It was Christmas Day. It was snowing already, and the children were having fun in the white fluff, making snow angels and partaking in snowball fights. And of course, the most famous guild in the country of Magnolia stirred with excitement too.

A huge tree sat right in the middle of the guild's headquarters, complete with baubles,fairy lights and a huge, twinkling star in the shape of the guild's logo, Fairy Tail. The outside of the guild was decorated with tinsel and bright lights in red and green, lightly layered upon by fresh snow.

However, inside the guild, the guildmembers were anything BUT festive. 'Feisty' was a better word to describe them.

Bodies were flying, tables were flipped and scores of weapons were impaled in the wall behind the tree. And as usual, Natsu was on one of the tables having a full-out battle with Gray, Juvia silently rooting for her precious "Gray-sama" in the background. All around them, other small scuffles were breaking out, while a worried Mirajane and guild master Makarov watched on.

All of a sudden, the door flew open. Lyon, Sherrie, Yuka and Toby marched in, Lyon carrying a large, suspicious-looking sack over his shoulder. What's this, a showdown? Kidnapping? Body dumping?

"What do you want?" Natsu asked threateningly, momentarily forgetting his battle with Gray. All around the room, injured members staggered to their feet, glaring at the intruders. Mirajane took the chance to tend to the frozen, burnt, shot, stabbed and overall traumatised furniture.

"On behalf of Lamia Scale, we would like to wish Fairy Tail..." Lyon announced, setting the large bag down on the table,

"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" they sang, throwing open the bag to reveal a large pile of beautifully-wrapped presents. The Fairy Tail guild members went slack-jawed in shock.

'Are you kidding me...?' Natsu thought to himself.

Was this a joke? Or a weapon hidden in the pile of presents?

"As a show of goodwill from my guild to yours, Lamia Scale would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, and we hope to progress into the new year as allies." Lyon finished.

"And of course, I have a personal present for the lovely Juvia, specially picked out by me of course," Lyon winked at Juvia, pulling out a large diamond ring and slipping it onto her ring finger, then delicately kissed her long fingers.

The Fairy Tail members all sighed in exasperation. They should have known. Lyon was just tying to hit on Juvia! And in their own headquarters no less.

All of a sudden, their romantic exchange was interrupted by the least expected person. "What do you think you're doing, barging in uninvited, making some grand announcement with your stupid presents, then hitting on our guild member right in our own headquarters? Who knows, the ring might even be made of ice!" Gray raged, glaring at Lyon, before dragging Juvia behind him.

"Gray-sama..." Juvia looked up at her idol, awe and admiration shining in her deep blue eyes.

Lyon huffed. "The ring is pure diamond, Gray. And since when did you care so much anyway? Unless... Are you... Jealous?" Lyon looked slyly at Gray, his eyebrows raised. Juvia felt like all her unanswered prayers were finally coming true. He was jealous!

"Im not... I don't... Fine! Have it your way! And I don't care about you and Juvia! Just don't exploit your relationship in our guild!" Gray scoffed, turning around and marching out of the door. He didn't notice his shirt and pants was on the guild floor as his walked out into the cold.

Lyon stared after him, then shrugged and back to Juvia. "Ignore him. Let's get back to business, shall we? I promise I'll make you happy for the rest of your life," Lyon gave Juvia the most alluring look he could muster.

Juvia didn't hear a single word he said. Could it be that the reason Gray-sama didn't like her was because he thought she was in a relationship with Lyon?!