Chapter 3

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Raven gasped for air as she wiped a pale hand across her sweaty forehead. Her feet clapped against the treadmill as she continued her run. Her purple ponytail smacked the back of her neck with every stroke. Raven was fantastic at her magic, almost as fast as Starfire, and had more stamina when it came to her powers.

However... She was still out of shape when it came to physical stuff.

So, she started to train harder with Robin. He had to work 10x as hard, because he had no powers.

"Keep running for 15 more minutes and then meet me on the mats." Robin said as he walked by her. Raven resisted the urge to growl, she was tired and her legs hurt. All she wanted to do was fly. The thought was tempting…

As she finished up the last 15 minutes she wiped her forehead with a towel, and then drank a gallon of water before shuffling her feet towards the mats.

She hated this.

"Alright, remember what I taught you last week? Use that training now. It's sparring time!" Robin smirked. Raven sighed. She'd get her ass kicked. She lifted her hands lazily in front of her face and took a deep breath. Robin matched her, and the two stood still for quiet sometime.

Suddenly Robin roared and shot at her with lightning fast speed. She moved her head to the left, barely dodging a punch. She threw out three quick jabs, but each one was dodged. Robin threw a lazy punch, pulling Raven's attention.

Suddenly images of the night before flashed threw her mind, Red-X had shot an energy beam towards her, using it to distract her long enough to get a good kick in.

Raven changed her attention onto Robin's leg lifting from the ground. Raven gripped his ankle and twisted, his whole body followed. He landed with his hands on the ground and yanked his ankle away from her grasp before flipping gracefully over. He landed on his feet, and turned to look at her. He smiled, before leaping into the air to deliver a round-house kick.

Raven remember the battle from last night, and realized what she should have done.

Instead of ducking, she went into a cartwheel, her calf's slamming into Robins, and throwing him completely of balance. He landed on the ground with a thud, and rubbed his ass.

"Not Bad Raven." He grimaced as he stood again. Raven smiled.

Guess Red-X was good for something.

Red lights suddenly flashed, and sirens blared in the small training room. Robin flipped open his communicator, and growled

"Red-X." He said. Raven tensed. Like the mere thought of this guy made him pop up. She shook her head.

"No time to change, he's robbing the national bank!" Robin ordered. Raven looked down her body, sweat pants, track shoes, and a black tank top. She opened her mouth to speak, but clamped it shut when Robin rushed out of the mat room. Raven sighed and flew after him

Still sweaty and smelly, the titans arrived sometime later in front of a smoking building.

Explosives? Raven thought. He never uses Explosives.

"Starfire, Beast boy, check for injured. Cyborg, Raven, you're with me. Lets find this bastard." Robin growled. The titans nodded, and Raven followed behind Cyborg and Robin. They turned down an alleyway, and were heading towards what Raven thought would be the back entrance to the bank.

She heard something shuffle behind her, and she slowed her flying speed. She checked behind her, but only saw steam rolling from vents in the ground. She furrowed her brow, and turned back around only to come face to face with a white skull mask.

She screamed in shock, and felt two large hands grip her biceps.

"Raven!" Robin's voice cried out.

But before he could reach them, she felt her body being ripped apart and then thrown back together as she was dumped out on a sandy beach. Raven coughed as sand jumped up her nostrils. She shook her head, and then realization kicked in and she pulled her lips back in a snarl. She whirled around to shout at Red-X, but was stopped short as she saw him crumbled on the ground, wheezing.

"X?" She asked, concern in her eyes. He reached out towards her, his limbs shaking, his white eyes wide and pleading.

"Please…" It was barely a whisper. Raven couldn't let him die, criminal or no, He didn't deserve a death like this. Shuddering on the sandy beaches of jump.

Raven swallowed, and slowly crawled over to his shaking form.

"Hold still." She instructed. Raven pushed him on his back, and his gloved hand found her knee, squeezing it tightly. She let her own hands hover over his chest, and she took in a deep breath.

Light blue energy started to hum around her hands, and she felt it pull her down to his chest. As her skin touched his spandex, she was pulled inside of his body, seeing what the problem was.

His heart was sputtering wildly, blood spill everywhere except his own veins. Crystalized red goo clung to his lungs and his muscles, and seemed to be surrounding his heart.

With every breath, the red crystals glowed.

With every beat, it constricted.

And with every twitch of his muscles, it spread.

Raven shuddered, and then released the cool energy in her hands and into his body. She pulled her mind's eye away from his insides and opened her azure eyes to see him.

He stopped shaking, and his breathing was starting to become even. She could still hear his heartbeat in her ears, it was still wrong, but it did beat a little more normally than before. She felt his muscles relax, but that was all she felt.

Raven was an experienced healer, she could pick out even the tiniest of problems.

But with red, it was different. She couldn't feel that awful stuff that was poisoning his body.

She heard him sigh, and she stopped her healing. She was already starting to feel tired

"Thank you." He whispered. Raven swallowed.

"What's… what's wrong with you Red?" She asked. He didn't answer, he only looked at her. It was only then that she became self conscious of her stinky outfit.

She swallowed a nervous lump

"I saw that… stuff that was in your body. It was everywhere… what is it?"

"Xenothium." He said curtly. His voice distorter was shut off, and she could hear his REAL voice.

A slight Irish accent. Barely noticeable if you weren't looking for it. His voice was deep, husky, and full of pain. Raven winced. Red-X went to sit up, but suddenly he grabbed his side and gasped.

"I need to get home… I need to balance out the effects. Your healing did save my life, but it didn't do much else." He went to press the red x on his belt, but Raven's hand stopped him.

"If Xenothium is killing you, then I don't want you to use it. I'll take you." Red-X cocked an eyebrow, though Raven couldn't see it.

"Though your concern fills me with warmth, I don't want to show you to my secret lair." Raven rolled her eyes.

"I'll just take you to your block, where you go from there I don't care. And no, I won't follow." Raven grabbed his hand tightly.

"Corner of 34th street." Raven took a deep breath, and felt the familiar chilling energy encase her body. She felt herself fly through time and space, and when she opened her eyes, she was standing on the corner of 34th street, Red-X next to her.

"Thanks for the lift." He said.

What are you doing Raven! He's a criminal! Get him! The heroine screamed.

He's a dying man. He shouldn't spend his last days in a prison cell. Mercy countered. The thought made Raven frown. She shook her head.

"Till next time X. Can't wait to dance with you again." She smirked. Red-X chuckled, his voice distorted.

"Soon sunshine. Soon." Raven turned away, and took to the skies. Red-X smiled softly, and then limped his way to his apartment.

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