Allen woke up with a start. Though he was awake, he kept his eyes closed, not wanting to get up. The bed was soft and warm and just soo comfortable.

Not to mention the fact that the figure lying next to him was Kanda. "Kanda?" He asked softly, rolling towards him. He wrapped his arms around Kanda's chest. "Are you awake?"


Allen chuckled. That was fast. "Sleeping people don't talk, Kanda."

Kanda said something, but Allen wasn't listening. Even with his eyes closed, his mind was screaming that something about Kanda was off. He seemed... smaller. There was no way Kanda could have shrunk, right? It's just your imagination, he lied to himself without conviction. He'd spent enough time with Kanda in bed and had learnt and memorized how his body felt just with his hands.

Wait a minute...

What happened to Kanda's hair? Why was it so rough? Why was it so short?

Immediately, Allen's eyes flew open. He expected to see Kanda's long beautiful hair in front of hair, but no.

His hair was short.

And it was white.

"Kanda!" he exclaimed. He sat up. Unfortunately, he'd forgotten that his arms were wrapped around him, and Kanda was dragged up along with him too.

Kanda's muscles tensed as he opened his eyes, ready to . Beansprout had sounded as if he'd seen several akuma in his room. But there was nothing in front of him.

Great. He'd woken up for nothing. What a waste of his effort. "What the fuck do you want beansprout? Why do you have to be so fuckin' noisy all the t-" Kanda's words were cut off as he spun around to look at Allen.

The two of them gaped at each other for what seemed like a very long while. "Moyashi... I know I have a pretty ass and all, but why the hell so you look like me? What the fuck did you do to yourself?"

"I look like you? What are you talking about? You're the one who- Oh crap." Allen said as he looked at his left arm. It was no longer black. It was just... It was just a normal hand. "Where did my innocence go?" he asked Kanda, who had already gotten out of bed and was pulling his clothes on.

Allen followed suit and they dashed out of the room together, to the toilets where there would be mirrors. He could hear Kanda muttering "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. No this cannot be happening. This must be some stupid nightmare."

The two of them flung the toilet doors open and rushed over to the sinks.

One glance, confirmed their fears. "Crap, argh!" as expected, Kanda was cursing everything possible. Allen stared at his reflection. An image of Kanda stared back at him. The Kanda in the mirror had the same shocked and confused face he had of his face. Both were expressions that weren't really seen on the man's face. "Kanda? I think that somehow we switched bodies."

"Isn't that obvious?" The Allen next to him might as well have been an exploding volcano. He watched as his right arm flew closer to the mirror. The fist and the mirror collided, and a little crack formed on the mirror, around the fist.

Ouch. Allen winced.

"You're such a weak little maggot, beansprout. If I'd punched it, this mirror would've been reduced to dust. Fuck, why the hell did this happen?!" There was no answer. Allen was still staring at him, trying to get used to the fact that it was Kanda's voice coming out his mouth.

"Well... what do you think we should do? Should we tell someone about this? I don't think this is something we can resolve by ourselves. How about... Jonny? He's a smart guy. He might be able to help us."

"Whatever, Moyashi. You're the one who got us into this mess. You better get us out of it." Kanda was still snarling.

Allen sighed. Since when was this my fault? I didn't do anything. But this was Kanda. As long as anything happened to the two of them, he would be blamed. That was Kanda's way.

"Let's go find him then," he said, walking out of the door. "He should be in the science department."