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"Brittany," Quinn's voice broke through the train compartment they were occupying. "You made Head Girl! How are you not more excited about this?"

Brittany shrugged, looking down at the badge in her hands. She traced the words with her fingers as Quinn continued to rave about its significance. She'd gotten it via owl post this past summer. She guessed she should have expected it, especially after last year. What she didn't understand is why Ravenclaw's old captain hadn't chosen her as the new captain instead. That way convincing Santana that being Quidditch captain was just as good as being head girl would have been considerably easier.

"You're a prefect Quinn," Brittany finally said, trying to diverge the conversation away from herself.

"Yeah, but Head Girl, Britt. I'm not going to lie about not being a little jealous," Quinn said.

Brittany opened her mouth to respond but a loud crash filled their small compartment followed by an even louder commotion coming from the corridor directly outside. She snapped her mouth shut and furrowed her eyebrows as a familiar voice rose above the others. Her fingers closed around the badge in her hand and she had already slumped against her cushioned seat by the time the door to their compartment burst open, her flustered girlfriend falling in and shouting back out into the corridor.

The door slammed shut, making Quinn visibly flinch across from her. Brittany's eyes flickered out the window behind Santana and she could just make out a flurry of students, different colored confetti and candy.

After one more swear under her breath, Santana turned around and smiled sweetly at Brittany.

"Chocolate frog?" The Slytherin asked, holding up a battered package of the sweet. Her eyes flickered towards Quinn when Brittany didn't answer with anything but a stern glare.

"Really, Santana?" Quinn asked, smoothing down the front of her robes and adjusting her Prefect badge.

"What? The dumb pushcart lady should know not to completely block the corridor," Santana mumbled, shifting on her feet and motioning behind her towards the commotion outside, her shoulders tense. "Stupid first years crowding the passage. Like, do you really need pumpkin pasties that bad?"

"Santana," Brittany said plainly, gaining her girlfriend's attention. There was a definite unease about Santana's posture and she could tell something was bothering the other girl.

Santana abruptly stopped her speech and stood looking defeated in the center of the compartment. Brittany inwardly sighed and slowly rose to her feet, walking over to her girlfriend and gingerly laced the fingers of her free hand with one of Santana's.

"What's wrong?" Brittany asked gently.

Santana huffed and looked at her with hurt-filled eyes, a hint of anger bubbling at the surface. It took all of five seconds before Santana was ranting at the top of her voice, moving fluidly around the compartment.

"You know what I just found out from Jesse! Quidditch is canceled this year, canceled. Do you know what this means, Britt? How can they cancel Quidditch and how was I, the captain of the Slytherin team, the last to know?"

"Wait, what?" Brittany asked surprised, the badge in her hand growing hot against her skin.

"Yeah, that's why they didn't make you captain. Because there isn't going to be anything to be captain of! This is ridiculous. This isn't fair," Santana continued to rant.

"But… why?" Brittany asked again, turning from Santana towards Quinn in confusion. The other blonde seemed to be holding back laughter causing Brittany to furrow her eyebrows.

"Why? How am I supposed to know why? That's all Jesse told me before handing me this and walking away with his stupid smirk. I swear, when we get off this train I don't care that he's Head Boy. He's mine." Santana was panting heavily between her breaths as Brittany looked down at her now outstretched hand. In her palm lay the forever familiar badge, the word 'Prefect' written across its shiny surface.

"There's no Quidditch," Brittany stated sadly, eyebrows furrowing even further as she looked at the badge in Santana's hand. She hadn't gotten the news either.

"Wait… you guys didn't know?"

Brittany snapped her head towards Quinn and briefly saw Santana do the same.

"What do you mean we didn't know?" Santana sneered.

Brittany watched as Quinn's somewhat amused smirk fell from her face. She cleared her throat and awkwardly shifted in her seat no doubt due to Santana's intense and threatening glare.

"I thought everyone knew. It was all over the Prophet this summer. It was kind of a big deal," Quinn said.

"Damn right it's a big deal. This was going to be my year!" Santana spoke loudly.

"Not Quidditch, Lopez. Calm down, not everything is about you. The reason why it was cancelled," Quinn snapped back. "I don't want to know what you two were doing that kept you from knowing." Quinn shivered slightly before turning her gaze towards Brittany.

Santana's eyes flickered over towards Brittany and she watched as the brunette shuffled her feet and cleared her throat awkwardly. Brittany could feel her ears growing hot. She had to admit Santana and she had spent probably too much time together this past summer. They had barely made it out to Diagon Alley to buy their books let alone read the newspaper.

Santana cleared her throat again and shifted closer to Brittany before speaking. "Well then, Fabray. Care to explain?"

Quinn huffed and crossed her arms across her chest. "You two really need to start paying attention to current Wizarding events. This is a historic event we're talking about after all and all you care about is the excessive amount of lady sex you two partake in and whether or not you," she nodded her head in Santana's direction, "are going to bludgeon anyone with your Beater's bat in the near future. It's like you forgot all about what happened second year."

"Just spit it out, Fabray," Santana huffed, raising her hands in frustration and turning to face the door to the compartment. The commotion outside seemed to be completely settled and students were now making their ways up and down the corridor with ease.

"The Triwizard Tournament," Quinn explained. "For Merlin's sake, how you didn't know that is beyond me."

Brittany felt her eyebrows rise in surprise, nearly reaching her hairline as she turned to watch Santana. Her girlfriend's head had turned slightly at Quinn's words and Brittany watched her eyes scrunch as she processed them.

"A-are you serious?" Santana asked, finally turning to face Quinn again. Her dark eyes momentarily flickered towards Brittany but she didn't hold her gaze.

Quinn glared at Santana for a few long seconds before releasing an exaggerated sigh. "Yes, Santana. It was all over the place this summer. It almost didn't happen because it's the first time Hogwarts is going to host it since… well you know."

"Oh," Brittany said, wondering why she hadn't said anything yet. To be honest, she wasn't as upset about Quidditch as Santana seemed to be. Sure it sucked, but last year had been amazing and if that had to be the end of her Quidditch experience at Hogwarts, she would be happy with that. "But that kid died," she added.

"Well yeah, that's why a lot of people didn't want to have it this year. Some thought it was too soon to return to Hogwarts," Quinn explained. "It was almost worse than the controversy about bringing it back in the first place. And even that took four years."

Brittany moved to plop down on the cushioned seat across from Quinn again, reaching out her hand towards Santana in a silent plea for her girlfriend to join her. She had always been amazed at Quinn's knowledge of Wizarding history. It took Santana a few seconds to start moving her feet but soon she reached out and grasped Brittany's hand, allowing her to pull her down and into her lap.

"Well, I don't know," Santana said slowly. "I don't think so, I mean they wouldn't let that happen again anyway." She played with a few loose strands of Brittany's hair.

"Santana, someone died," Brittany said, looking up at her girlfriend with a look of disapproval and shrugging her hand away slightly. She missed to contact instantly.

"Yeah but, that was what, like fifteen years ago. And it's not like Voldemort is going to come back this time." Santana shrugged and turned back to Quinn.

Brittany pouted at her girlfriend and watched Santana play with the Prefect badge that was still in her tanned hand.

"So does that mean the other schools will be coming to the castle again?" Santana asked the other Ravenclaw.

Brittany drew the chocolate frog from Santana's grip and pulled open the damaged packaging, not really listening to the other two girls around her.

"I would assume so. It's not like we could have the tournament without them," Quinn supplied haphazardly. "We sent students to Durmstrang last time, but I guess you guys forgot about that too." She picked up an abandoned Daily Prophet and flicked through the pages.

"I wonder what type of tasks they'll have this year," Santana thought out loud, breaking the small silence.

Brittany glanced up at her girlfriend, confused about her sudden change in attitude. She had been all sorts of upset but now not so much. The chocolate frog leapt from the box the second she pulled the card from the packaging. It bounded under the seat Quinn was occupying before she could do anything about it.

She turned the card over in her hands and had to roll her eyes at the image that peered back at her.

"What about that rule they had back when Potter was in it, the one about having to be 17 or something?" Santana asked casually.

Quinn shrugged and flipped to the next page. "What does it matter, you're 17 anyway."

Santana nodded silently and shifted in Brittany's lap. The compartment remained silent for the rest of the trip to Hogwarts, Santana playing with her badge in one hand and Brittany's hand in the other.

Santana had a small and secretive smile tugging at the corner of her lips that Brittany was having a hard time deciphering. Sometimes she wasn't sure if it was even there at all or if she was just imagining it.

The Head Girl badge still rested heavily in Brittany's palm, the metal growing hotter the longer she held it. She wondered why Santana wasn't complaining about being a Prefect anymore. She had seemed so upset over Quidditch. It wasn't like she had been demoted or kicked off the team. She was still the sexy Quidditch player Brittany knew her to be: a badass and awesome one. Brittany had to admit she would miss the uniforms, though. She also hoped Santana wouldn't be bothered by her being Head Girl even more now.

Her eyes could just make out the Hogwarts castle in the distance as the train rattled closer to the school. She sighed and gripped Santana's hand a little tighter as her eyes fell down towards the abandoned wizard card on the seat next to her. The face of Cedric Diggory smiled charmingly back up at her.

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