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Amu PoV

I sigh as my four sisters call to me from the kitchen to wake me up.

"Amu-chan! We have to get to our high school! It's our first day!" Ran calls From the kitchen.

"I'm coming," I shout back.

I glance at the clock. School doesn't start for another three hours.

"Why do we have to get up early?" I ask, walking into the kitchen.

"Amu, we have to fix our looks a bit so no one recognizes us, remember?" Miki says.

"Oh yeah."

Ran has dark pink hair that she usually puts in a ponytail and pink eyes. She's the athletic, cheery one. Ran is the oldest one at 16. Next is Miki. She has short blue hair and blue eyes. Miki is the calm artistic one. She is also 16, but younger than Ran by a couple of months. Su has greenish blonde hair that goes mid-back and green eyes. She has a motherly type character and loves to cook and clean. Su is 15. Dia has orange hair that she usually puts into pigtails and bright orange eyes. She loves inspiring people and making others happy. She is the youngest one at 14.

My sisters and I are a group of famous singers and are in our own band. We are also some of the best actresses and models. We just came back from a year long singing tour, so it's great to be back home in Japan.

I have forgotten to introduce myself, huh? Well, my name is Hinamori Amu. I have pink hair that reaches about mid-back and bright gold eyes. I'm the one that does her best to help, but doesn't want people to think I'm all cheery. I'm 16, but younger than Miki.

Well, when we started doing celebrity stuff, we were able to choose whether or not we wanted to be disguised and change our names or if we didn't. I knew that we were going to be having regular lives when we weren't doing famous stuff. That meant we were going to have to go to a regular school. I decided to use a different name when I had to do celebrity related business. So I went by the name of Hime Anju and I would put temporary black streaks in my hair. My sisters kept their first names, but they went with the last name Hime and also put black streaks in their hair. So now, even though we will be going by our regular names, we need to change our looks somehow.

"How should we base our looks desu?" Su asks.

"Do you mean nerd, regular, popular in terms of looks?" I ask.

She nods. "Let's do nerd." Dia says.

We look at her questioningly.

"Well, if you didn't know, we are going to the high school that is connected to the middle school we used to go to. That means there will probably be people we might know, good and bad. Since we went as nerds before, then maybe our old friends will remember us."

It was true. We went as nerds when we were home in Japan last time. We all agree on the idea of dressing nerd like. Then Su brings in some eggs and bacon and we realize how hungry we are.

We quickly eat the breakfast Su made and rush back to our rooms. I look in the mirror. There aren't any black streaks in my hair, but pink hair is pretty recognizable. I guess I'll just hide my hair in a hat. I would normally wear punk goth type clothes, but that's too noticeable. I grab a baggy grey t-shirt and some baggy pants. Then I put on baggy knit jacket over my shirt. I stuff my hair into an old ragged fedora. My eyes are still too noticeable. I look through my closet and find a drawer full of glasses. I pull out the ones as nerdy as possible. Looking at the mirror, I remember how we all used to dress almost exactly like this and it gave us the look that we were complete nerds. Satisfied, I put my school materials in an old shoulder bag and walk back to the kitchen.

My sisters are already there. Their looks are basically the same as mine, but Ran's clothes are pink, Miki's hair is in a beret, Su has a baggy green hoodie, and Dia chose to have her hair down.

We all walk quietly to school even though we are about an hour early.

"So who do you think is still there?" Ran asks.

"I bet Daichi is there." Miki says smirking. Daichi is Ran's long distance boyfriend from the middle school we went to.

Ran starts blushing and Su decides to join in. "Well Miki, I'm pretty sure Yoru is there." She says.

Miki begins to blush at the mention of her old crush's name. "Th-that doesn't count. He visits us sometimes, remember?" She stutters.

Dia giggles. "Su, don't you think Musashi will be there?" She adds.

Now Su is also blushing. I start laughing at my sisters' red cheeks. "Dia, we all know you remember Rhythm." I put in.

She starts blushing as well and I begin laughing harder.

"Amu, stop laughing. Doesn't Ikuto want to take you out on a date?"

At the mention of one of my best friend and crush's name, I blush so much my cheeks are basically the same color as my hair.

I still remember him. Tsukiyomi Ikuto was one of my best friends. He was also a nerd, but he was only called one because he would hang out with us. Before we left, he promised me that when I came back, he would take me on a date because he also had a crush on me. We pinkie-sweared on it. He promised to always remember me.

Soon we are all laughing, but our cheeks are now normal. We walk in through the high school's gates and head to the chairman's office.

"Ah, you must be the Hinamori sisters?" A blonde man asks.

We all nod. "Pleasure to meet you. I am the chairman, Amakawa Tsukasa, but don't worry, I still remember you."

It was true. He was also the chairman of our middle school.

"Here are your class schedules. Just in case, I will assign a group of students to take you all through the school." He says, handing us some papers.

We thank him and he tells us to take a seat and wait for the students. He leaves the room to make a phone call. I look at a clock on the wall. Classes will start in half an hour, so we have time for a tour. Tsukasa walks back in and tells us the students will be here soon. Moments later, a knock is heard on the door.

"Come in." Tsukasa says before leaving the room.

In walk a familiar brunette with green eyes, a tall blonde with pigtails and purple eyes, a tall blue haired, yellow eyed boy, and his twin sister.


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