Merry Christmas everyone! This is another Christmas fic I wrote as a gift for my friends here but assuming you all read my first Inazuma Christmas fic, this may turn out for better or for worse. Out preference, I prefer the worst. :D

"Can I have some milk?"

That must have been the most simple, easiest request by a child in the world! What could possibly happen to screw that up?

Somehow, Tsurugi had managed to find a way to that successfully.

First, this entire mess started about nine hours ago…

-Nine hours ago-

"We're sorry. I don't think we can make it again this year."

Tsurugi sighed when he heard that same line again. This wasn't the first time they back out from them for Christmas. Ever since oniisan's accident, they had been working hard day and night, spending most of their time in meetings.

Needless to say, the relationship between parent and child became heavily strained as a direct result to the point that he was starting get used to not having parents around for anything from cleaning the house to cooking and other things.

*ding ding~*

Like taking packages and mail for instance.

"Sign here and here." The man said. Tsurugi nodded and signed to where the mail carrier had designated him to before picking up the small wooden box.

"Thanks and Merry Christmas!" he bided away. Tsurugi just rolled his eyes and slammed the door shut. He took a look at the card pasted on the box and read it.

"Merry Chirstmas, Mr. and Mrs. Tsurugi! Please think about our proposal. We hope you accept it." Tsurugi grumbled. It was just another bribe from some company for his parents. He didn't see any reason why not to rip it open to see what was inside. He opened it up and there was what looked like a bottle inside which was wrapped entirely in paper.

"What the heck?" he wondered. He just shrugged and stuck it in the fridge.

It was almost time to visit oniisan. He grabbed his jacket and left. He strolled down the street pavement, looking around. A bit of feathery white snow scattered around but not single a flake in sight.

Oh well, that was a good thing because he actually hated it when snowed. It would be far too cold if it did. He passed by the few parents, couples, and children toddling around before arriving at the river. He took only two steps passed the bridge when he heard shouting his name. He sighed, why hadn't he left with everyone else?

"Tsurugi!" Tenma said with zeal. "Hey, Tsurugi!"

He ran overtook the striker, who stopped suddenly in surprise but remain as composed as ever.

"Tsurugi! I thought that was you! I can't believe you're still here!" Tenma greeted happily. Tsurugi sighed heavy heartedly.

"I could say the same for you. I thought you lived in Okinawana. Shouldn't you be spending Christmas there?" he asked.

"Huh? Yeah, I guess I should be." Tenma answered. "But here I am! So what are you up to?"

"Just visiting oniisan." He said.

"Can I come?" Tenma asked. "Everyone else went out of town for the holidays so I'm really bored."

"Nah." Tsurugi declined. "If you're bored, why don't you go play soccer with your pet or something"

"Uh? Okay." Tenma said before leaving. "Merry Christmas, Tsurugi!"

"Yeah, yeah." He waved off before heading to visit his brother.