A/N: I'm sorry for the false alarm darlings, but something has seriously been bugging me, and I need some opinions!

First off!: I love my Red-X and Raven fan fiction, don't get me wrong here, however! I feel like I should do a COMPLETE plot twist and throw something in that well, hasn't been done in Teen Titan fiction (Not that I know of at least) Can't tell you what that something is... Cause it'd ruin the purpose! But in order for me to do my brand new idea, I would have to start over the whole story.

Red-X will still suffer from being poisoned, and Raven will still fall for him, that wont change. Other things might though, liikkeee... maybe important characters dying? (Scared yet?)

I need to know not only if you want me to just stick with this story, (Which will take long updates. I'm sorry, Red-X and Raven is really hard to write) or If I should try my new idea, the story will still be Dark, Sexy, Bloody, and FULL of lust I would just need to restart..

So please my faithful fans, HELP ME!

I need to know what it is YOU want. And if you would like me to post a first chapter of my new idea as well, I can do that.

I await your ideas.