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"Are you sure this'll work?" Totter asked. The Doctor flew round the console, pulling levers as The TARDIS rocked violently through space. Totter, dressed in black jeans, black trainers and a red jumper with a reindeer face on, her hair pulled into a pony tail, tightened a small white strap with a blue button on round her wrist, grabbing onto the railing with her other hand.

"Of course it will! It connects straight to Amy and Rory's phones." The Doctor said, grabbing onto the scanner and looking over at her. "I'd feel it safer if you stayed with me, Tot."

Totter gave The Doctor a small glare, "Theta, I am not leaving my baby Ponds on there." The Doctor laughed, shaking his head at her pet name for their companions. "I'll be fine." She laughed, pulling her across the room and over to The Doctor, placing a small kiss on his lips. "I trust you to save the day." She pressed the button on the bracelet and dissappeared in a spark of electric and a puff of smoke.


Totter reappeared in a white corridor, stumbling as the ship shook. She yelped as she felt a pair of hands on her arms and span round to see Rory standing there, dressed in his roman armour.

"Why are you wearing that?" She yelped. Rory rolled his eyes, taking her hand and pulling her down the hallway, into the control room off the ship. They watched Amy, dressed in a police uniform, the captain and staff stare out the window, the ship thrashing in a dark cloud.

"What are you wearing that for?" Totter asked, moving around to Amy. Amy grinned, about to say something, before being cut off as the ship shuddered again.

"Sensor-loss on 80% of the hull..." One of the pilots called.

"Where's The Doctor?" Amy asked.

"He's going to sort it out, don't worry." Totter reassured him, squeezing Rory's hand and taking Amy's.

"Right, well, he is cutting it kind of fine!" Rory said sarcastically.

"If we can't stabilise the orbit, we're finished." The Captain panicked.

"There's nothing to lock onto. I am flying blind." A pilot gulped.

Amy stared out at the thrashing clouds, "Come on, Doctor, come on..." She whispered.

"There's something coming alongside us. Something small, like a shuttle."

"That's my mother!" Totter pouted.

"Just this once, don't be late." Amy muttered.

"Ma'am...incoming message." A pilot called. "It's from the other ship."

"On screen." The Captain ordered. Suddenly, Come along, Pond flashed across the screen and the TARDIS whizzed by. Rory and Amy looked at Totter, laughing in relief. "What does that mean?"

"It's Christmas!" Totter cheered.


"So, what's The Doctor doing?" Rory asked as she handed Totter the phone.

Totter fiddled with the phone, pulling up the silver aerial on the top, "Something clever." She muttered.

"Everything's offline!" A pilot called, as Totter pulled Amy back from falling as the ship shook again. "Secondary furnace just vented."

Totter held the phone up to her ear, "Have you got a plan yet?" She asked.

"Yes, I do." The Doctor replied.

"Are you lying?"

"Yes, I am."

"Don't treat me like an idiot." Totter said firmly, looking back at Rory, who was standing a little in front of Amy.

"Was he lying?" Rory asked.

"No, no." She reassured him as Amy shot her a look from behind her husband.

"OK, the good news." The Doctor continued as Totter turned away from her companions. "I've tracked the machine that unlocks the cloud belt. I could use it to clear you a flight corridor and you could land easily."

"Oh, hey, hey, that's great news." Totter smiled.

"But I can't control the machine."

"Less great."

"But I've met a man who can."

"Ah, well, there you go!"

"And he hates me."

"Were you being extra charming and clever?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"

Totter frowned, her innoence shining through, "I guess it must only work on me."

The Doctor laughed softly before someone mumbled something in the background, "Hang on."

"Ok." Totter whispered.

The Captain turned back to Totter, Amy and Rory, looking stressed, "We've got less than an hour." She called over.

"Doctor," Totter sighed into the phone. "The Captain says we've got less than an hour... What should we be doing?"

"Fish...!" The Doctor gasped childlishly.

Totter giggled, shaking her head, "What about them?" She gasped suddenly. "Can we get a fish?! Or a shark?" She turned to Rory and Amy. "We're going to get a shark in the TARDIS!" Rory and Amy raised an eyebrow at them before sharing a look.

"Fish that can swim in fog. I love new planets."

"Doctor, please don't get distracted!" Amy shouted over, trying to get The Doctor to hear her.

"Now, why would people be frightened of you tiny little fellas? Look at you, sweet little fishy-wishies. Mind you, fish in the fog, so the cloud cover... Ooh. Careful up there."

Totter giggled even more, "What?"

Amy stormed over, yanking the phone out of Totter's hand and holding it up to her ear, "Oh, great, thanks, Doctor, because there was a real danger we were all going to nod off!" Amy snapped. "We've got less than an hour!"

"I know." The Doctor replied.

"Doctor? How are you getting us off here?"

"Oh, just give me a minute!" He said, beginning to mumble to himself. Amy frowned, pressing the phone tighter to her ear, trying to hear.

"Doctor, I can't hear you." Amy sighed. "What is that? Is that singing?"

"A Christmas carol."

"A what?"

"A Christmas carol."

"A what?" She pressed the phone tighter to her ear.


"Doctor!" She frowned, pulling the phone away and groaning, throwing it back to Totter.

Totter put it back to her ear with an innocent smile.

"Kazran Sardick!" The Doctor cheered.

"Doctor?" Totter asked before the call cut off. Totter frowned, glancing at the phone before smiling at Amy and Rory. "He's figuring something out, I know him."


"Totter." Amy said. Totter peered up from under the ship's console, fiddling with wires whilst the pilots, captain and Rory watched her cautiously from the sides of the room. Totter looked up suddenly, staring into space. "What's wrong?" She asked softly, noticing her friend looking hurt.

"He's engaged." Totter whispered, looking up at Amy.

"Yeah," Amy laughed slightly. "To you."

"No." She glared, looking back at the wires, turning away. "To Marilyn Monroe." She said sharply.

Amy frowned, never seeing Totter so angry, and taking a step away. Totter tightened up a few more wires and stood up, moving over to a pad in the middle of the room. With a flash, a hologram flickered around them, showing her standing in Kazran's living room, in front of him. "Hello." Totter said dryly, glaring at Kazran.

"Who are you?" Kazran snapped at her. "What are you doing here?"

"Didn't think this was over, did you?" She asked angrily as The Doctor watched, shocked. His innocent Totter was fuming! "I'm the Ghost of Christmas Present."

"A ghost? Dressed like that?" He frowned, eyeing her jumper.

Suddenly, Rory pushed her out of the way, "Leave her alone!" He snapped before Totter pushed him back out of the way, reappearing in front of Kazran.

"You turned into a Roman. "

"Yeah. I do that." Totter spat. "I also do this." She suddenly dissappeared and Kazran looked around, confused.

"Do what? What are you talking about?" Kazran mumbled nervously, staring round as he heard voicees begin to sing Silent Night. He quickly followed the sound down to the vault. He peered through the window on the door to see a number of people singing. He keyed a code into the door and stepped into the cyro-chamber storage vault, stepping in. He stared, stunned, when Totter reappeared.

"They're holograms." Totter said sternly. "Projections, like me. "

"Who are they?"

"The people on the ship up there. The ones you're going to let die tonight."

"Why are they singing?"

"For their lives." Totter said, a tear dropping down her cheek. She felt a shiver run down her spine, that feeling of love but darkness which she'd never felt before. She had always been that innocent girl, the anomaly, a woman who had perged from the last type 40 TARDIS. But now she was hurting, a sense of loss. She was losing her fiancee to Marilyn Monroe, she was losing the Ponds to this bloody idiot who wouldn't let the ship land. The Doctor had always been the Oncoming Storm... and she'd become his calming wind. But not now. Now, she was just as dangerous as the famous Doctor and his TARDIS. "Which one's Abigail? The Doctor told me."

"Did he now?"

"He doesn't hold back. You know the Doctor."

"How do I? I never met him before tonight. Now I seem to have known him all my life. How? Why?"

"You're the only person who can let that ship land." Totter spat. "He was trying to turn you into a nicer person. And he was trying to do it nicely."

"He's changed my past. My whole life!"

"Time can be rewritten."

"You tell the Doctor, tell him from me, people can't."

Kazran came striding forward, breaking through the holograms and stopping in front of Abigail's container. Totter turned, walking over to Kazran and stopping next to him, peering in at Abigail.

"Oh yes he can." Totter said sternly, glaring at Kazran in the corner of her eye before turning back to the container. "That's Abigail?"

"I would never have known her if the Doctor hadn't changed the course of my whole life to suit himself." Kazran mumbled, staring at the blonde woman in the cyro-chamber.

"Well, that's good, isn't it?"


Totter frowned, reaching out to the container, only for the holgram to go straight through, "She is, isn't she?" Kazran glanced at her sadly. "She's dying.

Kazran looked back at Abigail darkly, "This is what the Doctor did to me. Abigail was ill when she went into the ice. On the point of death. I suppose the rest in the ice helped her, but she's used up her time. All those Christmas Eves with me. I could release her any time I want... and she would live a single day." He turned away from the container to Totter. "So tell me, Ghost of Christmas Present, how do I choose which day?"

"I'm sorry. I really am. I'm very, very sorry." Totter said genuinely. "But you know what? She's got more time left than I have. More than anyone on this ship."


"Rory," Totter called over her shoulder. "Widen the beam."

The room flickered out of existence and Kazran stood, finding himself being a hologram on the ship, standing in front of Amy, Rory and Totter as the rest of the ship's crew hurried round.

"Update on engine one..." The Captain called.

"How did I get here?" Kazran asked, looking around.

"You didn't." Amy said. "It's your turn to be the hologram. Since you're going to let a lot of people die, I thought you might like to see where it's all gonna happen."

"The singing... What is it? I don't understand."

"The Doctor's idea." Rory said, placing his hand on Totter's shoulder. "The harmonies resonate in the ice crystals. The fish like it. He thought maybe it would stabilise the ship. But it isn't working. It's not powerful enough."

"Why are they still singing, then?"

"Because we haven't told them." The Captain said, glancing over at him. "I understand you have a machine that controls this cloud layer. If you can release us from it, we still have time to make a landing. Nobody has to die."

"Everybody has to die."

"Not tonight." Totter said.

"Tonight's as good as any other. How do you choose?"

Amy held the phone up to her ear, "Doctor?" She asked.

"Yeah?" The Doctor replied.

"Are you hearing this?"

"I can hear."

"He's here?" Kazran asked desperatley. "Where is he? Doctor?!"

Rory leaned over, pressing a button and turning off the hologram.


"Structural integrity at 30%!" A pilot cried as the ship shook. Totter stood in between the pilot and the Captain, Rory and Amy above her, all of them holding on for dear life.

"We have five minutes max." The Captain gulped. "We need to land!"

Static suddenly filled the screen before an image of The Doctor appeared, "Hello, hello! Ah, hello, everyone." He said as Totter stared at him on the screen sadly. "Prepare to lock on to my signal."

"Doctor, what's happening?" Amy asked.

"I just saved Christmas. Don't go away." Suddenly, the screen switched off.

"Doctor? Doctor!"

"We can't hold this." Totter gulped, looking back at Rory and Amy. "Time's up, we're going down." She ran up to the above deck as Rory pulled her and Amy into a hug.

A soft singing flowed through one of the small computer screens, "Captain, I've got..." One of the pilot's began, frowning. "I don't know what I've got." She switched it onto speaker and Abigail's soft singing filled the room.

"What are you listening to?" The Captain asked.

"This is coming from outside. This is coming from the clouds."

Another pilot stepped back from the control with a look of shock. She turned back to Totter, "We're flying normally."

"Can you land?" Totter and The Captain asked in unison.

The pilot nodded, turning back to the controls, "I can even land well."

Rory and Amy hugged quickly, "Oh, he did it. The Doctor did it." Amy laughed.

"Yeah, he gets all the credit." Rory said. "Which is actually fair enough, if you think about it." They turned to each other, sharing a kiss. Totter looked up at them with a small smile, knowing full well that watching Amy and Rory's relationship made her realise one thing. If she ever saw Marilyn Monroe... she would punch her.


Totter, Amy and Rory walked through the snow, watching The Doctor in the distance rub noses with a snow man.

"You know, that could almost be mistaken for a real person." Totter called over. "The snowman isn't bad, either."

The Doctor looked up at the three of them, smiling. "Ah, yes, you three!" He grinned. "About time!" He eyed Rory and Amy's clothing. "Why are you dressed like that?"

"Ah, kind of lost our luggage." Rory said. "Kind of crash landed."

"Yeah, but why are you dressed like that at all?" Totter asked innocently, looking back at the Ponds, realising they hadn't answered her when she asked them earlier.

"They really love their snowmen around here." Amy said quickly, looking round at all the snowmen. "I've counted about 20."

"Yeah, I've been busy." The Doctor grinned.

"Yeah, yeah, you have." She grinned, hugging The Doctor. "Thank you."

"Pleasure." The Doctor replied, pulling away and smiling at the three of them. "Right, come on, then, let's go!" He took Totter's hand and they headed towards The TARDIS.

"Got any more honeymoon ideas?" Rory asked.

"There's a moon that's made of actual honey." Totter said. "Well, not actual honey. And it's not actually a moon. And technically, it's alive and a bit carnivorous, but there are some lovely views." The Doctor smiled at her, placing a kiss on her forehead, and unlocked the TARDIS.

"Yeah, great, thanks." Rory nodded, pushing past them and stepping into the TARDIS.

"Are you OK?" Amy asked.

"Course I'm OK." The Doctor nodded. "You?"

"Of course." She glanced over at Kazran and Abigail in the distance. "It'll be their last day together, won't it?"

"Everything has to end some time, otherwise nothing would ever get started."

Rory opened the door and stepped out, "Your phone was ringing. Someone called Marilyn. Actually sounds like THE Marilyn." Totter stiffened, glaring inside The TARDIS.

"Doctor?" Amy frowned.

"Tell her I'll phone her back." The Doctor said quickly. "And that was never a real chapel."

"Right!" Totter exclaimed, yanking her hand away from the Doctor and rolling up her sleeves. "Marilyn Monroe." She pushed past Rory and into the TARDIS.


The Doctor sat on the jump seat, watching Totter silently walk round the console, flicking switches and fixing things as she went.

"Totts." He called softly, his jaw clenched as he crossed his legs, his hands wrapped together. Totter ignored him, pulling the scanner round and looking up at it. "Totter." He said, more sharply. "You know, I don't think I've ever seen anyone speak to to Marilyn like that. Let alone swear at her in Gallifreyan." Totter glanced over at him, pulling her hair out of it's ponytail and walking over to him. The Doctor uncrossed his legs, pulling her onto his lap. With a sigh Totter settled into his lap, laying her head against his chest as The Doctor leant back.

"I just..." She began with a sigh as The Doctor kissed her on the head.

"You've always been so innocent." The Doctor laughed. "Look at you, getting angry."

"I couldn't let the universe lose you to Marilyn Monroe."

The Doctor moved her round on his lap, looking at her in shock, "And what about you? Didn't you think about if you lost me?"

"Well that doesn't matter." Totter blinked. "I'm just an anomaly. I don't deserve needs."

The Doctor crushed his lips against hers, holding her tightly. He pulled away and stared at her. "You are never that. Never."

Totter smiled at him feebly, unbelieving, "You sure about that?"

"Will you marry me?" He laughed.

"Sure." She nodded, hugging him tightly.