/ / / Part Two \ \ \

Derek stopped in his bedroom doorway, he'd woken up on the couch with Amerie still a solid weight on his chest and he knew that he'd missed Christmas but he didn't care. He'd picked his daughter up and carried her up to bed, tucking her in gently and turning on the little nightlight his younger self hadn't turned on the night before. He had checked on the boys, spread out over their beds buried under their presents where they had obviously woken up and played with them before collapsing again.

The last place to check, the most important, was his own room and as he opened the door and stopped he could see Stiles slumped over in their bed with his glasses still on his nose and a book on the bed in front of him. Derek smiled and walked into the room to press his hand against Stiles' shoulder and shake him awake. Stiles awoke with a start and a flinch before he grabbed his neck in pain.


Stiles flicked his head up without a thought and looked at Derek. "Derek?"

"Merry Christmas."

"It was a dream?" Stiles asked rubbing at his neck.

Derek shook his head. "No, but I missed Christmas."

Stiles launched himself at Derek and it was only sheer luck that stopped them both from toppling off the bed and to the floor. Derek tightened his arms around Stiles and breathed him in. "I missed you."

"Oh God Derek," Stiles said into his neck. "You, he, fuck…the you that was here seemed like he wasn't going to do the right thing."

Derek moved them until they were settled more comfortably and he could pull back from Stiles to see his face. "I knew he would."

"Why didn't you tell me about it? I'd forgotten just how much pain you were in back then, he scared the hell out of me Derek."

Derek smiled at Stiles and pushed forward to kiss his husband. "I needed you to kiss me and I needed you to make me want you. I can still remember that kiss you gave me seventeen years ago. I was already in love with you and I was so good at telling myself I didn't want anyone but one taste of you and I knew I'd kiss you again."

Stiles didn't give him time to think before he leaned forward to recreate it, reminding Derek of all the ways Stiles knew how to take him apart. Derek buried his hand below Stiles' soft top and pulled him ever closer.

"What time is it?" Stiles asked when he pulled back panting.

Derek grinned and pushed Stiles' shirt off. "Early."

"Wait," Stiles said even as he pushed Derek's shirt off as well.

"Your mouth is saying wait but your hips are telling me to strip you off and do terribly good things to you."

"How? How did past you come to Christmas?" Stiles asked as he pushed at Derek's pants. "Where were you yesterday?"

Derek shrugged. "Asleep, I went to sleep next to you and woke up on the couch with Amerie. I've been trying to work out how for seventeen years and I have no idea, there are stories but they all seem to be fiction. I spent ages trying to work it out and got nowhere so I decided to just be happy that it happened," Derek pushed Stiles' pants down as he spoke until they were both naked on the bed.

"We should look into it together."

Derek nodded and pulled Stiles closer. "Later."

"Later," Stiles agreed and kissed Derek again.

/ / / / /

"…I have a crush on you." Stiles said; his voice sounding utterly freaked out.

Complete silence for a few long minutes, a moan, a quiet growl and the unmistakable sound of Stiles and Derek making out.

Lydia held out her hand and with a sigh Jackson and Scott each handed her fifty dollars with a glare.

Danny plucked one of the fifties from her palm. "See we told you," he said with a grin before they all turned and walked away.

/ / / / /

Somewhere far above the chimney tops a man who looked surprisingly like Derek and a woman with his soft green eyes smiled down at both versions of their son and were pleased their plan worked.

The End (Really and truly this time :)

Hey, so I could not get this out of my head and had to write it which was followed by some handwringing while I decided if I should post it. Let me know if it is good or if it ruins things. I can't decide.