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The group looked at Elizabeth with expectations and questions. The world had been saved. Peace had been brought. Now what? Elizabeth had to choose a way…

"You cannot live with a foot in two worlds" Waka had written down, a serious look on his face. Elizabeth ad read it so much that the words were stained in her mind. The Prophet's message to her… Only her…

Amaterasu slept at the foot of her bed that night. Elizabeth stayed up, thinking. What am I going to do? She thought, sighing. I was so caught up in the action that I hadn't thought about this….

She sighed as Issun slept as well, curled into Ammy's soft fur. Waka had slept on the couch, Kasai curled in the chair. It was quiet for one of the first times in a week.

A long week. An exciting week. What had happened exactly? Waka, Amaterasu, and Issun arrived off of Yamato at first. Then they find her and they join together… Then they were called aliens. Waru was behind it all, and Waru was Waka's evil older brother, leader of the Moon Tribe. Then Waka get shot a couple of times and breaks out of jail with Kasai's help, then they go to the house again. There, the police come in and they go to the hotel, where Discord captures them and Waka gets muted. They defeat them and it all ends here… What should she do? Should she stay with her mom or go with the Prophet, Oina, God, and Poncle? This was only in her dreams..

As much as she wanted to go with them, she wanted to stay. Something inside her told her no and she wanted to believe it.

But what would happen if she did go? Would it be bad or good? What was the right choice?

She heard Waka's quiet breaths from the other room. She had always liked him in the game, but… What about the others? What would they say? Would her mom agree? Would Issun be annoying as always? What about Ammy, Nippon, and the Earth itself?

It seemed that Okami was a big part of her life. No one, not even her, knew what the dreams mentand whatever… It seemed almost like a prophecy…

Prophecy! That instantly brought her back to Waka's quiet breaths. He seemed to be able to make sounds now, but would he even recover? What would happen to him? Would Waru kill him while he was asleep?

… Great. There she goes, ranting on in her mind… Better dwell on it tomorrow…

Finally they cornered the Celestial. The Celestial looked panicked, her silver eyes wide.

"Don't be scared!" Kai barked as she shifted with Oki. "Why were you running? What are you doing here?"

The Celestial shivered. "My name is… Tenshi…" she said with a voice that sounded of the trinkle of water hitting a lone rock. "I am looking for someone who was on the Ark…"

Oki shook his head. "They all died…"

"Not everyone…"

"Wait…" Kai froze. "You can't mean…"

"I am looking for Waka."

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