Chapter 2

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Red-X Clutched his chest as he teleported into his apartment. He wheezed for oxygen, his lungs sounding as if water was in them.

Thump-Thump His heart pounded harder in his chest.

Thump-Thump his insides felt as if they were being torn apart. His vision grew blurry through the white mask. His hands shaky, he reached back and pulled the spandex mask off his head. A mop of black hair was short, and frizzy. His skin was pale. He took in a deep breath of air.

Thump-Thump He needed to get to his bathroom. As he took a step forward, a sharp pain stabbed into his side. He gasped, but gripped onto the granite counter top as he shuffled his way into the hall way.

Thump-Thump his knees shook violently, but he shuffled on. A few more agonizing steps later, he came into the bathroom. Turning the light on he opened the cupboard, his free hand shooting out and knocking over various medicines searching for one item.

Oh god… it wasn't in here!

Never before has he been more afraid.

Thump-Thump Where was it? He searched some more, but it was gone.

"Dammit!" He cried.

Thump-Thump He coughed, and blood sprayed out of his mouth. It was then that he remembered he moved it into his safe in his room. His spandex gloves gripped the doorframe and he limped across the hall. His body was in a cold sweat now, his vision faded in, and then out. Just as he stepped into his room, his knees finally gave and he collapsed to the floor.

Thump-Thump This was it.

Thump-Thump But he has to see her again.

Thump-Thump He has to get to know her.

Thump… Thump. He sent a silent prayer to whichever god that was listening.

No, He would not die today. Grunting, he started to drag his broken body across the hardwood floors. The Safe was right in front of him. He inched closer.

Thump-Thump only a foot away.

Thump-Thump 6 inches.

Thump-Thump He reached his arm out and pressed in a combo on the safe. It beep at him, a red light popping up on the small blue screen. He was beginning to feel hopeless now.

Thump-Thump He tried again, but that red light told him his fate.

Dammit! His hands were shaking horribly, his vision was awful. He took in another deep breath, but coughed up blood after. Again, he poked in a number combo.

The Safe beeped, and a green light popped on the screen as the titanium door swung open.

He has never been happier to see that tiny blue vial. The bright blue liquid was glowing brightly, and it was his salvation.

With trembling fingers, he grasped one and put it towards his mouth. Putting the cap between his teeth, he tore it off and down the bright blue liquid.

It burned down his throat, setting his veins on fire.

Red-X screamed in agony as the serum pumped through his veins, clearing up the Xenothium. He coughed, and this time no blood came from his lungs.

He could breathe easier, his side stopped hurting and his vision cleared.

Red-X sighed as he laid on his back.

Too close. He rose to his feet and sat on his king sized bed. He looked down at his suit, at his darkest joy and his horrible curse.

Every time he used the suit, it brought him closer to death. 2 years ago, it had happened to him. He disappeared off the face of the earth to get his body back in health.

But now? It was more addicting than ever.

There had to be another way, there had to be a way for him to use the suit and not get sick as he did so.

And there was only one person who would have the answer. With his mask still in his hand, he pulled it back over his head and clicked on the voice distorter.

He grabbed two more vials of bright blue liquid and then kicked the titanium door shut.

With his suit powered up by the Xenothium his finger touched the red x on his belt.

It was an abandoned observatory, one that had been a reminisce of a battle so long ago. Char marks were still on the walls, red goo littered the floor along with outlines of bodies.

Red-X showed up in the center of the building, and raised a black eyebrow underneath his mask.
Chang needed to fix this place up.

"What do you want Thief?" the Professors voice was older, and the feeble man walked out of the shadows. His hair was silver, the aging on his skin more defiant. He walked with a cane, but still had the 'mad scientist' swag.

Red-X didn't speak. Chang walked up to him and stuck his wrinkled face in his. He sniffed, and then examined Red's body.

"If I'm correct, you are looking for a alternant way to power the suit yes?" The Thief nodded.

"well, too bad for you if can't be done. Xenothium is the only element strong enough to do so." Change went to walk away. Red-X's hand shot out and grasped the man by the collar.

"Don't lie to be Chang, I know there is another way. You're going to find it for me, understand?" The old Chinese man scoffed

"What makes you think I'll help you?" He swiveled his head back. X Smirked

He always came prepared.

"If you don't help me, I'll let Slade now where you've been cowering. We both know he isn't happy with how you betrayed him last time." Red's voice was in a sneer, and he found himself smiling as fear filled the old man's eyes.

Oh he did take pleasure in seeing people squirm.
"You're bluffing."

"I never bluff." Chang bit his lip, and then finally sighed

"I'll help you. I don't know what element can do such a thing, but I will find one." Relief filled Red's body, though he didn't show it.

"Good boy. Work quietly, and work quickly. I'll be back next week to check on you." Red released the mans collar, and went to shimmer away when Chang's voice stopped him

"Red-X, I would be careful using the suit. The more you use it, the faster your body deteriorates, and soon you'll be consuming that serum of yours 3 times a day. And I don't get another shipment until next month." Chang grinned. Red felt his anger flare, his shoulders tensed. But instead of acting on it, he pressed the Red-x on his belt shimmering out of site once again. Change grinned as the boy left.

What a fool he was, all Chang had to do was wait him out.

With a laugh, the old man turned and disappeared in the shadows.