"Ugh…"Tsurugi grumbled but he kept it as low as possible so that Tenma, who was playing in his room with the puppy wouldn't hear as he put on a new shirt.

"How did it escape anyway?" Tenma asked.

"How should I know? The dumb thing must faulty." He grumbled. Actually, he hadn't locked it properly and it ended escaping but if he told Tenma that, he would probably laugh at him.

"Okay, okay, Mr. Grumpy." Tenma laughed as he played tug-of-war with a towel he brought and the puppy was still trying to beat him as it tried pulling at it again only to lose its grip and fall over.

"Hah!" Tsurugi laughed. The puppy growled and ran over to Tsurugi and began barking at him again. "Oh, give it a rest will you?"

The puppy barked a little louder and Tenma sighed and picked the puppy, rubbing its stomach a little to quiet it down. It was just so relaxing, having his tummy massaged that he couldn't but fall back over and sleep which Tenma found cute.

Tsurugi threw some newspaper out in an old shoebox for it to sleep in.

As Tenma gently placed it in, he looked over at Tsurugi. "You know, if you just stop antagonizing him, maybe you two could get along."

"Tenma, it peed all over me! I will not make friends with that thing!" he said in a huff.

"Come on, Tsurugi, he's just a little puppy! They can't help themselves at this age." Tenma said.

"Are you joking? It did it on purpose." Tsurugi said, remembering how 'laughed' after it made its accident.

The soon began arguing about the puppy and before long, it was almost eleven. They were only children so they tend to argue over petty things but when they noticed, they both agreed, it was too late to go back.

Tsurugi grumbled. From a visit, it had turned into an overnight stay, with Tenma sleeping in his room because when they tried moving the puppy, it woke up, jump out of the box and made 'accidents' all over the floor which he made Tenma clean up.

He moved to fall asleep but just as he was about to, Tenma knocked on the door, irritating him more.

"What!?" he asked as he went out only to be greeted by crying Tenma and he calmed down and asked what was up.

"I see." He said. Tenma didn't even mean to see him crying. He had a terrible nightmare and he wanted milk to help him sleep but when he looked around, there wasn't any so he went to ask Tsurugi for some but he wasn't sure himself because he wasn't a fan of drinking milk.

"I'll have a look around." He said, with Tenma right behind to help him. As he looked through the cupboards, he looked back Tenma. "You said you had a nightmare. Was it about your dog?"

Tenma stopped looking and turned back him in surprise.

"How did you know about that?" he asked.

"Store owner told me." He answered. The two stayed quiet for a while as they continued looking. Tenma eventually saw a bottle covered in newspaper and opened it but there was no label or anything on it whatever was inside was white like milk.

"Tsurugi, what's this?" Tenma asked.

"A bribe for my parents from some company I think." He said. "My parents usually give it to us so you can have it."

Tenma looked at it before looking back at him. "I'm not sure…"

"Hey, do you want some or not?" Tsurugi asked and Tenma pondered for a moment before nodding. Tsurugi handed him a glass and Tenma poured it in. It really did look like milk but it was so dark and he couldn't tell.

Tsurugi saw how hesitant and wondered how he was.

"Why don't you tell me about your dream?" he asked. "It might help."

Tenma gave him a surprised looked but then he looked before starting to cry again, unnerving Tsurugi as he quickly went to soothe him.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to!" he said quickly but Tenma shook his head and wiped it away.

"No. It's fine. I just had a dream about Sasuke." He said. "We were in this tunnel and I was happy to see him but he suddenly ran off on his own. I chased after him but tunnel started closing in and-and I miss him…!"

Tenma began crying and Tsurugi, gave rare a hand to comfort him. "…it's going to be all right." He said, not knowing what else to say. It took a while but Tenma sniffled and calmed down with a smile.

"I know…" Tenma said. "It's just really hard sometimes."

Tsurugi reached for the glass and handed it over to him as if to say it was okay. Tenma smiled and nodded.

"Oh, and Tsurugi," Tenma said. "Thank you."

Tsurugi just looked away told him drink his milk. When did he become such a parent?




"Hello?" the man asked.

"Uh, hey, dad!"

"Kyousuke? It's good to hear from-" he said but Tsurugi quickly cut him off.

"Yeah, yeah! Um, do you know the Buraindokome Tengoku Company?"

"Yeah, they're a company brewery who make sake." he answered his son. "They want to advertise their drinks by arranging a blind tasting party with some companies to help sponsor for them. They invited me several times. Why?"

"Sake? What sort of sake exactly?" Tsurugi asked in a panicked tone, ignoring his father's previous question.

"Nigori sake. Again, why are you as-" But Tsurugi hung up quickly.

"Tsu..*hic!* rgi...what*hic!**hic!* was..." Tenma asked groggily but Tsurugi quickly picked him up and brought him upstairs.

"Tainted milk." he answered. "Now go sleep it off."

"O*hic!*ka*hic!*" Tenma moaned. The next day, the two would return to Aki's house to find that the place had been robbed. Luckily, the man was caught and Tenma thanked Tsurugi over and over, convinced he had saved when he didn't do a thing, to make matters worse, as his way of saying thanks for it...

"Sit, Tsurugi! Good, boy!" Tenma said.

"Change that thing's name!"