Ok, so this is the first time I've posted a Detective Conan/Magic Kaito or a multi-chapter yaoi romance story on this site (LOTS of firsts with this story basically). I'm nervous, but excited, and I will TRY to update every week.

This story will have four parts/arcs that will be uploaded separately starting with the HakuKai pairing.
Second Part will focus on KaiCon.
Third Part: HakuCon.
Fourth Part and ending pairing: HakuKaiShin (Yes, this will eventually be a threesome)

DISCLAIMER: This is an expansion story based off of the original one-shot "The Dove, The Falcon And The Sparrow" by Peace Phoenix. I have consulted her and have her permission to write this (you could say that she's my beta).

Birds of a Feather: Part 1: Contradicting Interests in Doves and Falcons

Based off of the one-shot "The Dove, the Falcon and the Sparrow" by Peace Phoenix.

Prologue: A Brief History of the Shifters and the Beginning of The Crow-Dove Wars

Long ago there were long detailed accounts of the legends that have long since been lost to the human race. They had spoken of a strange group of mortals called Shifters. These Shifters were believed to be specially evolved or blessed humans that could take the form of a bird. However, this is a sad misconception because no one – not even the Shifters themselves – know which of their two forms is their true form. Many would claim it to be their bird half or even perhaps the shifting state when their bodies are halfway through the transformation from one form to the other. But one thing is certain though and that is the fact that the Shifters are a far cry from human. They are so different from their normal human counter parts that in ancient times they were often mistaken for demons and had been called monsters in human flesh. Tired of the nativity of mankind the Shifters gave up on the human race for a time and created communities and clans of their own with other Shifters that shifted into the same breed of bird as their own. After living among normal birds instead of along side the humans, older and large communities of Shifters developed hierarchies and selected a leader from their ranks.

These were peaceful times and over the years the Shifters began to branch out and new Shifters were born evolving into many different races until there was a Shifter community for practically every type of bird out there in the world. With so many new races of Shifters it was becoming hard to keep track of everyone. As a solution, the leaders or an influential representative for each Shifter Race gathered together for the first time since their decision to live separated from the human race. These leaders and representatives soon formed and became members of the High Council. All the meetings of the High Council that preceded the first became known as Gatherings. It was decided that this High Council of representatives would meet at least once or twice a year to discuss the goings on within the different Shifter Races and communities much like an early version of the United Nations World Summit.

These arrangements proved to be beneficial to all of the Shifter Races and as centuries passed the Shifters noticed that human civilizations started to grow more advanced and that most humans had forgotten about the legends of the Shifters. It didn't take long before it was deemed acceptable for colonies of Shifters to ease their way back into human societies so long as they were careful to suppress their inhuman natures. Many Shifters and their families were able to settle into a life where they could live freely in their human forms, though many did not live in an area too far away from their flocks, especially those who were the heads of that specific Shifter Race. Many flocks of two or three different Shifter Races would often wind up living in the same city area and it became commonplace for those Shifter Races to interact with one another and form friendly alliances, often intermarrying. It was a happy time, but this long never-ending stretch of peace was not meant to last.

Around 500 B.C. (roughly 2500 years ago) during Rome and Japan's Iron Ages, a war broke out between the clans of the crows and of the doves. Today no one among any of the Shifter Races knows how the war got started. It is believed, however, among the few Races directly involved, that the war had broken out over what was to be done about a mystical legendary gem called Pandora soon after it had somehow come into the possession of the High Council. According to one of the few remaining texts from that time, the royal head of the crows had coveted the jewel's power and wanted to use it for his own selfish purposes. The other clan kings feared that if the crows obtain Pandora's power they would be outmatched and that the crows would try to overthrow the entire council to rule over all of the Shifter Races on their own. It was decided amongst all the clan kings that a select and trusted few among them that were believed to be the wisest kings should convene in secret without the Crow King's knowledge to decide what was to be done with the jewel. This council of wise men reconvened with the other kings a few days later and informed them that their solution to the problem was to hide the jewel away so that it's power could not be misused. The council eagerly agreed and the jewel was soon hidden away, but not before word of their plans reached the Crow King through his network of spies. Enraged with this deception the Crow King demanded that Pandora's location be entrusted with all of the clan kings and not just among the ones who had hidden Pandora. All refused him, but it is said that none of the kings and representative delegates were as vocal about the issue as the Dove King and that it was his words were what sparked the long standing war between the crows and doves.

As technologies became more advanced with the times the war became a long and bloody affair with a significant number of casualties on both sides. But as the centuries wore on the doves were starting to crumble under the sheer number of the crows and their cunning allies who managed to remain anonymous.

Then 100 years ago in the early 1900s, the Dove King of that time put aside his pride and made a plea to his friends in the High Council at the next Gathering for aid and relief. Many sent him supplies to help his people, but unfortunately many refused to give him any further aid in the war effort because they were either too afraid of the strength of the crows, or because their clans' policies forced them to remain neutral even if they sympathized with the dove clan's plight. The problem was that most of the doves' friends were small peaceful Shifter Races that were tradesmen and merchants and didn't stand a chance against the overwhelming power and numbers that the crows presented.

However, soon after the doves sent in their plea for aid the crows managed to make enemies out of the hawk and falcon clans when they encroached on the predatorial Shifters' territories repeatedly. The hawk and falcon tribes were by no means allies or long standing friends with the doves but that hardly mattered when it came to the crows. There was little to be said before the doves sent an offer of allegiance to the hawks and falcons. It was accepted and an alliance was formed.

In exchange for military support from the two stronger clans during the war effort, the doves provided supplies and the information and intelligence that their spies gathered. With the two stronger clans working with the doves the war eventually settled down into small skirmishes and became more of a cloak and dagger feud that was fought behind the scenes of everyday life in alleys, gutters and backstreets away from prying innocent eyes instead of on an actual battlefield. The human world and that of the other Shifter Races were soon blind to the feuding war and today few are even aware that it is still raging. This is how the war is run in the world at present and where our story begins…

Ok, so that's the prologue... hopefully enough information for you all to get a sense of what this world is going to be like. As for the war stuff and how the humans didn't notice... Just think Harry Potter and know that the actual battles took place where the ignorant humans didn't/couldn't notice. I hope this wasn't too confusing at any rate. The important part you're supposed to take out of this anyways is the bit about Pandora and the fact that the doves are at war with the crows and in alliance with the falcons and hawks. :P

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