chapther 9 The first Part of the Graduation Day :)

( With London )( and P.O.V )

I was walking along around all the ship, And it feel good feeling the air coming throw your hair, and just feel Free. But i am not free till i Graduate i hope my Daddy let me be a free person , now in this days i hope he came with me to my graduation, his my dad he have to come right? i hope he feel sad beacause if he don't come i have to admit that he Loves more the money than me. I am going to feel sad and disappointed at the same Time.

I stop in the balcony and i begging to see the sea the waves that this is pure beauty i though.

But even is my dad don't come i have my Mosby that is like my real dad to me and My Friends so London You have to be happy Try to don't be upset if Wilfred Don't come.

( out of thoughs )( 5:45 )

Then someone touch My sholder gentile, and i Look at the one who toch me and it was Zack, i Just smile and Look at the sea again and he said to me putting himself right next to me " what are you looking at?" he asked me but just for ask beacause he new was is going to be my aswer . and i said " the sea what more? the only thing that is infront of me" and he said " what you wakeup so early?" and i looked him and said " i am asking the samething " he just smile and said " is beautiful is it? " and i looked at the sea again and said " yes" and i Look at him again and said " you know, I never though i am going to said this but i am going to mis this stupid seas shool"and he only laugh and said " me too London Me too" and London said " yeah is so unreal that i going to Graduate and you and your brother graduate is so unreal beacause now you all grow up and i just... i can't said " she laugh and he Only Look at me .

One minute later he ask me " what are you going to do with your life like a Women" and London sit down on a chair " i do not know zack i do not think about that... but you what you want to do?" and he took a chair and sit beside me and said " i want to do..." he begging to think but then said " i am in blank i do not know what i am going to do but what i really want to do is trabel over the world and take a good vacations " and she said " that sound good " and she said again " why are you up so early ?" and he said " well i could not sleep "and she asked " why? " and he said " things that is boder me" and she said " oh pour of you " he only smile a little. well this is a awkward moment though London and she finally said " well i better get going to my cabing" and she stand up and begging to walk away and he yell to her " by the way nice pajamas " and she yell back " Idiot " and he laugh and she laugh.

Yeah now thing go to Normal again ...good ...London though and smile of what though.

London walking over her cabin.

Can you belive it i am going to Boston again London! London Thought of herself but what i am going to do there?

and if i can't get a Job .oh this thoughs are killing me! she thought again.

Well i get dress up for my finally day in This Boat, Bailey was right next to me, she look a little nervious so i ask her " what wrong bailey " and she said " i think is better that i don't go to Yale " what is she thinking right now i thought. But i said "Bailey but why? you always want to go to Yale what happend with your dream that is finally coming true!?" I asked and bailey sit down on the bed and inhale and exhaled and said "i do this for Cody if i do go to Yale i will never see him, i will not have time... and go to Yale was his dream also..." and i sit down beside her and said " oh Bailey what you do for a boyfriend... but i will not stop you on that is your decision so..." and she give me a hug and said " thanks london one day you will understand what it feels hava someone who truly loves you like a Women " and give the hug back and then pull her away and i said " Yeah one day i hope..."

With Cody ( cody POV )

I was walking along thinking of nothing more than me and My Bailey Bonny Oh god i Really going to miss her i think she is the girl that i love the Love of my Life the one i can let go away from me i though but i am right i do not know what i am going to do if i am do with bailey what will be my life ? i cuestioned my self beacause she is the only one who understand me like for who i am she Love shcool and i Love school i love to learn thing and also her we are the perfect couple i though again. Oh well i think i got to get dressing up for the graduation.

Cody walked over his Cabin room again.

With Zack (POV) in his cabin room ( sitting on the bed)

When i see London getting away from me i kinda of miss her Yeah i think i going crazy i though. but yeah i do miss her . but i do not know what will be our lifes now then, beacause now that we are getting to graduate...we will live our lifes apart...

Then Marcus hit me on the shoulder, getting out of my thoughts.

Nobody POV

" Zack Zack " Marcus Yelled to Zack and i said " What ?" And he said looking me weird " you were on the clouds or what?" and i said " i was just Thinking of something " and he said " well whatever you think that London will confess now this final day her love for me?" said Looking at the sky but was not the sky was the wall, and i said " you are the one that is on the clouds" i said in disgust look at him. How can he still think that London loves him? i though. and Marcus Look at me serious " well with you i think i can not talk about my love for london" he said as he opend the bathroom door.

Zack do not said anything and dress up for the graduation.

Everyone get dress up for the graduation

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