Naruto is pounding away at her pussy.

"Yeah Naruto, pound that uptight pussy! Pound it until it's molded to your cock!" Shizuka, surprisingly, said in a drunken slur.

"Wow never thought I'd here that from Shizuka." Naruto sounded surprise. While kissing Rika.

"She's always been like that when's she's drunk." Rika smiled. She then kissed Shizuka, heavy on the lips. "She's a naughty kinky sex nymph when drunk." Rika smiled and kissed her again.

"But I'm Naruto's sexy, naughty, kinky, sex nymph."

"OH GOD!" Kyoko was in pleasure paradise.

"You like that don't you Kyoko, you uptight slut." Again Shizuka was talking dirty.

Naruto didn't stop pounding into Kyoko's tight wet pussy. He didn't let up. TO his right and left Rika and Shizuka were enjoying each other's mouths and tongue. Kyoko was in her own place right now, filled with Naruto's cock and soon his cum. Then Kyoko screamed hard. "Found it." He had found her G-spot. He then began pounding her G-Spot relentlessly.

"Oh god! Oh god! OH GOD! CUMMMMMING!"

Kyoko came then passed out and Naruto came inside her. She was out like a well fucked woman. Then he noticed it. A little blood. "Holy shit she was a virgin!" Naruto was shocked out of his mind. Kyoko had been a virgin this whole time.

"Oh Naruto~~~" Naruto felt two pairs of hands roaming his chest.

Naruto smiled. "Well girls, I'm still harder than a rock, I've had blue balls for over a week watching you girls roam around in little more than bra and panties and I've got 2 more beautifully hot woman ready and willing… what are we going to do?" He asked in an all knowing manner.

"Us… that who."

Shizuka got on her knees in front of him while Rika moved Kyoko to the other side of the bed. Rika soon joined her and they put his cock in between their breasts sandwiching it between them. Then they moved up and down. Slowly at first. Licking the tip every time they went down. Soon after when they went down, one girl would deep throat him, then switch off. Shizuka then Rika, Shizuka, Rika.

"Cumming!" Naruto covered the both of them in his cum. Tits, face and hair.

"So much cum!" Rika took some in her mouth.

"Hot cum." Shizuka was eating it off her boobs.

"Well girl, there is more than enough for both of you. Who's first?"

"Me! Me! Me! I've waited too long for this!" She said tackling him to the bed.

She lined up her pussy with his cock then slammed down. She grunted in pain. "Take your time Shizuka. Make it more than memorable." Rika said brushing Shizuka's hair and biting her neck to help ease the pain.

She soon started to bounce up and down. "Oh god yes!"

Naruto wasn't idle. He started to rub her tits and Rika started to suck on her nipples. Shizuka started to bounce harder and harder, her eyes rolled to the back of her head in pleasure. When this happened Naruto turned the tables on her and now she was on her back. Instinctively she wrapped her legs around him as he pounded her G-spot.

"CUMMMMMMMMING!" Shizuka screamed and came on Naruto's cock. She then passed out.

"Damn I'm a sex god." Naruto said to himself.

Rika got behind him and smiled. "Well 'Mr. Sex God' you still have a hot chick behind you ready and willing. Are you going to leave her unsatisfied?" She asked looked as sexy as ever.

"Like hell I am. I'm going to fuck your brains out!"

Naruto didn't bother with foreplay, Rika was too horny for that and Naruto no time. He spread her legs, and rammed in hard and fast. She was no virgin like Kyoko or Shizuka.

"Oh god yes!"

Rika was being fucked missionary style. She wrapped her legs around him so he could go deeper. He hit her G-spot instantly, hitting it relentlessly.

"You like that? You like getting your hot cunt fucked huh!?" He started to talk dirty.

"Yes, fuck me! Fuck my hot wet cunt!"

Naruto did just that. He fucked her for the better part of an hour. He then had her in doggy style and pounded her from behind. "I (pant) I can't (moan) take anymore!" Rika was passed her limit. "CUMMING!"

"Me too! I'm going to cum inside you again!" Naruto cam inside her as she did as well. She pasted out, along with a cum covered Shizuka and Kyoko. "Yeah… I'm a sex god."

(End Lemon)

Naruto walked out like a boss, once more. He locked the door behind him. He place a 'Do not disturb' sign on the door and left for his next set of targets.

Naruto made his way to where he knew were Yugito and Fu were hanging out.

"Hey Naruto!" Fu yelled. "What are you doing later!?"

Naruto smiled.

(5 minutes later Lemon [Fu, Yugito])

"You two." Naruto answered.

"Oh god yes!"

Fu was bouncing on Naruto's dick her mouth was wide open and tongue hanging out. Yugito didn't let her tongue be all alone for long, so she gave Fu a French kiss and forced her tongue deep in Fu's mouth. Naruto was also grabbing her boobs, rubbing them up and down.

Naruto then decided to change it up. He pushed Fu so she was lying on her stomach. Naruto not letting up and continued to pound her. Yugito felt a little left out so she got in front of Fu. "Lick me bitch!" Yugito forced Fu's head to her pussy and Fu began eating her out.

Naruto took his dick out of Fu's pussy, she moaned in disappointment when he took it out, only to scream in Yugito's pussy when Naruto invaded her ass. She moaned with each thrust.

"She's a natural pussy licker." Yugito said with a moan.

"And her ass is as tight as her pussy."

Fu's eyes rolled in the back of her head as she was being fucked from behind and eating out Yugito's pussy. After a few minutes Naruto pulled out and went back to Fu's pussy. "I'm about to cum!" He held her legs as he pounded her with more power than ever before. "CUMMMING!" Fu screamed as she came with Naruto all over his dick and Naruto in her.

Fu passed out, after about another 45 minutes of Naruto pounding.

"You've haven't forgotten about me have you?" Yugito asked as they laid Fu down off to the side.

"No, of course not, let's get to it." Naruto pulled her close and kissed her deeply. Yugito moaned as she waited for ever for this. The man that saved her life, now she can repay him. As Naruto kissed her he was massaging her breasts in a way that made them feel divine. "Lay down on your back." She lay down on her back.

Naruto sat on her stomach; he placed his cock between her boobs and began to tit fuck her. His and Fu's cum were used as the lube needed to pleasure both of them. Naruto then forced his cock head in Yugito's mouth, so she began to suck on it. Naruto soon came all over her face and tits.

"Oh god, you taste so good." Yugito said swallowing his seed.

"And I bet it feels even better." Naruto said as he flipped her on her stomach. Without warning or time to adjust he forced himself all the way in.

"OH GOD!" Naruto didn't let up or even wait for her to adjust, she wasn't a virgin but damn she was tight as hell. "Oh god I'm going to cum!" She yelled holding onto the bed for dear life.

"Then cum for me Yugito, cum for your man!" He said to her. She grabbed her legs and put more power into his thrusts. She moaned then screamed so loud that the whole Aircraft Carrier heard her.

Naruto came inside Yugito and she too pasted out. Fu woke up a moment later, only to once again pass out when Naruto fucked her for another 30 minutes.

(End lemon)

It was time to move on. So Naruto moved on to his next set of targets. Jill and Rebecca. They were easy enough to find. He heard Rebecca crying, most likely over Alcatraz being dead and Jill was trying to console her.

A few kind words later and some convincing words from Jill.

(Lemon Jill and Rebecca)

Jill and Naruto were making out while Naruto was fingering her with his right hand, and with his left, keeping a good pace with Rebecca as she sucked his cock.

"I'd never thought Rebecca was so good at this." Naruto said to Jill.

"She's had a lot of practice…"

"With Alcatraz?" Naruto wondered.

"No, on me with, a strap-on." Jill smiled at Rebecca's embarrassed moan. "She wanted to do it with Alcatraz but was too afraid of 'displeasing' him." Jill kissed Rebecca's forehead when she came up.

"Not with her skills." Naruto said then yelled. "Cumming Rebecca! Take it all!" Naruto thrust into her mouth and cum in it. Rebecca had a little trouble swallowing all of his seed but managed enough.

"Tasty." She said with some cum still in her mouth. Jill then took her mouth and kissed her, sharing her prize with her best friend.

"She's right, tasty."

Naruto thought that was hot. "Now Rebecca, I hope you're not done, I know I'm not."

Rebecca straddled his legs and was now sitting in Naruto's lap, cock in her pussy and all. Without warning she was bouncing up and down on his cock. Jill got behind her and started to suck on Rebecca's neck and Naruto the other side of her neck. But that's not all Jill did, she had lubed up her strap-on and stuck it in Rebecca's ass.


"She's an anal slut to boot." Jill smiled and kept a rhythm with Naruto. When one was in, the other was out, and vice-versa.

"Ah! Ah! AH! OH GOD! I'm cumming!" Rebecca yelled as her pussy clamped down on Naruto's cock.

"Me too!" He sprayed his seed deep in her womb. No way she wasn't pregnant. She passed out in Naruto's arms. He laid her down next to them, both him and Jill saw a hickie on each side of her neck.

"Damn I love her." Jill said out loud.

"Me too, you going to take off that strap-on and get on your hands and knees willingly? Or am I going to have to dominate you too?" Naruto asked.

Jill smiled and, very slowly, took off the strap on and then got on her hands and knees. Spreading her legs allowing Naruto to see her wet cunt. "Look how wet I am Naruto… going to take reasonable you blond stud?"

Naruto smiled, and was harder than ever. "You bet I am." Naruto got behind her then, without warning, shaved his entire length in her wet cunt all at once.


Naruto held onto her ass while he pounded into her cunt. "Tight cunt. No virgin but damn you have a tight ass cunt! I can barley move." Naruto said, despite that, he was fucking her like no tomorrow. Naruto then grabbed her hair with one hand and spanked her with the other.

"Oh yes spank me!" Jill yelled.

"Kinky slut." Naruto smiled.

Naruto marveled at the heat that Jill's cunt had, tight, hot and wet. Perfect combo for this love making session. After a few minutes of this Naruto leaned forward and grabbed her boobs and massaged them while sucking on her neck. "Oh god right there!" She felt not just pleasure from Naruto but love as well.

"I'm cumming Jill. I'm going to cum in you and your going to have kids!" Naruto said leaning back ramming into her more.

"Oh god yes, I will, I've always wanted a child. Just don't stop!" Jill yelled in bliss.

"Wasn't planning on it! CUMMING!"

"YESSSSSSSSSSS!" Jill yelled as he cum inside her pussy. Yeah, she was no doubt pregnant also. Naruto was going to have at least two kids conceived by the end of the day.

Unknown to her she was only 2/13th right.

End Lemon

Naruto, like a boss, and, after fucking Jill for another hour, walked out of Jill's and Rebecca's shared room. He still had 5 more girls to please. And by all the stars in the universe he was going to please them.

"For the love of god save me!" Naruto, and every soul on board the ship, saw Takashi run from a red blur. Naruto didn't see who it was, but if he had to guess, it was one of his cousins.

But he moved on. Next up was the punishment of both Rei and Saya. Rei for not telling him about how she felt about him and Saya for being a cunt to the rest of the girls.

(Lemon [Saya Rei])

Naruto wasted no time with small talk or anything. Both girls wanted it and both girls were going to get it. Saya first, she had been sucking Naruto's cock like a pro, behind her was Rei, licking her pussy like no tomorrow.

"That it Saya right there, I hope you've been watching porn and not practicing on anyone." Naruto said.

Saya moaned in embarrassment at Naruto's words. Rei moved away from Saya's moist lips. "I bet she's been watching porn since she was a kid. Learning techniques to please you Naruto." Rei said much to Saya's churning.

Saya took Naruto's cock out of her mouth. "Oh yeah! Well at least I didn't spy on Naruto's dates with a video camera."

Naruto pushed Saya's head back to his cock and she started sucking again. "Back to sucking Saya, Rei's punishment will come soon." Naruto said and he saw Rei's face as she blushed. "Keep going Saya… cumming!" Naruto held Saya's head down as he came in her mouth. "Drink it all down." Saya had no choice if she wanted to breathe again. Soon after she came from Rei's mouth.

"Oh god." Saya moaned.

"We're not done yet." Naruto raised Saya up, lined his cock up with her pussy. She bounced off his cock, she wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck as she was being impaled on.

"Oh god more." Saya loved this feeling. She hid her true feelings for Naruto for years, not all that back up was coming out at once.

Naruto was more than happy to fulfill to her request. She was bouncing off his cock and loving it, until Naruto stopped turned her around and pent her over. He pulled out of her pussy and rammed her ass.

"Damn your ass it so tight Saya." Naruto said pounding away.

"I always knew she was a tight ass." Rei smiled as Saya was still eating her out.

Saya moaned something out that sounded like 'Oh god! Naruto more!'. Naruto was holding onto Saya's hair like handles as he fucked her ass.

"Don't stop Saya. Lick me!" Rei demanded. Saya was such a bitch to her over the years so she was going to treat her like a bitch and help Naruto fuck her.

Saya moaned and moaned as she was fucked in the ass by Naruto. "I'm going to cum Saya, where do you want it?" He asked.

Rei let go of Saya's head so she could answer. "My pussy. I want it in my pussy." She said with all the lust she could muster.

"Alright then." Naruto shoved his cock back in her pussy and cum in her. Saya cum and fell to the bed, unable to hold herself up anymore. Naruto smiled at Rei. "Now Rei, it's your turn to receive your punishment." Naruto grabbed Rei and put her on top of Saya, facing her pussy lips. "Saya was such a good pussy licker for you, now be a good pussy licker for her while I fuck you in your ass."

"My ass?" Rei was a little scared about that.

"Yep, your ass. That's your punishment for hiding the fact that you loved me for years." Naruto lined up his cock with Rei's ass. He had grabbed onto her arms and pounded away at her ass.

"Oh god yes more Naruto more!"

Naruto smiled at her lust driven voice. "Eat out Saya Rei. Be a good girl and lick her like she did you." Naruto told her. "Or I'll stop." He warned.

"I'll do it. Just don't stop." Rei wasted no time eating Saya out.

After a few minutes of this Saya woke up, only to see Naruto's cock going in and out of Rei's ass and Rei's tongue in her own pussy. She moaned again soon after.

"How's the show Saya? What are you waiting for? Get to licking!" Naruto told her. It was just dirty talk, nothing more.

Rei moaned when Saya started up again, that caused Saya to moan and that started a cycle for both girls. Naruto felt the vibrations in Rei's ass, and that felt good to him.

"Move your tongue Saya, Rei's pussy is now mine to plunder." Saya did as was told and Naruto put his cock in Rei's pussy, and jack hammered into it.

(End Lemon)

Naruto was walking, more like dancing, to his last set of girlfriends he needs to 'apologize' to. After all, Hinata, Saeko and Yuuki had been waiting the longest for this, being patent about him not choosing one of the other for so long. He looked at his clock. It said he had over 12 hours left.

"Naruto?" Naruto looked up to see Saeko down the hall.

"Ah, I'm glad I've found you." She said to him.

"So am I…" Naruto looked up and down Saeko and her figure. He missed seeing her with his own eyes.

Saeko blushed a bit and covered herself, feeling naked in front of him. "Stop it your embarrassing me." She said to him.

"Just enjoying the view is all Saeko. Anyway, why did you want to find me?"

"I'm going to meet Yuuki and Hinata back in their rooms. They wanted me to find you and bring you back to them." She 'almost' hid her smile. Naruto didn't bother.

(Lemon [Hinata, Saeko, Yuuki])

"Ah! Ah! Ah god yes." Yuuki moaned out silently. She was slowly and intimately riding Naruto's cock.

While she was doing that Naruto was eating out Hinata and messaging Saeko's boobs. All three of these girls had been waiting for this for years.

"Oh Naruto…" Hinata was holding onto her breasts as Naruto ate her out. "So good."

Naruto moaned loudly as he was about to cum. Hinata moaned as the vibrations that was sent to her by Naruto's moan and she cum on Naruto's face.

"Oh god…" Yuuki got off Naruto's cock. "Your turn Saeko." Yuuki decided to take a break. Hinata got a naughty idea. When Yuuki laid down Hinata got between her legs and started to suck out Naruto's cum out of her pussy. "Oh Hinata. That's so naughty. I knew you were a cum slut." Hinata didn't bother to answer her as she stuck to sucking her prize out of her pussy.

As Saeko was about to get on the with the ride of her life. She smiled. "Didn't you know Yuuki? Hinata's favorite food is cream pie." Saeko smiled as she slammed herself on Naruto's cock. "Oh yes. I've waited for so long for this!" Saeko said rubbing her own breasts.

"Damn you're so tight Saeko. I've also waited for this." Naruto said thrusting his cock up. "I couldn't choose between any of you. Now I'm glad I don't have too." Naruto looked to his left and saw Hinata eat Yuuki out, based on the moans and the look of bliss on Yuuki's face Hinata is doing a hell of a job.

Saeko lay down on Naruto's chest. "I've missed you Naruto."

"And I've missed you. Time to make up for lost time." Naruto turned the tables and now Saeko was on her back. Naruto started to pound away at her pussy. "I'm going to mold your pussy after my cock. I'm going to ruin you for anyone else." Naruto told her.

Saeko didn't care nor mind. Her eyes showed her pleasure and her tongue was handing out. "Ruin me Naruto. Impregnate me. Allow me to bare your child."

Naruto wasn't going to argue that. After all, they needed to 'replenish' the human race once this blew over in time. "I'm cumming Saeko. I'm going to cum inside your pussy!" Naruto rammed in her a few more times than unleashed inside her.

"Oh god Naruto. So full." She collapsed on Naruto's chest. "Thank you." She said before she pasted out.

"CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMINNNGGG!" Yuuki yelled as Hinata made her cum again and she too passed out.

Naruto could help but comment. "That is the sexist thing I have ever seen." Naruto said as he watched Hinata eat out Yuuki until she passed out.

Hinata licked off the last of Yuuki's and Naruto's combined cum. "It was defiantly the tastiest. I hope you're not done Naruto. I've been waiting the longest for this." She crawled up to Naruto.

Naruto pointed at his still hard soldier. "Do I look done to you?"

"No, no you look more ready than ever." She gently pushes Saeko off Naruto's cock and got over it herself. Hinata had waited too long for any more fore play. She slammed herself on his cock, like all of the others. "OH GOD!" Hinata yelled. Naruto lend up and started to suck her tits. "Oh yes Naruto. Suck them. Suck me." She had wanted Naruto all her life now no one and nothing can stop them from loving each other.

"Damn Hinata. So tight, just like a virgin." He noticed no blood, most likely each of their harems were torn from the constant running and fighting of the zombies. He paid it little mind and went and suckled on her neck. She held his head there. Moaning as he sucked on her neck.

As she was riding him Naruto felt her pussy clench up. "I'm cumming Naruto! CUMMING!" She cum then he cum deep into her. Pregnant for sure.

"Oh god that was amazing." Naruto said. But he wasn't done, not by a long shot. Naruto flipped her on her stomach and pulled out of her pussy. "I have one last place to claim Hinata. Your ass is mine now." Naruto said as he placed his cock at her ass hole.

"Oh, no. Not there Naruto. Nothing ever has went up there." Hinata said in a sarcastic tone.

He forced himself in, their cum being used as the lube needed so he didn't rib her apart. "Damn I think your ass is tighter than your pussy Hinata!"

"Yes Yes Yes YES!" Hinata screamed unknowingly waking up the other two girls next to them.

Naruto held onto her legs as he pounded and plundered Hinata's last hole. No remorse as he fucked her into nothing. "Cumming Hinata! CUMMMMING!"


Naruto cum inside her ass and Hinata cum as well.

"I hope you're not done Naruto." Naruto saw Yuuki wide awake.

"Not even close."

Naruto fucked the 3 girls until the early hours in the morning. It was around 2am when they stopped. Had started around 8pm.

(End Lemon)

Naruto woke up early the next morning, the sun wasn't up yet. This would be the last night he'll see or be able to sleep next to anyone he cares about for a while with his own skin. Naruto smiled at the sleeping forms of Saeko, Yuuki and Hinata. It would be about a month before he can sleep like this again. The rest of that time he'd be in a cradle or knocked out from a crash or something.

He got up, the sun would rise soon and he wanted to see it with his own eyes. He walked out onto the flight deck near the edge, the Aircraft Carrier wasn't moving, and it was anchored off the coast of Japan, near their city ready to send in more troops to help take the city back from the zombies.

"Can't sleep?"

Naruto looked behind him to see Coronel Mei. "No, it's not that."

"I see." She walked up next to him. "Came to see the sun rise?"

"Yeah. People take for granted what they have, until it is lost forever." He said to her.

"Many do. Then they appreciate what they do have. Now more than ever you know what they appreciate more now more than ever?" Mei asked Naruto.

"No. What?"

"Heroes. Real live heroes like you." She smiled down to him.

Naruto blushed a bit. "I'm not much of a hero. I'm just some lucky guy that got the suit."

"Maybe, but you survived, and led other's to survive. The suit is just a suit without you. Knowing the risk as you do, you do what you do disregarding that risk. You've saved many people, and with the help of the US and Japanese Marines you'll save many more." She smiled. "And I am hope that I am pregnant. I've always wanted a son." Then she gave a grin. "I've also overheard you had some fun with the other girls…" Naruto started to fidget. "Don't worry… as long as you take responsibility~~~."

The two remained silent until the sun rose from the horizon. "Haven't seen this in a while." Naruto said looking at the red sun rise.

"Blood has been spilled this night." Mei said. "Then again, blood will be spilled ever night it seems."

"So it would seem." Naruto finished.

Later that day everyone was eating their food that they either brought or was given to them by their protectors. Naruto's group had shared a lot as they had a lot to give, more than most. No one said anything when Naruto gave out the food they had, as he had gotten most of it anyway.

"Hey you go kid." Naruto said handing a kid and his family some food to last them a few days. He had just done that for anyone who asked.

"Such a big heart you have Naruto." Hinata said to him.

"Yeah yeah I know." cough. Naruto coughed a loud one.

"You alright?" Saeko asked him. Worried about him.

Naruto checked his watch that had a timer on it. It read 2:30. Meaning he had 2 hours and 20 minutes left before he needs to put the suit back on. "Yeah, I just need to put the suit back on soon or else I might die. I have another 2 plus hours so I intend to use the most of it."

It was then that Naruto started a coughing fit. He started and just didn't stop coughing.

"Naruto! NARUTO! Someone help! Someone get Karin!" Hinata stayed next to Naruto. In the few minutes it took Karin to find Naruto, as she was searching for him before, Naruto was coughing up blood.

Karin nearly freaked, she forced him on his back took out a syringe and stuck it in his heart. Naruto soon passed out. "Get him to the operating room! NOW!" She yelled to the two MPs that were assigned to her.


Naruto woke up. He looked at his watch, he had 20 minutes left as himself.

"Glad to see you're up Naruto." Naruto saw Shizuka at the door. "I'll let Karin and the others know you're awake.

A few minutes later the rest of the group walked in, Hinata, Yuuki and Saeko running to hug him.

"Ow, carful ladies. I'm sore right now." He told them as that caused him a bit of pain.

"Sorry! Sorry!" The 3 of them yelled.

"It's alright, just get away from him so that I can talk with the idiot." Karin said holding a folder, most likely his.

It was then Naruto noticed himself in a mirror. "What happened to me?" He asked, he looked fine 2 hours ago.

"That's what I'm here to talk to you about Naruto." Karin said, he saw her holding back her tears. "I've ran the test, got the scans of your body, and ran the simulations." She wiped a tear away. "The damage done to your body in the fire, and the damage since then."

She pressed the button on her clicker and it showed Naruto's internal organs. "When Shido took off your helmet he also took off all the locks on your suit. When you used your power mode the suit increased your power to 1000% that is by far unsafe. It tore your muscles, every muscle you had. And your sexipaces didn't help either." She frowned at him. He just whistled innocently. All of your organs took massive damage when your fought with Shido. On top of that, the T-virus had no filter when your suit took it from Shido. You took all of the T-virus at once. Your still immune, but your body suffered for it." She pointed to the screen where his organs, his heart mainly, were. "Everyone of your organs is on the verge of shutting down at once. It will be a painful and fairly slow way to die." She took a breath. "Your on the verge of a major catastrophic organ failure. A fatal one."

Everyone looked shock and fearful. "Then…" Jill started to speck. "Then you guys have to get to work. You need to help him!"

Shizuka looked down, along with Rebecca. "We can't. We don't have the time needed." Shizuka said first, then cried into Rika's chest.

"Even if we had the time. The suit wouldn't allow it. It would terminate the organ as soon as turned back on." Rebecca should know, she helped design the medical aspect of it.

"And even if we had the time and the suit wouldn't destroy the organ, we have no donors, Naruto would die on the table long before we got all of them in." Tayuya said to them.

"This isn't something we can fix, delay, or help in any way." Karin sat down in front of Naruto, her silent tears flowing.

Hinata and the rest of Naruto's girls held onto him, his hand, shoulder any part they could touch.

Naruto was across form Karin, he looked at her. He looked sick, his skin was pale and his eye's had lost their blue shine to them, they now were all but lifeless. His lips were a blackened a little with a few cracks in them like they were chapped. "How much time do I have?" He asked, a little strained doing so.

She let out more tears. "3 days… if we're lucky."


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Omake: Where was Takashi?

Takashi lay in bed, naked and crying a little, like a little bitch. Why? He was fucked silly by none other than Karui. "I'll never be able to look at porn again.

Now Karui on the other hand had a smoke in her hand. And she was thinking. 'Yep, bagged and banged anther virgin.'

She had a picture bubble above her head that read. Virgins: 169. In 1 line tiles.