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As the other worlds fought with weapons of war and each with the same thoughts; Kill. Fight. Survive. It was utterly terrifying and appalling to the gods, so they looked to the world in which peace was given and, on the island that floated in the sky, the demons that infected those holy grounds fell and perished.

During these times of peace and darkness, two shapes roamed this floating island. One was incased with light at a first glance, but it was a wolf of the purest of white. That was what most mortals saw, as they didn't have the faith as strong as they used to. But, the few that retained faith in the gods saw a little, or a lot, more.

The wolf was still the pure white and retained a glow like the Sun. A shield of many colors floated above her back as the colored flames moved to her back, trailing behind her. She had unusual wing-like formations of fur that encased the reflector and red markings were etched into the bends of the fur that was soft like the wind. Her tail fur was swirled and also had crimson flowing into the soft fur with a black tip of her tail that sometimes dripped wet with ink. Her eyes, like the coals of a fire not yet ignited, scanned the horizon before she took off with flowers that glimmered spouting out behind her only to disappear mere seconds afterward.

Even as unusual as the wolf, a man followed, much slower than the graceful wolf. He had long, flowing hair that seemed to glow golden unlike the usual blond. He had glowing, blue eyes that matched the cloudless sky above. He held a wooden flute in one hand and the other was floating next to the sheathed sword to his left. He walked flawlessly in shoes that seemed to resemble stilts. He looked on at the wolf's glowing form, ignoring the mud marks on his pink shirt and purple pants from being nearly squashed and licked to death by an enthusiastic wolf. He sighed and trekked on, watching as the creature defeated yet another group of demons, their bodies turning into a fresh bouquet of flowers. The man, with flawless details glistening off of his skin, walked over to the wolf once her fight was done, grinning.

"Amaterasu, you should really-" Frankly, he was cut off by a pressure on his chest as the wolf pounced on him, tail wagging and mouth curved in what could've been a grin. She barked happily and licked the man repeatedly.

"Whoa, girl!" He managed to sputter out while the wolf called Amaterasu licked him. "Careful or you'll lick me to death!" He gently nudged her off, sitting up and taking in the air that had been cut off for a few fleeting moments. Amaterasu huffed in wolfish laughter as the man himself ended up laughing at his own words. "Now, then, listen to me! I'm sounding like a child!" His French-edged voice seemed to sooth Amaterasu, and she rested her head against his knee, allowing him to stroke her fur gingerly before laying back to examine the sky above. "Beautiful day, girl. You've done a nice job keeping the Sun shining bright and warming the crops in Nippon." In reply, Amaterasu whined and nudged his hand, licking his palm.

He raised his hand and stroked her fur as if in a trance. It felt, to him, as if a cloud was nestled beside him… A very warm cloud…

He didn't realize it, but he soon drifted off into a sleep he never meant to have.

The dream was utterly terrifying. As a prophet, visions and prophecies would usually come out of the blue, but never in the presence of the holy mother Amaterasu. It must've been her holy powers, but they failed in this time, for a vision of seething pain burst into the prophet's mind as a sword of truth and terror stabbed the lobes of his very mind. He didn't scream, for he couldn't; he was mute. Nothing; just another person that is walking through the streets of a big city. But he wasn't walking through a city nor was he walking at all; he was encaged. Chains dangled from his wrists as if they were going anywhere for his arms were tied tightly into place; whoever tied him there didn't want him being able to move quite at all, for the pole he was attached to was sturdy and the ropes also constricted his legs. His blue eyes searched for a way out and his mind told him to call and scream for help, but he couldn't; he didn't make a peep. He felt a warm liquid on his neck and a strange emptiness where his vocal cords should've been…

He woke with a start, making Amaterasu jump, startled by his sudden movement. He uttered an apology, thankful that words came through this time, as he was still encased inside the horrors of the dream. What HAD it meant?! Sighing, he looked at the sky to see that the Sun had gone down and the stars were sparkling, showing the many constellations in the night. He sighed in wonder and in awe of the beauty that the night held. It was so beautiful that he almost forgot about the dream, but when he thought of it, his neck started hurting like it was sliced open vertically. It wasn't a pleasant feeling and he held up his hand to massage the area where it hurt, Amaterasu whining and licking him gingerly.

"I'm fine, girl." He stuttered, trying to hide the panic in his voice. It seemed to work, for Amaterasu gave out one final whimper before giving in and curling up next to him as he lay back down on the Celestial grass and sighed, the vision still fresh on his mind. Franticly and silently he tried to piece it together as he became wary with every second passing by.

His eyelids became heavy and he ignored them, thinking of a prophecy to go along with it. Nothing escaped him; he would find out one way or the other.

He was a prophet, also known as the Tao Master Waka of the Moon Tribe.

Weird things had been happening in Salem, Massachusetts. VERY weird things, like trees suddenly blooming into vibrant colors of pink and the sun suddenly shining at midnight.

It was winter. The thing is it didn't bother Elizabeth. Instead, she just calmly roamed the streets of Salem, admiring the town of forever Halloween. Salem, famous for the drastic witch trials in their history that drove people into mass insanity and sent about 19 people to their deaths after being accused of being witches and the devil's toys, always seemed to be in a forever fall so the blossoms were quite unusual. Many people that seemed to be insane and Mayan-obsessed ran to the trees that bloomed and marked them as the beginning of the end.

Yeah, right. Like that was going to happen. The world wouldn't end for years and years to come, right? Sighing, Elizabeth walked on, ignoring the people dancing around a tree dressed in her finest pink dress. Little did Elizabeth know the trees blooming were the start of something else…

That something was worse than the end of the world…