Chap 4: Hentais and Ice Battles

Summary: Finally! A showdown between Lyon and Gray for Juvia! Quite out-of-character for Gray's part.

A/n: The last chapter! Fun but tiring to rush this before 00:00 XD The confession I hope you've all been waiting for :3

It was late evening when Lyon and Juvia reached the centre of the town square, where a huge, tall, elaborately-decorated Christmas tree stood, and strings of mistletoe were hung up all around the square, when Gray suddenly came charging towards them.

"LYON!" Gray roared. "Let's have a battle for Juvia! Right here, right now."

Lyon just gaped at him in shock. Finally, having recovered his voice, he stuttered, "Wh... what? Gray, is that you? And why are you dressed like a dustbin?"

"Doesn't matter, Lyon! But give Juvia back to me. It's obvious she doesn't love you!"

Now Lyon was pissed. "What are you talking about, Gray?!" he yelled back. "I thought you said you didn't like her!"

By then, many passerbys had started to gather around them, many whispering about and taking photos of the couple talking to a hentai dressed as a dustbin.

Gray looked at Juvia. "I used to think I didn't like you, but I was wrong. My ego prevented me from seeing that the one I truly loved was you, Juvia, and no one else. I'm just sorry for not realizing that sooner." Gray raised his voice a little. "But now, I'm gonna fight this bastard to get you back if I have to. I will prove my love to you, Juvia!"

"What did you just say?! If you want to fight me, so be it! But I promise you Gray, I won't lose to a girlfriend-stealing lowlife like you!" Lyon raised his arms and placed them into the stance he used for his "Ice-make" magic.

"Oh, so now we're getting serious. But I will get Juvia back. She doesn't deserve a pathetic loser like you, who makes empty promises and is so full of himself he can't see that the girl he likes doesn't like him back!" Gray sneered, going into the same stance Lyon was in.

Lyon was livid with anger, his face red from anger and embarrassment for being insulted in front of so many people. "We'll see about that'" he growled, "but take off that ridiculous outfit first. I'll never live it down if I was seen fighting a dustbin."

Gray scoffed. "Doesn't matter," he said, "I'll defeat you anyway. You ready?"

In unison, they shouted, "Ice Make-!", both tearing off their clothes at the same time.

Juvia felt like she was in a dream. Gray was in love with her! She felt like flying, or floating, or doing something equally impossible. She was so caught up in her own daydreams that she didn't notice Gray and Lyon fighting right in front of her…

Ice Make: Hammer!" Gray yelled. He swung his arm down in an arc to bring the large ice hammer down on Lyon.

Lyon dodged it, and rolling into a crouching position, he put one fist one his other palm and shouted, "Ice Make: Ape!" A giant, greenish-blue ape appeared and attempted to smash Gray with an enormous fist, who blocked it with an "Ice Make: Shield!", then destroyed the gorilla with spears made from ice.

Next, Gray attacked Lyon with his Ice Geyser, but Lyon jumped away in the nick of time, sending an ice-eagle at Gray. Gray smashed it with another hammer, and dodged another ice-dragon Lyon sent at him in quick succession.

Using "Ice Make: Prison!" Gray slammed a large cage made of ice over Lyon. "It's over now. Admit defeat and accept that Juvia wants me and not you," Gray stated.

Lyon grinned. "Just because you trapped me with this once before, doesn't mean you can trap me again. I won't fall for the same trick twice, Gray. Ice-Make: Puffer Fish!" A huge turquoise puffer fish rammed itself into the bars of the ice cage, shattering it into a million pieces.

Shocked, Gray leaped back, just as Lyon encased his hand in ice, shaped like a wolf, and started furiously attacking Gray. All around them were smashed fountains, smoking holes in the pillars, and strings of mistletoe lay trampled and forgotten on the ground. Miraculously, the Christmas tree in the middle of the square was still unharmed.

It was nighttime by the time Juvia snapped out of her daydream and noticed that Lyon and Gray were fighting. Over… Me? She thought breathlessly. The lights decorating the Christmas tree and the rest of the town had been lit already, making the square a breathtakingly beautiful scene to look at.

… If not for the two half-naked teens fighting in front of said Christmas tree, amidst the shards of ice and smoking holes strewn all over the town square.

The people who had stopped to watch the fight were all in a panic, trying to avoid being hit by their attacks or the resulting flying shards of ice. The rest were still ogling at the two teens wearing only their boxers, fighting in negative degree temperatures on the night of Christmas Eve. Juvia decided that they were causing too much damage to their surroundings, and to innocent civilians as well, and moved to stop the fight. She was touched that the two men were fighting over her, but her heart would forever still belong to Gray-sama.

"Stop!" she cried, just as Lyon and Gray were about to punch each other in the face- they had stopped using their ice magic, and resorted to a childish fistfight.

"Lyon…san," Juvia decided to address him as that, "I appreciate that you've spent such an effort to give me a memorable Christmas, but… I cant accept this ring," she murmured, pulling off the diamond ring that he had given her this morning and handing it back to him. Lyon accepted the ring without a word.

"After today, after seeing you two fight, I've realized now, more than ever… That my heart is Gray-sama's, and no one else's," Juvia smiled at him.

Lyon stared at her in shock, then cleared his throat. "If… If it's Juvia-chan's wish, then I shall abide by it," he announced grudgingly.

"Take care of her," he warned Gray, before stalking off back to Fairy Tail, hoping that he would be able to leave quietly and that none of the Fairy Tail members would ask him why he didn't come back with Juvia.

After Lyon left, Gray turned to Juvia. "Ju… Juvia? Did you mean what you said? That your heart still belongs to me?"

"It does, Gray-sama." Juvia looked up at him, hope and adoration shining in the deep blue eyes he had come to love so much.

"I'm sorry, Juvia," Gray whispered. "I shouldn't have taken so long to realize." He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her towards him. Then he bent his head to whisper in her ear, his breath tickling her neck, "I won't let you go ever again, I promise."

At that moment, the fireworks that were lit every year to celebrate the last holiday of the season went off, causing them to momentarily jump apart in shock. Then they smiled and moved into each other's embrace again. Gray grinned at her, then slowly, almost nervously bent his head down again, their lips moving closer to the other, inch by inch.

And among the destruction and rubble all around them, a single string of mistletoe, which, by perhaps the hand of Fate, had survived the epic battle only moments before hanging above their heads, their lips met in a kiss in front of the Christmas tree, the lights shining on their faces creating a halo around them, the perfect ending to the perfect Christmas.

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