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First Chapter :)

well all begging like this:

London tipton is in her cabin:

London though:

even though I hated the way she dress. In this recent years she became more attached friend with me.

when i was about to put my earrings, bailey open the door of our cabin and said " i so nervous i want to open it but i can't i promise to cody i will no open the letter" she was walking around the room ,and i said to her " first calm down Bailey " and i put a hand on Bailey right shoulder , bailey calm down so i beggin to talk to her " okay something tell me that you open the letter right?" I asked , Bailey look at me with a face that something tell me that was a yes , so i said " okay,so why you do that why you open the letter before Cody did?"i ask, bailey sit down and said to me " well beacause i really want to know what said and I could not wait any longer and i feel bad for that " she look at me with a face of guilty and i said to her " ho bailey Ho pour little bailey, " tipic of what do London , Bailey Look at her and said " Hey said something that no make me feel so guilty like this " she protest, But i sit beside her and said " well is truth you have to feel bad for open the letter before cody but i think cody must have done the same thing that you did, but if i was you i will tell him in case" i lagh a little, and bailey look at me with a smile and said " you know London that is what i going to do but not Today in case" and i look at her with a eyes like serious Bailey, but i smile and said " well what that letter said" Bailey smile and sat up and said " Well i get in! i get in to yell!" said hug me and i hug her back.

( with Zack ) ( in the bar of smoothies)

Zack was Putting he's dirty socks in the blender machine. And then Mosby was walking around the deck and stop when he saw what Zack was doing with the blender machine.

Mr. Mosbey stop in the oder side of the cauntel and said to Zack " I know i do not have to ask" said with a calmy tone, Zack smile and mosby keep talking but this time yell " What are you doing? what you are putting your dirty socks in the blender?" Zack stop smiling and said calmy to Mosby " well the laundry raised the price to a penny so i have to do my own Lundry here..and is my last week what are you going to do fired me?" Mosby don't said anything and Live , Zack is now along.

( with Maya in her cabin with Addison)

Maya is sitting in the bed talking to Addison and she said to Addison"well i think is better break up with Zack, beacause i move out to Africa and of course they will be more guys in there and Chad is waiting for me Since I entered this school " Adisson look at her in bad mode and said to maya " okay so are you saying is that Chad is a guy and you just took Zack like a boyfriend for like 3 months for not miss your other Boyfriend Chad that is in Africa waiting for you over this years?"maya look at Addison with a shy face and said" oops sorry but yes i did that to try to forget about Chad over this two years"addison do not want to belive this she though that she was joking but she was not joking, addison stood up and said"i do not belive you, how can you do this to Zack?"Maya stood up too and said " please don't tell Zack that i have a boyfriend"and addison said " why dot you are going to break up with him anyway" and Maya put her Jacket on and live the room running. and yell " i though that we were friends!"and addison yelled back " me too" and she close the door.

( 9 :00 of the morning )

( with London and Ms. Emma Tutwiler in the class room)

Ms Tutwiler is running around the class room trying to catch London that too is running trying to Ms Tutwiler don't catch her...

(15 min later)

"why this happend to me?" London protest. Ms Tutwiler finnaly catch London "well if you came to class like every student everyday and do not text in the middle of class, probably you were not here killing me " the teacher said yelling, and London Look at her with a eyes like i wish this day you did not exist , but London said calmy " well then why you handcuffed me to the desktop" and Tutwiler said " beacause London if i handcuffed you YOU MAYBE DON'T LIVE "London ignore the teacher, and the teacher said calmy this time " now we are going to speak spanish, Vamos a halar EspaƱol

repeat after me un Perro IS A DOG "

London look at Emma and said " okay bla ble blu is a dog " emma was tired of London at this momment. but emma move the card and said emma " un amigo is a friend" London don't said anything and emma took a ballpoint pen and said " me quiero meter esta PLUMA en el ojo"London just emma said " let take a break " london said " Yay me!" and emma removed the handcuffs and London run out of the class room to the smoothie bar.

( in the smoothie bar )

Zack was cleaning the cauntel and saw London coming and said " hey London what up?" He smile to London but she did not smile back and she said " this is the worst day of my life," She sit down on a chair of the smoothie bar and zack said " why?" and London said" Ms Teacher want me to take that stupid spanish class for me to Graduate i HATE THIS STUPIT SEA SCHOOL" and zack said " you mean ODIO ESTA ESCUELA " london look at zack suprised and said " you know spanish?" and zack roll he's eyes and said " well that i speak was spanish don't you think?" London knew he was trying to be the He knows it all, she only smile and said " can you help me with my spanish class" and zack smile back to her and said " i will love too help you"London stop smilling and look at zack weird and zack said nervious " i mean okay meet me on my cabin okay?" London said just said okay and live.

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