Chapter 1

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The full moon hide behind dark grey clouds, the midnight sky looking empty. The cool autumn wind blew leaves in small swirling patterns.

Atop the rooftops of Jump City a tall slender black figure leapt from building to building, a shredded cape behind it. As the figure leapt onto another building, it stopped short as a swirling black vortex of energy formed in front of him. Emerging from the void came a girl with eyes glowing white. She was donned in a white cape, with a black leotard. A red gemmed belt around her waist, a red gemstone on her 7th chakra, with unusual skin. This was a member of the legendary Titans, who were formed 5 years ago, and has been a pain in this man sides for 3 of those years.

"Give it up X." Raven hissed. The Thief scoffed, his synthesized voice coming through his white and red masked face.

"Not going to happen that easily Sunshine." The thief was losing his patience, and he knew the longer he talked with this women the faster the other Titans would find him. He crossed his large arms across his broad chest. A red X was on both his mask, and his black suit.

"Give back the Xenothium and you can walk." Red-X cocked an eyebrow underneath his mask.

"You'll let me walk? Wont bird boy disapprove?"

"I just want the Xenothium, and I'll give you a 30 second head start. I don't care if Robin screams and cries, I'm tired and I don't have time for a petty thief like you." Now she was just being insulting, A thief yes. Most definitely. But Petty? Absolutely not.

Red-X narrowed his white eyes.

"Piss off lady. I've gotta run." Red-X went to leap off of the building, but was blindsided as a knee high leather boot slammed into his side. He quickly regained himself and landed on his feet, crouched low with his hand in front of him.

"You Don't want to do this Sunshine. I'd back off if I were you." He growled.

"Oh? Don't like it rough X? I'm disappointed." Raven smirked underneath her hood. Red-X felt his own eyes widen for only a moment before he found himself smirking.

"You couldn't handle me even if you tried." This time, it was Raven who was taken aback. Her white eyes faded into beautiful Azure. Red had always found himself mesmerized by those eyes. But, before she could make another move and lifted his grey gloved hand and shot a red 'x' beam out of his palm and towards Raven.

The Empath barely had time to leap out of the way. Red-X was on her in an instant. As she got to her feet she barely had enough time to block a kick to the face. She ducked, and Red missed her by a long shot.

He spun around, arcing his heel in the air. Raven blocked it with her forearm and shot her own leg out to trip him. Red jumped back.

"Not bad. Been training with Bird boy?"

"Impressed?" Raven let out a double punch combo, but X dodged one and blocked the other.

"Very." His voice was suggestive, to what nobody knew but him.

Raven levitated into the air and did a roundhouse kick. X caught her leg mid-air and winked a white eye at the empath who in turn gasped. He jerked her body downwards, slamming her into the hard concrete of the rooftop. She gave an 'oof' and then found herself being pinned by the mysterious man. His hands found her wrists, and his legs were on each side. He studied her for a moment, and noticed she was absolutely gorgeous. Curves where they needed to be, and flat where it should be. Though she was small, grey, and violet hair Red-x found himself… Attracted to her.

Secretly, Red-X enjoyed this position. He smiled to himself, he would enjoy messing with the empath.

"So, you think you can handle me?" Red's voice dropped low, through the synthesized voice Raven could hear how much lust filled his words. She felt a chill run up her spine, and her navel grew hot.

Part of her enjoyed being in this position… She just swallowed. Red-X dropped his masked face next to her ear, Raven could feel his breath come through the slits in his mask and tickle her ear.

"Are you really ready for this?" He whispered, not a hint of a electronic voice. Raven's small form shuddered underneath him. Her mind was turning a million miles a minute, and she couldn't seem to focus on anything except the fact that this man was on top of her. She could feel him emotions, she knew what he wanted.

But then, it all changed. His lust was replaced, He was now… Calm and relaxed.

A chuckle came from his throat, his Synthesized voice now back in full.

"I didn't think so. See you around Sunshine, I look forward to see you again." His white eyes met hers, and he winked before his body suddenly shimmered out of sight leaving Raven on that building alone.

DAMMIT! How could I be so stupid!? Raven shouted at herself as she flew back towards Titan's tower. The team was already gathered there, all waiting for her.

Raven knew what was happening, she had Red-X in the palm of her hand and then suddenly everything switched and she was the one in his hand.

She felt inferior, vulnerable, and pathetic. She WANTED him to touch her. She WANTED to lose herself in the moment and that's what's pissing her off so bad now. She could have easily taken him by herself, and he'd be in jail right now.

But now, She had been weak and let her emotions take control. The fact that this… Petty thief ignited her body and stirred her emotions so easily both disturbed and intrigued her.

Raven was a hero, she was a Titan. She was meant to do good and has been doing so for years. Ever since the defeat of Trigon, her sense of danger has been well… gone. But when that dammed thief came around, it was like she was 13 all over again. Begging for mystery, desiring a sense of danger or a thrill.

No, 5 years ago it didn't happen and now it wont either.

Raven refused to let herself get all hot and heavy for this man.

This man she didn't even know besides the crimes he committed.

Raven phased through Titan's tower and melted out of the wall in the main room. Beast Boy and Cyborg were sitting on the couch, Starfire in the Kitchen and Robin listen to his music. Raven smiled at her team, her family.

Cyborg looked the same as before, though he was taller now. Beast boy was no longer lanky but filled out nicely. His green hair still short. The Changeling was fairly attractive now. Robin was in his Nightwing costume, the only reason the team called him 'Robin' was because they were family. His gelled hair was spiked in its usual mass. Starfire was the perfect women, she was curves all around with long lustrous red hair.

All eyes turned to Raven.

"Where have you been?" Robin asked.

"Searching for X. I lost him somewhere down town." Of Course Raven didn't say anything. She would rather deal with Robin's wrath some other night.

"Oh, well he'll turn up eventually. He only took one vial of Xenothium, so he'll come out of hiding again soon." Robin shrugged.

"We should all get some rest. Training is tomorrow and I really rather now hear everyone complain the whole time." Raven didn't need to be told twice.

She said her goodnights, and phased through the floor and reappeared in her sanctuary. Her room was the same, minus a few creepy items.

The dark purple shaggy carpet, with the round bed. Oak book shelves with hundreds of books lined up in each one. Her vanity was pushed up against a wall, opposite from the large floor to ceiling window. Her meditation mirror was next to her bed perched on her nightstand. Thick purple curtains were tightly sealed shut and Raven unclasped her white cloak.

It fell to the floor and Raven tossed it down the laundry chute. She unzipped her knee high white boots and placed them next to her old elf-boots that she wore more often than you'd think. Unzipping her leotard, she shimmed out of it and walked over to her dresser. Changing a pair of sweats and a spaghetti strap tank top she crawled under her cool silk sheets and her body instantly relaxed.

She prayed to Azar that she would have no Nightmares tonight.

They came every day before the defeat of Trigon, but afterwards they still plagued her some nights. Her Demon half still existed (Though it was… Tame.) and it still gave her nightmares once in a blue moon.

Curling into a ball and turning onto her side, Raven's mind went to a certain criminal.

How could she be thinking about him? It was wrong, she was a hero and it was her duty to protect the city from people like him. Yet Raven couldn't shake the feeling that maybe, he was just on the wrong path and that he needed a little guidance in the right direction.

Raven snorted to herself.

Who was she kidding? He was a criminal, and the next time they met… she'd make sure he goes to jail.

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