10 Reasons Love Potions are Illegal
Chapter 7: Valentines Day or Sweet Revenge
By, Rosekeet
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Between Lavender and Parvati it took approximately 3 minutes and 49 and a half seconds for every single person at Hogwarts (ghosts, teachers, and house-elves included) to know that Ron and Hermione were an "item". But nether of them seemed to care much. They were too wrapped up in each other as Harry would have pointed out if he wasn't afraid that Ron was going to murder him. The next day was Valentines day. It was Sunday, so they wouldn't have any classes. There was going to be a big party in the evening, with a feast, music, dancing and other Valentines day activities. (wink, wink). None of the fantastic match-making crew had been banned from the party as McGonagall was a bit, erm, preoccupied. As far as any of them knew Snape was still chasing her. But, the potion should have worn off by then, so Snape would be back to his surly old self. Which, Harry thought, would be an improvement.
Draco's life had turned into a nightmare. Ron had "accidentally" let it slip it was Malfoy who brewed the potion and he had taken up the post as official matchmaker of Hogwarts. Almost everyone was giving him a hard time, even the teachers. The only people who didn't seem to mind were the couples who he sat up. Even Ron felt the tiniest bit grateful towards him, Harry, Lavender, Parvati and Ginny. But that didn't stop him and Hermione from carrying out their plan.
Valentines day dawned cold and gloomy, but no one seemed to mind. Ron had managed to get in an order for a bouquet of flowers for Hermione. Hermione had been delighted with the large bunch of daisies. Ron said he would have gotten her roses, but after the little "incident" he said he would never feel the same way about them again. Hermione had laughed and kissed him on the cheek, both of them going pink and the common room bursting into giggles and awwwwwwww's. Valentine's were being exchanged by everyone. Fred and George gave one to every single Gryffindor but, after Fanny Blunk (a 4th year friend of Ginny's) had opened it and her hair had turned a gaudy shade of pink, everyone had promptly discarded them into the fire. Except Angelina who said she had been begging her parents to let her die her hair but they hadn't let her. Fred had also given Angelina a rose that burst into song when you sniffed it. Everyone was in general good humor towards the evening and an all time record of 23 couples had been caught in empty class rooms, closets and other small spaces. Everyone was very happy to be going down to the party. Everybody except Harry and Draco that is.
Harry Potter was fuming. He couldn't believe that McGonagall had agreed to this, this- torture. That was it. It was torture. Sure it didn't' physically hurt but it sure was doing hefty blows to his pride and as for Malfoy? Harry thought sobbing was pushing it a little but if he was just a bit weaker, he would've joined Draco.
"Enjoying yourself, Harry?" Ginny said with a passing giggle as she served tiny heart shaped cookies to a group of Hufflepuffs. Harry glowered. As far as he was concerned Ginny, Lavender, and Parvati had gotten off WAY, WAY to easy. All they had to do was waitress. They were all outfitted in frilly pink dresses, white mary-janes, aprons with heart-shaped pockets and little white hats. Harry would have rather put of a frilly dress and waitresses along with them than do THIS. In fact, he even offered too. He even said he's wear the mary-janes but, noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
"Hello Harry." Said Hermione smiling infuriatingly as she and Ron walked over to him hand and hand. The only thing Harry could do was glare and point the little heart shaped arrows at them. (McGonagall would have his head if she caught him firing.) But this didn't do much good. It just started Hermione giggling. Cupid isn't a very threatening figure.
"If I had, had a place to put my wand in this get-up I would have brought it had hexed the pair of you to kingdom come."
"I could say something really inappropriate, but funny, right now, but I won't." Ron said trying to look innocent. (A/N: PLEASE, don't make me explain this, Lil.)
"RON!" Hermione said whacking him in the back of the head.
"Ouch!" he muttered glaring at her. Harry fumed silently. It really was a shame that there weren't pockets in loin clothes. Well, it wasn't exactly a loin cloth, it had a back. It looked more like a diaper. "Well, you have to admit, were lucky he's hanging so low no one can walk under him!" Ron continued, obviously enjoying himself. Harry was suspended from the ceiling with a stout rope. Hermione, couldn't help herself, she started cracking up.
"Shouldn't you be a TINY bit grateful?" Harry said over Hermione's laugher.
"Oh, I am. I am." Ron said. "Breathe, Hermione. Breathe."
"When I get down from here..." Harry said threateningly.
"Don't forget your detentions." Ron said patting Hermione on the back. She seemed to be chocking.
"You're lucky they didn't expel you!" Hermione said, recovering.
"Hermione's right you know." Ron said.
"Great. Why'd I want to set you too up in the first place?" Harry said with a glare. "You guys are going to be ganging up against me for the rest of my existence."
"It's not like we're getting married." Ron said.
"Yet." Lavender said hurrying past carrying a tray of punch. Hermione and Ron both turned red but neither objected to the comment.
"No objections I notice." Harry said smirking. Hermione opened her mouth but was interrupted by Professor McGonagall running over and trying to hide behind them.
"Professor!" Ron said. "Didn't the potion wear off yet?"
"Yes!" McGonagall said miserably as she squeaked and dashed away.
"10 points from Gryffindor!" Snape said happily as he ran buy, now clean-shaven. "Minerva, darling! Wait for me!" Hermione and Ron dissolved into laughter and even Harry couldn't' help but smile. Ron cut off Hermione's giggles but sweeping her up in his arms and kissing her. Hermione, naturally, didn't object. Harry rolled his eyes and sighed.
"Oh, please. Get a room." Pansy said nastily as she walked by. But Hermione and Ron hadn't heard.