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Chapter 6: The Devil's Stone

Kuroba Kaito

Kaito couldn't believe it. Last night had felt like a dream – a dream he didn't want to end, so when he woke up that morning he felt a stab of disappointment to see that he was in the hotel bed alone. He looked around anxiously, but there was no sign of the half-Brit. He even checked the bathroom. Sad and a little depressed Kaito sighed and stepped into the shower. Last night had been too wonderful to be real anyway.

After he got out of the shower he dressed himself in jeans and a T-shirt he'd gotten from a magicians conference that his mother had taken him to in celebration of his sixteenth birthday and in memory of Toichi. They'd met a lot of his father's old friends there – Shifter and human alike. He was running a towel through his hair again when the door opened and Hakuba came in with a bag in his arms.

"Morning Sleepy Head," Hakuba smiled warmly before giving him a peck on the cheek.

Kaito nearly froze. Hakuba wouldn't have done that yesterday so last night couldn't have been a dream… Oh thank God! He wasn't sure what he would have done if it had been. And he could call the other by his first name now! He threw down the towel and raced over to the blond boy just as he was setting the bag down onto the hotel room's table. He wrapped his arms around Saguru's waist and buried his face into the other's back.

"I leave for twenty-six minutes and 18.98 seconds to get breakfast because you were still sleeping," Saguru chuckled softly at his reaction, "and it appears that you thought that last night might have been a dream. It would figure you'd wake up the moment I leave. Funny though. I pegged you for more of a morning person the way you show up to class like a personified Energizer Bunny. It is nearly nine o'clock after all and Aoko should be coming to check on us in about an hour…"

Kaito blushed as he tuned out the rest of the words because Hakuba – Saguru! – had hit the nail on the head with that statement. To cover his embarrassment though, he cut the still talking half-Brit off by whirling him around so that they were facing each other and soundly kissed the other. Saguru hummed with amusement into the kiss, but Kaito didn't care. He couldn't find much reason to when he was being wrapped up in Saguru's strong arms. He pouted when Saguru broke the kiss.

"Plenty of time for that later," Saguru chuckled. "Right now we need to eat. As I was saying, Aoko will be coming by soon and then we'll start touring Osaka. Our train leaves at five this afternoon so the sooner we get out, the more we'll have time to see."

"Aww can't we just stay here together?" Kaito smirked; giddy to see Saguru blush.

"No," Saguru sighed firmly with a weary shake of his head. "That would be rude and unfair to Aoko since she's the one who invited us on this trip in the first place. Besides, I've never been to Osaka. I'd kind of like to see what's here."

"Oh all right," Kaito sighed dramatically, but the effect was ruined when his stomach emitted a loud growl.

Kaito blush while Saguru smirked and handed him a rice ball. Kaito grumbled for a moment, but ate it and everything else Saguru handed him. Some of the items were traditional Japanese breakfast foods like the rice ball and fluffy rolled egg omelets, but there were some western food choices as well such as bacon and a pastry that Saguru told him was called a cinnamon roll. Kaito found that he loved those. They were sticky but sooo sweet.

After they ate the two of them chatted about nothing in particular as they waited for Aoko to show up. It was then that Kaito took the time to examine what Saguru was wearing. He couldn't believe that he hadn't noticed the other's out-of-the-ordinary attire. Saguru was wearing another v-necked long sleeved shirt (dark red this time) and a pair of dark wash denim jeans that hugged his hips and thighs nicely. Kaito had no doubt that they'd have given him a good view and frame the half-Brit's ass nicely if Saguru was standing up and not sitting down.


Kaito blinked, unaware that he'd zoned out and been so wrapped up in his staring.

"Nothing," Kaito shook his head. "It's just odd to see you in somthing so casual."

Saguru raised an eyebrow, but returned the smirk as he leaned forward towards him. "Is that a good odd or a bad odd?"

"Oh it is a very, very good odd," Kaito grinned as he leaned in closer too. "Not that I don't like your suits, but I think you should wear casual clothes more often."

Saguru hummed again in amusement, their faces only centimeters apart now, but before they could kiss there was an insistent knock at the door that jarred them apart.

"Kaito? Saguru-kun? You two ready yet?!"


"Boy does she have lousy timing," Kaito growled.

"Or perhaps she has perfect timing," Saguru chuckled, before delivering a chaste kiss to Kaito's lips and rose to grab his wallet and jacket – a nice dark brown leather one – talking as he went. "As I said before, we'll have plenty of time to be alone together later. We're here with a friend, so we should be spending time with that friend."

Kaito grumbled, but did the same grabbing what few things he'd need for their outing. Then the two quickly packed their bags and made sure that they left nothing behind in the room. When Saguru opened the door Aoko was there, wearing jeans and a nice pink blouse beneath a denim jacket. She had her purse straps slung over her shoulder and her carry-on bag in her left hand.

"Sorry for the wait, Aoko-san," Saguru apologized politely as he and Kaito joined the girl in the hallway.

"No problem. Tou-san's waiting for us downstairs checking us out," Aoko smiled, looking thoroughly please about something.

Kaito gave her a curious look, but his best friend only grinned at him and continued to lead them down to the hotel's lobby where Nakamori Ginzo was waiting to take the boys' room keys. The Inspector was also going to take their bags with him to the police station so that they wouldn't have to lug them around the city.

"You three be careful," Ginzo said as he packed the last of their bags into the taxi he was taking. "And don't be late. Meet me at Osaka's police station by four o'clock."

"Yes sir," Kaito and Saguru said in unison while Aoko merely nodded and began to drag the two of them off down the street after throwing a "see you later Tou-san!" over her shoulder. Once they were a few blocks away and entering a nearby park Aoko beamed at them.

"So what should we do first?" she demanded looking excited.

"Well we appear to be in quite a busy district," Saguru mused. "Why don't we just walk around a bit to see what's here?"

Aoko easily agreed and soon they were off again passing by all the shops and cafés and stalls in the area, occasionally stopping to look at something. Kaito noticed Saguru stop outside the window of a jewelry store across the street while Aoko was browsing through a curio stand. Kaito walked up to the other boy curiously.

"See something you like?" he teased. "I didn't know you were into jewelry, Sagu-chan."

Saguru gave him a deadpan stare – most likely for the nickname – before sighing.

"I'm not," the blond said firmly. "But it's going to be Watson's birthday soon. I wouldn't say that I forget it – because I don't – but I can never seem to find something nice for her. …She's done so much for me Kaito. I honestly wouldn't be here without her."

Kaito felt his heart clench. There was still so much about the blond that he didn't know. Just what had the other been through before they'd met? And exactly how close was Saguru to his attendant? Very close by the sound of things, but now wasn't the time for such thoughts.

"…So what did you have in mind?" he asked softly.

Saguru returned his attention to the jewelry display.

"Watson isn't into many material possessions – jewelry especially," he said. "She's not into riches or expensive things. I once got her an edible arrangement once as a joke actually. She loved it though. It's almost always impractical to get her something that you'd usually give a woman but… I think she'd actually like that."

Saguru pointed to one of the displays. The piece that he was pointing to was a simple golden chain link bracelet with a single charm dangling from it. The charm was a simple but detailed fleur de lis that was also gold, but the charm and chain were polished in a way that made the piece look old and elegant.

"It's lovely," Kaito murmured leaning closer to the window to better appreciate the craftsmanship of the piece. After stealing jewels and gems from various stores and museums he was rather an expert on such pieces. "And obviously not Japanese."

"Of course not," Saguru snorted. "It's a foreign jewelry store that sells European antiquities. All this stuff is imported."

Kaito nodded.

"Are you going to get it for her?" he asked.

"…I'm not sure," Saguru sighed. "It's pretty pricy for just a bracelet… but it's not as if I don't have the money to spare and I doubt I'll find anything else for her."

"So go get it," Kaito smiled. "I'm sure she'll love it."

Saguru started at him for a moment before nodding.

"…I'll be right back, Kaito-kun," the blond muttered before disappearing into the store.

Kaito frowned at the honorific since Saguru had never added it to his first name before, but he let it slide. They were in public after all and Saguru was a horrible stickler for formalities even – apparently – on a friendly outing. It still made him smile though to hear Saguru call him by his first name and not his family name.

"So he calls you Kaito now. Does that mean that you call Saguru-kun by his given name as well?"

Kaito nearly jumped out of his skin and whirled around to face Aoko who was looking smugly at him.

"Aoko!" he gaped.

"So did you two finally settle your differences or what?" Aoko asked.

"Ah…" Kaito blinked looking confused. Differences?

Aoko huffed and rolled her eyes.

"You were ignoring him for almost a whole month before yesterday," she frowned, "and now it's like you two are the best of friends… and maybe more?"

She grinned and Kaito couldn't hold back his blush.

"Are you?" she squealed clapping her hands together. "Oh I knew it! I knew you liked him and he just had to like you back with the way he was acting! Who confessed first? You or him?"

Kaito continued to gape at her.

"Wait… you knew?"

Aoko huffed impatiently.

"It was so obvious!" she stated with an eye-roll. "To me at least. Kaito you're my best friend. I think after all these years I know you better than most and have an idea of what's on your mind. You kept blushing whenever Saguru-kun got really close to you and after he backed off you'd look like your favorite toy had just been taken away. There were also the not-so-subtle glances you kept sending him when he wasn't looking and you looked completely miserable and frustrated every time you saw him with or mention Patricia-chan. If that didn't scream "jealousy" I don't know what did."

"…And Saguru?" Kaito asked softly.

Aoko looked amused at the use of the half-Brit's first name without an honorific, but she answered solemnly.

"I wasn't actually sure how he felt about you to be honest," she admitted. "I don't know him as well as I know you and it's so hard to get a read on him most of the time. The only reason that I knew that he might like you was the fact that whenever you'd ditch or move away from him he had this confused and hurt expression on his face. It took me a while to catch it because he would cover it up quickly, but your distance made him sad."

Kaito felt a flash of guilt. Saguru had been sad? Now he felt even more like a jerk for ignoring the blond.

"So that's why I organized this trip," Aoko beamed. "You two weren't getting anywhere by yourselves so I felt that it was time for a little intervention. You can thank me later."

Kaito stared at his friend bewildered before shaking his head in amazement.

"Thank you Aoko. Really," he smiled as he hugged her. "You really are the greatest friend anyone could ever hope to have."

Aoko blushed at his praise before pulling back.

"Now you still haven't answered my question," she smirked. "Was it you or Saguru-kun who confessed first?"

Kaito blushed bright red.

"S-Saguru did," he muttered.

Aoko rolled her eyes.

"Figures," she muttered. "You haven't even said it yet have you?"

Kaito frowned when he realized that she was right. Saguru was the one who'd said that he loved him. Kaito had been a bit preoccupied with kissing the blond to say it back. He was lost in thought for a moment before the store's door opened and Saguru exited while carefully storing a small package away into his inner jacket pocket.

"Sorry for the wait," the blond smiled. "Shall we move on?"

"Sure," Aoko smiled, linking her right arm with Kaito's left and her left with Saguru's right. "Lets go boys!"

Saguru blinked in confusion and shot Kaito a raised eyebrow but Kaito shrugged his shoulders as best he could as Aoko dragged the two further down the street. They continued shopping for a little bit, picking up small trinkets and souvenirs along the way before they stopped by a tourist information kiosk they happened to come by to decided where to go for lunch. Of course Kaito and Aoko ended up arguing about where to go.

"Excuse me," a girl spoke up from nearby with a heavy kansai accent. "Are ya folks lookin' fer a place ta eat?"

The girl was around their age with pretty long dark brown locks pulled back in a ponytail with a bright green ribbon.

"Yes, that's right," Saguru smiled, relieved to have a break from the argument.

"I'd recommend tha restaurant 'round tha corner," the girl smiled. "I've eaten there many times with my friend. Tha food's good and tha prices aren't too bad either. If this is yer first time in Osaka ya should definitely try their Okonomiyaki. Osaka makes tha best."

"We'll certainly take up your recommendation then," Kaito bowed before magic-ing a flower out of his sleeve to present the girl. "I don't believe we caught your name Miss…"

"Kazuha," the girl smiled while taking his flower. "Toyama Kazuha."

"I'm Kuroba Kaito, at your service," Kaito said, rising from his bow.

"And I'm Aoko, and that's Saguru-kun," Aoko added, shaking the girl's hand.

"Well Toyama-san, would you care to join us?" Saguru asked.

"Ah," the girl shook her head. "Sorry, but I'ma waitin' fer my friend. He's late tha ahou."

"Well then why don't you and your friend join us later when he gets here?" Saguru suggested. "I'm sure the two of you could recommend some great places to visit."

"We could," Kazuha smiled. "Osaka Castle is a must see if this is yer first time. Osaka's Tsutenkaku Tower is another great tourist destination too. It's surrounded by a nice shopping district."

"Sounds great," Aoko smiled.

Before anyone could say anything more though Kazuha's cellphone went off.

"…What do ya mean ya can't make it?!" the girl screeched into the phone. "Heiji ya ahou ya promised me lunch! … What do ya mean ya've gotta case?! … Fine! Solve yer stupid case! I don' care!"

With that the girl snapped her phone closed with a scowl.

"That ahou," she fumed.

"…Is everything alright Toyama-chan?" Aoko asked sounding concerned.

"Ah… Sorry ya had ta witness that," the Osakan laughed nervously. "But my friend couldn't meet up with me after all. He thinks he'sa detective and helps solve cases fer tha police department. I don' know why my dad humors him and allows him ta tag along."

"Your dad's a police officer?" Aoko asked.

"Yeah, that's right," Kazuha nodded. "My father is the Superintendant of Osaka's police and my friend's the son of the Chief Superintendant, Hattori-keishi-cho."

"Really?" Aoko asked excitedly. "My father is Nakamori-keibu from Tokyo and is in charge of the KID Task Force. Saguru-kun's father is also a police officer, Hakuba-keishi-cho."

"Oh! I met him once," Kazuha gasped. "He came ta Osaka last year fer some case er another. He was really nice. …I'm sorry, Saguru-kun but ya don't look much like 'im."

"I get that a lot," Saguru smiled. "My mother's European and I happened to inherit more of her genetic traits than my father's."

"That would explain yer accent and hair color," Kazuha smiled.

"Well then, even if your friend can't make it since he's been detained would you perhaps like to reconsider our offer to lunch? My treat," Saguru smiled.

Kaito nearly had to stop himself from rolling his eyes. Saguru could be so polite. Forget his KID persona, Hakuba was a true gentleman.

"Ya know… I think I'll join ya after all," Kazuha smiled. "If ya don't mind."

"Of course not!" Aoko exclaimed. "We want you to!"

Smiling, the two girls walked side-by-side chatting away as Kazuha led them to the restaurant she'd mentioned.

"Good grief," Kaito grumbled. "Everywhere I go I'm surrounded by either police officers or their family."

"It is rather ironic," Saguru chuckled. "Considering your… hobbies."

Kaito snorted.

"So have you met this girl's father or the Chief Super?"

"No," Saguru shook his head. "I haven't been living in Japan long enough to meet my father's officer acquaintances outside of Tokyo."

Kaito nodded before catching Aoko and Kazuha's twin stares. When he cocked his head in silent query the two girls burst into giggles and hushed whispers. He wasn't sure if he wanted to use his enhanced hearing to eavesdrop. He probably didn't want to hear what they were gossiping about anyway.

Aoko sure made friends fast though. Not even before reaching the Okonomiyaki shop the two girls were calling each other by their first names and exchanging phone numbers. By the time they were all finished eating the two were talking about boys. Kaito simply tuned them out though and focused on Saguru who had just approached the counter to pay for their meals since he insisted that he pay for all of them. Kaito had thought right. Those jeans that Saguru was wearing showed his ass off nicely…

"He does hava nice butt. I'll give 'im that. Accent's rather hot too."

Startled, Kaito blinked at the two girls who burst into a fit of giggles.

"Ya really like 'im huh?" Kazuha grinned. "Can't blame ya. He is rather easy on tha eyes."

Kaito blushed as he realized he'd been caught staring. Aoko was right. He really was obvious.

"I think it's rather cute," Aoko smiled. "You really do like him, don't you Kaito?"

"…Yeah," Kaito sighed as he watched Saguru pull out a credit card from his wallet. His enhanced eyesight allowed him to see how the other boy's blond hair glowed with a golden shine in the sunlight that came in through the windows. The eyes were a warm honey color with a hint of red around the irises, and that skin was so pale that it looked as creamy as it felt when he'd kissed the smooth skin. Oh who was he kidding? Kaito wasn't just in love or simply infatuated with Saguru… he was hopelessly head over heels, over the moon, and just about every other cheesy cliché there was about love for the other.

"Well ya two do make a cute couple," Kazuha smiled.

"Oh they're not dating yet," Aoko grinned. "They only just confessed to each other last night. Or rather, Saguru-kun did. Kaito has yet to tell him how he feels."

"I'm sorry, but I thought you were my friend," Kaito scowled. "Don't go telling strangers about my love life."

"But Kazuha-chan and I are friends now," Aoko pouted. "Besides… we have a plan."

Kaito didn't know if he liked that mischievous look in Aoko's and Kazuha's eyes.

"Alright then," Saguru sighed as he approached their table. "All paid for. Where shall we go next?"

"Tsutenkaku Tower," both girls immediately responded.

Saguru raised an eyebrow at their eager smiles but shrugged and allowed the resident Osakan and Aoko to lead the way.

"What was that about?" Saguru asked.

"I think they're trying to set us up," Kaito shook his head trying to decide if he was more amused or weary of these "plans" that the girls had schemed up. Saguru chuckled but didn't comment. Apparently the news amused him and hadn't surprised him in the slightest. Damn detective and his ability to read people. Kaito was usually really good at it too, but because he was so off kilter about everything, his game was off. God, he was no better than a lovesick schoolgirl. Everything was just so new to him that he wasn't sure how to react. He hadn't been prepared for Aoko to know about his feelings for Saguru just yet, but she had known probably before he had, and wasn't that frustrating? He was so out of sorts he couldn't believe that Saguru wasn't fazed in the slightest… or maybe he was, but wasn't allowing it to show. Damn it!


Kaito blinked and forced back his frustrated feelings as he stared at Saguru's curious expression.

"Something wrong?" the blond asked.

"No!" Kaito shook his head. "Just… have a lot on my mind I guess."

Saguru stared at him a moment longer before nodding his head and looked ahead to the girls who were a few feet ahead talking animatedly. Kaito glared at the pair. This was their fault. He'd been just fine before they started nosing into his and Saguru's business. That Kazuha girl didn't even know them for crying out loud! Yet there she was chattering away with Aoko as if the two of them had been friends for years.

Kaito sighed.

No, that wasn't fair. Kazuha was a nice girl. Her enthusiasm, like Aoko's, made her likable, but because she and Aoko were being nosy he didn't care for either girl at the moment.

He was startled out of his thoughts as he felt a hand wrap around his own and squeeze it. With a light blush he looked up at Saguru. The blond was looking purposefully ahead of them, but there was a light blush dusting his cheeks and a hint of a smile around the corners of his mouth. Kaito smiled a bit too and held Saguru's hand, reveling in the warm and smooth texture there. His own hands were smooth too after wearing gloves all the time as KID, but they were slightly calloused from him setting traps and using his tools. Nervously he intertwined their fingers, and to his relief and pleasure Saguru's returning hold was firm. Looking up Kaito nearly scowled when he saw the two girls quickly turn their heads away and giggle again. It was getting rather annoying.

"Ignore them," Saguru murmured loud enough for Kaito to hear him.

"Kinda hard when they keep giggling like that," Kaito muttered.

"Can't be helped," Saguru shrugged. "Just try."

Kaito did and it wasn't easy at first, but Saguru found small ways to distract him, like holding his hand and making some comment about something interesting they saw as they passed through the shopping areas. Tsutenkaku Tower had an amazing view and at one point the girls ditched them – though they were probably nearby the entire time out of sight. Kaito wasn't sure if he was happy because the girls were finally gone or because he was relatively alone with Saguru. The two of them looked out at the views of the picturesque cityscape wondering where the girls would drag them off to next and perused the gift shops where Kaito found out that Saguru collected pins. It was a surprisingly ordinary hobby, but it was better than saying he collected stamps. It was rather fascinating for Kaito to learn that Saguru had at least one pin from every place he'd ever traveled to. Kaito was rather interested in seeing his collection now since it appeared that Saguru had done a lot of traveling in Europe while living with his mother.

About half an hour later Aoko and Kazuha showed up again to drag them off to Osaka Castle and some other touristy places where the two boys were occasionally ditched for short periods of time. Kazuha proved to be a great tour guide though and by the end of the day Kaito found that he liked her after all. Soon enough though they headed to the police station to meet up with Aoko's dad. They said farewell to Kazuha at the station and boarded their train half an hour later after purchasing some bentos for the ride back. The entire trip back to Tokyo was a blur for Kaito but he remembered falling asleep with his head resting on Saguru's shoulder just half an hour after their train had departed and when he woke up they were pulling into their station where they'd trade trains to get back to Ekoda district. It was from there that Saguru parted ways with them since his housekeeper Baaya was waiting for him with the car. Kaito hadn't wanted to be separated from Saguru just yet, but a logical part of his mind reasoned that he'd see the other boy tomorrow at school.

Saguru Hakuba

The next morning Saguru hummed contently as he got ready for school. He'd managed to confess to the wild haired magician the night before and had spent all day yesterday in Kaito's company.

"You look happy," Watson commented to him during breakfast with a smirk. "I take it things went well in Osaka?"

"They did," Saguru nodded, unable to hide his smile.

"So when are you going to tell your father?"

Saguru's smile dropped instantly.

"I honestly don't know Watson," Saguru sighed.

"He'll find out eventually," she pointed out grimly. "I'm sure he'd rather hear about it from you and not from another source."

"…I know. Just… not right now. Nothing's really happened between us yet," he muttered. "We haven't even been out on a proper date."

Watson nodded and soon left.

After finishing his breakfast Saguru hurried off to school. He didn't really want to admit it, but he was afraid of what his father might think of him having a relationship with Kaito. Sure, male-male unions were much more accepted in Shifter Societies than they were in most human ones… but still. He was the Falcon Prince and Kaito was the Dove Prince. Both of them had rather large communities to rule one day. Also, because both of them were male neither of them would be able to produce an heir for either of their Races. Then there was the fact that Kaito was also a dominant shifter like he was. The other had proven as much the other night during their little make-out session even if his rebellious nature from back when they'd first met hadn't been an indicator.

Most males were dominant personality types though even if they were gay or otherwise. It was why there weren't too many gay shifter couples out there to begin with. Two dominating personalities were often unable to coexist happily for long as mates because Shifters had some primal instincts that just couldn't be overcome. A lot of gay shifter dominants simply chose normal humans as mates, but in rare cases with some of the few dominant pairs that actually did work out, a submissive personality type was brought into the mix and formed a threesome coupling that Shifters called a Trine. Trines were considered acceptable within shifter communities since they didn't strictly need to be made up of two dominant males. Saguru knew of a Trine formed between a dominant male and female couple and a submissive female.

Maybe if either Saguru or Kaito were a submissive personality type it would be more acceptable for them to be together politically because male submissives were often feminine enough to be over looked. That was probably because submissive males had very sweet smelling scents that were said to be irresistible. There were even some rumors that submissive males were able to get pregnant and carry children. That was only a rumor though since there weren't too many submissive males in existence anyway and most (if not all) were mated with a dominant female shifter (which were much more common these days than submissive males). There were also strict laws put in place to protect all submissives of both sexes, and one of these laws stated that a submissive's parents must give permission for courtship in the first place and then approve the union – hence why Hakuba had been "courting" Patricia. It was a union that was already approved of by their parents in advance in case things between him and Patricia had actually worked out.

But Shifter personality types, courting and moral ethics aside, there were still so many political matters to consider…


Saguru was roughly jolted from his rambling thoughts as he was nearly knocked off his feet from behind as arms wrapped around his waist. A familiar musky scent of lavender assaulted his senses telling him who it was. It was a sweet smell, but masculine at the same time with hints of grease and oil from the magician's projects and contraptions.

"Kaito!" he heard Aoko cry out somewhere further behind him.

Saguru only shook his head though with a fond smile as he straightened up and managed to turn around in the other boy's hold.

"I missed you too," he laughed.

Kaito grinned at him before bringing their lips together in a demanding kiss. Yep. Kaito was definitely a dominant personality type. Saguru blushed a bit, but returned the kiss all the same. After a couple of seconds he forced himself to pull back. Kaito pouted at him, but with a raised eyebrow Saguru looked pointedly at a blushing Aoko standing behind them.

"We're in public Kaito-kun," he reprimanded lightly.

"So? It's only Aoko," Kaito rolled his eyes.

Saguru shook his head before smiling apologetically at Aoko, but she shrugged it off and wacked Kaito upside the head.

"Oww! Aoko!" Kaito cried.

"Try to restrain yourself," Aoko shook her head. "You've only been away from Saguru-kun for ten hours for goodness sake. And you're in public Bakaito. If you're going to make out with your new boyfriend at least do it where not so many people can see you. It's called decency. Not a lot of people are open to gay relationships."

Kaito glared, but Saguru completely agreed. In public it was so easy to be seen by the wrong kind of people and as Shifter Princes it would be better if he and Kaito lay low. Saguru told Kaito as much when they had lunch on the roof at school. Kaito had complained and shrugged it off, but he was less open and obvious with his affections afterwards. Speaking of school, their classmates took their new relationship status quite well. No doubt many of the girls had seen what Aoko had and told the male half of the class. Saguru saw some looks of revulsion, but no one dared to say anything. Not when Kaito was involved. He'd prank you for life. Saguru also intimidated most of the boys as well but in a completely different way so neither of them was bothered much concerning their relationship. That didn't stop their classmates from gossiping though when they thought that they couldn't be heard. Saguru sometimes hated his attentive and enhanced senses.

After school for the whole week Kaito would either accompany Saguru home or bring him over to his place. Sometimes Aoko joined them, sometimes she didn't, but she did come with them when Patricia finally went back to America that Friday. Saguru had spotted the American girl talking to Kaito briefly, but when he asked Kaito about it, the brunet only blushed and shook his head. Saguru decided not to pursue that line of inquiry… for now.

Finally Saturday rolled around and he couldn't help but smile. Kaito had finally asked him if they could go out on a date that Sunday. Granted, that evening had a heist scheduled as well, but Saguru wasn't going to be choosy. Kaito was obviously nervous about their relationship – probably because neither of them had told their parents about it yet (since Saguru was putting it off and Kaito's mother was still out of town and he wanted to tell her in person). No, he was letting Kaito set the pace. He could be patient.

He had just sat down beside Kaito who was reading the morning paper that had KID's next heist announcement on the fifth page when Aoko came over and saw what Kaito was reading.

"Kaitou KID has once again proclaimed a challenge. His aim is the world's greatest ruby owned by the Hopper Magician Troupe… Sheesh," she sighed after reading the first couple lines of the article. "How long will it take for him to learn that stupid thief?"

Kaito scowled at her before returning his attention to the paper smiling cockily. That is until another person spoke.

"It'd be better to stop."

"K-Koizumi?" Kaito blinked.

Saguru also turned his attention to the young witch.

"Stop, you say?" Aoko blinked in confusion.

"I'm talking about Kaitou KID," Akako elaborated. "That ruby… if someone takes the demon stone in their hand it will only cause a calamity and untold sorrow… the red tear… But KID isn't going to stop no matter what is said even if it could bring him unspeakable pain."

With that rather vague and unnerving statement made, the beautiful girl walked off but not before giving Kaito an undecipherable look.

"I wonder what she meant by that," Aoko mused before shrugging and heading off towards her own seat.

Saguru pursed his lips together worriedly, but said nothing until he and Kaito were alone on the roof for lunch.

"I don't like it."

Kaito blinked at his statement, cocking his head to the side inquisitively to show he was listening.

"What Koizumi-san said," Saguru clarified. "I don't think that you should go through with the heist."

Kaito was silent for a minute before he nodded.

"…Alright," he sighed. "I was actually thinking along the same lines actually. I may not like Koizumi-san, but she's never been exactly wrong about these things. I'll send a note to the police this afternoon."

Saguru nodded.

"Plus…" Kaito mused, a grin forming. "This means that there's nothing to get in the way of our date. I still want to go to that show tomorrow though."

The matter about the heist was then dropped as the two tried to finalize their plans for what to do on their date.

The next morning though, Saguru and Kaito found themselves accompanying Aoko on a shopping trip since Kaito needed to get some groceries of his own anyway because his mother was coming home later that night.

"Hey, did you two see this morning's news?" she smiled.

Saguru maintained a neutral face, but he saw Kaito's expression darken.

"I didn't see it," Kaito lied, nearly glaring at Aoko when she shoved an open newspaper into his hands.

"But it says, "Kaitou KID quickly announced his defeat! Is he gradually retiring?!"" Aoko grinned.

"Damn it. You just had to go and write what you pleased," Saguru heard his boyfriend mutter under his breath.

"He surely must be at his wits end against my dad! He was just a coward!"

Saguru coughed into his hand to hide a laugh but Kaito had heard and glared at him too.

"Kyaa!" Aoko suddenly gasped as a man ran into her.

Saguru narrowed his eyes and so did Kaito. They both had noticed the man's quick moving hands. That man had just picked Aoko's purse and had stolen her wallet!

"Wait you bastard!" Kaito growled, obviously not in a good mood.

Saguru sighed, almost feeling sorry for the man while Aoko looked confused by Kaito's sudden anger. But then when the man began to run from Kaito he bumped past a woman and Kaito stopped his pursuit. Saguru raised an eyebrow. That woman…

"What just got into you Kaito?" Aoko demanded.

Kaito didn't answer though as the woman walked past him and over to Saguru and Aoko.

"Here," she said as she pulled something out of her pocket. "This is your wallet isn't it?"

"Huh?" Aoko blinked before checking her purse to find that her wallet was in fact missing.

"That was a very quick slight of hand Miss," Saguru commented.

The woman gave him a tight smile.

"Really now," she said in an English accent as she removed her sunglasses. "Even though I had heard that the Japanese were peaceful idiots, for this to happen…"

"You! Could it be that you're the head of the Hopper Magician Troupe, Jody Hopper-san?" Aoko gasped.

"Yes…" the woman blinked, surprised that she'd been recognized.

"Look Kaito, she was mentioned in the newspaper!" Aoko smiled excitedly.

"I know," Kaito huffed exasperatedly – obviously still in a bad mood. "It said her grandfather was James Hopper, the best and greatest magician in England. Hey Saguru. You lived in England. You might have heard of him. Did you ever see one of his shows?"

"I got to meet him once actually," Saguru smiled, enjoying the look of shock on Kaito's face. Obviously the young magician had been kidding and hadn't meant to be taken seriously.

"Saguru?" Jody blinked. "That name sounds familiar…"

"My mother is Anna Hakuba. Her maiden name was Anna Kingston," Saguru informed her. "I believe that she was an old school mate of yours."

"Anna! Of course!" Jody smiled brightly. "We were roommates at University! The few times we've gotten together since those days she would tell me all about you! I think we even got to meet a couple times, but you were so little. Now that I know who you are, I see that you look so much like her. You have her eyes."

"Geez Saguru," Kaito sighed with feigned exasperation. "Is there anybody you haven't met?"

"I get around a lot," Saguru smirked.

"Ah!" Aoko gasped looking intently at the magician troupe leader. "Kaito's father was Kuroba Toichi! He was the number one magician in Japan."

"Fool," Kaito muttered. "Number one in the world."

Saguru jabbed Kaito in the side for the comment.

"Behave," he sighed.

"Ah! I know him," Jody smiled. "He was the orient magic user we admired. The owner of the world-renowned magic hands. But then again, he and my father were part of the same pick-pocket group after all…"

"Eh?" Aoko and Kaito blinked.

"People's eyes are disillusioned when money blows away," Jody mused. "Only the sneaky swindler remains."

Saguru frowned at her words. This wasn't the woman he remembered from when he was a child or hearing about from his mother. Kaito looked perplexed as well.

"Well, not that there's anything wrong with tricking," Jody shrugged.

"B-but even you use magic," Aoko stuttered.

"I only reluctantly continued on these two years since my grandfather died," Jody informed them as she slipped her sunglasses back on. "Besides this night is the last."

"Eh?" Aoko blinked.

"That's right," Jody smiled. "Tonight is the Hopper Magician Troupe's last dinner show. If you'd like to, you can come and see it. We are only swindlers deceiving you."

With that said Jody left leaving them puzzling over her parting words. Aoko looked sad, but Kaito looked after the woman disgustedly. Saguru frowned as well. He had heard that James Hopper had died two years ago, but he couldn't believe how badly his death had impacted the once cheerful woman who was now such a bitter harpy.

He suddenly froze. His instincts were screaming at him that something wasn't right. Kaito, having felt him tense, looked over his shoulder at him out of concern but Kaito tensed up too momentarily before grabbing his hand and smiled at Aoko.

"Well no point in standing around," he said. "Lets get that shopping done."

"Ah… yeah," Aoko blinked.

"What was it?" Saguru asked Kaito once they were out of earshot from Aoko while she looked over some vegetables.

"Snake was there with some men," Kaito hissed. "Saguru, they're going to go after Hopper-san's jewel. I withdrew the notice only because I was worried about Akako-san calling the jewel the "Devil's Stone" and you thought that I shouldn't go after it. I'm sorry but I've got to put the heist back on."

Saguru sighed nodding.

"I'm calling Watson," he informed the other. "If Snake is involved we're going to need back up."

Kaito pursed his lips but nodded. Saguru then stepped away and called his attendant.

Later that evening Saguru walked alone into the establishment where the Hopper Magician Troupe was performing. He was able to pick out all of the police officers that were standing about in plain clothes. Obviously Inspector Nakamori thought that KID was still going to show up. Had the circumstances not changed with the appearance of Snake and his men, the Inspector would have been disappointed.

Saguru didn't know where Kaito had gotten off to, but he was sure that his boyfriend was preparing for tonight. Watson and Shiratori and three of his men were there as well, but well hidden in their human guises. Saguru spotted Aoko seated with her father who looked around suspiciously, on the lookout for KID. Aoko looked annoyed and Saguru felt partially responsible for that. He and Kaito had turned her down when she had invited them to join her and her father at the magic show. Another individual he spotted though was Snake.

"Attention," Saguru whispered into an earpiece he was wearing. "Snake is seated at the table two places back from the left of the Nakamoris' table from the stage's point of view."

"Roger that Master Hakuba," Shiratori's voice answered.

"I see him," a different agent answered.

"Good, just don't engage him," Saguru ordered. "Sit on him until he attempts something. Not before."

"Yes sir," came a whispered chorus of five voices.

Saguru looked around and found a seat in the back where he could watch everything that was going on. About fifteen minutes into the performance one of Shiratori's agents reported that Snake had started talking to two others using mini communication chips – obviously advanced even for humans. The Crows were definitely involved in whatever group these men worked for. Saguru immediately hacked into Snake's chip signal using his cellphone so that he could listen in. Ah the wonders of Shifter technology.

"…State inside the meeting place?"

Saguru recognized Snake's voice at once.

"There are three to four police officers disguised as customers, but it seems like KID is nowhere to be seen."

"Alright then after ten minutes execute the plan," Snake ordered the man on the other end of his com. device. "Don't mess up!"


"You guys hear that?" Saguru asked.

"Roger," Shiratori confirmed before issuing orders to his three men.

Eight minutes later there was a magician on the stage performing some rather good and humorous magic. Saguru smirked as he watched the show. He could tell that it was Kaito in disguise. So that's where he'd been.

"Ah! Look! That's the head, Jody-san!" he heard Aoko cry out over one of Shiratori's agent's com. Presumably the one stationed between the Nakamoris and Snake's tables.

Hearing her, Saguru looked over in her direction and thus missed the moment Snake's two goons got up and left their table.

"Ho… Then that blue light shining on her chest, that's the world's greatest ruby huh," Aoko's father mused before catching the attention of an elderly gent. "Ah wait a sec… Are you a member of the magician troupe?"

"Y-yes," the man nodded.

"That jewel, is it always on her?" Nakamori asked.

"Yes," the gent answered. "It's like a trademark for us in the magician troupe. It's become a custom for the head to wear it during the show."

"Umm," Aoko spoke up. "There isn't a performance for Jody-san in the program… could it be that she isn't skilled with magic?"

"That is not the case!" gasped the old man. "Since her infancy with her honorable parents, she was given training by Master James and she's the most skilled out of the magician troupe right now!"

"Ho! Her parents also did magic?" Nakamori mused.

"Yes, they were a renowned pair in the magician world. However ten years ago, in the middle of a show they passed away in an accident."

Both Nakamoris gasped and Saguru frowned. That explained Jody's behavior. He'd only met Jody as a small boy roughly ten-to-twelve years ago. The last time had been after he'd turned seven. It had to have happened shortly before the accident.

"On that same day Master James had given the two of them the symbol of the head of the magician troupe, and that jewel was found on top of their bodies. Since then that ruby is an ominous jewel and has been called the Devil's Stone. From then on… Miss Jody came to despise magic. Most likely her hatred of magic stems from feeling it having snatched her parents' lives away. Because of this Master James always grieved."

Just as Akako had said. Saguru suddenly had a horrible feeling about what was going to happen tonight.

"Watson cover Kaito," Saguru ordered. "He's disguised as the Magician Paul Davison."

"On it," his guard said.

Not even a minute later right after the troupe announced it's finale, a smoke screen erupted from the middle of the audience.

"The show's finale," a voice called out. "Did you really think I'd lose?"

Saguru frowned at the white clothed imposter, eyes narrowing.

"Kaitou KID!" Nakamori roared. "Don't let him get away!"

"Yes sir," cried out the other three plain clothed officers in the room as they followed Nakamori after "KID" as the imposter ran out into a connecting hallway. One of Shiratori's agents – Agent Kero Saki – was one of them since he was also on Nakamori's team. Saguru knew that it'd pay off to have some agents on the KID Task Force.

Saguru instantly sought out Jody just in time to see her being ushered back stage by the disguised Kaito. A glance up and he spotted Watson's hawk form following them up in the rafters. A minute later the crack of a gunshot went off and Saguru curse, realizing that Snake and his two men were missing. He wasn't the only one to hear the shot though. The customers gave startled shouts and looked around for the source.

"Who's got eyes on Snake and his men?" he called out into his com.

"Sorry sir we lost them," an agent growled in frustration.

"They're back stage," Watson's voice suddenly answered (she must have shifted back into her human form to report). "Snake took a shot at Jody but Kaito took the bullet for her."

Saguru froze in shock, but her next words calmed him somewhat.

"He's not bleeding though. I think he's wearing a bulletproof vest beneath his disguise."

There was another shot followed by several more and that sent the confused patrons into panic mode and they rushed for the exits.

"Alright," Saguru sighed. "Shiratori you and your two remaining agents in the room have to get all the innocent bystanders out of here. Agent Saki do you have eyes on the fake KID?"

"I do. He's still being pursued by Nakamori and his men," an agent reported just before a gunshot echoed through the line. "He shot at Nakamori!"

"Was he hit?" Saguru demanded as he took off down the hall after the police officers and the imposter KID, dodging people as he went.

"No, it was only a warning shot. Nakamori appears pretty rattled though."

"What's your position?"

"Second floor and the perp is still climbing! I think he's headed for a floor high enough to use a glider. I saw the equipment."

"Right, Shiratori reorder one of your men to shift and fly up to the third floor to seal off access to the stair well. I'm going to try to cut him off on the fourth," Saguru stated as he ran for the nearest elevator.

"Yes sir!" he heard two agents say – presumably the one who had followed the imposter KID and the one who was taking the initiative to seal off the third floor.

"Master Saguru wait!" Shiratori's voice called out over the com. "He's armed!"

"You think I don't know that?" Saguru snorted sarcastically as he punched the button for the fourth floor.

"Sir please leave this to us!" Shiratori demanded.

"Third floor sealed off Sir," an agent reported. "Just in time too. He's making his way to the fourth floor as we speak."

"Master Saguru please don't engage!" Shiratori pleaded. "Wait for me and Agent Mako!"

Saguru didn't answer him though because just then the elevator doors opened onto the fourth floor and as he exited he collided with a surprised looking KID imposter. Saguru used the man's momentum against him and flipped him onto his back. He dove for the gun in the man's hand, but the man was quicker and not as winded by the flip as Saguru had originally thought. He managed to get a hold of the gun all the same though and the two of them ended up wrestling on the floor for it. In the background Saguru could hear Shiratori in his headset ordering two of his agents to come to Saguru's aid. Then he heard the gun go off and pain flared in his left shoulder (why was it always the left shoulder?), but he refused to give into the pain and managed to land a good jab with one of his knees into the imposter's gut, slowing the other's movements enough for him to regain a better handle on the situation. This man was surprisingly agile and strong for a human.

"Master Saguru!" he heard Shiratori gasp as he arrived on the scene with one of his agents before ordering his man to seize the imposter KID. Not even a second later after the agent managed to grab hold of the imposter KID, the gun went off a second time and Saguru fell back with a pained gasp.

"Master Saguru!" Shiratori cried.

It took Saguru a moment to realize what had happened. He'd been shot again, but this time in his stomach. Saguru gasped for air as he heard Shiratori start giving new orders to his other two agents while Agent Mako subdued the KID imposter. He felt cold lying there bleeding out and as the edges of his vision began to fade, he knew that his body was shutting down in an attempt to heal itself. The last thing to cross his mind before he fell unconscious was that he hoped that Kaito and Watson were safe and neither of them had been harmed by Snake.

Kuroba Kaito

Kaito let out a quiet sigh of relief as he watched Jody Hopper walk away. Snake was gone and Watson had flown out after him, but the killer had undoubtedly gotten away again since he'd been flung onto the roof across the way. On the bright side though, Jody hadn't been hurt, and even though he'd been shot, it was only a graze and had already healed. All in all a successful night. Or at least he thought so until he saw Watson fly through the broken window that had been shattered after he'd literally shot Snake out through the glass. He knew something was wrong the minute she shifted into Saguru's beautiful woman assistant.

"Snake got away I take it?" Kaito sighed. Even though he had expected it, it was still upsetting to hear.

"Yes, but that's not my concern right now. Saguru's been shot," she stated, eyes flashing worriedly.

Kaito felt his insides go cold.

"Where is he now?" he demanded.

Watson turned back towards the window and without another word she returned to her hawk form and practically shot out the window. Kaito wasn't far behind her. They dived down into the ally just off the street and shifted once more before getting into a car parked there. Watson soon zipped off towards the building's back entrance where a man Kaito had never seen before was holding an unconscious and horribly pale and bloody Saguru in his arms. Kaito got out of the car and opened the back door immediately before taking his boyfriend from the man.

"He needs treatment," the man informed Watson as Kaito settled himself and Saguru on the back seat with Saguru's head in his lap. "He's been shot once in the left shoulder and once in the stomach. Both shots are through and throughs. The shoulder wound isn't healing at all though because all of the body's regenerative energies are going into healing the stomach."

"Thank you Agent Mako," Watson nodded before gunning the engines and taking off.

"Where are we going?" Kaito asked. "Hospital?"

"Are you kidding?" Watson snorted. "He'd be dissected in a second because the stomach wound would already be partially healed. No, we're taking him home were I can treat him."

"The Hakuba mansion is on the other side of Ekoda though," Kaito shook his head. "My house is much closer. Go there."

Watson pursed her lips and glanced at him once in the rearview mirror before changing direction, presumably to get them to the Kuroba house. As she drove Kaito ran one hand through soft blond hair while holding onto Saguru tightly with the other. He didn't like how clammy the other was feeling or how pale he was.

"That ruby… if someone takes the demon stone in their hand it will only cause a calamity and untold sorrow… the red tear… But, KID isn't going to stop no matter what is said even if it could bring him unspeakable pain," Akako's voice echoed inside his head.

The witch hadn't meant pain for him in the physical sense. She'd meant the emotional pain he'd feel because of what could happen to Saguru. It was never him that got hurt when the men in black were involved. It was always Saguru… all three times he'd had the misfortune to run into them.

Finally Watson pulled up in front of his house and together they carried Saguru inside and placed him on the kitchen table where Watson could tend to Saguru's wounds. Kaito rushed off in search of his family's special first aid kit. He came back with it a moment later and watched as Watson got to work. First she removed Saguru's blood stained shirt. Kaito was horrified by both of the gaping holes in Saguru's shoulder and gut, and all of the faint traces of scars that littered the young half-Brit's torso. He felt like he was going to be sick, but he forced himself to stay and help Watson whenever the woman needed his help. She was surprisingly a good doctor and surgeon and worked quickly but methodically in taking care of her charge's injuries. An hour later she was done.

"That's all I can do for now," she sighed after applying the last bandage. "The rest is up to him. His body should start healing him properly now that it doesn't have to focus so hard on holding the stomach together."

Kaito nodded.

"We need to move him off the table though to a more comfortable spot," Watson added.

"He can have my bed," Kaito answered. "I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight anyway."

Watson agreed and the two of them carefully maneuvered Saguru's body up the stairs to Kaito's room where they placed him gingerly on the bed. Once Saguru was settled, Watson excused herself to make a few phone calls, most likely to report Saguru's condition and find out what was going on with the others. Kaito meanwhile pulled up his desk chair and remained by Saguru's side holding his hand. Hours passed by with Watson occasionally coming in to check on Saguru's injuries to make sure they were starting to heal properly. Both were relieved to see that there were some small improvements in Saguru's condition each time she came in to check him over. Kaito's own gunshot wound was completely healed by now. It didn't even scar.

Around one in the morning Kaito's mother came home and was worried beyond belief after she heard about what had happened from Watson. Kaito wanted to see her, but he was afraid that if he left Saguru's side the half-Brit would somehow slip away from him. She came to see him eventually though. When his mother opened the door she took one long look at him before enveloping him in a hug. She was careful not to jar his hand that was holding on to Saguru's limp one as if it were a lifeline.

"Oh sweetie," she whispered. "How long?"

Kaito sighed shakily. Of course she knew after only one look. She was his mother after all and knew him better than anyone.

"…A month I think," he whispered. "We only just started seeing each other last week after that night we went to Osaka, but tonight… oh God… tonight was supposed to be our first actual date."

"Shh. Kai-chan, everything is going to be alright," his mother whispered. "Saguru-kun is a strong boy and he wouldn't dare leave you."

Kaito allowed the tears to come as he cried silently into his mother's shoulder as she held him. They remained like that for a few more moments before Watson came by again to check on her charge's condition. When she was done both women left him alone with Saguru again.

Another hour later sometime around three in the morning after Watson's most recent check Saguru finally woke up.


Kaito's head shot up and he leaned over to look at his boyfriend. Saguru's eyes were open tiredly, but they were open. Relief fell over him instantly.

"Saguru," he whispered as he brought his free hand up to cup his boyfriend's face. "How do you feel?"

"Like crap," Saguru grumbled. "I'll be fine though."

"…You've had worse," Kaito murmured. "Haven't you?"

"…Yeah," Saguru sighed.

"I saw the scars," Kaito whispered. "Saguru… what-!"

"It doesn't matter," Saguru cut him off quietly. "A lot of those scars are from a long time ago back when I was stupid and impulsive and not as well trained as I am now."

Kaito gulped, forcing back all his questions. With a sigh he lowered himself partially onto the bed and brought his face to rest in the crook of Saguru's neck and good shoulder, pressing into the soft skin if only just to smell his boyfriend's scent.

"…Kaa-san knows," he admitted. "She's home now. Took one look at me – at us – and knew instantly. I don't think she minds though. Seeing us together didn't faze her at all."

Saguru hummed in acknowledgement and Kaito couldn't help smiling as he felt the strong vibration it made in Saguru's throat. Neither of them talked after that and it wasn't long before both of them nodded off.

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