Many of the Christmas holiday decorations around the airport were already taken down, being replaced with 'Happy New Year' banners and such, though a few clearance gift shop items were still on display in the store windows. The airport itself wasn't very crowded, and the few there were weary individuals, exhausted from their family vacations, and attempting to beat the rush for homeward bound by cutting short their trips before the New Year. Ben and Jimmy stood in line to return their car rental. Jimmy looked bright eyed and eager, a satisfied grin on his face. Ben stood behind Jimmy, forehead slumped against Jimmy's shoulder, clothes and hair disheveled and a dour expression etched on his face.

"Man, this was a great trip," Jimmy declared.

"Are you insane?" Ben cried, "This holiday sucked. I am so tired; I cannot wait to get back to California. Where there's no family, no snow, no problems, just me and you and our bed in our nice, warm, quiet apartment."

"What are you complaining about? This whole trip was your idea?" Jimmy replied sharply.

"What are you defending it for? You didn't even want to come," Ben returned, "And what exactly was so great about it? Need I remind you, my friends sent my ex-boyfriend to grope me, your parents tried to break us up by threatening to put you on the streets, my sister-in-law almost killed you, no vacation that involves an emergency trip to the hospital is a good vacation. We broke up! Okay maybe it was for like…two maybe three hours and the makeup sex was fantastic, but still, this whole trip was a disaster."

The man behind the counter at the car rental gestured Jimmy and Ben forward, and Ben practically tossed the keys in his face.

"Here's your stupid car back," he grumbled.

"Was…everything…good with the car?" the man countered.

"The car ran perfect," Jimmy exclaimed, as Ben muttered, "You couldn't get us a Dodge?"

"Um…right…" the man murmured, "I'm just going to go out and check the car and then we will get all of the paperwork taken care of."

Ben slumped against the counter and glared at Jimmy. Jimmy shrugged at Ben, straightening his glasses and brushing some lint off his coat.

"I can't believe we have to come back here and do this all over again next year," Ben sighed, "But I've learned my lesson. We are booking a room in a hotel, far, far away from our families. We are not going through this again."

"No, I already promised your mom we'd stay with them," Jimmy said.

"What?" Ben gasped, "Why would you do that?"

"Because next year we have to spend Christmas with my parents, so she was really upset that we wouldn't be there," Jimmy explained sheepishly, "So I told her that we would stay the first half of the week with them, and stay the night at my parents' house on Christmas Eve, and then spend the rest of the week with my parents."

"I thought you preferred to stay in the hotel though," Ben protested, whimpering quietly, "Because the walls at my parents' house are so paper thin you don't ever want to do anything and that makes me grumpy which makes you grumpy..."

"Well I figure, my bedroom at my parents' house is like a hotel room anyways," Jimmy explained, "So it'll be like we're spending the last half of our vacation at a hotel. Family time and then us time."

"But Hal and Karen are going to be at my parents', with the brat, remember? Have you forgotten that he screamed all night last night? And now we have to fly back home on three hours of sleep?"

"I don't know, Charlie's grown on me over the week," Jimmy decided.

Ben gaped at Jimmy as though he was growing another head.

"Did you just call my nephew by his name?" Ben cried, "Okay, seriously, babe, were you abducted by aliens last night? Are you currently under some form of alien mind control? Because I just…I don't even know who you are anymore."

"You know, you are being really fucking annoying right now," Jimmy muttered.

"Oh baby, it's still you," Ben gasped, "You had me really worried there for a minute…"

"You are such a dork," Jimmy grinned.

"I love you," Ben decided.

"I love you too," Jimmy returned.

"Ahem…" the car rental clerk had returned, and was tapping the counter uncomfortably. Both boys flushed, realizing the very public place they were standing in exchanging such intimate sentiments. Jimmy buried his face in his hand and Ben finished filling out the paper work, then guided Jimmy from the line towards their gate as the clerk called in false cheer at the backs, "Have a great flight."

"What a prick," Ben muttered.

Jimmy grinned, slipping his arm around Ben's shoulders, leaning comfortably against the other boy as they walked, "One great thing about the trip though, that you cannot argue. We survived meeting each other's families and look, babe, the sky didn't fall after all."





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