This special chapter is a part that I've put in the POV of Watson taken out of chapter 7. I wrote this for a Fiction Writing Workshop class that I took last year and thought that it was about time I added it to this story. Sorry for the long wait, I'll try to have the real next chapter up by the end of October, but unfortunate I can't make any promises due to my time being taken up by classes, homework and work. I will try though, so I hope you'll enjoy this special chapter. It may be a bit repetitive from the last one though so for that I apologize. :P

Bonus Chapter: Becoming Watson

I entered Master Saguru's bedroom with barely a sound and found him in bed slumped against the pillows piled high against the headboard. He had fallen asleep again reading his favorite Sherlock Holmes book, A Study In Scarlet. It was threatening to fall to the floor out of my sleeping charge's loose hold. With a fond smile I carefully slid the book out of his grasp and bookmarked it with some of the loose pieces of notebook paper that I keep on me – he didn't like dog-tagging his precious books. I set the book down on the side table and then swept wheat colored blond locks aside. He stirred, golden eyes snapping open, body tensing, ready to act, but once he saw that it was only me he relaxed, eyes fluttering shut with a relieved sigh. It was a mild instinctive reaction.

"Bad dream?" I asked him in English.

"Sort of," he sighed. "More like bad memories."

I nodded, leaning over him and pulling up his shirt to check his wound from the night before last. It was healing quite nicely. The assailant's gun had gone off at point blank range so the shot had been a through and through. The burns were gone now and the entry wound had healed perfectly leaving smooth unblemished skin. I was sure that if I checked his back, I'd find that the exit wound was closed now too without a scar. Saguru had always been a quick healer even for a Shifter. The internal damage done would still be healing though. The shot had nicked his stomach and had become the body's main focus as it tried to heal itself. I am grateful that my medical knowledge, field training and experience was enough to keep Saguru alive and save him. I'd done a good job, but he'd been examined the moment we returned home. The Falcon's Royal Healers were some of the best healers in the world and had been able to tend to Saguru in a more official manner than I had with my meatball field surgery.

Pulling the shirt up even further I moved to check Master Saguru's shoulder wound. He made a noise of protest, but helped me pull the shirt off the one shoulder so that I could examine it better. Unlike the stomach wound this injury was still healing externally. No surprise there really. Saguru's body had assessed that it needed to exert most of it's regenerative healing on the more serious stomach wound. The skin where the bullet had entered the shoulder was scabbed over though and over all looked like a three week old gun shot wound would on a normal human so that was a good sign.

"Watson," Master Saguru groaned.

"Tender?" I asked.

"Sore," he hissed as I prodded the skin surrounding the injured site.

"Then keep the ice that Baaya gave you on it," I huffed as I retrieved the fallen and semi-melted icepack from the mass of pillows he was resting against.

I reached for the medical kit I had placed beneath his bed earlier and used some of the rolls of gauze to secure the pack to his shoulder so that it wouldn't fall off again. With that done I helped him settle down and rearranged the pillows so that he was reclining more. He reached for his book again, but I playfully smacked the hand away.

"Sleep first. Then you can read," I snarked.

"Yes Mum," he drawled, rolling his eyes at me.

"That is Niichan to you Botchama," I smirked back.

"I think you mean Neechan, not Niichan," Master Saguru laughed. "You're a woman, not a man, Watson. Although some of Father's men might disagree."

"Punk," I muttered before switching to Japanese – if only to prove a point. "You know that I am fluent in speaking Japanese. I just misspoke. You cannot tell me that you do not slip up at all. I am sure you do and that that cute boyfriend of yours teases you terribly for it and your English accent."

Master Saguru glared, but there was no real heat behind it. He knew I was teasing him. I couldn't help but wonder how on the mark I'd been though with that comment.

"Now get some sleep," I ordered. "That boyfriend of yours seems to be the type to worry and if I am right, he will more than likely be by to check up on your condition soon."

Master Saguru nodded, closed his eyes, and I watched as his breathing quickly evened out and slowed. Satisfied that my charge would be all right until he woke up again, I left his room and went to prepare for Master's Saguru's inevitable guest.

An hour later I heard a knock at the door and went to let the guest in. When I was a few meters from the door I could smell the worried Dove Shifter on the other side. Yet when I opened the door, the charming young man I found there looked anything but worried. Kaito Kuroba stood there with a relaxed posture in his neat school uniform that was such a contrast to the young man's chocolate flyaway nest of hair. His aura and scent still had a spark of magic about him. He must have shifted after school so that he could fly and get here faster to see Master Saguru sooner. How sweet.

"Ah, Watson-san," the young man bowed in greeting. "Konichiwa."

"Konichiwa, Kuroba-ouji," I bowed back respectfully in greeting. "Please, come in."

I led him back to the kitchen where I'd been preparing drinks.

"I'm afraid that Master Saguru is still asleep," I smiled apologetically as I handed him a hot chocolate. I'd heard that the Royal Dove heir had a taste for sweet things, so I'd thought that a hot chocolate would be an appropriate choice. If the happily pleased noise he made was any indication, it was.

"That's alright," Kaito smiled back. "I don't mind waiting. Actually… I was hoping you could answer a question for me, Watson-san."

"I'll do my best," I nodded, wondering what he could possibly want to ask me.

"…Yesterday… you mentioned something about Paris when you were checking on Saguru's injuries," Kaito started. "And then Hakuba-san mentioned it again in passing to me before leaving. What happened in Paris?"

I felt my smile vanish quickly and I had to suppress a shiver. Paris…

"…A lot of things have happened in Paris," I murmured. "It's where I met Master Saguru actually."

Kaito nodded thoughtfully.

"…It's also where I almost lost Master Saguru," I sighed.

"Same time?" Kaito asked.

"No," I shook my head. "That particular… incident happened a couple years after we met. I'd been his guard for roughly a year. Listen, I'll tell you how Saguru and I met, but you'll have ask him yourself about what happened in Paris that second time. That's his story to tell, not mine. Not even I have gotten to hear his whole half of the story from him."

Kaito nodded.

"How did you meet then?" he asked "Saguru mentioned it once when we first started working together. He said he'd met you on his first mission. That he was part of a team that infiltrated a crow's spy base and found you in one of the dungeons."

"He gave you the G-rated version Kaito-ouji," I snorted with amusement. "While it's true that it was Master Saguru's first real mission and that his recon team had infiltrated a Crow spy base… he didn't find me in a dungeon. To find means that he actually searched the dungeons and happened upon me. What really happened was that Master Saguru had been captured during that recon mission and sometime afterwards I became his cellmate."

While Kaito processed that little bit of information I took a sip of the tea I'd prepared for myself to help steady my nerves. I never liked discussing Paris. I had too many bad memories attached to the city.

"I should probably start at the beginning from Saguru's side of the story even though I only know what he's told me and what was written up in the reports," I mused, casting my mind back to what I remembered. "As I understand it, Master Saguru had just turned fourteen and had recently completed basic field training three years earlier than he was expected to by his teachers in the Falcon Fleet. Seeing as you're a Dove Shifter and not a Falcon or Hawk you probably aren't even awear of how intense that training is. Especially for someone as young as Master Saguru had been. Not many his age have been put through that sort of training, but as the Prince and the Falcon Clan's only heir to the Royal Hakuba Family it was imperative that he start training early on for self-defensive and preservation reasons. The Falcons – and consequently Hawks like myself – aren't peaceful Shifter Races like your people, the Doves are. We carry the blood if predatory birds in our veins and have made many enemies in the past. The Crows are only one of them.

"For his first real mission Master Saguru had been assigned a part in a recon team that was headed for Paris to an old Crow base that was supposed to be deserted after a raid that had taken place a few months previously. It was supposed to be a simple in and out assignment to retrieve and confiscate anything useful and chase out any more Crows still in the area. Unfortunately the Crows had been informed by one of their spies about the assignment and had set up a trap for Master Saguru and his team. According to the reports, five out of the ten members of the recon team were killed in the ambush and Master Saguru had been knocked out of commission and taken prisoner. The remaining four members of the recon team had retreated to the nearest ally base to report the situation and call for back up. The recon mission had become a rescue mission. It would take them three weeks to find him."

Kaito was silent, listening to me with rapt attention.

"Where did they take him?" he asked.

"The Crows chose to hide Master Saguru right under the Falcon Fleet's nose at the old and supposedly deserted Crow base," I informed him, my mind thinking back to dusty dark corridors, cold harsh lighting of exposed bulbs every ten meters, the purposeful thud of military grade boots against stone floor, the loud scream of rusted hinges to a cell door swinging open, a shocked pale face framed by fair golden hair…


I shook myself and got back to the story, ignoring the young man's look of concern.

"In the last half century going back to the Second World War, the Crows have grown fond of places with hidden passages, rooms and such. Their bases are absolutely riddled with them. The old base that Master Saguru's team had been assigned to check out had been recently renovated with an entire underground headquarters hidden beneath. It was like walking straight into the lion's den for the recon team.

"You seem to know a lot about the Crows," Kaito mused.

"I suppose you could say that I am an expert," I smiled ruefully. "Master Saguru never told you what I did before becoming his guard, did he?"

Kaito shook his head looking curious.

"Figures. Always the gentleman," I laughed ruefully. "He never stops standing up for me. Kaito-ouji, since you and Master Saguru are so serious about each other… He trusts you. And we both know he doesn't do that easily… Can I trust you as well?"

Kaito nodded with a serious expression. I'd never had to tell someone about my dark past after becoming Saguru's guard, but Kaito looked like someone I could trust with it.

"It's not common knowledge but…" I hesitated, studying him for another moment before deciding to just come out and say it. "I used to work for the Crows. I was their best assassin and spy. In fact I was the spy. I'm… I was the one who found out and reported Saguru's mission to the Crows. I'd just happened upon the information after completing a job taking out a renegade crow agent."

I could remember that night. It had been my last kill for the Crows

Perched on the roof of an old London building, I waited in my hawk form watching a man dressed all in black look around to make sure that no one had seen him and that the coast was clear of normal humans before shifting. The basics of his file ran through my mind as I confirmed him as my target.

Jacques Berret. 39. Crow Shifter. Middle Ranking Black Org. Member. Science division – Infrared Radiation Research Department. Code Name: Thallium. Black listed. Wanted dead for selling Crow research to enemy forces.

Kaito was staring at me, eyes wide with shock.

"Hard to believe right?" I smiled sheepishly mostly because I'd zoned out for a few seconds while lost in memory. "But it's true. You have to promise not to tell anyone. Only Master Saguru, the Falcon King and Queen, and few others are privy to this information."

Kaito nodded numbly. Still shocked I suppose. Can't blame him really. I'm fit, but I don't look like the Crow assassin type, and he's only seen me the few times Saguru needed me to take care of a task during a mission or to go run errand. It doesn't help that it was a Crow's assassin that had killed Kaito's father ten years ago… ok, maybe being blunt and just saying it wasn't such a great idea.

"The truth is I don't know who my parents were," I informed him, just babbling now, trying to ease his still tense nerves and to get him to understand me a little bit better. "I was taken as a baby and raised by the Crows. They started training me at a very young age to be one of their Black Ops agents. I retrieved my first piece of intelligence when I was six and made my first kill when I was eight. I steadily moved my way up through the agent's ranks before being stationed in their Paris branch shortly after I turned Twenty-two. I was old enough and deadly enough to make it into the Crow's inner circle and become a member of their special Organization. I ranked higher than most of the men that had trained me and was even given the honor of being issued a code name by the Organization's boss. Cointreau."

"Kuanturo?" Kaito frowned, stumbling over the foreign word.

"It's an orange flavored liqueur that originates from France and is a popular ingredient in many cocktails," I informed him. "For some reason, the Crow's Organization's higher ups like to give their top agents alcohol themed code names. The boss especially. I never met him in person though and I was rarely addressed by that code name since I didn't work often with the boss' favorites. I was called Hawk more often then not. It was the only name I really had growing up. Unoriginal for a Hawk Shifter, I know, but then again the Crows aren't known for their creativity. And I'm sidetracking… Sorry. The point is that I was a spy and an assassin for the Crows. As a Hawk Shifter I was able to spy where normal Crow agents couldn't – human or otherwise – deep in Falcon and Hawk Shifter territory. I was the best they had and easily feared. It's why I was often sent after renegades and AWOL agents during my last few years with the crows. They never saw me coming."

I waited until my target shifted, body shimmering before shrinking, folding in on itself, wings exploding from his back in a whirlwind of feathers before taking flight. I shadowed him, coasting on the thermals flying high above him until he reached the outskirts of the city in one of the warehouse districts. Seeing my chance I dived, knocking him out of the sky, the talons of one foot digging into his neck to choke off his startled caws. I dug into a black wing with the other set of talons, wrenching it, disabling his ability to fly and released him. He tumbled out of the sky, a mess of bloody flapping wings, reverting back to his human form the moment he hit the ground and tried to run. His flapping had slowed his fall enough to survive. I dived a second time and shifted mid-dive. Adrenaline pumped through my veins as my bird form melted away, stretching into my human one. I willed the shifting to stop as it nears its completion to keep my wings out. They expand and grow to fit my human form, slipping through the slits I'd made in my clothes above the shoulder blades. I threw them out wide to catch the air and slow my own fall enough to help me glide over my target. I pulled my wings in dropping down on top of the man and pinning him to the ground. My hands are on both sides of the head, wrenching it hard to the left. The neck snaps with a loud crack. He's dead. Inside his black trench coat is the information that the traitor was going to sell along with plans for a recon mission in Paris that is to take place in a few days. How the target had gotten his hands on the information, I don't know. Didn't care. My job was done.

Again I had to shake my head of the memory and tried to continue.

"When Master Saguru was captured and brought to the base, I was just returning from my latest mission. After turning over the intelligence I'd gathered I got my first look at the young Falcon Prince as they put him back in a cell after "interrogating" him. He was roughed up enough to make shifting too painful to attempt, but not enough that he was severely injured. He was royalty after all. The organization needed him alive for political reasons. What they had in mind for him I'll never know, but I remember thinking how young he was for someone already so revered by his people and those he worked with. Up until then the Falcon Prince had only been an impressive and growing file in the Organization's record books."

The stupid human gits had finally accepted my mission reports and I was on my way to debrief my boss. I was in a bad mood after being drenched in rain on my way to base. I love flying in my hawk form, but rain is a component I like to leave out of the experience. On my way to the other side of the base I passed the cellblock and nearly ran into a couple of human agents leading a prisoner to his cell. I recognized him immediately from a file I'd been browsing through the last time I'd been to base.

Hakuba, Saguru. Male. Falcon Prince Heir. Half English-half Japanese. Height: 151.8 centimeters. Physical features leaning more towards his mother's European half. Hair color: Blond. Eye color: hazel…

I stared when my eyes met those cold piercing golden eyes. They were frighteningly intelligent and razor sharp. It was as if they could see right into my very soul… And then the moment was over. The youth looked away and his guards marched him past me…

"He was pretty unnerving for a child," I mused. "Those eyes seemed to be too old to be in such a young face. He creeped out most of the Crow agents and scared the shit out of all their human lackeys. And that is saying something considering that he was only twelve-years-old."

I chuckled and got Kaito to crack an amused smile.

"I was forced to do babysitting duty not even an hour after his arrival at the base," I continued. "I was one of the few women there at the time and since I was a Hawk and not a Crow… I wasn't respected much. Feared for my skill, yes, but not respected because I was both a woman and an outsider. I didn't mind though. There was something about Master Saguru that drew me to him. I'm sure you've learned by now that Master Saguru has had a very lonely life… a very lonely childhood. And as cliché as it is to say, I saw myself in those cold eyes. They were always calculating. It didn't take long for Master Saguru to try to attempt an escape. Two days I think… He was caught of course."

"Stop him! Damn brat has gotten loose again!"

I looked up from my latest mission assignment in time to see a streak of blond hair whirl around a corner and down the corridor. Three Crow agents came tearing after him a few seconds later. What was this? The boy's fourth attempt at escape? He sure was brave; I gave him that. Even if they were going easy on the kid when roughing him up, the Crow's methods were harsh. Each session was becoming worse every time he attempted an escape. I was surprised he could keep trying with only a couple of days to recover in between attempts. The boy had to have some serious regenerative genes to keep him going like he was.

A half hour later the boy was dragged back through by four armed human guards, roughed up and barely conscious. As they passed, his golden glare pierced me as if accusing me of being a traitor. In a way I guess I was. I was a Hawk working for the Crows. Working against his people… and mine.

"Were you the one that caught him?" Kaito asked.

"No," I sighed, "but I didn't exactly try to stop him either. At least not until his fifth attempt."

He escaped again. Not even three days after that last attempt he was at it again. I just happened to be passing the cell block on my way back from my last assignment and watched in shock as I saw him shift into a golden brown falcon and slide through the bars of his cell. The boy wasn't able to maintain that form for long though and landed sprawling on the corridor floor in a tangle of bony human limbs. He initially froze with fear when he saw me. Then he glared, his body tense and ready to run. Those eyes were accusing me again, screaming "Traitor!" For a long crucial minute we just remained as we were, him daring me with his eyes to raise the alarm. To show what a traitor I was to him. To his people… To my people. And in that minute I made my choice.

"Well don't just sit there, fledgling," I smirked. "You're not going to get out of here like that."

I looked around and saw that no one was around yet. We had time. If I could just get him to the vents five corridors down, he may be able to reach the surface and escape the base. The rest was up to him. I reached down, grabbed him by the arm, hauled him to his feet, and then we were off.

The first two corridors were empty. There were three humans loitering in the third. Too easy. Releasing the Falcon Prince's arm for a moment I took hold of the two closest humans and knocked their skulls together and then into the wall before they even knew we were there. The kid acted too, knocking the feet out from under the third with a sweep of his leg and bashed the head into the floor. The three were out cold. The boy's eyes were on me again, narrowed and analyzing, but we didn't have time for that. We had to keep moving so I grabbed him by the arm again and pulled him after me. He managed to keep up with me on his own this time so I wasn't dragging him anymore.

The fourth corridor was packed with human agents. Not so easy. It was then that I began to think that I should have thought things through a little better, but hey, that's what I got for making a spur of the moment decision to help the kid out. I took a deep breath and plowed my way down the corridor aggressively pulling the princling along right behind me, close enough to hopefully be over looked. The many human grunts scrambled to get out of my way, fleeing into the hall's adjoining rooms. The higher-ranking human agents pressed themselves to the wall with glares of disdain but none of them spoke out against me… except for one.

Just as I was about to reach my goal, some bâtard actually had a brain in his scull and noticed my tagalong. As he raised the alarm I raced the kid around the corner into the thankfully empty fifth corridor and towards the vents. I tore off the vent cover and told him to get in and go up. He glared at me, his gaze assessing me again looking for the trap and I could have cried out in frustration. I kicked the vent cover instead, grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and practically threw him in there myself. He was wasting time. Precious time that I was giving him in exchange for my own well-being.

When I turned back to face the corridor there were armed agents rounding the corner, gun's aimed at me. I raised my arms, body shielding the vent from view. I could hear the kid moving but even so I knew he wouldn't get far. They'd drag him back out of that vent and I'd be subjected to an "interrogation" of my own. Oddly enough… I didn't regret my actions. I only wished that I'd thought of a better way to get him out instead of going at it half-cocked. I smirked when facing those agents though because I knew I'd be taking out at least twenty of them before I was apprehended. Later I'd gloat that I actually got thirty-seven of them.

"He didn't escape that time either though because he didn't trust me and hesitated one crucial moment too long. Then again, my plan for his escape was nothing spectacular either," I sighed after recalling the botched escape attempt. "We were both caught. Helping him try to escape and knocking out Forty total agents in the attempt is what got me in trouble with my superiors and landed me in the cell with Master Saguru. I was quickly labeled a traitor and… well… lets just say that traitors aren't tolerated very much in the Organization and I wasn't in anyone's good books to begin with. I… honestly didn't expect to wake up in that cell alive… and with my head in Master Saguru's lap. He had tended to my injuries while I'd been unconscious. He was humming something as he stroked my hair. We didn't speak much that first day together and I was just content to lie there and allow him to run his hand through my hair. It was short back then though so there wasn't a lot for him to run through. It was more of a head massage than anything else but it felt nice. It was the first gentle touch I can ever remember receiving."

As I lay there in that pitiful cell I felt the kid trace a scar I had on the back of my neck. It was only one of many that he'd found while running his hand through my hair.

"Why did you try to help me?" I heard him ask. When I didn't respond he switched to French. "Pourquoi avez-vousm'aider?"

"I speak English fine boy," I sighed.

He watched me intently as I mused over my answer. I didn't really have one. It had felt right at the moment so I acted. I guess I just didn't want to be viewed as a traitor. Not by him at least. Because in some twisted way, being a traitor to him was like I was a traitor to myself. I told him as much and after that neither of us spoke.

"He didn't try to escape again after that. When I asked him why he told me that – I swear that these were his exact words," I laughed, looking up at Kaito. "He said that he couldn't leave a beautiful lady behind with such brutes. That it wasn't right for them to treat a lady this way and that as a gentleman he couldn't leave me behind in such a distasteful situation. I'd laughed at him. But he'd meant it.

"Everyday after that, after I was beaten and roughed up for my betrayal to the Crows and he was always there to tend to my wounds and comfort me. ME. The one who was responsible for putting him there in the first place. When we were alone without a guard standing right outside our cell we would talk about… well, anything. It was during these conversations that I learned about his love for Sherlock Holmes. That he wanted to become a detective for his human persona and that he'd already helped Scotland Yard solve a couple of cases back home in London. We'd also play various mind games trying to outwit each other. Most of them were word games and we even made up an English version of the Japanese word-game Shiritori. Sometimes – if we were really bored – we'd alternate between languages we both knew to make it harder. I learned very quickly not to underestimate him and that he'd get mad whenever I went easy on him and used simple words."

I smiled and Kaito laughed, shaking his head in amusement.

"When we ran out of things to talk about and were bored with the mind games, we'd form escape plans that we knew we'd never be able to put into action. They'd broken both of my legs and one of my arms so that escape wasn't an option for me and Master Saguru continued to refuse to leave me behind. I remember thinking that he was such a stupid and sentimental brat back then. But we became friends during our time in that cell. He'd apparently never had one before and neither had I. I suppose if our positions had been reversed… I wouldn't have been able to leave him either.

"So how did you escape?" Kaito asked, setting down his empty cup and leaned forward.

"We didn't," I sighed. "We got lucky. I was sentenced to be executed. I have no idea why they didn't just kill me the moment they were convinced of my betrayal. The best I can figure is that no one had the guts or the authority to kill me since I was one of the Organization boss' supposed favorites. The Boss only issues code names himself to those that he likes after all. Killing me would have marked them as traitors as well, you know. They needed someone of a higher authority to authorize and carry out my execution. Someone was supposed to be flown in from Korea, I think, since most of the other high-ranking agents were apparently busy with jobs of their own to do.

"Anyway, I had just recently been through the ringer again and was trying to enjoy what I thought were to be my last few hours of life with Master Saguru when the base was attacked. Finally, after being held prisoner for three weeks, Master Saguru's guard had finally tracked him down. We were freed from our cell and whisked off to the nearest hospital for Shifters. You wouldn't believe how many clinics there are for our kind in Paris hidden from the humans. I was sent into surgery immediately to reset my broken limbs while Master Saguru was checked over. He didn't have that many outstanding injuries thankfully. The Crows hadn't hurt him too much even after his five escape attempts during the first two weeks of his stay in the crow base. Being royalty has some perks I guess. He was too valuable to them to be killed."

"What happened after that?" Kaito asked. "How'd you end up working for Saguru?"

I raised an eyebrow at the lack of an honorific, but let it slide. Kaito was Master Saguru's intended mate now after all and was entitled to such intimacies.

"Master Saguru refused to leave Paris," I informed him before allowing myself to show a fond smile. "He stayed with me in the hospital during the next month as I recovered and went through physical therapy. When I was fully healed he requested that I come back with him to London. No one knew that I had been a Crow spy, but still, I was a Hawk Shifter registered as living in Paris, France being asked to accompany the Falcon Prince back to England. You can only imagine the politics surrounding that request, but with Saguru's constant insistence I was cleared for travel.

"Our train to London was later hijacked though and Crow agents killed most of Master Saguru's remaining guard. Naturally I stepped in and neutralized the threat, but it was then that the few surviving members of Saguru's guard learned of my… talents and connection to the Crows. I would have been arrested if Master Saguru hadn't stood up for me again. I was subjected to an inquiry upon our arrival in London and kept under heavy surveillance."

I frowned at the memory of all the bickering and the uproar that my presence in London with the Prince had caused those first few weeks. But thinking back on the time I'd spent with Master Saguru I couldn't help but chuckle lightly.

"What?" Kaito asked, a curious expression on his face as a smile curled at a corner of his lips.

"Oh nothing," I shook my head smiling. "It's just… Master Saguru didn't care for the treatment I was getting from security so he'd sneak me away from where I was being detained. He did it many times before I was finally allowed to leave the holding facilities. I don't know how Master Saguru managed to do that in only a month, but I'm sure his father, Akira-ousama, had something to do with it. He knew that Master Saguru trusted me. I was moved to the military barracks situated near the Hakuba Royal Family estate after that. Even after being allowed to come and go freely and being cleared for citizenship by the Falcon King himself, they still felt the need to keep an eye on me. I can't say I blame them. I was a former enemy spy after all.

"Over the next few months I was allowed to accompany Master Saguru on the few cases as he stumbled upon when he got started on becoming a detective. We had quite a few adventures together. I always made sure to look after him whenever we managed to lose his retainers on a case – which is more often than you'd think. I was soon an accepted presence at the Royal Falcon estate after living in London for nearly half a year.

"When Master Saguru neared his thirteenth birthday he asked me if I'd like to officially be assigned as his guard. I was nervous about actually applying for the position however, because I knew that Master Saguru's mother, the Queen, didn't approve of me. I wasn't a member of the Falcon Fleet and hadn't even been with them for a year. So to satisfy her concerns, Akira-ousama put me through a series of trials to appease her. Lets just say that I made quite an impression in those tests and that I was no longer questioned about my abilities to keep Master Saguru safe after that. The rest is history. I became his personal guard and have steadily gained not only the Falcon Queen's trust, but the trust of the entire Royal Falcon fleet as well.

"But before all that happened though, back when we were both going over what I'd need to do to become his official guard and began filling out the proper paper work – legal forms, citizenship papers and what not – when it came to filling out the personal information… I realized that I didn't have a proper name. It honestly had never occurred to me up until that point. Sure, I could have just put down one of the many aliases that I'd used while working for the Crows, but… None of those names felt right. Felt like they were mine. I was just Hawk, and for the first time in my life… That really bothered me. Hawk was what I was… but not who I was. It wasn't a proper name. Not for someone who was going to become the Falcon Prince's guard."

"…So what did you do?" Kaito asked softly.

"I told him that I didn't have a name," I murmured.

"And what did he say?" Kaito asked.

"He didn't say anything," I smiled fondly as I remembered how he'd handled that situation. "He just finished filling out the application form for me and handed it back without a word. When I looked at the name section I found that he… he gave me a name. I couldn't help but laugh at it though. He named me Joan H. (Hawk) Watson. When I asked him why he chose that name, he simply told me – and I swear to you that this was said with such a straight face – that if he was Sherlock Holmes than I was his Watson and that since I was a woman and not a man, the name Joan was much more appropriate than John."

Kaito looked so incredulous that I couldn't help but laugh.

"If he hadn't looked so serious and innocent when he said I would have accused him of flirting. I took to calling him Sherlock on cases after that just to tease him but… I really do love my name. It's the one that Master Saguru gave me after all, and that gives it meaning and makes it special."

Kaito smiled.

I was startled though when a beep emitted from my pocket.

"Oh! Master Saguru's awake now," I smiled after checking my cellphone and found that there was a text from my young charge asking for a fresh icepack. "You can see him now, but would you mind taking up an ice pack for me to give to him?"

"I don't mind," Kaito nodded back as he waited for me to fill up a fresh ice pack.

"Oriigatougozaimasu, Kaito-ouji," I said as I handed him the new pack.

"It's not a problem," Kaito bowed before leaving.

"Oh, and Kaito-ouji?" I called after him as he reached the kitchen's doorway. He turned and looked back at me curiously.

"I have gone to great lengths over the years to keep Master Saguru safe and have come to love him as if he were my baby brother. Please be awear and know that if you hurt him in any way," I warned, eyes narrowing, "I will do everything within my power to make sure that you suffer until your miserable end."

Kaito's smile became strained as he bowed once more and hurried off. I couldn't contain the self-satisfied smirk that curved my lips at seeing him flee from my sight. Feeling rather accomplished, I finished my now cold cup of tea in one go before heading out to the back of the house. After telling that story and reliving those moments, all I wanted to do was stretch my wings and fly.

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