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Now on with the Ficcie! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Yugi, Ryou and Livana walked down the stairs together. Just chatting and getting along with each other until they found the perfect spot to have lunch.

Ryou had outdone himself again. Sandwiches, those tiny octopus sausages, some of his famous fried rice and pieces of chicken cutlets. And other little knick knacks.

They ignored the stares of guys and girls as they had their little picnic and chatted away.

Liv's POV ~~~

I watched as Yugi tells his pain to his other. Unknown to them all, this isn't the first time Yugi's other hurt him so. There was another time, a time forgotten by man. A time when the Earth was still pure and the stars can tell you your future. A time when Angels were living on Earth with man. Before the "Deception". I shook my head. I did not want to remember that now. It was to painful. His tears brought down the rain then, and he flooded the 'Garden' with his tears alone. It is always the Light that get hurt but it was also the Light that brought back Hope. How he cried then when he had his heart broken to bits, all because of what 'he' did. Seems now, he is getting his just punishment. And I, for one, am glad. I look up fearing that the Almighty One might strike me down with such a thought but nothing came. Phew. Safe for now.

Soon we were heading downstairs to eat outside. Yugi was running to a big tree waving at us. I smiled. He hasn't changed. Never thought I would miss him, but then again, we were 'family'. He is still the sunny young boy I remembered. Even if his heart was burning in turmoil. Just like the sun. Shining brightly to everyone yet inside a burning inferno of rage and pain. Ah. My little sunshine. How can I ease your pain. I suddenly snap back to reality when my little sunshine waves his hands at me.

"Liv? Livey? Earth to Livey. Are you in there Livey?" Yugi waved his hands in front of the spaced out girl.

I chuckled. "I'm here. Just remembering things."

"Oh. You miss home?"

"Hmm. Home. No. Family..."

"Your family is not with you?"

"No. My family is long gone."

"I'm so sorry Livey." Yugi starts to frown a little.

"Yugi. Don't cry for me. I have new friends now." And I smile sincerely to him. "You are like a little brother to me now. You and Ryou." I chuckled in spite of myself. When was the last time I laughed? Oh yes. My sunshine in one of his joking moods. And me trying rolling and crying from the hilarity.

Yugi hugged me tightly. How warm and comforting it was. So like my little sunshine. "We are your family now Livey. You don't have to worry no more." Then he smiled at me, one of his famous sunny smile. I can't help but smile back. "Let's have Lunch! I'm starved! Ohhh! You just have to try Ryou's fried rice! Their ggrrrreeaaattt! //Nyahahha! Eye of the tiger!//"

And so we enjoyed our meals. Talking and Laughing. Like the good old days. The good old days. How I miss it. How long has it been? Aeons? Angels has such a long life. Some of us gets tired and so we sleep. Or we. Become humans. Only a few did that. And my sunshine was one of them. Ahh. More memories. Need to stop.

Ryou stares at me. "Liv? Are you Hu..I mean okay?"

I stare. Did he know? That I wasn't human? 'He' was the All 'Seeing' One after all. "I'm fine Ryou. Just a bit tired. It is after all midnight now at my old home."

"Oh. Okay."

Hmm. Things might get a bit difficult. You can't hide nothing from the All Seeing One. Not then, and definitely not now either. And sunshine will feel the difference sooner or later. I needed a Host, and I need one quick. But where? I can't have them fear me before I can help them awaken to their true selves. Suddenly. I find the One whom I can share myself with. Interesting. My 'children' still lives. And on Earth no less.

"Rahshida-chan! Your back!" The two boys replied in glee.

Ryou's POV ~~~

We were eating and having fun at lunch when I noticed something about Livey. She seems to have an inner glow? A kind of beacon used on lighthouses, on and off on and off. Kind of what my Yami do when he is appearing out of his Ring and taking time to solidify before me. Is Livy a Yami? Or is she something else? I want to ask, but she looks so preoccupied and.....sad, no more like lonely and longing for someone or something? So I end up asking if she was okay. She said she was fine. But I can 'see' in her eyes. That she was shocked about something. Wonder what I said wrong? Oh. Here comes an old friend. Soon I am greeting a tall girl about my height, blond to almost silver hair in a ponytail wrapped in buns. And smooth chocolate skin

"Rahshida-chan! Your back!"

Here comes Rahshida! ~~~

A young girl in a odango styled ponytail came bouncing their way.

"Hiya guys! Long time no see!" She smiled and made herself comfortable with the two. "Oh. Whose girlfriend?"

"She's not my Girlfriend!" The two said out loud blushing.

"Hahahaha! You two look like tomatoes! Without the green top!" The girl named Rhashida rolled with laughter.

"I do not!" The both said together in unison.

"Hahaha! Just kidding! Just kidding! Sheesh. You two were always so uptight!"

"Rhashida-chan? When did you get back? To Tokyo." Ryou ask.

"Just this morning. I wanted to see you two so much I had to come as soon as I can. But I see now. That you two are okay. And I'm happy." Rhashida smiles at the both of them. Then looks at the other girl. "Oh. Excuse me. My name is Rhashida Shamar. Pleased to meet you."

"The pleasure is mine." Livana reached out hands to shake it. And to her surprise. Not only is she Lunarian. But of the Royal Blood. But how? They were killed off by the Dark Ones.

Rhashida's POV ~~~

I saw my old friends as I came trotting across the school yards. Hehehe. Nothing changed around here. They still eat at that same tree. As I look closer, I see them sitting with a girl? A girl? My two shy boys with a girl besides me? She must be something to get through their tough shells. Or maybe they just grown up.

We joked with them a bit then introduced myself to the girl. And when our hands touched.

\\Huh? What the? That power. So.....close to the moon. Lunarian? No. She had the whole essence of the moon in her. Mother? No that's not it. She felt warmer, bigger . . . Goddess?\\

A spark, not the one you get with a loved one, but something else. A kind of spark that you have when you know you should know this person. But I've never seen her. Yet she feels so close, so similar, like an old friend. No, that's not it. Someone special that's not part of this world.

I woke from my thoughts when she spoke her name.

"My name is Livana Amirah Soma. It's nice to make your acquaintance. Rashida."

Her eyes sparkled, like millions of stars in them. A deep blue, a blue that can't be described for there is no other blue in this world that can be made naturally or manmade. It was like being lost in the deep space with only the moon's light glimmering your way.

Name? Her name. Her name means lunar glow. The moon. Can she be? Is she? One of us? I shake my head. Can't be. Father told me there are no other's left. Only a few, including our courts. So far, none of us has any contacts of each other. Maybe, maybe she is one of the survivors? I looked at her, and she gave me a look. I know that look. It meant talk to you later. Maybe she is after all.

"Well guys. Your lunch is almost up. And I still haven't started unpacking. Here's my address and phone number. Call me before you come, K?"

"Okay Raz!" Yugi chimed in.

"Hey! Stop calling me that. I sound so boyish."

Ryou giggles at some inner joke and I gave them both the eye.

Then after a quick farewell and glancing at a group of four that was staring at my Yugi and Ryou-chan I glared back protectively. Then I twirled off promising them to see each other again this weekend. But for now. I think I'm having a guest. And I'm interested to know more about her. And to see if there are any other 'me's' left out there.

Afternoon ~~~ (back to Yugi again!)

It's the last class. And yet again, Yami is in it to. But this time he didn't bother to come my way. So I stayed with Livy. Since Ryou had a different class. All seems well, so far. I think I did good. I told my Yami off. And now I feel so much lighter. Free. Like a heavy burden lifted of my shoulder. As I start to gaze out. I feel another tug in my chest. A kind of tug that pulls you in. The next thing I know. I'm back in my other 'real soul room'. I looked around again. Everything seems to be in place. But now there were more pictures on the wall. On one of them it was the picture of the moon with a beautiful silver and ivory palace. A great fountain with clear sparkling blue waters and abundant whitish-pink roses. There were angels running about in them. Playing, running and laughing. White winged and black winged ones. They look happy. Something in my heart was longing to be there. Why? I haven't the slightest clue. But the scene was so familiar. I can even smell the roses.

\\That's the Lunar Palace. Our home. Our refuge. Our link between the mortal realm and the spiritual realm.//

"Who-whose there? Who speaks in my mind?!"

\\I am you and you are me. You are the mortal me.//

"What are you talking about? I already have a Yami! Yami is that you! How dare you intrude into my thoughts!"

\\I am not your Yami. For I am you. I am the 'Light'. I am what make you, you. And you me.//

"I don't get you. Who are you! Show yourself."

\\Look into the mirror. And you shall see.//

I walked to the mirror. And gasp. Instead of seeing my normal image. I reflected as someone else. No it was me. But different. So...divine. And with wings. Four large white wings.

Am...am I dead?

The voice chuckled.

\\No. Your very much alive.//

"But I don't get it? How can I be you and you me when I have a Yami to?"

\\The book. Did you read it?//

"Yes. Yes I did."

\\I can't tell you much right now. It's time for you to return. But a few selected mortals has more then 'One' self.//

"Oh. Your talking about that Ba and Ka stuff right?"


"Self, Shadow and Dark?"

\\Basically. In a way yes. But the Ka sometimes can change it's appearance to good or bad. Depending on the inner strength of the persons Ba or Self.//

"Which half are you?"

\\Self. I am you.//

Now I'm confused. He's calling himself myself. Me. My head hurts.

\\Don't worry about it. You'll learn sooner or later. Accept the help you get and let them guide you.//


A sudden flash and I was rudely shaken back into reality.

"Mr. Yugi Motou. If you have time to daydream in my class maybe you need extra homework?"

"Oh no mam. I was just, umm, worried about my grandfather that's all." So I lied. I'm not even living with the man no more.

"Oh. Is he okay?"

"Yes. Yes he is. You know. He is an old man."

"I see. Well. Please try to keep attention to my class until the bell rings."

"Yes mam. Sorry about that."

"It's okay."

Phew that was close. Now I'm worried. That's twice I had a similar warning. Something big is going on. And I'm really in the middle of it. Speaking of which. If I have a real 'soul room'. Does the others to? This is something I need to check up with. Maybe they may help me. Because right now. I'm totally wigged out. Really wigged out.

Home time and confessions ~~

Well I made it though the day. And me and Ryou waved good-bye to Livy. She said she will call us. Once she's moved in and settled. Weird day. A new girl, a return of an old friend, and now I have another 'me' whose really me and not a yami. We pretty much made it home without meeting the 'old' gang. Which was fine with me. I wasn't in the mood for idle chatter for the moment. I need to figure out this 'other' me. No 'me'. I think I need an aspirin.

During dinner I told the others about my real 'soul room'. And ask if they had one. Their answers was no. Not that they can feel anyways or see. But the yami's were worried a bit?

"Bakura? What is it? Your frowning. And that's a first. Ever."

"Hmm. Oh. Nothing."

"That's not true. When you frown it means something."

"Am I that obvious?"

All nods to that question.

"Well thanks a lot for your support."

"Well? Spill? What is it."

"Well. Me and Yami Malik told you about the Ka and Ba and Khaibit right?"

"Yes you did. Soul, Double and Shadow right?"

"Yes. Well. From what you explained to me. We are a part of your soul. We are your shadow. We were what you used to be or can be. We are the Ka in short. We symbolize the double or abstract personality of a man or woman. We can separate our self from the body or unite at will, also move around freely from place to place. But this person you were talking about. He sounds like your Ba. The Ba is the soul, or that part of a person that had external existence after death. Hmm. I guess I can say, a spiritual you? On a different plane of existence? And a Khaibit is the shadow of a man. Another 'you' but not you. For this one will be the opposite of you and your Ba."

"Uhh. I think it's starting to make sense. So. From what I'm gathering. There is yet another 'me' out there."

"I would guess? But why you only? Ryou hasn't seen his nor Malik that I know of, right guys?"

"Nope." Ryou replied.

"Haven't seen a thing." Was Malik's response.

"But like you said before. I do think something is happening. Something big. Something not on the scale of mortal understandings."

"You sure know a lot of things."

"I was once a thief. I learn things as I move the country. Hmm. Now that I mention that of my past. This 'thing'. This feels so familiar. Can't get a grip on it. But I think I heard of this happening before."

Isis spoke up for a change. "A time before man. And again when the Shadows came."

All eyes were on her. And she looked at them with downcast eyes.

"Yes. Something is going to happen. What and to what magnitude I do not know. My tauk doesn't show 'It'. All I see is a war. Between the forces of truth and justice against the evil intended. A force so large that it scared the Earth once. Of beings unknown, yet familiar."

"Well if sis 'sees' then I know something is really up." Malik gruffed. "It's like something out of the battle against the Shadow Forces so long ago when Yami was Pharaoh."

Isis seemed to drain in color. "That battle........was never finished."

All stands. "What!"

"The pharaoh only managed to seal up the evil. Not destroy it totally. It was, way beyond his powers then."

Barkua stared at her. "You mean the Shadow Realm is threatening to return again?"

Isis nods. "I would seem so. But now, with a much more evil intent."

Malik laid his hands on his sister's shoulders. "How much time do we have left? Did the tauk show you?"

Isis shakes her head. "No. But I do know we will have allies. The one that fought this evil originally. They are returning."

"They are? Who are they?" Yugi asked.

"I think what is happening to you now is the key to our answers."

"Me! You mean I'm to fight this, this force!" Yugi cried.

"Not you alone Yugi. You are the key to find them. They were with you always."

"I heard that from somewhere. 'They were always with you.' The fortune lady! She told me this before!"

"You mean the moon goddess?" Yami Malik said while sipping on a can of beer.

"Moon goddess?" Now Isis questioned.

"Yeah. Yugi said her name was Aymeleh. That's the Babylonian way of saying the Moon Angel.

Isis starts to rub her head. "I think I'll meditate for awhile and see what I can see."

All nodded and watched her go.

Ryou looked up at Yugi. "Yugi? This real soul room. How did you find it?"

"Actually I don't know how I did it. There was a kind of tug and the next thing I knew I was in another soul room. Why?"

"Well. When I was small. Before I received the Mill. Ring. I used to find myself playing in this white room. And outside was a sea of stars. I think I was on the moon or something. And there was this person. A young boy like me. He looked liked me, kinda. But he had wings. Four to be exact. Yes. I remember now. He told me that he would always be with me so long as I do not forget him. But when I received the Ring, I forgot all about it. And I would always have this missing episodes in my life." With that he pointed to Bakura who would only shrug and whistle. "I guess I did had a soul room before the ring. But I forgot about him and never seen him again. He did look nice. Really kind. You can just feel it radiating off him. So warm and full of love. And he would always heal me when I got hurt from bullies. He told me his name........R.R..R. It was R something."

"Oh. I never asked for his name. Maybe next time I find myself in there I'll ask. And maybe a clue. Oh. He said I should accept the help I receive. I guess someone is coming really soon?" Yugi said as he twirl his fork in his spaghetti.

Yami Malik seems deep in though now, his eyes slanted like a cat.

"What are you thinking about partner?" Bakura poked his side.

"Ameyleh is Babylonian word. Their history is a collection of many surrounding tribes then ours, full of mystery and lost. I think.....this war.....is not just about the Shadow Realm. The shadow realm came 5,000 yrs ago. We came around 3,000 yrs ago. There is a gab of 2,000 yrs between it. Anything could have happened in the Shadow Realm that didn't reach the Mortal Realm. Or it could be before that time. No one knows where the Shadow Realm originated or how it came."

"Hmm. You know. I think we can find something if we went back. To where it started." Bakura replied.

"You mean go to the ancient land of Mesopotamia?" Yami Malik raised his eyebrow. "And where in that Large Sea of Sands do you wish to start in?"

"Duh, the Old Capital! Babylon! I think the Old Library exists!"

Yami Malik rolled his eyes. "Yeah. Like under the sands. Sorry but I'm not doing any diggings."

Bakura slapped the back of his head. "You idiot! That's not what I'm suggesting. I used to uhh go on plights there. I think I remember the old entrance. It's on a cliff of some mountain nearby it, that leads underground to the secret passages."

"Yeah. To keep it's self away from your kinds."

"Your really starting to bug me."

"Will you to stop it! Go on Bakura. I want to hear." Yugi said.

"Uhh. Anyways. It's to the west of the Tigris river. I guess I can look it up and see if I can remember the exact location."

"Yeah! You do that! And I owe you big!" Yugi jumped and hugged Bakura who flushed a pretty shade of pinks to reds.

"Hehehehehe. Seems your not immune to the Light's hugs." Yami Malik snickered

"Oh Shut up you!" Bakura jabbed again in Yami Malik's ribs. "Well. Uhh. Like I said I'll checked it out but it won't be any time soon. That's like going back 3,000 of senseless old memories."

Yami Malik whispers. "Yeah, full of cobwebs no doubt."

Another fight started between them two till Yugi gave up and threatened them with a frying pan still hot from the stove.


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