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Yugi's POV ~ ~ ~

In was an unusually cold rainy September morning. Looking out the window, I see the city far below me. It looked like a tiny match box city from way up her, my new home, where my new life begins. A month has passed since that unfateful day. I ranned away from home, from my friends, my family, and especially from Him. I wonder if they are thinking about me know, as I think of them? Nah. I doubt that. They sure didn't when I was around. It was always Him. He who is my other, my darkness, my shadow. But know, it was I who was the Real shadow. I was always behind Him, following Him, looking from the back side. The more I thought of Him, the more I felt my self drowning, drowning in his shadow. I turned away from the window, trying to take my mind of Him and flopped on the leather sofa. Soon I was chuckling to myself, remembering How I got here in the First place. This in not only my "home" it is "our" home. Who would have thought the one who hated me, and the one who despised me, would be my comforter.

Memory Sequence ~ ~ ~

After feeling alone and unwanted for so long I think I found my strength to finally get up and leave. "No more broken hearts for me," I thought and grabbed by belongings stuffed in a bag and ran out, out in the cold night rain. I think I ran for hours, crying, not caring about the stares I was getting. Then suddenly I heard a familiar voice, exotic and soft. "Yugi-kun? What's wrong? Why are you crying? And why are you running?" I looked up and saw the tall mocha brown Egyptian. My pain was so great that I ran to him and hugged him, needing some kind of comfort, even from him. "Now ONE cares about ME!" I cried on his chest, and felt him suddenly stiffen and tense up, which only caused me to cry even more. But to my surprise, he hugged me back. "It's going to be alright. Let's get out of this rain and dry up okay?" I nodded meakly. And he showed me to his Penthouse up on a high building over looking the city below.

He lead me to an empty room and told me to wash up and put on some dry clothes which he left for me on the bed, a white polo short and a grey drawstring sweatpants. When I came out he had a hot coco ready for me and was sitting on the sofa flipping through the cannels for something decent to watch. And he turned to look at me, with those big pale lavender eyes. "Are you feeling better now?" "Yes." I replied back sniffling a little. "Now will you tell me what has caused you so much pain?" I stand there for awhile and sighed. "Well it went like this" And we stayed up all night, me telling him everything that had happened to for the past couple of months. When I finished talking he growled under his breath cursing probrably. "I can't believe he would forget you like that. All of them. And you were the One that Keep them together." I looked down, feeling the depression falling on me again, and suddenly looked up as I heard his next words. "If you like. You can stay here with me. It's a small place, but your welcome to it." I looked around. "Small! This place is as big as my place! But. I'll accept your offer. I really hadn't thought to where I would be living." "Good then. You can have that room I just showed you." "Thank you . . . Malik. It's really kind of you to offer." "No. No. After What I put you through. It's the best I can do to make up for what I have done." I smiled, finally feeling a ray of hope shining my way. "The past is the past. Let's start over and be . . . friends?" He looked at me, then I saw a flash of joy in his eyes? "Yes. Let's start over. Hello. My name is Malik Ishtar. It's nice to meet you." Giggling I answered back. "Hello to you to. My name is Yugi Moutou." And we laughed and joked all night until we got sleepy. "Good night Yugi." "Good night Malik." And we went to our seperate rooms.


That day was both a sad and happy day for me. But little did I know. Something was about to happen. And it was Unavoidable.


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