Hello! So this story is going to be a little different. I am yet to write a Hunter Clarington fanfic but, I think like many, I have fallen for the charms of the new Warbler captain. This story is a little far-fetched and will only continue as long as people are interested. This is my - I can't keep track - Glee story and I hope that you enjoy it!

This story will look at why Hunter really came to Dalton, his story of being given the scholarship being a lie (in the story) and the boys find out what really happened. For the first few chapters, I hope to establish Hunter's character and write out the scenes that we have seen him in in Dynamic Duets, while the boys find out the truth in the background.

I hope you enjoy it. Obviously, I don't own any characters or songs or whatever that you recognise. This story is dedicated to my incredible friends Magic Of Every Kind and SilverThornFeather as well as my dedicated reader nomorecandles who I apologise profusely to for ending Uniform. Magic has written several awesome stories for both The Avengers, Ratchett and Clank and Merlin. If, like me, you are mourning the loss of a fandom in the last episode of Merlin being aired yesterday evening (way to ruin Christmas BBC!), I would highly recommend her. She is MEGA talented at writing and mark my words, you will see her name on book covers soon!

Also, the quote at the beginning isn't actually a Hunter quote, the story began in the first person and I liked the beginning so much that I decided to keep it. I have a plan for there to be a 'quote' at the beginning of each chapter!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it and to all those who don't, enjoy the holiday!

Chapter 1

'Some say that animals, especially carnivores, can smell fear. They can smell when you are afraid, your most animalistic and raw emotions. I think it's the same with boys. They can sense what you are feeling, even your most complicated and buried emotions, ones you may not even know you are feeling.' – Hunter Clarington

He could see them all staring at him. He hated people staring at him unless he was in charge. He was definitely not in charge, and he hated it. There was a perfectly logical explanation for everyone staring at him. He was new. It wasn't exactly rocket science to work out why he was singled out as the new boy. He was the one kid in a combat army uniform in comparison to all the navy blue blazers and red piping. His backpack was hitched up on his back and he stared up at the rising building that was his new school: Dalton Academy School for Boys. He waited in anticipation, waited for the jeers and sneers at standing out in the crowd. But they didn't come. Sure there were a few glances but they were curious rather than accusatory.

"Hey." The word came, the sharp tone that he had been anticipating, was finally audible.

He turned to see a light-brown haired boy of his age striding towards him, a confident smirk on his face. Perhaps he could relax, but something inside him made him stop. Maybe it was the years of training and trials that meant he immediately frowned, adopted a defensive stance and put his bag down slowly, not wanting to have his hands full if he was going to be attacked.

"Yeah?" He asked accusingly. He didn't mean to be so defensive but it was instinctive.

The boy put his hands up in mock defence. "Hey don't worry. You must be our newest transfer, Hunter Clarington."

Hunter looked at the boy in front of him, analysing everything as he had been trained to do. The boy was clearly relaxed, his shoulders back and posture good but he was leaning slightly on one foot and the folded arms were more of a natural stance than a defensive move. Politely, he took off his cap and nodded.

"That's me. Senior and former captain of the show choir at my last school. That is why I am here."

The boy frowned momentarily. "I don't think I understand your last statement fully but I am sure I will in time." He extended his right hand straight towards Hunter. "Sebastian Smythe, senior, deputy head boy and captain of the Warblers. The latter being our show choir here."

Hunter nodded, it was fortunate indeed that he had run into Sebastian as the first person he met; it saved an awful lot of trouble. He took the hand and shook it firmly, admittedly feeling a little weird greeting as such, used to snapping a salute beforehand. He grabbed his rucksack and pulled a piece of paper from the top. "I've been told I'm in Room 412, do you know how to get there?"

Sebastian nodded. "Yeah, of course that make sense for you to be Trent's new neighbour." He started to walk towards the tall building and Hunter fell into step beside him. "All the seniors here are on the fourth floor but there's a lift to take you up there with all your stuff." He nodded to the large rucksack that Hunter had casually slung over his back. "Is that everything?"

His tone was questioning as well as curious and Hunter once more immediately fell back into defensive mode. "No, of course not. My folks are sending more of my stuff over in the next few days." He patted the bag slightly comfortingly. "There's a lot of stuff in there. Where I came from, you learn to put a lot of stuff into a small space." Sebastian nodded, slightly unsure how to respond. "So how have the Warblers done in recent years?" Hunter didn't particularly want to make conversation but he knew he had to if he wanted to put his past behind him.

Sebastian's smile grew, clearly the group meant a lot to him. "Last year we made it to Regionals and the same the year before that. I don't know much about that year or before that as I wasn't in the Warblers then."

Hunter raised an eyebrow. "So are you the only lead Warbler then? And Regionals is all you've ever made it to?"

"Hey," Sebastian retorted immediately, "the Warblers in my sophomore and junior years were amazing. We still are. We've just lost a couple of amazing voices though. I'm not the only lead, Nick Davis who rooms on the other side of Trent is also lead and we did have Blaine Anderson until he left Dalton to join his boyfriend at public at the end of last year." Hunter looked at him incredulously. "Tell me about it. It's gotta be one of the most stupid things he's done, like ever."

Hunter snorted. "I reckon with some persuasion he can come back." Hunter's brilliant and strategic mind was working fast. "What's the age difference between them?"

They had entered the building and Hunter tried not to look shocked at how impressive the inside of the building was. The main entrance hall was a large space with sofas lining the walls and a reception desk to one side. Boys were milling about and corridors lead off to different places all over the room. Sebastian was walking towards a large set of oak doors at the end of the room which Hunter deduced must lead to the room and he quickly caught up with the tall senior.

After a pause, Sebastian answered his question as they waited for the lift to come, Hunter being rather inclined to race Sebastian up to the fourth floor, he knew he would win even with all his gear, it wasn't that difficult. "Kurt has just graduated and Blaine is our age. I believe he wants join Kurt in New York once he graduates." He frowned as the doors opened and a few boys stepped out, nodding to Sebastian in respect and greeting. "Why do you ask? And what did you mean by you're here because of your last show choir?"

Hunter pursed his lips, not sure how to answer the question without making his first enemy. "It's something I need to discuss with all the Warblers. Would it be possible for me to audition and meet them?"

Although Hunter hadn't actually answered the question as fully as Sebastian would have liked, the latter decided to ignore this fact. He was a different guy, no more blackmail or assault or indeed a repeat of what had happened last year. "We have a meeting at 8pm tonight; I'll show you around and take you after dinner." The doors of the lift slid open and the two boys exited the lift, the corridor busy and many boys were milling about. "The senior corridor has its quiet periods but now, just after classes have been let out, is definitely not one of them. Don't worry, the guys are cool." He added as he saw a flicker of apprehension in Hunter's eyes. Suddenly he seemed to spot someone and called over the noise. "Hey Jeff!"

Hunter watched as a blonde haired boy turned and made his way through the crowd who had mostly fallen silent at the arrival of the two boys. The blonde boy had bright blue eyes and a wide, gracious smile. He high-fived Sebastian before grinning at the pair. "Hey Sebastian! You must be our newest transfer Hunter." He put his hand out politely. "I'm Jeff Rivers, head boy here and I think I've got the room opposite from you." Hunter nodded and took the hand, unsure of how to react to his piece of news.

"Hi, good to meet you." He stated lamely, so original.

Sebastian saved him in the awkward silence. "Hunter was captain of his last show choir and he wants to audition for the Warblers. I said we'd do it tonight." He informed Jeff who nodded eagerly.

"Brilliant! There are 14 of us at the moment; it would be good to have a fresh face around in the group." Jeff seemed to be genuinely excited about it as he nodded down the corridor. "Let me show you your room, 412 isn't it?"

Hunter nodded as the boys who had been watching started to talk again, a couple still slightly astonished at the sight of army uniform in Dalton halls. That hadn't been seen around for a while.

Jeff swiped the card on the lanyard he had around his neck on the buzzer by the oak door that had the brass numbers 412 on it. They could hear a click from behind the door and Jeff pushed the door open to reveal Hunter's room.

The room was far bigger than Hunter had been used to. All of a sudden, he had space and luxury. The double bed lined part of the right hand wall of the room and had thick duvets ad fluffy pillows that Hunter wanted to go and squeeze they looked so fluffy. He had a tall wardrobe and a huge chest of drawers covering part of the left wall, Hunter could bet that inside the furniture he would find his new uniform. There was a large mahogany desk at the back of the room with new textbooks and new paper, everything he needed for school life, next to a large bay window with a panoramic view over the Dalton grounds.

"So, what do you think?" Hunter had admittedly completely forgotten that Jeff and Sebastian were still there.

He turned sharply and nodded approvingly. "It's nice, really nice. Much better than my last place." He smiled at that and so did the two boys.

"What do you want to do?" Jeff asked. "We can grab your schedule tomorrow morning and dinner isn't for another hour. Do you want to come and meet some of the other boys, or stay and unpack? We don't want you to be on your own for the first few days so you get used to the place. It's totally your call though."

Hunter observed the two boys. From what he could hear, there was no malice, no spite, no sarcasm in what Jeff said. He seemed to genuinely want to be Hunter's friend. But the last time he had had a friend that had definitely not finished well.

He shrugged. "I think I'll unpack first if that's okay. I reckon I will need a couple of helping hands to work my way around the place later. Thank you Sebastian and Jeff."

The boys nodded. "We'll come back for you in let's say an hour?" Sebastian suggested.

Hunter shrugged and nodded. "Sounds good."

He didn't want to say anything else and the boys weren't going to press him for any other information. Silently, Jeff and Sebastian slipped back outside the room, closing the door on Hunter. "Thoughts?" Jeff asked after a moment, his eyes darting momentarily to the door that they had just closed.

Sebastian frowned. "Definitely straight."

Jeff rolled his eyes with a small smile on his face. "You would notice that thing first of all, wouldn't you Seb?"

Sebastian let a weak smirk pass over features before relapsing into a thoughtful expression. "But there's something I can't put my finger on. He said something earlier about the reason he was here was his show choir but it didn't make any sense. He won't go into any detail about it. And he's turned up in military uniform? What kind of school would have a military kit as their uniform?"

Jeff raised an eyebrow. "A military academy?" His raised eyebrows turned down into a frown. "Why would someone come from a military academy to here unless we had someone needing protection?"

They mused this for a moment. "I don't think it's that." Sebastian spoke after a moment as Nick and Trent joined them. "He's a defence. As soon as he heard my voice, he fell back into a defensive stance. I should know, I've used the same moves before. I don't think he's telling the truth."

"Who you talking about? The Hunter kid?" Trent asked innocently and Nick whacked him playfully over the head.

"No Trent, we're discussing the resident ghost Sir Nicholas De Mimsey-Porpington, the new ghost of the Dalton fourth floor."

"But he's – oh." Trent was about to complain at the fact that ghosts don't exist and point out the Harry Potter reference Nick had made before realising he was being teased. The three boys were grinning at him. "It was always worth checking you know. I agree with Sebastian though, he looks like a lost puppy, much like Blaine did when he arrived here." Nick and Jeff nodded, the three of them remembering Blaine joining them a semester into their freshman year.

"How do I hear the sacred name of our hallowed dearly departed?" A voice floated down the hallway they turned to see the Warblers' secret weapon in Jon Whitely, their resident beat box master.

Nick had to suppress a snort. "Blaine's only an hour drive away at another school, Jon. You make him sound like he's six feet under instead!"

The boy sauntered over to the group, messing up his hair as he usually did a wide smile on his face. "Well seeing as we haven't seen him in a while, you would have thought so quite frankly. When did we last see him?"

Nick raised an eyebrow. "Please don't tell me you've forgotten this summer?" He practically begged and Jon laughed.

"Are you freaking kidding me? How could I forget? This summer was awesome!" His grin was large and boys nodded in assent.

"Still, that does make it nearly six weeks since we've seen him." Trent sighed. "I reckon he needs a visit."

Jeff pursed his lips. "Let's see what we can do. Anyway, let's go over to my room and see what we can sort out."

And from behind the door, Hunter took his head off the door where he had been leaning again, quickly affixing his tie that he had been putting on when we had heard the name of the Gryffindor Tower ghost. He was glad to hear he wasn't the only Potterhead here, perhaps even some fellow Slytherins on Pottermore.

Casting the thought of Potter madness aside, Hunter mused about their potential finding. He had lied to Sebastian; he really did have that much in his backpack. Sure the whole thing of learning to pack small was true, but he hadn't packed much, he hadn't had time. It hadn't taken him more than a minute to get himself orientated in his room and putting what he had grabbed into various drawers and putting others on top of drawers and counters. He felt comfortable in his new uniform, the blazer was a perfect fit and he liked it much better than his military gear. Still, Hunter took off his cap and deftly detached the pin from the top before fixing it to his lapel. He couldn't lose his roots, not just yet.

Checking himself momentarily in the mirror to see if his hair was neat enough, Hunter turned and walked towards the door of his room. It was time to leave his past behind and start a new future, one that had no bullying in it and one that finally involved him being in control. He had to have control, and he had to have the best. And now, the best started with the Warblers and a certain seemingly Dalton legend.

Is anyone else on Pottermore? Don't you just LOVE it?! I'm a Ravenclaw, the smallest house and I kinda hazard a guess at Hunter being a Slytherin...What did you think?