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When she kisses him, it really is like the whole world goes away. He has waited, she knows—they both have. Waited for their moment, waited a small eternity to be free of Fate.

Because Fate was never on their side.

When she touches him, the fire runs through their skin and sets fire to her bed. Their bodies are entwined, the eternal collision of their beings no longer encumbered with the shame of deception.

There is no deception in this embrace, and Tru thinks as the night wears on that this is how it was meant to be all along.

Fate was their excuse, what each would call the petty games and cunning lies. Now, Fate is the thing drifting farther away, streaking into nothing as the fire burns between them.

When he looks at her, her face is open and eyes warm. She no longer hides from him, and he has no reason to be anything but open with her. Jack has always been honest—deception was the unfortunate consequence of duplicity, but in talking of his calling he had always maintained its importance.

But now none of it matters, as long as they're free.

Richard would scold, Davis would reprimand—turning their backs on the calling, after all, isn't something to be taken lightly. But Fate can go to Hell, since it took them there not a few times.

When they make love, it begins again and the flames burn higher into the night. Their union is forbidden, a dangerous disturbance in the cosmic design but that doesn't stop them. They'll deal with the monsters under the bed in the morning.