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The sun was shining on Brittany's face the morning of September 1st. Diagon Alley was far from peaceful with throngs of Hogwarts students bustling about trying to get last minute school supplies. The train was leaving from Platform 9 ¾ in a little over an hour but that didn't dampen Brittany's wonderful mood.

The smile hadn't left her face for the last week ever since Quinn had woken up and to top it all off, her first Professional Quidditch match had taken place the day before. It had been awesome and Santana was there cheering her on the entire time until they came out victorious. Quinn had wanted to be there as well but the healers at St. Mungo's were still keeping her for observation. Hopefully she would be able to attend the next one.

Brittany kicked her feet against the dirt road while she strolled slowly between the rushing students, hands in her pockets and taking in the shops around her. Her feet knew where they were going and she was in no hurry to end such a wonderful day. Katie had given the entire team a well-deserved break. It didn't take long for Brittany to figure out exactly how she was going to spend it.

As the shop slowly came into view, Brittany knew she was nearing her destination. Santana didn't know Brittany had the day off, having only found out herself after the brunette had left their flat for work in the morning. Brittany decided she would swing by the shop and surprise her girlfriend.

She held back when she finally reached the shop, deciding to lean against the building across the street and watch Santana through the storefront window, crossing her legs and arms casually as she did so. The brunette was talking with her father who was older and greyer than Brittany remembered. The blonde recalled the first day she had laid eyes on the older Lopez. It had been seconds before she had met the love of her life. Sighing, Brittany marveled at how far they had come in the last decade as she remembered the little girl in the Alchemy shop.

Mr. Lopez wrapped Santana in a large hug after presenting the girl with a framed object. Though it wasn't visible from Brittany's viewpoint across the alley, she was certain her girlfriend was blushing by the way she tried to bury her head into the older man's chest. When her father pulled back Santana lifted the frame to take a closer look at it. She was grinning and shaking her head slightly.

Brittany smiled and pushed herself off of the building she had been leaning against and began to walk across the alley. Students ran past her in a blur making her dodge them here and there but she kept her eyes on Santana.

The brunette turned and walked closer to the storefront window with her eyes still on the frame. After a few more seconds, Santana lifted it and placed it on a hook in the window, adjusting it so that it hung properly.

Brittany stopped, still a few paces away and mostly blocked by the bustling witches and wizards. She was close enough to read the large printed words on the document in the frame but far enough away that she could go easily missed by the girl who had placed it in the window. A smile grew and flourished across her face as she looked at the familiar issue of the Daily Prophet.

"Lopez heir discovers Manticore cure, Fabray makes full recovery."

Beneath the headline was a huge picture of a smiling Santana next to the head healer of St. Mungo's and the Minister of Magic. Though the healer had been apprehensive prior to Quinn's treatment, the man had completely turned around upon Quinn's awakening. Santana had nearly fainted after meeting the Minister.

The real Santana in the window stepped back and took in the frame's placement with a large grin. It made Brittany smile but realized Santana had yet to spot her standing outside of her shop. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her trusty wand, Unicorn Core, Unyielding, Dogwood and 11 ¼ inches long, and twirled it once between her fingers before muttering the now familiar incantation.

"Expecto Patronum," she whispered and watched as the silver panther spilled from her wand tip. It landed gracefully on the dirt ground of the alley, attracting numerous glances from the passing shoppers.

The panther shook its head slightly before walking slowly towards the Alchemist Shop. Witches and Wizards began to stop and watch the silver creature make its way towards the store front but Brittany was waiting for the attention of one certain individual. She grinned when Santana's head finally snapped in her direction at the growing commotion.

A new grin grew across Santana's face as she watched Brittany's panther walk right up to the storefront and place a large, silver paw over the framed news paper clipping. She saw Santana mouth her name before running towards the store entrance.

Santana was bounding towards her and jumping into her arms less than three seconds later. The panther disappeared into a swirl of silver mist as Brittany caught her girlfriend and spun her around in delight.

"Brittany!" Santana gasped. "What are you doing here? Don't you have practice?"

Brittany gently placed Santana back down on the ground and slipped her wand into the inside pocket of her robes. She shrugged, "Bell gave us the day off for winning yesterday."

"Well she better," Santana said, giving Brittany a playful shove. "You deserve it."

Brittany shrugged again, "I think you deserve the day off, you've been working too hard, Santana."

"I have not," Santana said, placing her hands on her hips and giving Brittany a stern look. Brittany merely raised an eyebrow at her girlfriend. "Okay, maybe I need a day off. All these press conferences and committees are making me mental."

"That's what you get for being so amazing," Brittany teased, poking the smaller girl in the ribs.

Santana squeaked, batting her hand away before sighing and leaning in to give Brittany a long and well received hug. Even as they stood in the middle of Diagon Alley, Santana always made Brittany feel as though they were alone in their flat.

"E-excuse me?" a small voice prodded.

Brittany pulled back and looked around with furrowed brows. She felt Santana's grip loosen on her and she stepped back to see a young boy with shaggy jet-black hair and warm brown eyes, no older than 10 tugging on Santana's robes.

"Yes?" Santana asked with a slightly awkward expression.

"A-are you Santana Lopez?" The small boy asked.

Santana smiled warmly down at the boy, "Yeah, that's me."

"Could you perhaps sign my Prophet?" He shoved a bent copy of the paper up into Santana's hand. The smiling photo of the brunette shown back at them.

Santana looked up at Brittany with wide eyes but the blonde simply chuckled and gave Santana's shoulder a light push. "Go on, Santana," she said softly before smiling at the little boy.

Santana smiled sheepishly at Brittany before turning to the small boy and dropping down to his level. He handed her his copy of the Prophet along with a quill.

"What's your name?" Santana asked softly.

"J-james," the tiny boy said.

"Alright there, James," Santana grinned, scribbling her name onto the parchment and hanging it back to him. "You fancy potions?"

"Y-yes Ma'am," James answered with a lopsided grin.

Santana smiled and turned to grin up at Brittany. She smiled back down at her girlfriend and placed a loving hand on her shoulder. Santana turned back towards the small boy.

"Hey, James, you like Quidditch?" Santana asked with a sneaky grin. Brittany tightened her grip on Santana's shoulder.

"Yeah! My dad plays with me and my brother. He says my sister is too small to fly yet," the boy said.

"I bet you're real good," Santana said. "You know what? My friend here is a Professional Quidditch player, one of the best in Britain."

"R-really?" James asked, moving his big brown eyes up towards Brittany. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes and nodded back at the small boy. He looked at her with awe before shoving the Prophet into her hands as well. "Could you sign it too?"

Brittany was taken aback slightly but chuckled as she took the parchment into her grasp and signed her name underneath Santana's followed by a small Quaffle. She handed it back to the boy.

"Maybe you would fancy coming to see me play?" Brittany asked him.

James nodded his head enthusiastically, looking between his signed Daily Prophet and the two girls in front of him. Santana slowly rose to her feet and placed an arm gently around Brittany's waist.

"Well, are you here with your parents?" Brittany asked. When the boy nodded again she continued, "Alright, why don't you go get them. I'll talk to them and hook them up with some top seats at my next game, sound right?"

He nodded again before turning on his heels and disappearing into the crowd. Brittany couldn't help but chuckle at the enthusiastic boy. She turned to Santana and sighed.

"You shouldn't have done that," Brittany said. She assumed she would have to start to get used to being recognized eventually.

"Well you deserve it," Santana said, tilting her head to look up at her. "You're going to be famous one day, Brittany. I know it."

Brittany rolled her eyes and turned to face Santana. "Well it looks like you've already obtained that glory," she said teasingly.

"Shut up," Santana said, ears growing hot.

"Pardon me," a thicker male voice cut in, "My son dragged me over here." There was just a hint of a chuckle.

They turned towards the source of the voice and Brittany felt her heart skip a beat. Bright green eyes twinkled back at her from under shaggy black hair. Just the hint of a lightning bolt scar could be made out from behind the curly locks above perfectly round spectacles.

"Oh, you're Santana Lopez," the man said, "Congratulations." He held out his hand towards the girl. "I'm Harry, Harry Potter."

Brittany shoved Santana slightly when she made no move to take the man's hand. The movement snapped Santana out of her daze and she instantly reached forward and grasped his hand with her own.

"W-wonderful to meet you," Santana stammered.

"Pleasure is all mine, please," Harry said.

"Dad, she plays Quidditch."

Brittany directed her attention towards the voice and saw James poking his head out from behind his father's robes. Harry glanced at his son before grinning up at Brittany.

"Is that so? What side?"

"Uh, Holyhead Harpies," Brittany stammered.

"Oh, you're the new girl Katie was telling me about!" Harry said enthusiastically. "Brittany Pierce, am I right? She has high hopes for you. Congratulations to you too on your first win."

Brittany felt her mouth drop open speechless and then it was Santana's turn to elbow her in the ribs. She snapped her mouth shut and nodded slowly before looking down at James again.

"Tickets!" Brittany nearly shouted. "I can get you all tickets. It would be an honor for you and your family to come to our next match," she said in a more normal sounding voice.

"That's very gracious of you, Brittany. That would be wonderful," Harry said.

The blonde looked down at the small bow who was grinning widely and rocking back and forth on his heels. Brittany grinned at his enthusiasm.

The sound of someone calling Harry's name brought Brittany's eyes back up towards the wizard. James reached up and tugged on his father's robe.

"Come on, Dad. We have to meet Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron at the Leaky Cauldron," the small boy said.

Harry turned back towards their group with an apologetic smile, "Please forgive me, I must return to the rest of my family. I'll have Katie send me your information. Look forward to my owl."

"We will," Brittany managed to stammer. She turned towards the small boy one last time, "It was a pleasure to meet you, James. I'll look out for you at my next match."

"Bye, James," Santana said with a grin. "Don't blow up too many cauldrons."

The boy waved back at both of them with a lop-sided grin.

"It was a pleasure, ladies," Harry said before reaching for his son's hand and turning back into the crowd leaving Santana and Brittany speechlessly behind.

Brittany swallowed, feeling the lump in the back of her throat begin to subside.

"Did that just happen?" She heard Santana whisper from beside her.

"Y-yeah," Brittany stammered, reaching blindly next to her to wrap her arms snugly around her girlfriend. Santana leaned her head against her shoulder. "I guess there's just something about today... it's kinda like magic."


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